Shetty, Zinta ‘threatened into snub’

January 25, 2010

Bollywood stars Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta have added a new twist to the IPL affair by claiming that they were threatened into snubbing Pakistani cricketers at the auction. According to a report by an Australian publication ‘The Age’, Shetty told India’s ‘Mid-Day’ that threats were made against her team and any subsequent Pakistan cricketer picked by her franchise.
“You must look at it pragmatically and see that we have had these people who are constantly threatening,” Rajasthan co-owner Shetty told Indian publication Mid-Day. “It’s not something we hold against the Pakistani players.

“We completely understand the situation but as franchise owners are we willing to take that risk? If something happens to the Pakistani players, the onus lies on us and who is going to take responsibility for a situation like that?
“When we said ‘availability’, we wanted complete assurance that those players would be available in the country and that we were going to be able to provide security for them,” she added.

Preity Zinta, co-owner of Kings XI Punjab, reportedly told an Indian-language TV channel: “We would have loved to have the T20 world champions in our teams to bring real joy to the extravaganza but what can we do if we have certain threats about not [only] our own safety but the safety of the Pakistani players too, with no official quarter assuring us of foolproof security of players during the tournament?”

The report comes just as Darren Berry, former Australia first-class cricketer and a member of the Rajasthan Royals coaching staff, revealed that teenage Pakistani batsman Umar Akmal was the Royals top pick for this season’s IPL auction and was surprised at the omission. He wrote:

“After spending the past two weeks in India preparing for the Indian Premier League in March, I am staggered at the recent treatment of the Pakistan players. I agree with Shahid Afridi that he and his countrymen were humiliated in the IPL auction in Mumbai last week. …I do not have all the information – and possibly never will as this was a very delicate issue played out behind the scenes. However, I do know – due to my coaching role with the Rajasthan Royals – that a few weeks ago Umar Akmal was No. 1 priority on the Royals’ shopping list. All of a sudden he was not available. As the auction unfolded live on TV in India, it became evident that it wasn’t just Umar Akmal who was in the no-go zone, but all of the Pakistan players. The press in India asked plenty of questions but got few straight answers.”




  1. well i guess that if there is any least bit of shame left in indians now after knowing all this from their own stars, they would on an official level come forward and apologize to whatever they have done along with their government and announce rebidding. But we know that is not going to happen, so pakistan should disconnect all sports and entertainment ties with india now. what great neighbors have we got, we wonder.

  2. come on pakis lets not make this a big issue , do we really care that indians did accept us in their league…to me this is a non issue they pakistani players should take a moral stand and say we do not wish to play india on grounds of their kashmir occupation…money isnt everything, plus the indians are justifying this by saying we are terrorists…a pretty sad justification given the fact that this is sports and the pakistani players are not politicians or soldiers…the bcci should run for the next years indian elections…shame on the media and the politicians for crying and bitching, its completely obvious that they hate us ..so get on with ur lives , the pakistani media and people are so insecure that all we care about is what other people say…everytime an article is published in the times or cnn or anywhere else we cry and bitch and bring the whole country to a stand still…let other people talk , pakistans counter argument to any accusation should be “so what ,who made u the boss of me”…lets live our lives the way we like and fuck the world

  3. Crap.
    More bollywood drama and seasoning of the issue.

  4. See the difference…. the Indian press is digging up the truth. While the Pakistani media is spinning conspiracy theories.

    • @Amused..oh really u piss drinking indian..are u talking about the same indian media that put a spin after spin on self inflicted mumbai drama. or same sensationalist indian media that fabricates everything including indian history. and are u talking about the same media that probably gets its scripts from bollywood..which is at best pathetic just like the shit and piss that makes india.

    • What the Indian press has dug up (according to you, though they have simply taken a couple of interviews) itself reveals the conspiracy theory. Why are you so dumb??

    • dude indian government and the press knows that something went very wrong in what they did. why is mr.chadampadam so guilty of giving statements like we were not involved and all? thats not called digging the truth, thats called covering the face when truth spilled out. they just dont seem to tackle the situation now.

  5. Seems that they fear telling openly that they were threatened by Hindu extremists and couldn’t resist.

    These terrorists are now after Australians.

    To begin with,it was shameful for us to have agreed for the auction of our players for SATTA.

    For me,it is a blessing in disguise.

  6. auction of human beings and their services or expertise is itself humiliating.

    players rent pay lay loo
    khareed loo

    woh bayhis crickers jo lambi lambi darhiyaan rukh kay cricketers cum mullah banay hooay hain aur un ki booliyaan lag rahi hain.

    ajib mazzaq hai.
    pakistaniz kay baachay mar rahay hain. olympics mein eik aadh bronze medal lata hai pakistan and cricket say love karta hai.
    bcoz its the national game of their masters.
    boycott internation games.
    inter country matches khailoo
    waisay bhi quran hadees cricket ko koi fareeza nahi kehta

    jis ko fareeza kehta hai woh hum kar nahi rahay.
    so zillat hi zillah. chahay khail ka maidan hoo ya jang ka.

    over n out

  7. Shetty, Zinta, Salman, Shahrukh…they owe their allegiance to bollywood. They dint think that this could have a reaction in Pakistan and could threaten screening of bollywood movies in Pakistani cinemas.

    One by one, they have come up denouncing this move by IPL. Are they the only people in-charge of IPL? there are others too..there are franchise holders who are not talking about this issue, because they dont have fortunes tied in Pakistan like these actors have…and they feel that they have to somehow set the record straight to save bollywood in Pakistan.

    • Exactly, these people have been hit by the boycott and the worry of their own “material” benefit. These peole will die if just somehow bollywood is finished.

      Crap statement of these two actresses to win sympathies.

  8. May this be a lesson for the Pakistanis: Indians can not be trustet!

    Any how, why is it so important for our cricketers to play in the Indians league anyway?

    • Money. They are greedy. Most of them make as much money in 6 weeks which would otherwise take them couple of years to make.

    • I will tell why “it is so important for our cricketers to play in the Indians league”. It is money. These cricketing prostitutes will do anything for money. It was about these prostitutes that the American Attorney once said “they will even sell their mothers for a quick profit”. When these cricketer prostitutes can sell their mothers, they will sell their country Pakistan without any qualms…

  9. Now we see real extremists and yet our indian friends would some how defend what has just been revealed. Similar threats were received during the 1996 quater final by piss loving Shiv Sina .. ohh I meant ‘peace’.

    Its high time that our players, artists, businessmen, professionals and officials come to a conclusion and the best would be, ” that India or Indians cannot benefit them, neither through money nor through fame, they will only be able to hold their head high and live with self esteem if they choose the right way, the way of Allah and boycotted their greedy instincts to sell their talent at the cost of Our self-respect.

  10. whatever has happened is a blessing in disguise for pakistan and pakistanis and pakistani team should know that these kufaar are more likely to backstab pakistanis than be friends. kufaar can never be sincere in friendship with muslims and they will show it everytime, just that we need to open our eyes now. what more are we waiting for? Hindu behaves only when its chained and made to behave. Whenever it gains power it kills, spreads cruelty and persecute others. So, lets return the hindu to its place where it behaves.

  11. It is good that these two naris have exposed the real ugly face behind all this disgrace for India. In fact, the evil alliance between these filthy sadhus of the BJP and double-faced Brahmins of Congress party has kidnapped the Indian state and people. Disgraceful bouts hurled by the filthy sadhus to the foreign visiting teams are just one manifestation of that united evil alliance of high cast Brahmin Hindus in India. The two fascist political parties are, in fact, partners in Indian politics too. The filthy sadhus of BJP and Brahmin politician of Congress act as bad cop and good cop just to fool and manipulate Indian minorities and Dalit Hindu majority. The oppressed majority of Indian people is exploited, abused, humiliated, and murdered by these monster Brahmin Hindus.

  12. huh ……dirty indians …bastards …..phir se aik drama rachaya hai

    bharosa sirf aik baar kya jaata hai baar baar nahi

    India is our enemy ..Ghazwa tul Hind zindabad

    Pakistan Zindabad

  13. where indian indeed have shown how low they can fall against pakistan, pakistan cricket should also be given into the hands of people who can earn respect and make others behave. a complete overhaul of the cricket system is required in pakistan. players should NOT be allowed to speak on their own whenever they wish at any forum and say anything. they should be equally reigned in because to them cricket is all about money but they forget that there’s a nation they’ve left home which they represent. afridi gave this very cheap statement and i believe no one respects you if you cannot respect yourself and hindus atleast never: “When you think about it, Pakistan and India have much more in common than there are differences. We need to build our relations rather than break them. Sport should be used to build peace between our great nations, not break them… Although Pakistan and India have borders, these borders cannot divide humanity,”. when will these people realize that hindus are spitting on your face and consider you worse than dalits and you are interested in “pyaar ke peengain”.

    if these players have some least self respect left they would spit on the replacements offer IPL is offering to pakistani players. rebidding should be demanded instead of replacements or a complete boycott should follow.

  14. ain’t i glad this happenned -a blessing in disguise -to teach the so-called seculoars a lesson -do not trust wolves in sheep’s clothing -and listen to what your scripture tells you -do not trust the non believer ever -but show tolerance and mercy and be polite to them -everything that pak has missed in it’s materialistic ventures based on avarice and lust -now is high-time to learn as nothing is lost in reality -god bless them all -and it is only an english sport -a sad reminder leftover from the colonial past –

  15. u guys are still crying about the IPL? why so dependent on india?

    • you’re right “ask.jeeves”, there are few derailed people in pakistan who think peace is a possibility with india and pakistan and that we should be more dependent on each other in different ways, but we need people like you, because you are the rare reality of bharat that will convince our people. we’re working on it, don;t worry. but we’re not going to be dependent on someone who can’t choose an uncopied name for himself, at least. chill out. this everything you see, is someone waking up.

      • @ layla well said..

        FYI ask.jeeves is a butler in real life!

        @ ask.jeeves

        Son, it’s way past your bed time and you shouldn’t be watching the IPL as it’s too explicit for an underage viewer like you… 🙂

  16. We dont need a stupid IPL… they can keep it to themselves.

  17. some shitthole (indian) bastards in ipl tried to make foul of some greedy bastards like ( afridi,tanveer ,kamraan ,and others ).

    and afridi still hopes that he can make peace between shitthole(india) and pakistan he is realy greedy asshole .
    i hope next time afridi should send his nude mujra in ipl auction so that he might b selected by his baaps shitthole indians .

    that’s all ……………

    • Yaar stop cursing. There is nothing wrong with the bidding, it just shows the worth of players in ranking and the drama that follows by the franchises to show their strength to assemble a super star team.

      Our players shouldn’t take this event just for money, instead should prove their ability & worth as an asset to the team & impress the crowds with their talent!

      BY the way our team is performing these days, i find Your later suggestion for Afridi, hillarious 🙂

      • catalyst,

        brother, there was everything wrong with the bidding at least this time. it was pre planned to isolate pakistani cricketers because obviously they were the hot favorites after T20 champions.

        but you are right, the guy shouldnt abuse, thats not really nice.

        i would say after what india has done on an official level (gov involved in IPL drama), pakistan’s sports contacts and entertainment contacts with bharat should be stopped. their channels should be blocked first, which is what they die for it stopped. also pakistan’s team players should be banned from giving statements because frankly they bring more shame than honor as evident from afridis statement. and its also true that pakistani team is performing zero at the moment and its time we understand that bharat is better off kicked and if they dont understand, someone should make them understand.

      • Agree 100%

  18. Afridi says not interested in IPL

    At last a sensible statement from Pakistani player.

    //Afridi said he is no longer interested in taking part in the IPL, which is in clear contrast from his earlier statement in which he said that he had forgotten what had happened in the auction of the T20 league’s auction in Mumbai earlier this month.

    ” I am not at all interested in taking part in the IPL. These issues of the Pakistan cricketers should have been sorted out before the auction,” The Daily Times quoted Afridi, as saying.

    “I am not talking about myself only, but I think, all were left insulted after the incident. The IPL franchises must have had something in their minds,” he added.


  19. Sena dares SRK to include Pak players in Kolkata Knight Riders

    MUMBAI: Shiv Sena today attacked Shah Rukh Khan for lamenting exclusion of Pakistani players from IPL and dared him to take the players in his
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    team Kolkata Knight Riders.

    “If Shah Rukh wants Pakistani players to play here, he should go to Karachi and Islamabad to play with them…If he includes Pakistani players in his team, he should be aware of the consequences,” Sena spokesperson Sanjay Raut told reporters here.

    Reacting to the non-selection of Pakistani players in the IPL auction, Bollywood star and co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders Shah Rukh Khan had recently said that they (Pakistani players) should have been welcomed.

    “I truly believe they (Pakistan players) should have been chosen,” Khan had said.

    “We would have loved to have Pakistani players if they were made available legally,” he had said.

    Meanwhile, protesting the actor’s comment, Sena activists tore posters of SRK’s upcoming movie ‘My Name Is Khan’ at Eternity Mall premises in neighbouring Thane.

    The activists handed over a letter to the owner of the mall asking to stop release of the movie.

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