Aman ki Asha is a deception

January 21, 2010

It is befuddling to see two faces of India; one face breathing fire and yearning to annihilate Pakistan, and the other singing melodious tunes of peace and friendship. One year before, Indian civil and military leaders were indulging in high pitch saber rattling. Their strike formations had moved up into battle locations and fighter jets had scrambled to strike targets in AJK and Muredke.

Indian media and public were up in arms beating war drums. Divorcing sanity and rationalism, Indian leadership accused Pakistan of its involvement in Mumbai attacks and charge-sheeted it without any shred of evidence. They had refused to listen to any explanation and spurned offer of joint investigation. Whatever one-sided evidence was provided to Pakistan was flimsy and fabricated. They got irritated when lies got exposed but USA and UK covered up their concoctions by fully backing them up and putting the entire blame on Pakistan. Their bellicosity has not died down to this date and they are still bent upon trying to coercively impose their will on Pakistan.

On 29 December, Indian army Chief Deepak Kapoor stoked embers of war for the second time in quick succession. No sooner this uncalled for jingoistic statement was made another equally puzzling move was made under the caption of Aman ki Asha (desire for peace). A seminar was organised in New Delhi jointly sponsored by India Times and Jang Group from 10-12 January to promote peace between two arch rivals. Notwithstanding the harmless and well-meaning title, timings of the same were rather odd since it does not fit into the vitiated atmosphere deliberately stoked by India. It is persistently inflating its defence budget and its armed forces are getting laced with latest art-of-weapons and its nuclear program is being radically expanded and upgraded. Added to it are its offensive designs and covert operations against Pakistan. It is in no mood to resolve disputes and ease tensions. From the time India signed peace treaty with Pakistan in January 2004 and promised to resolve all disputes through composite dialogue, India has not moved an inch towards resolution of any dispute. Major disputes are Kashmir, Siachen, Sir Creek, dams on rivers and water. Past master in foot dragging and making false promises, India kept buying time and under the garb of friendship deceived Pakistan by stabbing it in the back. Its intelligence agencies have been indulging in sabotage and subversion and supporting disruptive forces in Pakistan and making several regions turbulent. Even when RAW’s involvement in Balochistan, FATA and Swat came to light our leaders preferred to remain quiet so as not to antagonize India.
Taking our policy of appeasement as a sign of weakness, RAW and Mossad in consultation with CIA cooked up Mumbai drama. Indian political leaders and media upped the ante and held Pakistan squarely responsible for the carnage without a shred of evidence. Their mentors in USA and UK lent credence to their false claims. The incident planned in a shoddy manner backfired and prestige of shining India got badly bruised. Indian public termed it as an intelligence failure. Intelligence agencies, Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Mumbai security apparatus as well as Army were censured since a band of ten terrorists managed to breach the cordon and held the port city hostage for over 72 hours. Response of security forces was simply pathetic, resulting in lots of fatalities including foreigners and loss of face. When Pakistan did not get over awed and held its ground firmly on diplomatic and military planes coolly, maturely and boldly, it nonplussed plot makers in India. As the dust settled down and glaring loopholes in the wicked plan started to prop up, it further perplexed them. It irritated them to find Pakistan objecting to their fake pieces of evidence and got panicky when their lies got exposed. Not knowing what to do, they were left with no other option but to keep crying as victims of terrorism and stubbornly clinging on to their ridiculous stance that India would not renew dialogue unless Pakistan acted upon its silly demands of punishing the culprits and dismantling terrorist networks. While expecting a lot from Pakistan, India refuse to admit that it is involved in subversive activities, well knowing that Pakistan has collected heap of evidence.

Hosts of steps taken by Pakistan were disregarded and like USA, it also started to stupidly sing the mantra of ‘do more’. This piggish stance has become all the more necessary to hide their embarrassment since Ajmal Kasab, the lone witness on which the whole case was cleverly spun by Indian agencies has begun to unravel truths while recoding his statement in the law court. He has categorically denied having killed anyone on 26/11 and revealed that he was kidnapped and put in jail much before the incident and on the day of occurrence he was taken to the site, shot and injured. Involvement of local terrorists aided by elements within Indian army and RAW in Samjhota Express and Malegaon acts of terror has already been proven. In the backdrop of demonstrated Indian bellicosity, Aman ki Asha came as a surprise and left many in Pakistan gaping in wonder as to what to believe and what not to believe. Pro-Indian elements within Pakistan have however hailed the initiative. They have been ignoring Indian clandestine operations together with jingoism and have projected Indo-US theme that religious extremists and not India is the existential threat to security of Pakistan. They laugh and mock those who say that war on terror is US war and not our war. They also ignored Gen Kapoor’s offensive statements but jumped with excitement at the proposed seminar on Aman ki Asha and lauded the idea profusely. In their series of write ups they have projected it as a breakthrough and a step in the right direction towards Indo-Pak détente. None bothered to contemplate that no Indian leader has brought any change in his tone and hawkish style, or taken any confidence building measures (CBM) to ease up tension.

List of invitees was prepared from among them. Aman ki Asha is not meant to promote peace but to once again harm Pakistan through guile and deceit. It has been conceived and sponsored by RAW with devious motives. Real motive behind it is to sidestep real issues of conflict and once again indulge in nonsensical CBMs. It is an effort to hoodwink world comity and to again take Pakistan for a ride.

India has somehow come to the conclusion that as a result of Indo-US-Israel-UK eight-year collective efforts, Pakistan has been sufficiently weakened from within and is now in dire strait. They feel that time is ripe to dictate terms either through military coercion or through peace mantra and extract maximum concessions. They want peace to be imposed on Indian terms which they perceive will be readily accepted by Pakistan. Pro-Indian lobbies particularly among ultra liberals in Pakistan will actively pursue their agenda.

If India is really interested in peace, it will have to first undo some of the blatant wrongs it inflicted upon Pakistan. It must immediately put an end to its intrusive and meddlesome activities in Pakistan, it should abide by Indus Basin Treaty of 1960 and stop stealing water and building dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan, abide by Indo-Pak agreement on Siachen inked in 1989, resolve Sir Creek issue on which already lot of ground has been covered, stop its vile propaganda against Pakistan, develop relations on the basis of trust, friendship, respect and equality. Above all, longstanding Kashmir dispute which is the main bone of contention should be resolved in accordance with UN Resolutions and pledges of Nehru.



  1. Sour truth is they have been successful!

    Can’t Pakistan see it coming? How they are isolating & kicking Pakistan in to submission. They are achieving their Hinduvta objective under the cover of “India’s progress” ahead of everything.
    They have overshadowed all our efforts that highlighted Kashmir as a flash point if not solved.
    They’ll never go to war with us, instead they orchestrated Mumbai to push Pakistan in to submission with enormous Media support and filling the locals with hate against Pakistan. Demonstrated to the world the power of their media and how they can manipulate the International opinion & politics.
    Steal Pakistan’s water and wait till it fails to meet it’s own requirement, another step that with time Pakistan will submit to India with our politicians selling us that “WAQT AUR NATIONAL INTEREST KO SAMNAY RAKHTAY HOEY HUM KO INDIA SE SAMJHOTA KERNA PARE GAY”
    They have successfully demonized Pakistanis as terrorists in the hearts of International community. Kept a story like Ajmal Kassab alive only to tug the nuts of Pakistan every now & then to keep Pakistan & it’s policies in check, the threat alive, and their objective going. Sabotage any ongoing alliance or support / sympathy / effort / policy of the International community towards Pakistan by war mongering or other cheap media publicity tactics.

    Now also upgrading them selves militarily only by falsely accepting that they are not capable to handle security with current military conditions & H/W.
    Just to dust the eyes of the Peace seekers that there is an impotent & vaccum forum like AMAN KI ASHA there to use it only to show that their is a desire of Peace but Ajmal Kassab admits to something sinister during this time leading to Pakistan’s desire of terror in India or another breaking news that he was trained in Peshawar, resulting in Drone attacks!
    Economically they managed to attract alot of foreign investments & hence enjoy International support based to business volumes with the Rich countries.
    Get their asses beaten by Aussies but Deny the World Champions / Pakistani players & artists access to Indian Market only to undermine their stance towards Pakistan that “THERE IS NO COUNTRY BY THE NAME PAKISTAN” or to show that Pakistan can’t do anything about it and the International public supports it. MOre like Pakistan needs India and not the otherway around. Demoralize our masses through their media and supporting various outfits in Pakistan to cast terror and hopelessness in the hearts of the people of Pakistan!
    They are treating Pakistan as Bangladesh or any other client state of India! Our impotent leadership, Gov., Media has very well fulfilled all their requirements & simply dancing to their tunes now. If it is not completely Indian, it’s fused perfectly with Foreign beats.

    We need to take action now! Our politicians should see it coming. Not to be caught by surprise just like the Pakistani players did in the IPL drop out! If we dont mend our ways soon and with such weaknesses on the Pakistani side, it would be just a matter of time, not in the distant future, even if Pakistan is really left on the map, will only be like a client Indian state! looking towards it with the DIA OF AMAN KI ASHA!

    Wake up & Rise Pakistan
    Bring back your identity!

  2. The title ‘Aman ki Asha is a deception’ is heart breaking. Why India will try to deceit the UN and Pakistan at all. History shows that India has always been keen to maintain peace in the region. It has never initiated any war. So, ‘Aman ki Asha’ is another try, a new start in the same direction.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you’re so funny Ratnesh, I’m almost crying… too good… too good

  3. @Ratnesh

    Either your ignorant of indian behaviour & attitude or you dont want to accept the truth.

    We are very clear on what agenda india is working, so its better we dont try to deceive our people by such meaningless programmes.

    1.your gevernment blames Pakistan on the mumbai attacks without any proof

  4. @Ratnesh

    Either your ignorant of indian behaviour & attitude or you dont want to accept the truth.

    We are very clear on what agenda india is working, so its better we dont try to deceive our people by such meaningless programmes.

    1. Your gevernment blames Pakistan on the mumbai attacks without any proof.
    2. First give us the terrorists who were involved in the murder of inocent Pakistan in india on the samjhota express.
    3. Your foreign minister when issues stupid cowardly threats every other day. for what?
    4. What did you IPL do with our players?
    5. Your media induces hatred for Pakistan, why?
    6. Your army chief talks about neutralizing Pakistan in 96 hours, why?

    IS this aman ke asha or a drama being played. Its pretty clear of what it is.

  5. Hmm… sad to see the myopic view of some people.I would not even call you a Pakistani because the kind of irrational blame game you preach is a slap on the face of all those people in your own country who want peace.Indians want peace and even if our government and politicians can use paranoid fear sometimes to psyche us up but at least we have media and general public who use democracy to teach them a lesson.
    Pakistan is responsible for feeding and supporting terrorists who attacked Mumbai and indeed killed so many innocent Pakistanis.These terrorists are as much of a threat to you as they are to us.Klashnifolks like you should learn that what goes around comes around.If you support terrorists to bleed India in Kashmir and control Afghanistan,then one day these monsters will turn back and eat you up.
    Infact I feel empathy for all the innocent Pakistanis who have given their life in a war that they did not choose for themselves but that was imposed on them by a nexus of the military regime of their own country an the US administration which wanted to fight Soviets in Afghanistan.
    If you think our media induces hatred for Pakistan start watching NDTV 24/7 and you will see how much empathy people have for Pakistanis in general.And speaking of hatred shudnot you guys ban Zaid Hamid from speaking on your television channels.After all ,all he preaches is irrational fear and hatred!
    Our present army chief has made some very regrettable comments recently but he retires next month so we have new hope from that front.IPL fiasco was very sad too,and trust me nobody is more upset than the Indian fans who wanted to see the legendary aki bowlers make a statement on the fields.So cheer up,we are not all that bad!

    • Man

      ipl is our event and entire cricket playing world flocking to cash in the event .. last IPL was huge success despite having played in the midest of recession.. you are talking as if Indian IPL managers are obliged to take pakistanis on board.. this attitude or assumption itself is wrong.. its bidding process .. and someone may not want to buy rotten apples nomatter how colorful or testy they are..

  6. whatever this bloody pakistani media group jang is saying, a large mijority of pakistanis dont like indian attitude. they hate india’s hatred actions and secret plans to destory pakistan. indians have almost stop our water and this bloody jang geo group is having aman ki asha. there will be a war between pakistan and india on water very soon and nothing will left. everything will be destroyed in india and pakistan as well and the responsible is only indian peole who have blocked our water

    • What bl**dy nonsense. What water has been stopped? You Pakis have been mouthing this nonsense ever since that nutjob Zaid Hamid said it. Have you taps run dry – NO. Guess why – because no water has been stopped. Have you tried stopping a river…. guess what – it cant !!

      You guys are worse than morons. Ignorant, illiterate, jahil gavaar you are !! And you call yourselves patriots. With Patriots like you… Pakistan is doomed. Atleast look at the truth before you start throwing accusations

      • “You guys are worse than morons. Ignorant, illiterate, jahil gavaar you are !! “– what a ‘civilized’ way to talk …nice one there amused. You really do disgust me everytime u open ur mouth.

      • @amused. I am going to delete all your comments from now on till you learn to talk like ‘civilized’ people. Cheers. Admin PKKH.

      • i think these comments from indian shows how “civilized” and “litrate” people they are….and its really amazing an indian here saying that “have you ever tried to stop river”. dear INDIAN, i think if u want to learn how a river can be stopped, ask ur government. do u know water level situation in chanab river? this is the river which water is fro pakistan according to the Sindh Tas agrement. now its water level is almost dead. try to read articles about water problem in pakistan just bcoz ur government and you people planned to barren pakistan so cleverly that we r still astonished. but have u ever thought that everything is bearable but is a nation has no water to drink, for agriculture, for dams n electricity, what those people will do? if your neighbour is enjoyinh luxuries of life and u have not even basic necessities what u will do?…….there will be just a WAR which will destroy everything.this is natural dear u can imagine it by urself if u think neytrally.

        u can abuse pakis u can say us illetrate this is ur rite to show wat u learn from elders and society. we are also bearing u as neibhour. dont get confused with bastard geo group etc. and leaders like musharraf, u can not imagine our hate for you people from these things liek aman ki ahsa. WAR is must…..later or sooner….unless u realize the fact that u may not like ur neighbour country but u cannot change ur neighbour:) we have also same problem. both of the countries shud realize this fact otherwise WAR is an option still there. TC u may start ur abusing lecture now:)

      • thanks sumayyac….these indians do nothing but go off on a complete tangent which ends with abuses to Pakistan. they try their best to confuse the issues but end up getting owned by us again and again. on a lighter note at least they provide a good target practice for us. no indian site ever allow us to post our comments against india and even if we try to state true facts that go against india, they do not allow those comments to be posted either. so why should we. i have never seen more filth coming out of any mouth than the indians. the war mongering indian zionists, these followers of chankya, the brahmin supremacists have been breeding and inculcating hatred in the young and impressionable minds of indian students from day one. The indoctrination starts from their homes and further “refined” in schools. Just take their standard text books for example. it is filled with hatred towards our founding fathers and islamic heritage. in most cases they have even changed history like Lal Qilla was actually conceived by ashoka and hogwash like that. They used the same convoluted and concocted lies and treachery to martyr Babri Masjid. that was a perfect example of real hindutva ideology. Having been to india before and witnessing first hand the animosity they harbor towards pakistanis and islam, it further consolidates my belief in the two-nation theory. and also makes me believe in Ghazwai Hind ever so more. Indeed we will be so lucky if we are chosen for this great mission – to actually rid this world of tyranny and oppression of zionists. and then after this to take on the real perpetrators of terror – the source of all present day axis of evil ( ‘ambrit’ and israel)..the zionists – followers of dajjal.
        but great work sumayyac and all the PKH team. cheers!

      • :)Keep up the good work guys!

      • Hey I have got an idea!
        Listen you guys champion Zaid Hamid and we wil champion Bal Thackarey or the leader of the Sangh Parivar to an open debate.
        I think they can use up all the abuses on both sides of the border and then we wont have to have a go at each other so frequently!
        Wat say?

      • bal thakray can be a filthy abuser, but zaid hamid never abuses nor will he but he can still shut him up in a line.

      • what is your obsession with zaid hamid? that he gives you good shut up calls and that he chooses to speak for his own country ? well guess what, we like him and we love him. and we love every man and woman who speaks for pakistan. oh and by the way, he is also right about india stopping pakistans waters. this has happened in the past too with india compensating pakistan for that and is happening now too with many of your projects being constructed in a way thats potentially in violation of indus water treaty. alright, if you are so cool with water and everything, what problem do you have with china on waters? and jus so u know, the water dispute between Pakistan and India began when in 1948, India stopped irrigation waters in every irrigation canal which crossed the India-Pakistan boundary. This affected 1.6 million acres of irrigated land in Pakistan.

      • Cow piss drinkers talking of intelligence is more then laughable!.Zaid Hamid can say whatever he wants but i just love it that he makes you lot feel so insecure!!

        Afterall who gives a rats ass about Bharat Verma!!

  7. summayyac,

    abusing, being profane and getting low is all hindus know about. in my 20,000 hours of internet experience, at least i haven’t EVER found one hindu talking without abusing or getting low. You can see them spilling filth all over youtube and elsewhere. And its gets funny, the more they are allowed freedom of speech on forums like these, the more profane they get, while on their forums pakistanis are not even allowed to comment if and when they choose to talk for pakistan.

    hey indians a brain teaser for you: why dont you take a realistic approach towards life. After all you are so into aman ke asha, why can’t you tolerate a pakistan’s air chief photo along side your countrymen on the same media babbling aman ke asha? You people are such hypocrites. Look at the ruckus your government has raised on having pakistan VERY HANDSOME air chief on your papers. Just how much will you lie.

    take a look: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Ex-Pak-air-chief-photo-ad-goof-up-PMO-orders-probe/articleshow/5495794.cms

  8. @faraz arshad..good reply bro…but unlike indians we can and we will change our neighborhood which will no longer have india and its chankya ideology. but very good reply bro… cheers:)

  9. Yeah, keep up the good work. I wish sumayyac, shumayel and Rashid good luck in their efforts to spread hatred and ignorance on your side. But I hope one day you guys understand the essence of the peace efforts from people of both sides of the border.

    This discussion will go on. But remember, its easier to say hi than to say sorry. Its shorter too.

    • @ratnesh malviya…the new malu wanna be that just proved my point about the indians..that u can never underestimate the predictability of these indian jackasses. Listen malu..just look at ur own people and ur media that spews nothing but hatred and profanities against ur former masters..the Pakistanis. every time that we tried to extend a hand of friendship in peace u indians have stabbed us in the back..perfectly in line with r chankya ideology. for us now it’s no more aman ki asha type deception. So dont give us ur hogwash about peace because to u peace means hegemony, which we will never allow. If u are wise which i doubt that a social isolate like u is, u will crawl back into ur hole and drink ur fill of cow piss because that green sabz hilalli storm that is gathering over the horizon is about to sweep u and ur likes away.

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