Ahmed Quraishi: India’s Covert War In Afghanistan

January 26, 2010

Ahmed Quraishi got the last word on Aljazeera’s Inside Story to calmly mention some facts about what the ‘other India’ is doing in Afghanistan, in a show where a former director of Indian Military Intelligence and an American think-tank type from Washington spent time demonizing Pakistan. Aljazeera’s anchor Imran Jardah was neutral. He admitted the discussion was ‘lopsided’ because AQ couldnt join in the show earlier because of technical reasons.



  1. Woo hoo.

    Pak deputy Interior Minister got 250 banned arms licenses issued in his name

    Islamabad, Jan.26 (ANI): In an incident which speaks volumes about the working of the Pakistan government, the country’s deputy minister of Interior, Tasneem Qureshi, bending all rules and regulations, has had more than 250 prohibited arms licenses issued in his own name.

    The licenses were issued despite there being a ban on issuing 713 bore licenses in the country since 2008.

    According to a list submitted in the National Assembly, the ministry had issued 29,000 licences of both prohibited and non-prohibited weapons since 2008 when the PPP came into power.

    Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira got about 135 arms licences issued in his name alone, The News reports.

    However, the Interior ministry has so far declined to name those four persons, who were issued over 700 licences of prohibited weapons. (ANI)

  2. Again and again and again: India can not be trusted! It is that simple!

    These people waist no time to demonize Pakistan in any, does’nt matter how big or small, forum.

    We must never fall in this “Aman ki asha” trap when they support and conduct terrorist activities in Pakistan.

    Thank God we gave them no transit facilities. They simply do not deserve any.

  3. AQ is the least qualified to speak on the topic.

    • We sure do have better people, but let’s just appreciate the man and any man who speaks for pakistan, what do you think?

  4. He spoke a lot better than many Pakistani journalists……………

    give him a break guys.

  5. People like Ahmed Quraishi are their to deflect Israel/US crimes towards India and provoke Pakistani’s to an extent that they accept the new military takeover (Khilafat drama) without actually even thinking who is behind this.

    Just give yourself a break, forget every opinion you have on the current scenario, and consider this—

    Who is benefiting most from all these recent attacks in Pakistani citizens..

    1) India
    2) Israel/US
    3) Pakistani Army/ ISI

    Aren’t these savage attacks shaping the public opinion of Pakistani people? In whose direction it is tilting?

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