Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Case – A Detailed Story of Lies And Deception By The Americans

January 20, 2010

By M. Junaid Khan | Pro Pakistan

We have regularly covered Dr. Aafia case at Pro-Pakistan. We have highlighted the injustices done to her and her family by the Americans in a completely one sided trial. However, the current article is just another effort to share with our readers how this whole drama unfolded till date and how the media reported it. The reason we chose this day is because of the fact that today the American court is again holding another purported trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. The irony is that the current case against her rest on a crime she committed after being arrested by the Americans in Afghanistan in 2008. Or at least that is how Americans put it while the reality is that she was arrested in 2003 by FBI agents in Karachi, Pakistan.

The arrest news was spread in the national and international media and here is just one instance of NBC5 quoting the story back in 2003. According to NBC5, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is in US custody:
U.S. intelligence officials are reportedly interrogating a Pakistani woman alleged to have moved funds and assisted with logistics planning for al-Qaida. FBI Seeking Siddiqui According to the Press Trust of India in an article published on its Web site Thursday, the woman has been identified as 31-year-old Aafia Siddiqui, who was being sought by U.S. officials last week along with two other men, including one whose last known address was in Miramar, Fla.

According to the PTI, Siddiqui was arrested in Karachi recently after returning from an overseas trip last month. The service quoted reports in the Boston Globe and Oklahama (TV) News Channel’s Web site.

The FBI had issued a worldwide alert for Siddiqui, already said this … ‘a housewife and mother of three who holds a doctorate in neurological science and degrees from Braindeis University and M.I.T. ) Siddiqui reportedly lived in Boston with her husband for several years.’

NBC News reported last week that senior U.S. officials that Siddiqui may be a so-called “fixer” for al-Qaida and not an actual member. According to those reports, Siddiqui may have been used by the organization move money and provide other logistical support. One official said, “The Intel indicates that she is tied to some very radical individuals in Pakistan.”

Now here is the problem, the American kept her under rigorous detention in Bagram jail (Afghan equivalent of Guantanamo Prison) and were not accepting her presence until the story was shared by ex inmates of the jail to the media. She was constantly tortured for 5 years and was sexually and physically abused each and every day for 5 consecutive years while the American put their best resources at work to find a single flaw in her past. Ironically, they failed to find a single wrong in her past and hence Americans were in a fix how to get rid of her.

The real problem started after the press conference in Pakistan by British journalist Yvonne Ridley in which she shared the story of the Prisoner 650, the gray Ghost lady of Bagram prison. In the mean while, we must keep this in mind that Western media left no stone unturned to label her the big catch of Al Qaeda in the hands of the Americans while Americans themselves couldn’t prove a single instance of her involvement in terrorist activities in their 5 years of non stop search for something (anything) to implicate her and save their face.

After Yvonne Ridley’s press conference, it became evident that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is the unfortunate soul to bear the brunt of the worst kind of treatment in the modern history of the world. A well educated lady was made to suffer 5 years of non stop physical and sexual abuse at the hands of American military and intelligence officials.
The issue of Prisoner 650 became public and every media house in the world started giving it coverage and soon protesters came out on the roads in several Pakistani cities and in few Western countries for her release. The American intelligence agency, who failed to find any evidence against Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, however was quick to stage a stupid drama, that speaks volumes about their thinking patterns. Even hollywood movie writer would have done a better job then the drama script written by the American intelligence agencies. Here is how Dr. Aafia emerged again from the Bagram Prison in front of the World. This is the story some dumb ass American intelligent agent wrote (PS: US agent! please don’t mind my language but trust me your script sucks! At least try to watch 24 and come out with something better next time). And i am quoting direct American biased justice department source so that you know how they report such dramas on thir website to impress their own citizens.

According to website of the US Justice Department:

NEW YORK- Michael J. Garcia, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Mark J. Mershon, the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (”FBI”), and Raymond W. Kelly, the Police Commissioner of the City of New York, announced today the arrest of Aafia Siddiqui on charges related to her attempted murder and assault of United States officers and employees in Afghanistan. Siddiqui arrived in New York this evening and will be presented tomorrow before a United States Magistrate Judge in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

According to the Complaint filed in Manhattan federal court:
On July 17, 2008, officers of the Ghazni Province Afghanistan National Police (”ANP”) observed Siddiqui outside the Ghazni governor’s compound. ANP officers questioned Siddiqui, regarded her as suspicious, and searched her handbag. In it, they found numerous documents describing the creation of explosives, as well as excerpts from the Anarchist’s Arsenal. Siddiqui’s papers included descriptions of various landmarks in the United States, including in New York City. Siddiqui was also in possession of substances that were sealed in bottles and glass jars.

On July 18, 2008, a party of United States personnel, including two FBI special agents, a United States Army Warrant Officer, a United States Army Captain, and United States military interpreters, arrived at the Afghan facility where Siddiqui was being held. The personnel entered a second floor meeting room — unaware that Siddiqui was being held there, unsecured, behind a curtain.

The Warrant Officer took a seat and placed his United States Army M-4 rifle on the floor next to the curtain. Shortly after the meeting began, the Captain heard a woman yell from the curtain and, when he turned, saw Siddiqui holding the Warrant Officer’s rifle and pointing it directly at the Captain. Siddiqui said, “May the blood of [unintelligible] be directly on your [unintelligible, possibly head or hands].” The interpreter seated closest to Siddiqui lunged at her and pushed the rifle away as Siddiqui pulled the trigger. Siddiqui fired at least two shots but no one was hit. The Warrant Officer returned fire with a 9 mm service pistol and fired approximately two rounds at Siddiqui’s torso, hitting her at least once.

Despite being shot, Siddiqui struggled with the officers when they tried to subdue her; she struck and kicked them while shouting in English that she wanted to kill Americans. After being subdued, Siddiqui temporarily lost consciousness. The agents and officers then rendered medical aid to Siddiqui. Can anyone imagine why someone
Siddiqui, a 36-year-old Pakistani woman who previously resided in the United States, is charged in a criminal Complaint filed in the Southern District of New York with one count of attempting to kill United States officers and employees and one count of assaulting United States officers and employees. If convicted, Siddiqui faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison on each charge.

Just try to see a logic behind the purported story shared with the world by the Americans! What Dr. Aafia was doing outside Governor house? Trying to gather intelligence? Trying to blow it up? Trying to get herself arrested? Or just roaming around for a morning or evening walk? In any of the above cases, can you tell me why will she take with her the method of making bombs in her handbag? Was she sitting in some park where she was trying to prepare her lecture or was she trying to memorize some new techniques in the open? Or was she just keeping them in her bag to make sure when she is arrested, she provide enough evidence against her arrest to the government to use it against her? Moreover, she was also carrying landmarks of American buildings etc etc etc! I wonder if anyone would really need landmarks in this modern era? Don’t you think we have a lot more public information available even to a primary kid on the internet and hence there is no need to carry it with you.

Moreover, why would she carry these things with her when she was roaming around Governor palace in Afghanistan? Was she on way to airport to land directly at JFK? Or was there not enough space in her home to keep that documents? A logical mind fail to see a relation in those two set of documents inside the bag of a lady strolling for morning walk in the peaceful and serene streets of war torn Afghanistan! Sounds interesting! Lets see what else she got? Okies! She got some SUBSTANCE (i repeat SUBSTANCE) that was sealed inside a jar and some bottles! Now this has further complicateed the already very tough case here! Can anyone of my reader guide us all here? Because i am lost here! What do you mean by “SUBSTANCE?” Is chocolate a substance or is cookies counted as substance? Do you also count sweets as Substance? If not then share with us what does “SUBSTANCE” stands for? And why would an evening or morning stroller keep these in her bag when she was actually on a picnic in the serene city of Afghanistan? May be she could use it to blow up the Governor’s palace? Or may be she could eat it? I don’t know but it is beyond my level of intellect and I need guidance from our readers since they might have a clue!

The irony is that Americans are trying to tell the world that their dumb story is based on facts while a mere search on internet will confirm our concerns about the real drama run by someone sitting in Langley or Pentagon. Here is how a famous Pakistani newspaper reported a story where an Intelligence Official admitted arresting Dr. Aafia in 2003 and handing her over to American FBI while the same FBI claims to have captured her in 2008 in Afghanistan. This is on the record of a Pakistani court and hence enjoys a legal status unlike Americans provided evidence that only exist in their own records and not to be shared with anyone in the world.
She was later shifted to America where she is facing court trial for a crime she never committed in America at first place. Even the American FBI and Intelligence officials failed to provide the evidence of her finger prints on the gun she supposedly used to shoot her investigators and the interpreters. Even no bullets were recovered from the room which she allegedly fired at the Americans. Here is a link to the details of the court hearing.

According to Yvonne Ridley, who first shared her story with the world, there is some senior ranking American intelligence official responsible for all the debacle since it was his authority to sign the papers authorising her kidnapping, rendition, five years of non stop torture and then keeping her in jail without sharing the details. Even the way she was reproduced is done on the orders of the same intelligence official who is sitting on the most important position in the American intelligence network. He is still using all his available resources to cover his tracks but i think now the thing has gone out and the decision rests with the American Judiciary. The trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has gained tremendous support in USA itself and people from the length and breadth of America have come to the court to witness it despite the fact that the judge changed the dates constantly to create confusion and to bring down the case profile.

The case will be presented today at a US Court. According to the Dawn story:
The trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the Pakistani neuroscientist under US detention, will begin today in New York City after jury selection was completed last week A JA jury of seven women and five men were chosen on Thursday, with four alternate jurors. Dr Aafia had earlier objected over the composition of the jury.
She is accused of trying to kill US Army officers — who were interrogating her in Afghanistan in July 2008, a charge vehemently denied by her.
No one was hit in the alleged shooting incident, but she was shot twice in the stomach.

Dr. Aafia has repeatedly said she will boycott her own trial and has even disowned the lawyers retained for her defence by the Pakistan government.
Meanwhile, the lead lawyer for Dr. Aafia said that her legal defence team will fight for her acquittal with a strong case it has built over the past four months.
Lets see how long this drama goes on and to what extent the American Intelligence official, backed by other powerful American politicians, goes to hide the crimes he committed against an innocent woman and her family. The outcome of the case is very important since the eyes of the world Muslim population and those who believe in the American justice system are fixed on this case as a benchmark.

Let’s see if Justice prevails in the Wild Wild West!



  1. Why doesn’t she just take the stand and tell her story? She says she is being prevented from testifying but that’s not true, is it?

    • I entirely agree with the above article!!
      and i just wannna to say that when the U.S Army is in against of AAfia then how the court give decision in the right of AAfia! the world see what kind of justice is there in u.s!!
      regards kamran

    • @Anonymous,
      its better u stay anonymous !
      btw, where, when & how she should take stand
      in a Police State ? which has dozens of gastapo
      type ruthless secret SS. How do u know she was
      not prevented from testifying ? and u claim that it was’nt true, are u living in USA ? perhaps its not true. Suppose if I inform u that Americans & Nato have committed Genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq !!
      would u dare say its not true ?? try

  2. ITs really informative…….for the first time i got the complete detail of the case
    WTH is FBI…:@:@
    The case is in Afia’s hand if carefully monitored.

  3. I understand the writer is boiling with anger. So am I. But the fact remains that it was Pakistan who handed Dr. Aafia to the US in the first place. While it is important to bring up the injustice the Americans have inflicted upon her it is equally important, if not more, to ask who is responsible for handing her over in the firsr place. I blame the pakistani government who were and is still workung against the larger interests of the very country they rule.

    Musharraf should be held responsible for the crimes he comitted against the people of Pakistan, failing to protect the very pakistanis he was promoted for, a disastrous foreign policy, breaking the constitution and general incompetance.

    All the above mentioned points can also be implied on the current government too.

    As long as Pakistanis will distance them self and tolerate so-called democratic leaders who refuses internal party elections and run political parties as family property and failed military
    dictators who are ready to sell their souls for being recognized by Washington DC – we will have many more Dr. Aafias.

    I feel sorry for my beloved Pakistan.

    May Allah guide us…

    • dear shah,PAKISTAN gov is not responsible for handed dr.aafia to US. Got it!
      beacuse dr.aafia has us citizenship and every country can have their citizen back, no matters where the citizen is muslim or not.how pak gov hold dr.aafia, either she is not pakistani.

      i agree that whatever have been done with dr.aafia, is really harsh and bad.

      But can anybody knows that dr,aafia has empty their husband,s bank account and gave all money to the al-qaida.Her husband now is on roads,have no money.

      now what u people would say about dr.aafia siddiqui.

      rep must plz

      • @Muneeb,

        Your bullshit is ridiculous !!

        1.Pak Govt. Musharraf (agencies,Interior Ministry, Mr.Sualeh Hayat)

        2.American FBI agents, US officials in Karachi

        3.Afghan Khaad agents in Karachi, Afghan interiore ministry, Bagram authorities.

        All three parties are directly involved in
        illegal abduction, kidnapping, forced transporting, deportation to a second &
        subsequently to a third country’s prisoner’s camp called Bagram Prison Camp established by USA.

        Dr.Aafia Siddiqui was kidnapped from a taxi with her three kids, just 300 meters from her duely declared official visa approved residence,in Karachi Pakistan!
        She was striped of her passport with visa, all confiscated illegaly under the
        eyes of Pakistani authorities.
        The third baby child was murdered during the scuffle, physical assault & abduction.

        Muneeb, you were lying about her husband’s
        bank account nonsense, the couple divorced
        yonks ago !
        Her ex has to be interogated thoroughly,
        we might discover bizarre connection !
        Atleast Pak Govt can do that !!

        The present PPP’s failed Govt is just a
        puppet of CIA, her incapacity vis a vis
        the 700 citizens sold by Mushy to FBI
        for human experiments !and already hot subject of 8000 disappeared !

        Few weeks ago Dr.Aafia’s 12 years old daughter was ” dropped ” in front of her
        grand mother’s house.

        International Court of justice must be consulted, Human Rights & UNO Charter
        be consulted. USA be brought before
        International Court of justice for crimes against humanity !

  4. This case is a huge mystery. Why Aafia and no one else? There is something that is not coming out. Why her?

  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/urdu/2010/01/post_580.html#more

  6. mr ten per cent zardari should stand up for her as she is a pakistani citizen i feel sorry her and her children this is a fucking discrace

  7. The author claims to have regularly covered Dr. Afia’s case but he forgot to mention Musharraf’s role in the entire article and puts the entire blame onto FBI agents in Karachi. It was Musharraf in first place who sacrificed country’s honor and pride for dollars. It’s a shameful situation for us that one of our sisters is humiliated in such a way and we can not do any thing about it. We all love our Army and stand by it but i do not understand that y do some people in our media try to hide the dark reality of Musharraf.

  8. Dr. Afia is imprisoned for no damn sin, this is not a way to treat any muslim women, where such bloody basturds americans are treating with daughter of Islam. She is innocent and quite helpless. My appeal to Damn american policies and the damn government of american however they are not capable of being such a requests but this our duty to appeal and request for the Dr. Afia. Hope ALLAH will hear us soon and result will be different AAMEEN.

  9. INSHALLAH ALLAH will help her and will solve her problem as early as possible. Insallah america will have to face revenge in mooooreeeee and moooreeee negative form that what they have done to daughter of ISLAM.

  10. The author did not tell who was responsible for handing over of Afia to USA.
    It was MUSHARAF who must be hanged for this.

  11. Being the author of this post, i am thankful to PKKH for re posting it here at their website. It is a great honor for me.
    Coming to the Musharraf part, i think you all got a valid point as i missed it. But that does not mean i support Musharraf for this act at first place. I must share with you the fact that our government spent 1 million dollars to hire a lawyer to defend her. That one million dollar was paid from the taxes we pay and it has been totally wasted. What our government should have done is to share the fact that they handed over Aafia to FBI in 2003 and the case would have been solved at first place. Just to make fools of the Pakistani citizens, they are spending 1 million US dollars on hiring lawyers. Anyways, since its all just media reports, we can not say anything for sure either. But one thing is certain that the media rarely raise an issue that has totally no background so we can trust them to a certain limit.


  12. Why is your website silent on Musharraf?
    Why is it not as harsh towards Mush as it is towards Zardari or India?

    May Allah burn Parvez Musharraf in the deepest and severest corners of hell. Aameen.

  13. When you wiki for this person, the case itself looks week. So it wont last for long for her releasal.

    Secondly, why did Pakistani authorities not look into the matter closely when she was arrested first time. The thing is that its high time that Pakistan stop taking the “please the master stand” and do its own work also with more honesty and high morality towards itself and its citizens. The day that happens probably Pakistan will see a positive change, a change that will be with a human face. However if you feel that bootlicking is the only way well no one can help it.

    I hope you don’t start a India Bashing chapter with this.

  14. Secondly, the lady might have been tortured to talk such a language in the court which makes matters worst for her, seeking a non Jewish trial court. What is she trying to say here? The world is not just for Islam. Its a world for all humanbeings. If you cannot accept this Gods world, then its better you people go to hell. If you cannot change your hatred for others, you will also get the same thing back. So live with it.

    Many Indian doctors had treated many poor families from Pakistani cities in India free of cost. Giving them a ray of hope to life. And in return you kill our people, innocent civilians. What a filthy outdated military strategy.

    Learn to respect all human beings irrespective of their faiths, that respect will come back to you 2 fold. But if it does not happen you will always have to live with the “Carrot and the stick principle from developed countries”.

    • @unknownindian– “And in return you kill our people, innocent civilians.” what a naive statement. have u checked lately what ur RAW is doing in Pakistan? still u have the gal to come here
      and talk about innocent people being killed when the state-sponsored terrorism by ur government, military and agencies is wreaking havoc in pakistani cities. Shame on you.

    • hi unknownindian, i think you have miscalculated big time about what you wrote.

      First and foremost, even the dumbest person can tell that the mumbai attacks were nothing but a plan executed by indian government themselves. It’s not a video game dude, nor an action flick, where 7 armed men enter a whole fuckin country that easily and then enter train stations and 5 star hotels that easily and kill WITHOUT ANY RESISTANCE from indian security bodies (army, police, etc).

      So don’t live in the fairy tale world and realize that your government is NOT clean.

      • @ hey unknownindian, its in your greater
        interest that u remain unknown, but if u
        insist that we return the favour, pls,
        come and see me ! i will see what could be
        done for u ! Dhanewad

  15. Aafia siddiqui deserves justice…

    Her small innocent children havent harmed anyone, they hadn’t even started their lives yet, they, there may be arguments about Aafia siddiiqui herself whether she is innocent or not and i strongly believe and have no doubt that she is, but i can definatly say her small, inoffencive and naive children have suffered too much from the wrong doing of other people.

    where are the human rights, womenrights and child rights now, these rights were created by these politicions and goverments…!!!!

    All the accusations on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, are wrong and need to be vindicated.

    She was just an Intelligent young woman who was successful in life, but unfortunatly some people couldn’t tolerate her success which lead to this tragic catastrophe.

  16. It means that Altaf Hussain and so called All human rights campaigners in Pakistan are totally US funded and they nothing more then a spy( Muna’fiq)in muslims of Pakistan

    On the false video MQM Altaf made big procession on MA Jinnah road but why they MQM and Altaf Hussain are soundless on Dr. AAFIA case of injustice ,

  17. till we all not stand and unite as one, this story will repeat itself .. blame ourselves and no others .. it is the time all back to Qoran and sunnah .. bring back the caliphate ..

  18. jehad is the best solution of america. INSHALLAH the day will come when as russia the america will also destroyed. and INSHALLAH the world will see soon.

    • why do you have such hatred for the American people? you claim to be religious (based on the language you use in your post) but religion does not tolerate hatred, ESPECIALLY based one prejudicial standards. I am American, you do not know me or anything about me, yet you despise me. I know you to be Islamic, but I do not hate you. I do not want your country to burn in hell or wish bad things upon you and your loved ones. THIS IS THE PROBLEM, everyone just hates, no one takes the time to get to know anyone anymore and people in the world have learned to base their ideas and feeling towards other people on what they have been TOLD. If you cannot think for yourself, you should not be allowed to post comments that are so anti-American. It is very sad that there are so many people like you in the world. Just because my government has maybe made some mistakes (as I am sure yours has) it does not make me a bad person, or any other American a bad person (although there may be some bad ones, but you will find that anywhere you go, not just in America). I hope some day, you change your views and get to know individual people first and THEN make your judgements.

      • Dear Emily,

        We neither preach hatred for a group of people, nor a nation or religion. However, we strongly condemn the policies of your government in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. People everywhere have
        the right to decide their fate in term of what system they want to live under and no nation on earth has the right to oppress another. We will continue to protest and strongly condemn all acts of state-terrorism by the US government and its allies, and the destruction that they have caused in the name of the so called war-on-terror. We are fully aware that there are good and bad people everywhere on this earth and in every nation, race and religion. Therefore, we urge you and all good and decent Americans to raise their voices against the atrocities being committed in your name. Cheers. Mod PKKH.

  19. ALLAH hu AKBAR,,
    Beshak ALLAH TALHA sab dekh rahein hai,
    in firangi KUTTO ko saza b beshak ALLAH denge.

  20. the super power of the world america have done this injustice with a pakastani but tommorrow it can be done with other countries also.but one fails to understant why the worldmedia is not raising this issue espically tv radio.pakistan should stop to provide way to americans to afghanistan to register there anger.time has come to join ussr chaina to form new block to stop american violations.

  21. the current media is supporting the forign polices of the perticular countery that is why we find no space for dr aafia but a least pakastani media should have raised the issue but one fails to understand why our media has blackouted her the finger is raising towards them is it not the prime issue for our media.how indian media highlighted the attack on indians in austrelia, pakistan should stop providing any help to americans

  22. veuillez respecter la notion de droit humains, telle que portée par les pacts, conventions traités internationaux de l’ONU.Nous vous demandons la liberation immédiate et inconditionnelle du Dr. Seddiqui Aafia!!

    • @boudjema,
      j’ai l’honneur de seconder votre demande de la
      liberation immédiate avec poursuite judiciare
      contre la justice Americaine et d’une
      indemnisation pour la victim et de ses enfants.
      vive la justice

  23. inshallah dr afia ke saath insaf zaroor ho ga Allah sab dekh raha hai us ki lathi beawaz hai wo gunnah gar ko zaroor saza dega ,if not in this world then must in hereafter he will be punished who done this such shameless crime with afia

  24. I again ask the same thing as already asked why Dr.Aaffia why not any other one, why american choose her , but i think neither Dr Aafia is speaking out nor the Americans

    • @Nadeem bhai,

      I wonder why do u guys ask such question ?

      Well, do u have a list of some potential persons to be denounced ?
      look, me too, I have deadly desire to denounce Altaf Hussain, Rehman Malik, Zardari and entire ANP. But their daughters will never be treated like those pigs have treated Dr Aafia.
      In fact, they are after Pakistan’s brains,the
      zionist pigs want the elimination of all potential
      brains of the muslim world.

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