Pakistan Army Rejects US Demands For New Offensive In North Waziristan

January 21, 2010

Pakistan’s army has said it will launch no new offensives on militants in 2010, as the US defence secretary arrived for talks on combating Taliban fighters. Army spokesman Athar Abbas told the BBC the “overstretched” military had no plans for any fresh anti-militant operations over the next 12 months. Our correspondent says the comments are a clear snub to Washington.

The US would like Pakistan to expand an offensive against militants launching cross-border attacks in Afghanistan. Defence Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Pakistan on Thursday for his first visit since US President Barack Obama took office last year.

The one-day trip comes at a crucial time in the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban, with the US planning to commit 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

Mr Gates was expected to tell Pakistan that it could do more against top Taliban leaders operating in its territory, some of whom are alleged to have close links to Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service.

The Pakistani army launched major ground offensives in 2009 in the north-west against Pakistani Taliban strongholds in the Swat region, last April, and in South Waziristan, last October.

The militants have hit back with a wave of suicide bombings and attacks that have killed hundreds of people across Pakistan.
In the capital, Islamabad, on Thursday, Maj Gen Abbas, head of public relations for the Pakistan army, told the BBC: “We are not going to conduct any major new operations against the militants over the next 12 months.

“The Pakistan army is overstretched and it is not in a position to open any new fronts. Obviously, we will continue our present operations in Waziristan and Swat.”

‘Trust deficit’

The BBC’s Syed Shoaib Hasan in Islamabad says the comments are a clear brush-off to top US officials.

Our correspondent adds they are embarrassing for Pakistan’s shaky coalition government, and likely to further destabilise already-low ties with its US ally.

He says it also threatens to render ineffective an expanded coalition troop deployment in Afghanistan, as the Taliban over the border would be relieved of any pressure from the Pakistan army.

Before arriving in Islamabad, Mr Gates told reporters travelling with him from India: “You can’t ignore one part of this cancer and pretend that it won’t have some impact closer to home.”

His visit comes amidst a slight cooling in relations between the two allies. In an article published in a Pakistani newspaper on Thursday, Mr Gates referred to a “trust deficit”.

As well as talking with his counterpart, Ahmed Mukhtar, the US defence secretary is expected to meet Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and President Asif Zardari.

Talks were also expected to focus on US drone strikes against militants near the Afghan border.

Hundreds of people have died in the attacks, which have stoked deep resentment of the US among many Pakistanis.

But he adds that Mr Gates will argue that drone strikes are the only effective measure against the Taliban.

Pakistan has been an important US partner in South Asia since the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US.



  1. i appeal to pak army to tell the americans to go to hell and one more drone attack on pakistani territory will be seen as an act of war enough is enough time to get serious with these war criminals no more pussy footing on this issue
    nujat patriotic pakhtoon

  2. yup i agree with nujat.

    • enough is enough these yanks make me so angry taking pakistan for granted

  3. this US needs to go home now.why the hell are they always up to interfering in our affairs ! we severely need to get strong now..time to wake up from deep deep slumbers.

  4. haha TRUST DEFICIT?? Thats what we call when US and NATO troops flipping flee off from Afghan border before the start of Rah-E-Nijat.

    The only part of this cancer has malignant consulates right next to our border with Afghanistan. Yes sir, that needs some “surgical” strikes…

  5. A very brave and wise decision.A big nail in the coffin.

    The timing of the decision is SUPERB(while Gates is here).All US plans will come crashing to ground.

    Gates himself had said,in a congress briefing”It is not we,Pakistan has control on the accelerator”.

    This decision is an affirmation of that.

  6. gr8 news…telll these american dogs to just stay off our backs…and i totally agree wid neo that wat happened when rahe nijat started..where has these bastards gone when our army was sacrificing 20 years old soldiers…

  7. Hi all,
    We need to open our eyes that who is behind all this
    “According to the Associated Press for Afghanistan after leaving the plane, Defence Secretary Robert Gates said that the more internal attacks in Pakistan will bring them closer to US and want to get help from us…………….”

  8. Very good move. Stand firm in front of these Americans. They will die their own death.

  9. good news
    at least some kind of “no”

  10. This is how we can be respected as a nation.

    Now the pussy government should also say “NO” to the US.

  11. All the charade of democracy aside, now the world knows who always called the shots in Pakistan.

    Good, the gloves are off now …….Pakistanis surely will never see the billions that were on the way.

    The game is getting interesting with every passing day!


    • Yes, now you know who calls the shots !!!

      run along to your jew masters and try to hide behind their asses.

      The count down for bandaristan has started….

      tick tock, tick tock ……………

    • Yes Neel … you guys can wriggle your tails for more dollars now … we have thankfully awakened … you go ahead and keep sleeping with their doodle in your poodle … And yes … the game has just begun.

  12. @Neel123(Bindusara boy)

    No.No.Don’t twist.This has taken US and its poodle India by surprise.Now all your treacherous plans will come crashing down. This is what is called:


    As for who is calling the shots,your Deepak Kapoora’s statements are still fresh.

  13. a very good move from the Pakistan’s side.

  14. Thats like a courageous stand army……
    We dont care any super power….Its high time…
    we have to the same with US as we did for SOVIETS….


  15. I fully support army’s stand….
    Ths decision shud hve been taken more earlier…and moreover such decisions shud be made more from the parliament…

    Im really ashamed even though we established a so called democratic govt. Ths govt is still not in a position to call the shots off with US n NATO..

    I salute MR. KIYANI….

  16. This is really a slap on the face of CIA.

    Beware CIA-RAW-MOSSAD. Now its our turn. We will hit you back right where it hurts most…..

    We shud start supporting covertly the Afghan Taliban…

  17. Its a good news that our Army has taken a firm stand against the US and refused to launch new operation in North Wazirastan. Mr. Gates is speaking indian language declaring that if india attacked by the militants no one will be able to stop them to attack on to pakistan. Well let the hindu banyas come and they will learn a lesson of their life. After pak army not getting involved in north wazirastan and keeping a close eye on eastern border will itself send a strong message to india not to dare looking towards pakistan no matter they stage hundreds of other dramas like mumbai etc. US and Nato are on the run from afghanistan and then it will be pak army and brave afghans kicking the indian asses with peshawri chappals.

    Tera kya hoga Rehman Malku as the Gates in his interview said that Blackwater and Dyncorp are operating in Pakistan. You always denied and want to resign if proved kala pani presence in pakistan and it is time for you to fulfil your promise and get the hell out of here to your masters land in england.

  18. “We hope in Allah Most High, to whom be Praise. Who leads the hearts of Muslims to calm what torments them and ruins their prosperity. Where is the sense of honor of the Muslims? The pride of the Believers? The zeal of the Faithful? We shall never cease to be amazed at how the disbelievers for their part have shown trusts, and it is the Muslims who have been lacking in zeal. Not one of them has responded to the call. Not one intervenes to straighten what is distorted; but observe how far the Franks have gone. What unity they have achieved. What aims they pursue. What help they have given. What sums of money they have borrowed and spent. What wealth they have collected and distributed and divided amongst them.

    There is not a king left in their lands or islands, not a lord or a rich man who has not competed with his neighbors to produce more support and rival his peers in strenuous military efforts. In defense of their religion they consider it a small thing to spend life and soul; and they have kept their infidel brothers supplied with arms and champions of war; and all they have done and all their generosity has been done purely out of zeal for him they worship in jealous defense of their faith. The Muslims on the other hand are weakened and demoralized; they have become negligent and lazy, the victims of unproductive stupefaction and completely lacking in enthusiasm. If, Allah forbid, Islam should draw reign, obscure her splendor, blunt her sword there would be no one, east or west, far or near who would blaze the zeal for Allah’s religion, or choose to come to the aid of Truth against Falsehood.

    This is the moment to cast off laziness, to summon from far and near all those men who have blood in their veins; but we are confident [He speaks about himself and the small party of believers who began with him and then became a large party]; but we are confident thanks to Allah- alhamdulillah- in the help that will come from him and entrust ourselves to him in sincerity of purpose and deepest devotion. InshaAllah, InshaAllah the disbelievers shall perish and the Faithful have a sure deliverance.

    Salahuddin Ayyubi
    12th century

  19. TO hell with MR gates and his zionist agenda. We dont want them to stop india to attack us, coz india has no guts at all to start any war with Pakistan, unless their masters dont support them by covering their asses.

    Let them come once and give us a chance to put them to rest forever..

  20. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_1224 = { "id" : "11610", "unique_id" : "wp-post-1224", "title" : "Pakistan+Army+Rejects+US+Demands+For+New+Offensive+In+North+Waziristan", "item_id" : "_post_1224", "permalink" : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2010%2F01%2F22%2Fpakistan-army-rejects-us-demands-for-new-offensive-in-north-waziristan%2F" } PKKH […]

  21. well good stand from Pakistan atleast at some point, not that we are not getting rid of militants but we will do it in a way we feel is safer for our society …
    now i can not understand one point .. can someone help me here;
    Palestine asked help from US to settle its problems with Isreal … result in front of your eyes … hundreds of people including infants get killed every bloody day .. and US says hamas is problem ..hahaha….
    look in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, columbia or iraq … i would request people to stop looking at US for sorting out any thing between Pak and india they are the b@$tards who use your trust to stab you in your heart….
    Take a stand Pakistan … every Pakistani is behind you!


  23. Americanz are bastardz… Take a stand respected Sir Gen. Kiani… Each and every Pakistani iz with u…!! We Dont have any xpectionz from anyOne else… i mean our corrupt polititions…!

  24. If we want to get rid of militancy in Pakistan, we need to see the big picture and the real reasons behind this militancy. This is not just some fanatic moulvi who want to implement Islamic law in Pakistan and is trying to enforce his ideas by terrorist attacks.

    We keep killing the terrorists and they keep coming more trained. This will go on and on and will not stop such militant acts.

    We would have to get to the root of the militancy which has erupted in Pakistan after 9/11.

    1. What is the agenda of these so called militants?
    2. Who is benefitting by these acts of terrorism?
    3. What is the actual source of this militancy?
    4. Who is funding these terrorists and from where?
    5. Who is training these militants and where?
    6. What would be the ultimate goal they want to achieve?
    7. Why is militancy in Pakistan so discussed al over the world and not the militancy in india?
    8. How many militant organisations are present in India? 174
    9. Why arnt the more than 24 indian freedom movements not discussed openly on the media?

    If we open our eyes and connect the dots, its not that difficult to find answers to the above questions.
    The US, Israel & India nexus is the real threat behind the scenes, which is fueling the fire, and the backstage they use if Afghanistan.

    Just picture Afghanistan, a country where there is no governance, no political system, no education system, no economy, no military, no law, actually there is isnt any thing which resembles a fully functioning government. Then we come across these questions:

    1. Why does India has 13 cousulates in Afghanistan?
    2. What is the purpose of these indian consulates ?
    3. Why are the NATO & US troops only limited to some bases in Afghanistan?
    4. Who are these troops fighting?
    5. Who are Taliban ?
    6. Where are the people of Afghanistan and what do they want?

    We will come ot know what is agenda of the US-IS-IN nexus of evil and what they want by staging militancy in Pakistan.

    If we get answers to all these we will know what they want and what we as Pakistani’s have to do to stop it.

  25. Good points!

  26. we the people of Pakistan welcome stand of Mr. Kayani and appreciate this great man who is worried about the future of Pakistan. American presence in this region is the biggest threat and is the root cause of evil in this region. Now the Pakistan army should take certain steps to curb this evil. Our army and intelligence agencies must have to adopt certain measures to teach a leasson to the CIA, MOASAD AND RAW who are actively involved in destabalizing Pakistan and are making every possible effort with a dream to get the control of central asian states non renewable sources of energy. China and Russia itself have also shows their concerns on US increasing influence in this region. They are infact useing Taliban for realization of their dreams since last 20 years. Creation of taliban was infact a part of american great game in this region. Al-Qaida is a US made and US sponsored terrorist organization who is just working for US interests in this region. Its the time the China & Russia should extend their full support to bordering states of Iran & Afghanistan and Caspian basin states where biggest oil and gas undisclosed oil reserves are existing. Gawadar & Balochistan is very important in this great game who will have the control of this port and area in future will be the key player in coming 10-15 years.

    Pak Army Zindabad
    General Kayani you are a great man.

  27. O Pak army, the americans hate u as well as they hate whole muslims, they need you to fight their war so as they get peace in afghanistan, i ask u to transfer the power to HIZB UT TAHRIR and establish KHILAFAH which brings u dignity, honour and unity in whole muslim world and we will take this war from our land to their land Inshallah. our jf-17 will be attacking the new york, our al-khaled tanks will be running over the streets of london, our augusta sub-marine will be bombing the washington. i ask u to take avenge of dr. afiya ans so many like them, i ask u take avenge the bloodshed of kashmiris and palestinians and chechniyans and bosnians as we are one ummah told by ALLAH (swt). HIZB UT TAHRIR working is in the whole muslim world and we have the vision and prepareness of each and everything that how to run the economic system, judicial system, education system etc. so i ask u take to coup the govt and rejects this corrupt democratic system and these corrupt rulers who brought the country into these crisis and establish KHILAFAH through which we can get real RAH-E-NIJAT not only in this world but also in AKHRAT which is the real destiny


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