Bangladeshi Patriots Incensed At Hasina’s Sell Out To India

January 21, 2010

By Moin Ansari | Rupeenews.com

London 15 January 2010:The patriots of Bangladesh in general were anticipating the agreements between Bangladesh and India, during Hasina’s visit to India from 10 to 13 January 2010, to be unfavourable to Bangladesh. However, what they actually found in the end was much worse. The 50-point Joint Communiqué was published by the Ministry of External affairs, India, on 12 January 2010, the day when the agreements were signed. The excerpts thereof, and possibly the full Communiqué, were also published in Bangladesh on 12 January 2010. These reports said it all. The patriots of Bangladesh in their utter amazement found the agreements to be absolutely a sell out of national interest and an abject surrender of sovereignty by the BAL government to the gleeful Indian hegemonists.

In exchange, Hasina was awarded a hollow and worthless Indira Gandhi ‘peace prize’ by these Indian hegemonists, who in 2005 awarded the same prize to Karzai, as Karzai and Hasina are both puppets of the US-Israel-India evil axis. Also Indira’s name cannot be associated with peace, without making a travesty of truth.

Save and except for the sworn lackeys of India, the victims of India-influenced media and other propaganda campaigns (like the WMD propaganda campaigns of lies by Bush) and the direct and indirect beneficiaries of Indian bankrolling and influence, the other people of Bangladesh in general are totally unhappy about, and opposed to, these agreements. They whole-heartedly denounce, reject and condemn the agreements and would look forward to the abrogation of these, whenever the right opportunity arises and, for that matter, the sooner these are annulled, the better for them.

The consequences of the agreements and the MOU’s:

Hasina has conceded to India what they have been pursuing for decades. She has conceded the use of Chittagong and Mongla ports and Ashuganj river-port and also offered them road and rail transit. In order to develop the roads for India’s transit (corridor), India has offered a loan of $1 bn. Thus, according to these arrangements, it would be Bangladesh, who would repay the loan with interest, while India would enjoy the transit (corridor). With a puppet regime like Hasina’s, it could not have been better for the Chanakya’s disciples in the South Block of New Delhi!

Out of these agreements, India would be getting sea, road and rail transits. River transit was conceded to them by Mujib and air transit by Moeen. India has offered to sell 250 MW of electricity to Bangladesh, which is not much compared to our requirement of 3000 MW. But, it would allow India to have a pressure lever on the users whenever they want to apply the pressure. India is eyeing control of our power sector, telecommunication sector, transport sector and, in course of time, control of the entire administration. Hasina’s bent-knee policies on the present round of agreements is supposed to be a good beginning for the hegemonists.

With transit through Bangladesh, India is likely to use Bangladesh territory as a supply route for transport of arms and ammunition to North-East India to counter local freedom fighters and to prepare for a possible conflict with China. When these cargos are under any ‘terrorist threat’, whether it is a false flag staged by India or a threat from the insurgents of India or an action of any angry demo by any unhappy Bangladeshi open or secret group, India would send military contingent for the protection of the cargos. Recently they have, according to reports, sent a commando of 50 or more specialist forces for the protection of their Dhaka High Commission, and Hasina kept mum about it conceding it as a diplomatic prerogative.

Once the Indian soldiers start entering Bangladesh, which India would very much like to do, they would virtually control Dhaka. Indian army was stationed in Bhutan in 2003 in the name of flushing out Indian insurgents. The Indian army since then have been permanently stationed there and consequently Bhutan became a dependent territory of India. With the same aim in view, India offered their puppet Moeen a joint military operation in Bangladesh, which because of sensitivity was avoided at that moment, probably postponed for then for the future. But, Moeen offered India military co-operation in exchange for six horses. The co-operation can be, according to many, linked to the rigging of the stage-managed election of 29 December 2008, the action of Indian commando in BDR massacre of 25-26 February 2009 and removal of any resistance to Indian hegemony from within the army, the BDR and the administration in general, in flagrant violation of our independence and sovereignty.
Is Bangladesh now an extension of war-zones of India?

Thus, with the signing of these agreements, Bangladesh has exposed itself to grave security perils and has brought upon itself an extension of the military conflicts of the neighbouring Indian states. On the other hand, if Indian army enters Bangladesh, then almost certainly there will develop an armed resistance from the people of Bangladesh with great geographical consequences, for these kinds of conflicts may well spill over both the Eastern and the Western borders of Bangladesh and can easily get linked to the Indian ongoing conflicts in those areas, inevitably bringing upon us a great scourge of warfare on our soil.

With a treaty on terrorism signed, Hasina has already tied herself with the Indian government against the ULFA, the Maoists and similar such insurgencies in India. This may bring about disastrous consequences for Bangladesh and this is tantamount to joining the conflict, which may invite attacks in Bangladesh.

Thus, the treaties and the MOU’s are not only a sell out of national interest, but also it is an abject surrender of Bangladesh sovereignty to India.

What national interests Hasina did not raise with India:

Hasina failed to claim compensation from India for the desertification and other damages to Bangladesh due to Farakka and Teesta barrages and other structures, which India built on reportedly 53 of the 54 common rivers. When Manmohan assured her that India would not cause any harm to Bangladesh by Tipaimukh Hydel project and the ensuing Fulertal barrage, she failed to unroll the pictures of desertification by existing barrages, failed to produce a list of damages quantified in monetary terms and failed to say that these assurances have regularly been uttered by India since 1972, but India has never been found to keep any promises.

Hasina did not ask India to get out of South Talpatti, to stop claiming our maritime areas, to stop killing of unarmed poor villagers in border areas (according to HR organisation ‘Odhikar’, Indian BSF killed about 100 people a year since 2000 and similar numbers were injured and abducted) and to stop abducting huge numbers of poverty-stricken Bangladeshi children and girls for their inhuman businesses of darkness. She did not ask India to stop arming and training ‘Shanti Bahini’ in CHT, the ‘Bongo Bhumi’ movement in the South West, etc. and to close down the terrorist training camps in India, which are run for sabotage in Bangladesh. She did not say to India’s face that India is suspected to have created the JMB and their strategic-partner Israel to have created the HuJI-B to impart on Bangladesh the blemish and stigma of a ‘failed’ or ‘terrorist’ state and, on this pretext, draw international support for India against Bangladesh.

Hasina failed to charge India for their hold-up on ratification of the Indira-Mujib treaty for the last 36 years. She failed to condemn their non-tariff and para-tariff barriers, which are raised to intentionally jeopardise and block Bangladesh exports to India, thus creating a huge trade deficit for Bangladesh. She failed to condemn India about what they recently did in pretending to extend relief to SIDR victims of Bangladesh. She failed to tell them that all of the above problems remaining unsolved, India can never be a friend to Bangladesh and with barbed wire fences all round its border, Bangladesh cannot have any friendly or normal relations with India.
Both Manmohan and Hasina must know that there are patriots in Bangladesh, who would speak their minds about their national interest and who understand absolutely well that cooperation and subservience are two different things. They also understand that: With a hegemonic friend like India, who needs enemies?

Hasina in her previous term as Prime Minister between 1996 and 2001, when she was duly elected, entered two treaties with India. One was the Ganges water sharing treaty, which was without a guarantee clause and without a mention of withdrawal or diversion of water upstream of Farakka. Some people call it a fraudulent treaty. The other treaty was her peace treaty in CHT, in which she actually surrendered the sovereignty of CHT to India. So, it can be observed that she has developed a habit of conceding national interest and surrendering sovereignty to India and, no wonder, India is so euphoric about her being the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

The imperialist support for hegemonic India is a boost for India’s evil deeds:
The New York Times, the Herald Tribune and the VOA have all welcomed Hasina’s cooperation with India and these media, often influenced by India, have absolutely turned a blind eye to the problems of Bangladesh as mentioned above. They normally turn a blind eye to all the genocides, massacres and plunders perpetrated by the US and their allies. As compatible with this policy, they turn a blind eye to the genocides and massacres perpetrated by India on the Muslims, other religious groups, Dalits and ethnic minorities, in which hundreds of thousands of people get slaughtered in India. So, when the imperialist media try to stand on moral high ground, they sound very hollow indeed! And thus, when they welcome Hasina’s visit to India as a beginning of good relations between Bangladesh and India, they are simply supporting the imperialist-hegemonist evil alliance against us, the victims.

The one-eleven 2007 of Bangladesh was engineered by India with the active backing from the US and their allies, including their rubber stamp the UN. This was done to subjugate Bangladesh, to plunder its natural resources and to trample its national interest. They brought Hasina to power with the same objectives and by using the same methods of rigging in stage-managed election under military deployment, as they did to bring Karzai and al-Maliki to power.
The Obama administration seems to have retained the Bush policies in South Asia. Their half-hearted attempts to change the policies on Palestine and Kashmir seem to have been thwarted by Israel and India respectively. With the US strategic partnership with India and Israel remaining in tact in the perspective of South-, Central- and South-East Asia, India would avail of this power ensemble in order to try and reduce Bangladesh to their vassal state. So, our security is under great peril, as our independence and sovereignty are alarmingly under threat.

So, what should we do?

History has proved time and again that when a nation stands up with its people imbued with patriotism and united as a solid rock, then no external powers, however strong, can defeat them. History has also proved that the people of Bangladesh can unite and fight gloriously. Therefore, we have nothing to fear.

We must immediately build a united front of all the patriots across the political spectrum against the Hasina-Manmohan treaties and MOU’s and launch a powerful movement for the annulment of the treaties and the MOU’s, which have already threatened our independence and sovereignty, our national interest and our national resources. This movement would help the patriots to unite, would help the nation to stand up with valour and pride and would imbue the people with the spirit of liberty.

At present, it seems as though the international community is both blind and deaf to our causes, but as it happens normally that when the public is united and they stand up, the blindness and deafness of the international forces suddenly get cured, so that they begin to both see and hear. We therefore must persist in our political campaigns just as the Palestinians have done since the occupation of their lands.

Israel today stands precariously at this juncture of history, when there are reported CIA assessments that in about 20 years time the state of Israel may not exist.

India today stands precariously at this juncture of history, when according to a Chinese analyst, it can implode and divide into 20-30 states. Obviously this is due to the widespread insurgent movements and the movements of the repressed people and the various nationalities against the mindless genocides and massacres perpetrated on them by New Delhi.

The US today stands precariously at this juncture of history, when the unipolar world between 1991 and 2008 gave way to a multipolar world, which has arisen in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008-09 and the US has begun to go downhill towards the horizon of setting sun, leaving behind a world fervently hoping to be free from the genocides, massacres and plunders of imperialism.

We shall defend Bangladesh against the hegemonist aggression of India. We shall stand up as a brave people, we shall rise as a great nation and in course of time we shall make advancements to our country in order to join the ranks of the developed ones. Hasina’s sell out of national interest and surrender of sovereignty, “Viewpoints”, Monday January 18 2010 10:00:19 AM BDT By Zoglul Husain. UK, Writer: Zoglul Husain, UK, Email: zoglul@hotmail.co.uk



  1. The only countries which are directly neighbours of Bangladesh are India and Myanmar.

    Apart from China,which has access to Bangladesh from the Myanmar side,the biggest economy to affect Bangladesh is India.

    It is simply ridiculous that some in Bangladesh do not want infrastucture to be developed in Bangladesh as it would benefit India also.

    This ‘dog in the manger’ attitude harms only Bangladesh.

    Bnagladesh is well realising what happens when shady outfits ,ascribing to terror, are given sympathy.
    Bangladesh would be foolish to continue to support either tacitly or even by non-action various terror groups in the North East of India.

    ‘Freedom fighters’ as the column say exist on both sides of the border and in pakistan too.

    Bangladesh only has to see the current sitiuation in Pakistan and gauge where such a policy leads too.

    The same groups which were the darling of the Pak establishment are causing it the most harm.

    A couple of years ago,pakistani economy was growing at a very good rate.

    Look at it today, reduced to begging from outsiders and IMF for aid.

    One should learn from china.
    IT used to call the USA the biggest hegemon,imperialist and what not.

    YET,China is its biggest trade partner,the USA has the most investment in China and they are mutually benefitting to billions and billions in trade.

    All these issues raised by the opposition is of people who have nothing to offer,but backwardness,isolation and civil strife.
    Is that whta Bangladeshis want.

  2. Well well, you get what you earn. The Bengalis made their pact with the devil 40 years ago and went out from the largest federation ever created in the Muslim world (popul.). And for what? Over language? What do they have to look forward too? So many people prisoned inside such a small area whose prospects are off-shore when the global warming sets in for full. I guess I would be watching all that from my Pakistani highlands.

  3. Well Pakistan is following the same course if not falling!


  5. Following was the press release from Media Office of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh after Hasina’s visit to India:

    The joint communiqué issued from Delhi yesterday (12 January 2010) after talks between Sheikh Hasina and Manmohan Singh is a declaration of surrender which demonstrates Sheikh Hasina’s unashamed slavery to her masters in Delhi. The communiqué states that the two Prime Ministers agreed to put in place a ‘comprehensive framework of cooperation.’ However it presents a long list of what Sheikh Hasina has agreed to with the polytheist enemy state, which can only be described as a comprehensive framework of surrender.

    It was agreed that Bangladesh will allow use of Chittagong and Mongla sea ports for movement of goods to and from India through road and rail. This represents a great prize for India who would reap immense economic benefits from this while it represents a strategic danger for Bangladesh. They also agreed to one-time or longer term transportation of ODCs (Over Dimensional Cargo) from Ashuganj. This is nothing but an agreement on turning the one-time transit facility Sheikh Hasina’s government had already agreed to into a permanent one in the future.

    According to the communiqué Manmohan Singh and Hasina underscored the need for both countries to actively cooperate on security issues. This only means the government of Sheikh Hasina will continue the ongoing collaboration to fulfill India’s security needs. We need not remind everyone of Sheikh Hasina and her government’s cooperation with India in the killing of army officers in Pilkhana.

    As well as this Sheikh Hasina signed agreement with India on combating international terrorism. Is Sheikh Hasina blind to how USA, Britain, India, and Israel are conducting crusader wars against Islam and the Muslims in the name of ‘combating international terrorism’? Hasina also conveyed Bangladesh’s support in principle for India’s candidature for the permanent membership of the UN Security Council. Does she not see how this council of terrorist nations gives legitimacy to the occupation and destruction of Muslim countries including Kashmir which India is occupying for over 50 years?

    What has Sheikh Hasina got in return for her slavery? No doubt Sheikh Hasina and her regime will raise a hue and cry about her ‘successful diplomacy’ and ‘political acumen’ that Manmohan Singh reiterated the assurance that India would not take steps on the Tipaimukh project that would adversely impact Bangladesh. That the Prime Minister of India announced a credit of US$ 1 billion to Bangladesh for a range of projects. And that he also agreed to supply to Bangladesh 250 MW electricity from its grid. Regarding India’s assurance about Tipaimukh damn the Muslims of Bangladesh have no reason to trust such empty promises after seeing decades of Indian deception on a whole host of issues. As for the issue of credit and the supply of electricity, they are not gains from ‘successful diplomacy’ neither signs of ‘political acumen.’ Such loans and assistance are only means of creating and extending imperialist domination over the country.

    O Muslims!

    The government of Sheikh Hasina was brought to power by imperialists USA, Britain and India to serve their interests and consolidate their authority over the country. And her government is working relentlessly to this end. Allah (SWT) says in the Noble Qur’an,

    ‘And Allah will never make a way for the disbelievers to have authority over the believers’ [TMQ Surah An-Nisa: 141]

    It is forbidden for Muslims to accept the domination of disbelievers and polytheists or remain silent about it. Hizb-ut-Tahrir calls upon you to protest against the treachery of the government. And furthermore remove the traitor government and re-establish the Khilafah which will sincerely look after your interests and not those of your enemies.

    Media Office of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in Bangladesh

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