Pakistani Cable Operators To Boycott IPL

January 21, 2010

LAHORE: As the Indian Premier League (IPL) controversy deepens, cable operators on Thursday announced a ban on the telecast of IPL matches.

Heeding a call by the sports minister, the Cable Operators Association of Pakistan (CAP) announced a boycott of the telecast of all the IPL matches after none of the Pakistani players were selected for the league.

The announcement was made at a press conference in Lahore. Addressing the conference, CAP President Captain Retd. Jabbar Ahmad said that the association condemned the attitude of Indian Cricket Board. He said that the decision was taken in a meeting of the cable operators association and it will be implemented across the country.

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  1. They should also boycott all Indian Channels, Dramas & Movies as well!

    • Agree with you. This boycotting IPL is an incomplete step.

    • Pakistanis should be able to watch indian dramas, why not ? as long as we dont pay them anything 😉

      • @hamza

        I dont think you have any self respect as a Pakistani.

        Boycott any thing indian in Pakistan and they will start begging.

      • @ Hamza

        So stick with the filth you mean? Either way be amused by their sick mentality is still their success over our mentality.
        They’ll continue to inject their entertainment to destroy the culture & norms of our society. Today we are paying for it tomorrow even if we dont pay, the damage is still there. We would be only saving the financial part.

        Bottom line is

      • @ hamza…

        Hamza bhai..lagta hai aap free ki koi cheez nahin chorrtey. Beghairity b free mein hi milti hai jo chahey munh kala kar le. sharm b nahin aati aap logon ko. izzet ghairat naam ki koi cheez aap ne kahin dekhi ya suni hia… kaash aap ko ghairat ka matlab samj mein aa jaye.. ager pakistani sirf ghairet hi kar lein to yakeen karo poori dunia par chaa jayen ge…mager jiss qom ke top officials hi beghairity ke champions hon to wahan aam logon se kya shikayet ki jaye…

  2. @Hamza,
    No no.Be a 100% Pakistani.No soft corner for India,in all,repeat all walks of life.Afterall,we will not die if we don’t see dramas.

    A revolution is building up.Be with the revolution.

    • I agree with you. We give shit in indian films & dramas.

  3. You can not expect much from narrow-minded Hindus. Sports, politics, and national ego have always been mixed up by Hindu fanatics. Something happens in Melbourne, Colombo, or somewhere else and Indians react disgracefully against a visiting team from the respective country. I personally do not really care what these cheap Indians do. However, I surely feel let down by Pakistani players who went to sell themselves before Indians. Damn. There should be a limit to greed.

    The current Pakistani cricket players (especially the batsmen) do not qualify to represent the courageous Pakistani nation. Their recent performance in Australia is merely a shame for us. Leave alone a show of performance during the test series in Australia, these dummies did not even try to win especially in the last two tests. Why the heck they played in hurry on the fourth day of second test as if they were playing a one-dayer. It is a real shame for me that these pigs did not even reach a meager score to win – especially when there was no shortage of time. They did not simply take it seriously and responsibly. That was a complete melt down and the extreme disgrace. I suggest that all these dirty asses should be kicked out of the national team and banned for ever. We need a new team with young blood but responsible players.

    • And, let’s just attack visiting teams in our own home, that’s alright I guess…

    • We need a proper cricketing system in Pakistan that matures the great talent that is produced at junior level like the under 19’s who have made the world cup final yet again!

      Too many current players are in the team due to family ties or being from wealthy backgrounds.Sort the system and we’ll see a massive improvement in the team that currently can’t catch a cold or run between the wickets!.Talent that is not matured or diciplined will never reach it’s potential.

  4. They must also boycott all indian dramas and that damn Bloody-wood as well

  5. Now is the time for all patriotic Pakistanis to boycott all Indian products, Cables, TV and our Government should ban all Indian channels. Indian TV and dramas together promoting Hindu Zionist ideology and insulting Muslim identities on the daily basis. Mr. Zardari need to quit his soft policy towards India, because they do not understand politeness, they need kick in the bud. We must teach India a lesson for humiliating our cricket team.

  6. True faisal, our cricket batsman gave a very poor perfomance with australia which was too shameful for us knowing that we Pakistanis are in a crucial situation, we need our Respect and honor back in any game.

  7. A man made earthquake, i found this article on a man made earthquake, so Tsunami was a Man made earthquake? I think so ” yeah ”

  8. Pakistan should bycott al indian channels, movies, permanently. They always take actions and our people only shout and shout. We should also take actions…….

    We are senceless that we run their movies in our cenemas.

  9. we should boycott every poison that is coming from that shitthole “channels ,culture ,bollywood cartoons and more “.
    india is a gutter that is situated in our neighbor and it is our prime duty to clean this shitt from the face of the earth .

    • the world thinks the other way around. pakistan is a guttery mistake that should not have been created and is india’s responsibility to clean up

      • man u got mind …….
        i was just expressing my feelings .
        there r billions in the world thinks same about shitthole”india” never beleive me come to austrailia or middleeast .

      • Hey smelly try cleaning your ass first!.You couldn’t stop the creation of Pakistan!


  11. lol@ jeeves , lets see who ill clean who …

  12. Oh please, With the pathetic performances of our team in Australia, I thought the IPL would be an exiting time for me and my friends. Last time we had it projected in a huge hall in our office. Will be missing out the fun this time..

    • u can go to this shitthole”india” to c this ipl circus live ………..but wait……………. they might arrest u and show u as imran kasaab …….now it’s up to u
      jaan achee kay jahaan

      • LOL @ HULL
        Well Said!

  13. What happened was wrong but there is no need for Pakitanis to feel baout it. After all IPL is just a tamasha were Indian rich make more money by fooling the people.
    Be happy that you were not part of this cheating.

    • agree 100%

  14. Ever since india won the t20 world cup in 2007 they have become arrogant and they make me sick, becuase of this attitude I always support the opposite team. I haven’t watched the last 2 editions of the IPL, but this time the way they treated Pakistani players we Pakistanis/Kashmiris feel humiliated. I am happy that Pakistani Cable Operators have taken this action. We in England won’t be subscribing their channels either, the last time I subscribed it, it was because Pakistan games were being shown.

    • Your efforts are praise worthy, influence people around u aswell to boycott anything Indian!
      And see how the change is brought…

      • Don’t worry I’m sure all Pakistanis in England are disapointed just like me. The fans who supported Pakistan in the t20 world cup 2009 I’m sure will be doing just that, because the streets in England were jam packed with joy when Pakistan won last year. We can’t wait to see Afridi in action for Hampshire.

  15. You guys are so childish…… but hey … block it all you want to. We aren’t missing out on anything. You guys are. There are so many better ways of handling it – yet you pathetic losers chose to handle it like cry-babies. Don’t watch IPL… who cares. I don’t.

  16. @Amused the new cow piss drinking lingum sucker who wants to get owned by us…listen u piece of shit degenerate indian cretin read the interviews of ur own people who are now squeaking as to why the world champs were not included. before even attempting to argue with us read the facts coming out of the holes of ur country men…and btw the cow piss drink has gone to ur head…it was india who refused to play us for years when we were thrashing the daylights out of it. the over rated, pathetic indian players that at best can be good extras on some pathetic bollywood production are really no match for Pakistanis and u indian know that very well…that is why u whine with ur tail between ur legs every time u get a thrashing from us…now go and drink ur cow piss


    This complaint is against cable operator in district Attock village basal Tehsail jand
    Cable owner name Imran khan and muhammed iqbal s/o sher Ahmed
    Pakistan cable association is no allowed to show IPL in Pakistan from SETMAX
    But in BASAL the cable operator is showing IPL
    This is totally illegal and against the rule of Pakistan
    So please take action against them as soon as possible
    From a true Pakistani

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