No More!

January 23, 2010

Ibn-e-Qasim | PKKH Exclusive

The time for a long awaited strategic decision time has finally arrived. Pakistan Military has clearly passed a Loud & Clear statement to Washington “NO MORE!”

According to reports, at a time when serious pressure was mounting on the Pakistani Government on behalf of the US to launch a new offensive in North Waziristan against the stronghold of Pro-Pakistan Taliban, the Armed Forces of Pakistan have rejected any prospect of a military operation in any part of the country. This decision is nothing short of a shock to the US after the attacks at Chapman base and Kabul. This series of events has highlighted the actual battlefield, which seems to be drifting towards Pakistan’s tribal belt , and has been orchestrated by the notorious trio of CIA, Mossad and RAW; ‘the real axis of evil’.

The nefarious Intelligence agencies that have organized and lead the looting and genocide of millions of people in peaceful and poor nations in the name of War on Terror have done so in order to capitalize on the resources that these countries have. These same entities are now in coalition with NATO and the US Forces to neutralize Pakistan’s Army and its nuclear capability, for they know that these Pakistani assets are the ultimate threat to the existence of the apartheid and terrorist state of Israel. The 9/11 attacks in 2001 were the starting point for a sophisticated and long-term war in this region.

A glance at the unfolding of historic achievements in the times of Prophet Muhammad PBUH makes it obvious that these events are extremely relevant to what we see in Pakistan and the world today. It seems that history is on the verge of repeating itself.

When Medina was quickly becoming a threat to the Super Powers of that time, and the wars of Badr and Uhud proved that Muhammad PBUH and his men were a force to be reckoned with, the leaders of Quraish gathered and built a ‘coalition’ of 10000 well equipped men and attacked Medina. It was in fact a combined raid by many of the Arab tribes who wanted to crush the power of Medina. This was the battle of Ahzaab, also called the battle of Khandaq (ditch) as the Muslims dug a ditch around Medina to check the advance of the enemy.

There were many hypocrites among the Muslims who circulated frightening rumors. The Holy Qur’an tells us of the psychological crisis with which the Muslims lived during that period:
Behold! They came upon you from above you and from below you, and when the eyes grew wild and the hearts gaped up to the throats, and ye imagined various (vain) thoughts about Allah! In that situation the believers were tried: They were shaken with a mighty Shock. And behold! The hypocrites and those in whose hearts there is disease (even) say: Allah and His Apostle promised us nothing but delusion! Behold! A party among them said: O people of Yathrib (Medina), you cannot stand (the attack), therefore turn back! And a band of them ask for leave of the Prophet, saying: Truly our houses are bare and exposed though they were not exposed; they intended nothing but to flee.” (33:10-13)

However, the words that were uttered by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the freezing winds of Medina during the Battle of Ahzaab were these:

Oh Allah, We wouldn’t be on the right path if you hadn’t blessed us , we wouldn’t have given charity or prayed either, bestow upon us calmness and make us stead fast when we engage in battle, these people have marched on us with oppression , when they plan to put us in a trial we become defiant and firm.”

The siege entered its 30th day. Despite many attempts the trenches surrounding Medina were not crossed and the enemy’s forces were planning a final destructive advance towards the Pak (Pure) Army of Muhammad SAW in the battle of Ahzaab. A coalition of thousands of Mushrikeen had gathered with their allies, with an intention to wipe out medina once and for all, and neutralize the emerging power within the heart of Arabia.The battle of Ahzaab was a decisive factor for the destiny of Muhammad SAW and Medina.

A reconnaissance mission was sent by the Supreme Commander (Prophet Muhammad SAW) of the Muslim forces which reported that the Quraish, shamed and disgusted at sensing their inevitable defeat, were stretched out and were planning a retreat. Their plans were shattered. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his men, despite being outnumbered by the enemy were turning out to be victorious.The ‘Coalition of the Tribes’ proved to be futile in their efforts to neutralize the Army of Islam. Apart from Divine help, this victory was achieved through tactical maneuvering and intelligence gathering by a brilliant Companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who confused and shook the trust of Jewish tribes of Bani Qurayzah and Mushrikeen.

And in the end a horrific wind blew towards the enemies of Allah and His Army of Mo’mineen, and a squadron of angels descended upon the believers to ensure their victory!
O you who have believed , remember the favor of Allah upon you when armies came to attack you and we sent upon them a wind and armies of angels that you did not see, and Allah always knows what you do” (33:9) Al-Quran.

This victory was very significant for Muslims, who were able to see their destiny after a lot of sacrifices. History is witness to the fact that few years after this decisive battle, the city of Makkah was liberated without fighting. Darkness gave way to the dawn of hope, peace and prosperity for the world, more specifically for the Arabian Peninsula.

While just a few years prior to these amazing events, the Muslims had left their wealth and their homes, their loved ones were slaughtered and they had to leave in the dark of the night, from the heartland of Arabia, and go into the dessert. And here they were, victorious at last, after a short span of almost 10 years. We must never forget that the men and women who so gloriously returned upon Fatah-e-Makkah had done so after crossing a sea of fire and blood. Yet, they had to sacrifice a lot more. However, it was their firm belief in the destiny that had been written for them that kept their devotion towards their mission and their spirits high.

What does this most fascinating chapter in history tell us?

The events of fourteen centuries ago were again repeated in the beginning of the 19th century. The Muslims of the subcontinent once again came under siege for that same centuries-old reason; their belief in the One and True God and their refusal to live as slaves under the British and Hindu raj. After it became apparent that they would be enslaved by a Hindu majority even if the British left India, they had no other option but to fight to preserve their future generations and their unique Muslim identity. Thus, on the Sunnah of the Holy prophet (PBUH), the modern-day state of Medina was established. Millions were slaughtered and made homeless but Pakistan (the Land of the Pure) was destined to be born and so it did.

The world never believed that this Medina-e-Sani would survive. Little did they know that not only will this idea, this Fort of Islam survive, it will also become a nuclear power and shall have one of the finest and most professional Armed Forces in the world to defend its borders. The Mushrikeen of today were once again proven wrong and despite setbacks in 1971, Pakistan still stands strong.

And as they did in the Battle of Ahzaab, once again ‘the coalitions’, amassed against us in 2001. They planned to neutralize the last Fort of Islam. In the battle of Ahzaab, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) gave his companions two choices; to fight in the streets of Medina or to move out of the city of war and to defend it. The true believers chose to move out of Medina and defend it.

[Enlarge Image]

Similarly, Pakistan had two choices: to fight the gathering armies in the streets of Pakistan or to defend the Fort. And so Pakistan made the same choice as the Muslims of Medina. The battle for Pakistan’s defense started in Helmand, Kandahar, Nooristan and Khost. It has become very clear that NATO and the United States never had anything of interest in the mountains of Afghanistan. They came for our nukes, our missiles, our tanks, our men who were trained to be the soldiers of Islam and this Ummah.

Once again we were threatened to be bombed back to stone age, to be forced into an economic quagmire. Since then, the Muslims of Medina-e-Sani have faced a lot of bloodshed, thousands have lost their lives. But the believers stand firm, and at last things have started to change. Although the conspiracies are severe and our columns have been plagued by traitors, Allah and His Apostle (PBUH) are implementing His plans for this nation. The ‘purification’ has already begun, we are moving ferociously towards our destined victory and once again the ‘coalition of the Tribes’ will be defeated. Insha’Allah.

We now learn through reports in the media that the Zionist agenda is sinking amidst the roar of Takbeer in the mountains of Kabul. The Armies of Angels shall descend, and the storm has started to brew.

The victory in Afghanistan will give peace to the world, and the systems and powers feeding on the blood of innocents will shatter into pieces. Just like the mighty USSR, knelt before the courageous Mujahideen of Afghanistan two decades ago, the modern-day Crusaders will be returned to where they came from, in shame and without honour.

In Pakistan also, the tide is turning. By refusing to wage war against the Pakistan friendly elements in North Waziristan, Pakistan Army has now officially taken a stand against the American dictation of our foreign policy or how we run our country. The traitors in our midst, our so called rulers, will be history soon as they now have nowhere to hide from the cases being built against them. Most importantly, a huge patriotic movement, the likes of which have never been seen after the pre-partition Pakistan Movement, is building in present day Pakistan and there is no stopping this great tsunami.

The time has come for Haq to prevail and Batil to perish. The Caravan of Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) is preparing to once again shake the Heavens and the Earth with their courage and their splendor. Tyranny will be abolished, idols will be shattered. Peace and justice for humanity will once again get precedence over material gains and notions of profit and loss.

A new horizon is about to manifest itself, and those who are fortunate enough to have the vision will see this most amazing destiny unfold. The Lashkars are gathering, the time is near and a new chapter in the history of humanity is about to be written. The enemy can hear the roar of Pakistani Lions, for we are ready to embrace this great destiny.



  1. Inshallah….. very soon.
    Pakistan is a menifest destiny about to unfold to the world. may Allah make us that what was envisioned by Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal.
    Pakistan Zinda o Painda Baad.

  2. MASHA ALLAH…very nice and emotionally movinga rticle…INSHA ALLAH everything will happen to the last bit as per the article..amin

  3. An Army carrying Black Banners will come from the East. No power will be able to stop it. And it wont stop till it conquers Jerusalem – Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)Tirmidhi

  4. nice cartoon!

    • dont stress urself…

  5. A beautiful article Ibn-e-Qasim.

    Inshallah we will be victorius, but we have to follow the path of ALLAH and our beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H.)

  6. InshaAllah with Almighty,s blessings we will rise as a successful nation. All we need is to set aside our superficial differences based on cast, creed and sects. Just be Pakistani and love your motherland. We all have to be cautious of the ill designs of our enemy. and find solution to these.

    • Very good point raised brother. I would like to add a bit more to ur point.

      A certain sect needs to realize the mess they have got us(Pakistan) into and, if not realized and corrected, can lead us into further destruction. What u do in your mind is ur business BUT please do not try to hijack Pakistan for the sake of your takfeeri religious domination of the world. We(Pakistanis) want to live in peace and dignity with the rest of the worlds. We do not want to kill or convert anyone with a knife on their throat. We will not tolerate it. You r welcome to live in Pakistan BUT do not try to bite the very hand that feeds you OR we will take ur teeth out!

      InshaAllah all will be fine soon.

  7. Insha Allah we will be there with our souls and hearts to face the enemy in the final roud.


  8. Great article …!

  9. Insha ALLAH we will win and rise as a succesfull nation.

  10. السلام علیکم
    دیر آئے درست آئے۔ لیکن اپنےاُن پاکستانی بھائیوں کو یا د رکھیں جن کو عرصے سے آپ لوگ امریکہ کے کہنے پر شہید کر رہے ہیں۔
    جنرل کیانی صاحب! آپ امریکہ کی آنکھوں میں آنکھیں ڈال کر اُسے جواب دیں اور طالبان کو ساتھ لے کار چلیں۔ اگر وہ 1995 میں‌ غلط نہ تھے تو وہ آج بھی غلط نہیں ہیں، فرق صرف اتنا ہے کہ امریکی عینک اُتار کر مسلمان کی نظر سے دیکھیں۔ ورنہ آپ کو بتا دوں۔ اسلام تو انشا ، اللہ ہمیشہ ہی رہے گا آپ پرویز کی طرح بدنام ہو جائیں گے۔

  11. No doubt.. we all should read surah ahzaab..
    ibn e qasim rules… i have read all articles of ibne qasim really motivating…encouraging..


    • One step at a time brother 😉

    • @ Nujat

      I cannot under stand this “drone” “drone” “drone” rhetoric or yours. In any thread, about ANY topic, you jump in and start winning about “drone” “drone” “drone”. What the heck is that?

      Secondly, you display highly unethical manners by using CAPS as if you are shouting on others.

      Do you have phobia? or an obssessive compulsive psychiatric disorder?

      • Drones don’t target your homes thats why they don’t matter much to you.

      • @ Shahiq

        Be reasonable. Nobody, no Pakistani is less concerned with “drone” issue. Problem is Nujat’s spitting all over the board with his rhetoric of drone in any topic, whether related or not related to drones issue.

        Plus, he uses CAPS to shout at other members.

    • There. We’ve shot down 2 drones so far. And are willing to shoot down more if US dares to send’em. But i’m sure you won’t be able to digest these either and will have more things to criticize. Bring it on.

  13. Assalam o alaikum,

    No worries brother…
    “The time has come for Haq to prevail and Batil to perish.”
    Strike while the iron will be hot..

    Personification in describing the whole inspiration is marvelous.

  14. Waw.. Its really amazing… Phenomenal article honestly..great work ! Ibn e Qasim..u surely rise our blood pressure….!

    So much hope,
    We will defend our Pakistan,
    If Muhammad bin Qasim’s are live…

    • Yeah, this is exactly the kind of behavior the Jews display on occasions. This girl was over reacting. Dr. Finklestein was lambasting the Jewish audiance, lasjing them with his words. We also need people like that within Muslims, courageus speakers and men of unimpeachable character.

      • marshallah im just lost for words

  16. @Shumayel,
    No more please.We are drifting from the main topic of Pakistan’s NO MORE to America.Put them under another article.
    No dis-respect to our Palestinian brothers,who are in fact,very much ahead of us.We have only been saying;will do this, will do that.Whereas Palestinians are spilling blood for Islam.

    As for Pakistan’s no to America,I think it is also the beginning of an end for America.Simultenous to Pakistan’s NO,US is now saying that Taliban are as Afghani as others.

  17. Gud article….

    Gud video too….

    I would really love to see if leaders of PAKISTAN take their stand on PALESTENIAN CAUSE……so courageously….

  18. India’s Military Intelligence Chief conducts covert visit to Afghanistan

    —General Loomba held furtive, yet detailed meetings with Afghan, US and NATO officials
    —Delhi plans Afghan military takeover after US/ ISAF pullout
    —Indian Military spy master’s stealth Afghan trip conducted ahead of top US defence officials’ India visit
    —Holbrook kept Pakistanis busy in futile talks as per Pentagon, Langley plan
    —Indian MI boss visited covert Indian troopers’ positions in Afghanistan, met Indian Army instructors of ANA
    —Indian government, army resort to cohesive hostile approach towards Pakistan after Loomba’s Afghan trip
    —Analysts smell some secret US development in Afghanistan through Indian army

    By Makhdoom Babar in Islamabad & Christina Palmer in New Delhi

    While the US special envoy on Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrook and US Defence Secretary Robert Gates are paying surprise visits to India, in a rather mysterious move, the Chief of India’s Military Intelligence (DGMI), Lt. General R.K Loomba has carried out a high profile, yet comprehensively clandestine visit to Afghanistan and held detailed parlays with the Afghan, US and NATO officials, a development that was never officially or unofficially reported to Pakistan by either the US, the NATO or the Afghan officials, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail

    The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that this stealthy visit of the Director General of India’s Military Intelligence was carried out last week, just ahead of the visits of US Defence Secretary Robert Gates and US Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke to New Delhi

    The Daily Mail’s findings disclose that Lt Gen. R.K. Loomba visited the headquarters of the Afghan National Army (ANA) in Kabul and also met with officials of Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the military officials, belonging to the US CENTCOM. Lt. General R.K Loomba, who, apart from being accompanied by some senior officials of the Indian MI, was also assisted by 2 senior RAW officials during all the meetings. These findings further reveal that General Loomba, despite holding discussions with the above mentioned Afghan, US and NATO officials, also visited some positions where India has covertly posted around two companies of regular Indian soldiers of Indian army’s Special Services Group in the disguise of members of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) while he is reported to have held a detailed meeting with the instructors of the Indian army, posted officially in Afghanistan to teach English language to the personnel of Afghan National Army while they actually belong to the Military Intelligence and RAW and are actually training the ANA special units about combat strategies against Pakistan army.

    Though a highly credible at the army Headquarters in New Delhi told The Daily Mail that the purpose of the visit of General Loomba to Afghanistan was to assess preparations of the Afghan National Army in the wake of the US announcing a surge-and-exit policy through this year, yet the sources refrained to explain that why the visit was so secret and why the MI Chief had to go to Afghanistan instead of holding same discussions with the relevant officials from the US who were constantly visiting New Delhi.

    The sources also say that the Indian military officials assess that the US/ NATO pullout would be gradual and Afghan National Army units would be asked to take over charge of areas sector by sector. India is involved in training ANA officers in India but quiet proposals have been floated for the deployment of Indian instructors in Afghanistan for the Afghan army.

    However the findings of The Daily Mail indicate that the things have gone far beyond just appointing some more instructors of Indian Army in Afghanistan but the Indians actually plan to gradually take over the military responsibilities in Afghanistan after the US/ ISAF pullout is completed

    The Daily Mail’s findings disclose that a fresh move in this direction was initiated when the Chief of the US Pacific Command, Adm. Robert Willard, visited New Delhi by the end of last year, apparently for discussions on security assessments in South Asia. And held meetings with top Indian officials including the Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kaporr and MI Chief Lt. General R.K Loomba. Admiral Robert is on record to have said that India had to decide if it wanted to expand its role in Afghanistan.

    The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that while Richard Holbrooke was engaging Pakistani civil and military as well as intelligence officials in highly unproductive talks and while he was breaking bread with top Pakistani politicians in Islamabad, he knew that his government’s military officials were having secret meetings with Indian Military Intelligence Chief in Kabul but never disclosed it to anyone during his top level meetings in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. These findings reveal that Holbrooke embarked upon recent Pakistan visit with a different agenda this time while the Pentagon and Langley had set a new menu for him. This time he was supposed to read the minds of Pakistan’s political and military leadership and then to go to the Indians to brief them about the same before the US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates’ visit to New Delhi to evolve a new strategy of US President Obama’s that ciphered chapter of his Af-Pak policy which has never been unveiled to Pakistan. Gates would apparently be visiting New Delhi to discuss the deliberations of the upcoming London Conference on Afghanistan but he is actually carrying an entirely different agenda for talks with Indians and thus Delhi dashed its MI Chief to Afghanistan to come up with certain conclusions to finalize the things with the Americans in the direction of India’s military role in Afghanistan.

    The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the Indians and the NATO/ISAF as well as the Americans have been desirous a larger military role of Indian in Afghanistan. These investigations indicate that India has for long, cultivated friendship with Afghanistan in order to encircle Pakistan and to extend its influence in Central Asia . (Indeed ‘non-aligned’ India was one of the only countries in the world to recognize the Soviet-installed communist regime in Kabul. ). There has earlier been little prospect of Indian forces helping the NATO-U.S.-Afghan effort against the Taliban. The top brass in the Indian military now sees Afghanistan as belonging to their expanding sphere of influence, there’s a lot of intoxicated talk of ‘superpower’ status at Delhi and thus they are not much comfortable with the U.S. and foreign military presence in Afghanistan and now desire to take over the matters in their hands.

    The Daily Mail’s investigations point out that till 2006, NATO, the US led Western military alliance, desperately wanted Indian troops’ deployment for missions in volatile regions like Afghanistan and Kosovo. NATO officials at Brussels-based headquarters, are on record to have said that Indian troops would be part of a wider engagement the alliance envisages with non-member states. The alliance did not expect Indian troops for its missions overnight but as a consequence of a protracted engagement that will drive policy change in New Delhi and reforms within NATO. Beginnings were made at two levels. NATO headquarters briefed Indian diplomats at Brussels . The NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Schaffer met with the then Defence Minister of India Pranab Mukherjee and held detailed discussions over the matter.

    The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that India has long been looking for an opportunity to flex its muscles in the Afghanistan imbroglio. It has been traditionally using the Afghan card to spell gloom and doom in Pakistan . As early as the 1962 Sino-Indian conflict, India urged the then Afghan government to deploy its armed forces along the Durand Line to dissuade Pakistan from any adventurism against India and exploit its weakness when it was being routed by the Chinese along Ladakh. During the 1965 and 1971 Pakistan-Indian wars too, Afghanistan sided with India . During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the decade of seventies, Pakistan became a front-line state and with the help of USA and its allies, helped thwart the Soviet invasion and limited to the Durand Line and ultimately force the Soviets into retreat. India aided the Soviet secret service KGB and Afghan spy agency Khad to attempt to destabilize Pakistan through sabotage, sedition, subversion and acts of terrorism. The seeds of rebellion were sown in Balochistan, the fires of which are now again being stoked by Indian spy agency RAW.

    The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that the advent of Taliban Rule in Afghanistan threw a damper on Indian machinations to use Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan ; however, 9/11 provided a fresh impetus to Indian nefarious aims towards Pakistan . Since its erstwhile allies the Northern Alliance rose to power in Afghanistan , following the US-led invasion, India made the most of it by deploying Indian personnel working on various projects with the Afghan people and government under the grab of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country. There are approximately 3,000-4,000 Indian intelligence agents, working under cover on several such projects across Afghanistan . India has used its trade centers and its four Consulates to man with RAW personnel to hatch plots against Pakistan .

    “If deployed now, Indian forces will give respite to the ISAF and NATO forces but sink the Indians deep into the Afghan quagmire. The choice is ours if we want to face the humiliation and ignominy of another disaster”, said Major General P.K Singh ( Rtd) while giving his comments over the issue to The Daily Mail
    The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that the Indians, around 2008, agreed to make a massive deployment of Indian troops in Afghanistan and planned to send around 120,000 to150,000 soldier to Afghanistan but later New Delhi reversed the decision. Even the current Indian Defence Minister A.K Antony, at one stage clearly ruled out any possibility of sending Indian troops to jointly operate with the US-led ISAF forces in Afghanistan , asserting that it was there for extending humanitarian assistance for reconstruction and rehabilitation of the country. However, it appears that Indians, now are once again desirous of assuming a military role in Afghanistan and perhaps this time they want to make it with a heavy package, but most probably after the US-led/ NATO troops are withdrawn.

    The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that the Indian government has recently launched a clandestine media campaign in support of sending troops to Afghanistan . Surprisingly, many Indian writers, intellectuals and media people have suddenly started talking and writing in print and electronic media of India to argue as to why India should not send its troops to Afghanistan . In one such case The Indian national Interest Review in its current edition publishes a report suggesting that “ India has the capacity to equip, station and supply several divisions of its troops in Afghanistan . Many Afghan political leaders from President Hamid Karzai to members of the Northern Alliance are highly likely to welcome India ’s decision. Contrary to the myths that make the rounds in the popular media, the Afghan people do not reflexively oppose foreign troops on their soil; remember they welcomed international troops who came to rid the country of Mullah Omar’s Taliban regime in 2002. Neighbouring countries, including Iran and Tajikistan , will support an Indian military presence in Afghanistan provided their interests are taken into account. So will Russia . And not least, the United States will welcome it for even if Indian troops do not eventually deploy, the very possibility of their arrival will change Washington ’s bargaining terms with the Pakistani military establishment.”

    The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that soon after General Loomba returned to Delhi from his secret trip to Afghanistan , the tones and policies of both the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian army leadership emerged as totally and changed and both became rather hostile towards Pakistan . While the Indian External Affairs Secretary started howling on Pakistan to “Do More” to curb terrorism and stated that there was a huge infrastructure of terrorism in Pakistan , the Indian army leadership started snarling that the ratio of infiltration of militants from Pakistani borders had dramatically increased in Kashmir region. This joint premeditated campaign against Pakistan by the Indian External Affairs Ministry and the Indian army leadership simply out of the blue, indicates that Delhi has planned something different for Pakistan now and General Loomba’s covert Afghan trip has a lot to do with it.


  19. Defend the fort ? We betrayed the afghan taliban in 2001 and sold our honor for dollars! There is a huge difference in the history of Medina tayyibah and pakistan. Pakistan handed over people to america!!! These are not the hall marks of a respectable muslim state! Before we have a meteoric rise…collective national repentance is required. We need to ask Allah SwT for forgiveness. We need to ask all those people and factions we wronged for forgiveness too…we must to the best of our ability find out what happened to those people and if they are truely guilty of any crime…we must rehabilitate and recompensate them…people like binyamin Muhammad…we also should apologize to the people whose trust we broke who live across the durand line…then we will be fit to be called an honorable islamic nation….ghayoor kaum

  20. MashAllah…it was a good article otherwise…

  21. Lol @ the cartoon, it’s amazing!! 😀 😀

  22. shahiq well said brother
    nujat patriotic pakistani

  23. I am with Pakistan and am ready to move with our patriotic and religious brothers to defend our country from all attacks.

  24. Half the work of solving a problem is figuring out what it is. Most people know they are supposed to change something, but they just can’t figure out what needs changing. Identifying the issues is the first step towards a positive change. Its very hard and difficult to deal with change. Sometime change imposed on us and sometimes we we ‘ve invited change.
    Do not give up on the causes that we have fought for. Do not walk away from what’s possible, because it’s time for all of us, all of us together, to make the two Pakistanis one. In fact make this world a better place to live and promote peace instead of weapons, lets promote friendship and love instead hate and war,lets step towards the world PEACE NOT WORLD PIECE.

  25. ‘Tough times don’t last long tough people do’…….
    hang in there,pakistanis….

  26. Uncertainity of peace has forced to prepare for a certain war with hostile neighbours , who show no respect to any values,offers of peace and stability, instead they have resorted to War doctrines of cold starts , we have to tell them what hot pursuit is..

    • what r u waiting for? move forward…

  27. what r u waiting for? move forward….


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