Haqqani Helps CIA Recruit Spies For Pakistan

January 24, 2010

Times of India Reports:

WASHINGTON: There’s nothing secret or subtle about it. Uncle Sam is seeking spies, informers, linguists, and analysts from immigrant communities in the US to diversify its intelligence work force and tackle national security challenges.

Undeterred by the Headley-Gilani episode, Washington is sounding out Pakistani-Americans in the first round of recruitment, ostensibly because its intelligence agencies see Pakistan as the epicenter of international terrorism and a clear and present danger to the world community.

In an extraordinarily open and transparent recruitment drive, Dennis Blair, who as director of National Intelligence is the country’s top intelligence czar, held a round-table discussion last week with the Pakistani-American community in Washington to seek their cooperation and offer jobs in US agencies.

What was remarkable about the outreach meeting was the presence there of Pakistani ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani, amid strong resentment in Pakistan about the activities of the US intelligence agencies there and the uneasy relationship between the CIA and the ISI in the Af-Pak theatre.

This is the latest in the long list of Anti-state activities Hussain Haqqani has been found guilty in. His role adding the controversial clauses in the Kerry-Lugar bill has already put him on the warpath with Pakistan’s armed forces and Intelligence Agencies – which have been on Hussain Haqqani’s case for some time and are working towards his removal for his role in facilitating anti-state actors, alongwith that of Interior Minister Rehman Malik.



  1. It is time ISI learned something from CIA and Mossad: all persons involved in anti-state activities or activities directed against the security and well being of pakistanis should be taken out ASAP!

    Rehman Malik and Haqqani should be on the top of the list!

    • Like you mentioned. I cannot understand what is the nature of these traitors among us. I especially feel disgusted to look at Haqqani’s face. Little less disgusted from Malik.

  2. […] Haqqani Helps CIA Recruit Spies For Pakistan […]

  3. People of Pakistan need to take these traitors out….. we the people, brought them to power and now it is our responsibility to teach these traitors a lesson. Pakistan Zindabad, Pindaabad.

  4. Haqqani is a traitor !!!
    He should be tried for treason and hanged for what he has done and continues to do.

  5. Zardari is the head of traitors,
    this all group sent from US,
    to accomplish their interest.

  6. Traitors must all be hanged. They have opened the door of Pakistan to the satanic dajjal army and spies. Pakistani people must exterminate the rot before it spreads and brings our country down. We need khilaphate for pakistan nothing more and nothing less!

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