A Balochi Beating India’s Manmohan

January 21, 2010

This picture was taken recently in Chaman, the small Pakistani town on the border with southern Afghanistan. While the US and Indian media promote terrorism in the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan, a terror which is supported by US and Indian intelligence operatives using the Afghan soil, the reality on the ground is far from the image that American and Indian spinmasters wish to convey. [US think tanks are the latest entrants in the psy-ops against Pakistan, promoting the idea of the separation of resource-rich Balochistan from Pakistan.]

In this picture, a Pakistani Balochi is beating a donkey-shaped effigy of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Indians and Karzai’s intelligence, with tacit approval of CIA operatives in Afghanistan, have been luring young poor Pakistani Balochis to training camps in Afghanistan and brainwashing them to launch a wave of terror inside Pakistan in the guise of a separatist ethnic insurgency. As soon as US military and intelligence landed in Afghanistan, a long-dead terrorist group called BLA, created by the Soviet KGB in the 1970s, was brought back from the dustbin of history and reorganized. The Indians helped by bringing agents from India fluent in the Urdu language. These language experts were tasked with composing press statements and sending them to Pakistani media offices across Pakistan.

To turn this into a real separatist war, unknown terrorists were sent to Quetta, the provincial capital, to target-kill non-Balochi Pakistanis in an effort to stir an ethnic backlash. There isn’t much ‘ethnic’ difference among Pakistanis, but inept politicians have been using minor language differences, which do exist, to create the aura of different ethnicities for political reasons.

Unfortunately, former President Pervez Musharraf turned a blind eye to US, Indian and Karzai puppet regime’s meddling in Pakistani Balochistan. The incumbent pro-US government of President Asif Zardari is doing the same. No one in today’s Pakistani ruling structure appears willing to fend off the Americans and their Indian and Afghan poodles.

But despite all these efforts, Pakistani Balochis remain staunch Pakistanis, just like their fathers and grandfathers who fought off the Indian massacre of Pakistani migrants during Pakistan’s War of Independence in 1947.

The biggest proof of this came last June, when the entire Pakistani Balochi tribe of Mari came out for the funeral of Lieutenant Safiullah Mari, who died fighting the Afghan-backed terrorists in the Pakistani tribal belt. Not only did the Maris chant pro-Pakistan slogans, the father of Lt. Baloch announced he was ready to give his other son to defend Pakistan. This was a slap in the face of terrorist feudal leaders like Harbiyar Mari, who enjoys British protection in London, and Brahamdagh Bugti, who enjoys American and Karzai’s protection in Kabul. Both have been trying to radicalize the Mari tribe against their own country.

[See the video of Lt. Baloch’s funeral.]

The Insider column is posted at Ahmed Quraishi’s The Lounge.



  1. Looks more like a Taliban mullah …….. !

    • Who says taliban mullahs can’t be baluchis ? 😀

  2. Just wait, the time is near when this mullah will be beating the real manoman singh…….


  4. Long Live Balochs
    Long live Balaochistan
    Long Live Pakistan

  5. I just hope that one day we all stand together and say that we are Pakistanis, irrespective of where we live. It will be then that these conspiring muggers will truly loose.

  6. 4 your kind information this person is not a BALOCH ,He is a Pashthoon (pATAAN),THIS a protest in the Chaman City near Afghanistan Boarder.
    So please don’t try to misguide Peoples .

    • This is our tragedy .. we will die freaking about being balochi, pakhtoon, sindhi, punjabi … when will we become Pakistani???????????

      • Excuseme Mr I just wanted to make it Clear that he not Baloch, Dont be Emotional Reality Is Reality,
        You Belive Or not I don’t Care .

      • Excuseme Mr I just wanted to make it Clear that he is not a Baloch, Dont get Emotional Reality Is Reality,
        You Belive Or not I don’t Care .

      • Isnt Chaman a city of the baluchistan province ?…and by that virtue isnt anyone living in a city in baluchistan a baluchi ?…Like anyone living in Punjab is a punjabi ?

        Rest of we are all Pakistanis :D..whether we live in chaman, or karach, quetta or islamabad.

    • dyunia mars par pooch gai hai aur hum abhi bi 1950 mein baithay hian.come on wake up.

  7. Salaam, I’m Baloch and proud Pakistani, I just want to point out that some Balochi tribes are similar in dress and appearance to Pashtuns and can’t be differentiated apart from hearing them speak. Good article, Pakistan Zindabad.

  8. Jasim is right, he is not a balochi but a pashtun n also chaman is an area with the majority of population been pashtun particularly Achakzais. But what difference does it make if he is a pashtun or baloch, he is a Pakistani n thts what matters.

  9. Umm… Never…

  10. Long Live nwfp
    Long live Balaochistan
    Long Live sindh
    Long Live punjab
    Long Live a.kashmir
    Long Live Pakistan

    • insert kashmir instead of a.kashmir

  11. Funny how you people take out your anger …

  12. Wel depends how u luk at it. . Anger is the height of emotions n im sure he would hav done the same if it were the real manmohan. . besides. . Al i wish is v make Pakistan iqbal ka Pakistan, Jinnah ka Pakistan. . . V , the third generation of Pakistanis can do this. . . Be proud of who you are . .

  13. Don’t offend the effigy by saying it resembles an ugly Indian dog!!!!.By contrast look how handsome the Pakistani shaheed Safiullah is!



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