Zaid Hamid in Sargodha University

January 25, 2010

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



  1. Takbeer Allahu Akbar We are all with you Brother Zaid Hamid.

  2. He is a lion

  3. woha… 13,000 people just for an hour speech from Zaid Shab. Wonderful! I sense a change in the air.

  4. While praying for a long life for Sheikh Zaid,I will request him to work on chain of command.

    Long live Pakistan
    Long live revolution

  5. Inshalah Takmeel e Pakistan is near.

  6. after the long and dark era of gen.musharaf, where we really felt demoralized in every sense, zaid hamid brought ray of hope for the people of pakistan.
    god be with him.

    Pakistan paindabad

  7. zaid bhai plz treat some lesson to hassan nisar.he is shouting too much agasint muslims and pakistan

  8. Pakistan zindabad

  9. Learn the real history for Allah sake:

    For example, idealising Aurangzeb, he has written: “After the death of Aurangzeb, the system of justice established by the Muslims was totally disregarded and Muslims were fighting with each other for securing power.” Rather than concluding that Aurangzeb’s extreme religious rule led to the fall of the Mughal Empire, he has adopted the view of Mullah Shahi.
    Aurangzeb came to power by imprisoning and torturing his father, Shah Jahan, murdered his three brothers along with their innocent children, wedded his eldest son into a Hindu family (a Mughal tradition), threw most of the Shias in Kashmir and crushed Hindu merchants under his elephants merely because they were protesting against high taxes. Aurangzeb did not implement a viable Islamic law but rather imposed a narrow minded Mullah Shahi which caused the fragmentation and downfall of the empire.

    Quoting Farishta, he uses another myth that during Muslim rule, literacy was 90 percent and the subcontinent was the most prosperous region. He should have better known some historical facts of that period. When Farishta and other historians of that period refer to Muslims, they mean only the immigrant elites: the Turk-Persian elites treated converted Muslims like the British dealt with converted Christians.

    The elite treated converted Muslims, mostly from lower castes, like untouchables. Famous (or notorious) historian Zia-ud-Din Burni writes in Tareekh Feroz Shahi: “The teachers should not pour the diamonds of knowledge in the dogs’ throats, i.e. the lowly and wretched people. Shopkeepers and people born in low castes should be taught only about prayers, zakat, fasting, hajj along with a few separas of the Quran, so that their religious direction is straightened. Other than that they should not be taught anything. Knowledge causes evil in lowly people. Low caste people, working in lowly professions, are only capable of committing evil deeds.”

    The immigrant elite did not want the converted Muslims be given lucrative state jobs. Therefore, converted Muslims were given jobs in stables and other lowly places. This was the justice and education meted out to common Indian Muslims. As a matter of fact, most Muslim rulers gave state jobs to higher caste Hindus rather than converted Muslims.


  10. @Shuhada,

    It is heartening to see that you are in search for Truth and Righteousness.It is evident from your above comment and a previous one,under another article.
    But the problem is that you are loitering here and there,totally misguided about Truth,which is Islam.

    To understend any religion,don’t see its followers,but try to understand its Original Message.

    Probably you follow Hinduism(which is a mythology because Rama’s Linga is still available even after 5,000 years),you have to read Vedas in its original language,Sanskrit(ask your Govt.and intellectuals to revive this language) at least to understand your own faith from the source.
    Poor Aurangzeb is not in this world to answer his critics.So let us restrict to present times.Historians can be biased.

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