Another Slap On The Face For ‘Aman Ki Asha’ Apologists

January 19, 2010

Sumayya Chawla | PKKH Editorial Team

The great ‘Aman Ki Asha’ inspired love affair between Pakistan and India has just been hit by a bus and chances are that it won’t survive. This came as all of the 11 Pakistani cricketers, most of them from the T20 Worldcup winning side last year were kept out of the third edition of the Indian Premiere League including all-rounder Shahid Afridi who was the highest rated player expected to be the most expensive. This is truly astonishing given that Pakistan is the reigning World Twenty20 champion, and their exclusion devalues the entire competition. What a huge loss for cricket and what utter disappointment for millions of fans. Given that the World Champions are not to be seen in action, it is only logical to say that this makes the IPL anything but ‘World Class’.

Despite the great love story being sold to the people of Pakistan and India by their respective media, there is still not enough love in the world that can hide the hypocrisy and two-facedness that has always characterized India’s dealing with her neighbour. This is just the icing on the cake. It is also very interesting to note that despite the violent attacks on Indian nationals on Australian soil, and the threats issued by the militant Hindu extremist outfit Shiv Sena against Australians playing in India, the Indians were more than happy to have a love-in with the Aussies at IPL. One cannot help but think that this says a lot for the Indian national pride and sense of solidarity with their counterparts being humiliated and abused by the Australians.

Given the threats being issued by Hindu fanatics against foreign players visiting India, it is perhaps a really good thing that Pakistani players are not going to be put in a position where their lives might be at risk from extremist elements and religious fanatics. While the great Bollywood soap opera called ‘Aman ki Asha’ meets an unhappy yet predictable ending, Pakistanis must now realize that the only ‘goodwill gestures’ they will ever receive from across the border are; covert terrorism on its land, caskets of Pakistani prisoners tortured to death in Indian jails for overstaying visas, and poorly disguised threats of war.

UPDATE: Shahid Afridi, Captain of Pakistan’s T20 Team has blasted the IPL over today’s debacle, calling it a carefully orchestrated ‘insult’ to the Pakistani nation and vowing never to participate in the competition in future. Shahid Afridi, who led Pakistan to last year’s T20 World Championship in England, was expected to be the most expensive player in today’s bidding before Pakistani players were sensationally snubbed.



  1. What a writer! “….between Pakistan and India has just been hit by a bus and …….” LOL!!!

    • probably he s reminded of the delhi lahore bus…soon after whos inaugration pakisatni army with militants entered kashmir…lolzzz..a knife in d back….

  2. A big accident for the defeatist brigade of Pakistan. Someone Please tell this to the commander-in-chief of this Brigade, Pervez Hoodbhouy, that Pakistan will not Die if it didnot act as an obedient state to India

  3. In IPL PAK players wanted to show PEACE….but unfortunately INDian Govt does’t want……

    Now the time has come to show the world we only play for the country not for $$$$$$$$.

    I demand GEO network sould stop IPL III broadcast in pakistan……….

    It is better for PAK players to take some rest after tour of AUS & ENG and then attack in the field of T20 WC as hungry lion………because “YEH MERA GAME HEY”…….and nobody can win T20 except PAK……..chahey tum jitni bhi league kara lo……..

  4. well i can laugh on these bloody Indian assholes, who possess chicken heart, the so called largest democracy India but at the same time largest racist country on the planet, India.

    • Yeah right, next one please!!!

  5. exactly they tried to show that pakistani (i didnt use cricketers cuz they aim at pakistanis) are not worth for IPL but actually afridi slammed them and just said he would never apply to IPL again and they shouldnt even if they offer now in comming years.Actually whole IPL dont deserve the pakistani cricketers(THE WORLD CHAMPIONS)there is no charm in IPL when there is no pakistani player in it example shane warne in second IPL stated that he really missed SOHAIL TANVEER best bowler in the 1st whole IPL rajisatan royals would have won if there wuz only one pakistani player see we cud take-over the whole IPL hah
    as they tried to degrade us now their whole IPL is totally degraded and have lost our nation viewership
    they wud realise it after sometime
    and i aslo demand GEO network should stop IPL III broadcast in pakistan……….
    editor PKKH summayya chawala what great way to put this event “great ‘Aman Ki Asha’ inspired love affair between Pakistan and India has just been hit by a bus and chances are that it won’t survive.” actually its in it last breathe LOL…….

    • I agree with you wqord for word!!

  6. Will someone go and ask Wasim Akram now what the heck he is doing there promoting the KKR? He should immediately quit in protest.

  7. hindu did it again but its good, Allah is drawing Himself a line between pro and anti pakistani elements, so there remains no confusion when the time comes. people are getting exposed from ventures like these.

  8. Greedy Pak cricketers who already have got millions anyway should have boycotted this IPL in the first place, Pak players r to blame in my view who love money more than their country’s pride n honor.

  9. Good article by summaya keep it up.i think we should not worried about it.pakistan team need rest for upcoming T20 world cup.our team must focus on that event which is i think very important than IPL. we people know very well about indians mentality that what type of peoples they are?so whats is this aasha nirasha,we dont need any relationship with indians.be pakistani and just think about your country.SAB SE PHALY PAKISTAN>PAKSITAN KA KHUDA HAFIZ.

  10. I totally agree with Fawad on this one. Pakistani players shouldnt have gone there at first place despite knowing the fact that the current situation between two countries isnt healthy. Our players didnt go there alone, they took nation’s pride with them and sold it there. Forget about what india is doing, look what you have done to yourself. Sell your soul for money and then blame indian for insulting you. Start respecting yourself first then expect other people to respect you. Shame on you players, i am disappointed in you big time.

  11. its just a bull shit…. Indians are jealousy and they don’t want to see pakistani players perform well here in india then indian players. Just see what’s indian performances are. they are considering them selves master players of t20 but their even one team couldn’t reach in semifinals of champions league. Even more worst thing their 3rd class performance in T20 world cup. After this all stuff how one can expect that from jealousy indians will accept this, pakistani will play in IPL. We don’t want this 3rd standard cricket of bluddy bull shits.
    We will win 3rd T20 world cup inshallah which is our destination.

  12. why some of us disgrace whole nation only 4 their personal greed ????
    look ( wasim akram he look”s more Indian then Pakistani )

    why we don’t think about our motherland”s respect in front of our biggest enemy????

    shame on these jahil players …………
    they got what they deserved ………… well done indians

    where is this bullshit “amaan ke ashaa “

  13. I Know Wasim Akram will not boycott KKR coaching because of money, though being credible he should resigned, but since leaders like Zardari are ruling us most of us has lost the credibility because of money, Blame should go to our players as well who were anxious to play IPL. Shame on our players as well, they have defamed the whole nation.

    • greed 100%

    • in future

  14. is this some kind of a singe that Indian govt planning some thing big against pakistan and they don’t wanna Pakistani players in India ..
    something fishy here ………………………..

  15. SAd day for cricket !!

    Is Not it a big surprise right away when Pak star player Shahid Afridi found no bidders?

    I wonder why cannot Indian crowd have privilege to watch Afridi,Aamer and Umer in der Club Teams ??

    I wonder why so much effort was put into getting the clearance from PCB and Indian government if none of the franchises wanted to buy Pakistan players.

    I guess franchises have taken a decision not based on cricketing sense but on pure business reasons.

    This whole thing could have better handled.

    The arrogance of the Indian franchise owners is highlighted over here where they could have set examples of Cricket making Up for political tensions !!

    Even if they wanted Pakistanis Not 2 be here…Process could have been eased out in decent way !!!

  16. Cricket is Cricket!!

    Diplomacy is Diplomacy !!

    Business is Business !!

    But for all dat Why Player like afridi or Gul have to suffer !!!

    Why iPL crowd have 2 suffer…why cricket ties have to suffer?

  17. to hindus:

    this is how you backstab and this is what you really are. A concerted pre-planned move to isolate pakistan from everywhere when afridi was on record thought to be the would-be receiver of highest bid.

    well guess what, to hell with aman ke asha…its not worth a pakistani spit even. we told you we are watching very closely.

    • The moment you address Indians as Hindus – you show the world how racist you are and how much hatred you have in your black heart. Why do you even bother talking about peace when all you want to do is insult hinduism whenever something happens that you don’t like. Now go running back to mummy…. big bad hindu has just told your cricketers to f**k off back to jahannum oooops…. Pakistan. And clean that gutter of a mind of yours you Paki (note – I’m not insulting your religion – only your nationality)

      • @Amused. I am equally amused at this self-righteousness of urs. Really, its quite amusing, hilarious actually. Before you mull over our black hearts, why dont you go and speak to your Hitler-loving brothers in BJP, Shiv Sena, RSS and Bajrang Dal how full of racist sh*t they are! Man, you guys have to be totally blind, no wait, totally bigoted to come here and teach us about ‘religious tolerance’ when it is YOUR countrymen who clearly distinguish and identify with their ‘Hindu’ ideology (Yes HINDU ideology, Akhand Bharat, where there is NO ROOM for any other religion or its believers) and use that to kill ‘Muslims’ -let’s not pretend otherwise shall we.. (note- no you lot dont insult anyone’s religion- u only burn them alive and hack them to pieces for being non-Hindus). Never sling mud on others when you yourself are standing in a pile of dung. Cheers.

    • WTF it there to back stab in this!!

      This is not singing you anthem under a flag! thisis business!!
      I love Afirdi as a fan..but as a business man if there is a Visa issue, I won ttouch him with a 10 foot pole.

      kya baath kartey hi tum log!! Yeh $$$ ki baath hai.. Pakistan desh may itni problems hain.. roz sucide bombing… I wish it all ends and Pakistan get stable and gets rid of extremists …may you prosper etc.. but until then let owners of IPL do what they want with their money and business.

      baath baath per kaum aur mazhab ko le kar mat ro!!
      pani dukaan sambhaalo phir cricket khelo!

      Hope things improve and sense prevails!

      • The point is not business, but denial of sports & arts which no matter what, even in worst of conditions are allowed to go on. It is the Indian Gov. hypocrisy at its best!

        Anyways I am happy! Pakistani cricketers should have seen it coming!

  18. Hahahahaha! Well good riddence to IPL….. We ought to have a pakistani league and not inivite the indians! And even more good riddence to aman ki asha….that thing has poluted geos and the news’ websites long enough….i still dont know what Asha means….such grand stupidity on jang groups part!

  19. I am very disappointed to hear that the IPL management is doing such an unfair act.

    But I feel it is unfair to blame this on the entire country. Yes, our government is a bit messed up, the army is talking of war, but if they do something stupid it doesn’t mean that every Indian supports it.

    Being an Indian, I can tell you that most of the people down here want peace. What the government, army and the IPL management do is not in our control at all.

    I do not understand what we are fighting for. It’s utterly pointless.

    I do not care if I am abused for making these comments. I wanted to make my point and let you all know that we desire peace.

    For my part, I have decided not to watch IPL III at all inspite of being a die-hard cricket fan.

  20. An excellent article, and some smashing comments.. I love it!

  21. N FOR the third time in these days, after this aman ki asha crap, indian army opened fire on our soldiers on LOC.n martyred our soldiers. CAN U BELIEVE THAT!.. n did anyone see the results of the poll which was made in the two countries?? about this stupid n illogical drama of aman. it was the hardest slap in those shameless pakistani faces who have forgotten their glorious plus painful history of making Pakistan. which was based on two nation theory that indian n muslim ARE SPEARATE NATIONS THEY CAN NEVER LIVE TOGETHER, THEY CAN NEVER THINK ALIKE.n i add in this that they can never be friends, nor should they be.

    In that poll greater percentage of Pakis than indians favor this project n greater percentage of Pakis think that we are similar. have they forgotten the sacrifces of their elders in making of pakistan??? how dare they negate that two nation concept. i have no issue with indians..i have problem with those pakistanis who favor this because it was us who faught on these grounds for our DIFFERENCES not for the SIMILARITIES people. i request Pakistanis to please donot forget the history…n learn from it..have indians ever been our friends??

    OHK we want PEACE but not on the basis of SIMILARITIES, but on the basis of DIFFERENCES!!

  22. A very big humiliation to Pakistani nation. We should understand now that India is determined to isolate pakistan from the world in every field.It started from their intellegence agency’s ( RAW) attack on Sri-lankan team showing to the world that the country is unsafe for the visitors. Later ICC took world cup matches away from Pakistani soil due to “Indian” created security issues in Pakstan.
    It is a high time now for a nation to wake up and unite and face all the challenges. The key is the spirit of patriotism which should be put alive in the heart of every pakistani. Historically, we fought back very strongly whenever we were hit hard. Unfortunately, we are ruled by the people like Zardari-the most hated person of Pakistan whose atrocities are reflecting on the nation

    • “It is a high time now for a nation to wake up and unite”??? How many times will we wake up and unite?? It seems we forget what happens to pakistan at the time we wake up!!

  23. Bay cot ipl forever…..come Paki players wake up…

  24. Why don’t we (overseas pakistanis) boycot shahrukh, prity and shilpa’s movies?
    Actually, we should not watch any indian movies in theatre.

  25. i am not going to watch IPL 3.

  26. waisay i dont think we are ruled by zardari..i think we are ruled by America. who is zardari?? came out of thin air n sat on president’s seat. that doesnt make him Paki president. i dont call him one. but Pakistan’s strength is its YOUTH approz 60% of the population. if stand up today..if 60% of paki youth stand up against the puppet govt whos there to stop us?? i think we are awake..we just need to GET UP!

  27. … and this is what TOI is writing:

    Read this carefully. What hindus should know is that this only makes you and your pathetic aman ke asha more and more naked, and you are darn lot filthier when naked. Pakistan and Pakistani cricket will not be damaged with such below-the-belt low characterless steps and neither do we give a damn about it. But yeah this is personal now and we do want to tell you this is your character we keep telling you about and we do want to bring your inner filthy self out and show it to the world. So next time you wana talk any aman ke asha, know that it’s already been spat on, and please be ready for another 1000 years of service. Your need lessons.


    IPL teams ignore Pak players, setting off cries of ‘insult’

    All the 11 Pakistanis under the hammer were unsold, even though Pakistan are the reigning World Twenty20 champions. The “insult” sparked off angry protests…

    However, TOI had reported on December 11 that the IPL teams were unlikely to bid for them. On Monday we reported, based on conversations with franchisee officials, a different reason for not buying Pakistani players. These officials had said they would “go slow” on Pakistani cricketers because they HAD GOT SIGNALS to that effect.

    The IPL team owners were reticent on the matter of having ignored all Pakistani players

    Therefore, he said, franchisees have been “very informally” asked to go slow on Pakistani players. In fact, one team official specifically said that “Rana Naved-ul Hasan is the best bet as far as bowlers are concerned.” At the same time, he was equally sure that he wouldn’t be bidding for Rana.

    Senior all-rounder Abdul Razzaq said he saw the snub to Pakistani players as a conspiracy between the IPL and the Indian government to insult Pakistani players. “They have basically tried to hurt our cricket and image

  28. I believe the reason why the cricketers were not chose inspite of their talent is because of the topsy turvy nature of indo-pak relationships. If one of them was chosen for a team in the IPL at a cost and future upheavels in the political atmosphere occurs then the team owners would suffer,loosing not only their investment but also jeopardising their teams chances.

    Racism had nothing to do with it. It was just good business sense. Why not start a PPL ?

    • How right you are that this is not Racism. This is Pakistanphobia

  29. hehe disgruntled people, when they let you In you object why our people going there, when they dont let you In you object why they dont let us In. you guys always need something to soothe your hatred filled egos. do something good for the betterment of this world rather spreading hatred. If you have some extra calories don’t burn them in your perpetual hatred of Indians it wont get you anything except few degrees of high temperature.

    • Note @ Guess who SOB!


      Cheetaz are well known for their speed. IPL is just a Dog’s race chasing a fake bunny!

      Don’t need to prove you shit!

      • Baglol first thing is I am not Indian and Second thing is you are not worthy of second thing so there is no second thing for you !!
        Note: I have a great deal of cutely ugly never been used words in my closet.so please refrain from washing your dirty diapers on public forum again.

      • @ Guess who Faggot!

        If you are not Indian, then surely you must be their pet dog doing the barking for them.

        Enlighten ME !

      • @ I guessed You Faggot

        Please scroll down for the reply. i replied you at the bottom of the Post.

  30. Idiot people they are.. Pakistan ka mzaak banwa rehy hn.. india to kar hi raha hy zalil karny ki koshish.. ye. kammi bygarat. kyun marry ja rehy hn.. izzat payyari nai hy pakistan ki inko insted of money they are giving..

  31. Well well well,,, I hope this doesn’t mean that India got even with us! Are they getting back at us for not keeping our so called promise in the T20? 😛

  32. I have been saying,under other PKKH articles that Mr.Zaid Hamid should see whether he is not nurturing “Ibki Maaar” youth.What had made our team to lose the Australian series 3-0.There is never a “Second Chance”.

    If we are strong enough,in all walks of life,nobody can ignore us.

  33. The indian biased nature was very evident when the Cricket world cup was taken away from Pakistan.

    If Pakistani players had any prestige, they should not have applied for IPL. But they got greedy and this is what greedy cricketers deserve…
    a slap in the face.

    But we Pakistani’s are so dumb that we still rush to see indian movies which are been shown in cinemas all over Pakistan.

    Our channels show indian dramas,programs & films and we are dying to see them…..

    I dont know when will we learn…..

    • Thank you, nice to know that am not the only one with this mind set. Boycott it and stick with it! Start with yourself, Believe me theres far more better entertainment in the world if we do not want to promote ours as well. Pakistan should seek other forums for cricket and not feel bad if not included in the IPL. We need not prove our worth, neither should we seek approval from others, after all, we are the champions of the world! They are trying to add a sour note in our song.

      It’s the hypocrite sportsmanship spirit of others participating as well, who didn’t protest on this outrageous move. Pakistan was and will always be on it’s own. India will continue to flex it’s muscle. This move is simply ignorance of the WORLD CHAMPIONS like they do not exist by India. Pretty much like they don’t recognize Pakistan as an Independent country and show that they are least bothered by us. We know the reality. 🙂 This is how much India hates Pakistan and it’s existence and will go till it has erased the existence of Pakistan. They dream of it every day since their independence, now more like they have started acting like it as well…

      Wake up & Rise Pakistan,
      Bring back your Identity!

  34. I hope Pakistan will take notice of this incident, India has done more damage to Pakistan Cricket then anyone else.

  35. There can never be any friendship with the Gandustanis,period!.They have every right not to buy but players so we shouldn’t be auctioning our players in the first place.

    The IPL firstly though a moneyspinner mostly contains second rate cricketers and is a very boring product.World champs don’t need to prove anything to also-rans!


  37. As told by the bus driver?

    Do you really think that a long term project like this is going to be abandoned because it didn’t fix everything immediately?

    Re-think that one.

  38. Now there is no single reason left to continue this rubbish “Aman ki Asha”, just quit it.

  39. Spot on

  40. […] Sumayya Chawla | PKKH Editorial Team […]

  41. I think its very good for our players that they are not participating in the bad minded indians country because if they participates in the competition may be they will be unsafe there, so just kickoff IPL a (Funny Drama)…..

  42. Aman Ki Asha is a pile of trash. Just imagine Amitabh Bachan “The Hindu Racist” giving peace message on Geo TV Network. They simply want to get rid of the line – partition and rule us. Mentally, Indians may need centuries to mature. It is not just the IPL or Cricket; actually it is about our pride, resources (water etc) and our multicultural way of life, they hate. They are the one operating their bullshit agents in NWFP and Balochistan.

  43. instead of protesting for loss of cricket, we should protest against the unprovoked cross border firing by the indian BSF that resulted in the martyrdom of a soldier and serios injuries to another…
    Aman ki Asha is a calm before the storm..to make people think India is sincere..where as it can never be..the state that undid the tow wings of Pakistan nearly 40 years ago, should be broght to task..and soon…

    protest THAT, not just a mindless game..we’re better off than playing in the capitalistic IPL

  44. Purely commercial decision.
    The corporate sponsors are in for the money and profits.

    This depends on getting good televison coverage and audience.

    After Mumbai,the general mood in India is very anti-pakistani,especially in Mumabai and other large cities.

    No corporate body/sponsor will take the risk of inviting controversy or adverse public opinion.

    I think the pakistani players themselves should have judged the sitiuation and stayed out of the auction process.

  45. I agree completely,this proves the hypocrisy of the Indians but the loss is theirs not ours!They are only attempting to sabotage the Pakisistan Team’s image in teh international arena but we shouldnt care because this time we’ll win the ODI world cup InshAllah

  46. Now we have a new slogan:

    For : ” Aman ke asha”
    Read: “Jalan ke basha”

  47. I hope we get some sense out of something now. Our players are being racially subjugated, our soldiers are being killed unprovocatively, our people have been and are being wronged and yet we can hear indian crap from almost every home and every automobile in Our Country.

    It’s not the indians for treating us like that nor is it their sponsered TV Channel for promoting Indian propaganda & actors in the name of Aman ki Asha(with a freaking hindi decent), but it’s us the Pakistani who forget who we are and how we became that. We should try to realize the message given by Allama Iqbal,

    “Waza’a main tum ho Nasaraa tu tamaddun main Hanoud … Ye Musalmaa hain! jinhain dekh k sharmain Yahoud”

  48. hello i am jugnno i killing pakiatani enemes and zardari

  49. ahmadqurashi bahi your websie is good.

  50. i love pakistan and zaid hamid

    • do u also like eating crap?

      • I bet you eat rats and then drink cow pee.

  51. I would like to remind ourselves that it is not Pakistan which is about to spend $32 billion this year alone on deference spending, it is not Pakistan that is occupying Kashmir even though the majority of Kashmiris have been and are demanding independence from Indian occupation for the past 60years.
    I agree that on a people-to-people basis there is little animosity and much friendship exists due to common language, food and some culture. It is rather the Indian expansionist aims which feed any Pakistani fears and put us in the readiness to fight.
    The fact is India (and the US) would like Pakistan to be stripped of our Nuclear deterrant, downsize our military, reduce our nation to a bunch of consumers for Indian goods – they wish we were like Bhutan or Nepal….
    Dream on. Pakistan has the potential to feed the whole of the Gulf region, it has the human resources to industrialist into a 1st-world country and it has the natural resources (gas, coal, oil, minerals) to do it.
    Its just been our bad luck that we have gluttony in govt, but change is around the corner.

  52. Hi My paki frens,
    Though u hav always been the villian in Indo-pak frenship, its India now who have done bad dumping pak players. Really sad.But y to blame all Indians….we are good , Indians are nice actually, but its you pakistanis who comes up with bad terrorist activities evrytime….sorry.

    Still theres hope of Indian pak frenship….Alla-Bhagwan ne chaha to shayad sab theek ho future mein!!!

    • @Jovi .. You seem to be a nice person and so I would like to ask you something. How do you guys actually close your eyes & ears and become completely dumb & blind to the real facts? You simply buy what your rotten government sells you. The terrorist acts you are pointing to have long been proven as insiders job where indian army and intellegence are involved, yet you guys cannot comprehand whats happening. Its a sorry state you are in and there can never be peace with such a cheating government as yours and such pitifully absent minded people like you.

      • Dude…. there has been nothing proven.. Only nonsense that the likes of Ahmed Qureshi and Zaid Hamid talk about. No evidence…. look around and tell me where the evidence is. We’re not blind. You lot are.

      • Prohit getting arrested and an arrousal in the army, karkare getting killed and Prohit is bailed out, Ajmal Qassab confessing of being indian and having no link with Pakistan. All this is done due to the talk of Zaid Hamid & Ahmed Qureshi? Open up your eyes and mind buddy .. u really are sleepwalking

  53. Wasn’t it this site that proclaimed that “Aman ki Aasha” was an RAW event held to breakup Pakistan. Now, Aman ki Aasha is being used to talk about cricket. Make up your mind Pakis….. you guys are so full of sh*t that it’s really funny to watch you contradict yourself at every corner. And this Makhdum Babar is a joker who can’t think straight… awesome. Keep up the good work

    • @Amused. Mate, if you cannot string three sentences together without them making any sense whatsoever..plz dont waste our time. We got better things to do around here.

    • @ amused
      I know one of retired commissioned officer. Retired on medical grounds. He used to negate Raw’s terrorism in pak. He admitted himself later on when his in-law got promoted in Raw

  54. @ I guessed You Faggot

    hehehe I will reply you in the next post


    • agree with u 100%

  56. we all know who the faggot is

    Guess ?

  57. Just another example of hindu backstabbing. We have been reminded the reality of hindu. Wake up Pakistanis, they are calling you untouchables. And in reality they consider you worse than untouchables. These are the very words being used by TOI, the mouth piece of Hinduology. This was a combined effort from the Indian government and the IPL. The indian government had already denied visas to pakistani players and later on used a switch and bait policy to humiliate pakistanis. It was a secret covenant to leave out all pakistani players whereby indian government and anti pakistan elements behind the scene working it all out. Not just that, the LoC has seen unprovoked firing after robert gates tour to india. Allah has shown us again their plans and in this, He asks us to wake up. See for yourself.


    Inside story: All IPL teams agreed to shun Pak players

    NEW DELHI: What was suspected after Tuesday’s auction of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is now confirmed – there was indeed a consensus among
    franchisees that none of them would bid for the Pakistani players.

    Underlying this consensus were ambiguous signals from officialdom. Union sports minister MS Gill went on record on Wednesday insisting that neither his ministry nor the government had in any way nudged IPL teams to treat Pakistani players as untouchables. However, sources in the Indian cricket board (BCCI) gave TOI details of what transpired in the run-up to the auction, which suggest a more nuanced reality.

  58. LOL I cant believe how retartded u guys are.

    this is india’s way of getting back for the mumbai attacks

    • @ask.jeeves Ya … true … this has always been india’s way … planning the mumbai attacks themselves … killing its own people specially some officials who were involved in uncovering the indian army’s terrorism on samjhota express … in repose giving bloody hindu extremists a chance to beat the shit out of indian muslims with your F#$%& police standing around as audiance … forcing ajmal qassab to submit a false statement (which he has gone back on now) … in short exposing the filth in their minds regarding muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular because a handful of us snatched large chunks of land right under their bloody noses and since then they have a hugh pain in their ass … so thats all about it and this pain emerges everytime they feel they have lost it again .. similar thing happened in the first season of IPL where with a million indian cricketers, the man of the series went to … guess who … Sohail Tanvir … a Pakistan Muslim …

      so LOL on urself and may you all go to hell …

    • well guess what jeeves..what a cheesy way to “get back” on something that still awaits your own court judgment and which international org such as interpol call pathetic evidence. but do whatever you want and let us do what we want and lets see who comes on top.

  59. Saqib Miyan,
    I am not getting one thing.. Terrorist activities happening India are insider job of raw/govt..
    Terrorist activities happening in Pakistan are also job by Indians .. WHat is this equation..
    Anyway. whatever happened in IPL auction is very bad .. without Pakistani players there is no fun.. actully my guess is it may not be intentionally but now a days after 26/11 people sentiments are running high on pakistan and bidders have made some shrewd business calculations about participation of pakistani players as how people respond.. but actully cricket lovers will love to watch pakistani players .. you surely rocks in cricket.. I feel sorry about it .. and there is no sense to watch this event.. if afridi and gang is not there

    • That is what I precisely mean … I know this rivalry will never end and I can affirm that the intellegence agencies of both countries are not sitting idle either … but as you said .. when this heats up the public sentiments and hurts our relations in things like cricket, artists etc. The same effect is experienced here in Pakistan. One should acknowledge that from both sides. You must know all about what happened to some of our artists like Adnan Sami & Shakeel after 26/11 .. all of this because some of your government officials started barking out at Pakistan before they even came to know what exactly has happened .. so when the government plays dirty .. and people follow it blindly .. this is what always happens.

      • Ustad no use talking, we can extract from our friend’s comment and it is very simple. That the Indian Mass public opinion is to look @ Pakistaniz as terrorist only. And get even with any Pakistani that they come across. i think it is justified! All of India is Bajran Dal & RSS! They deserve & and should be equally hated!

  60. @Saquib

    Kasab is a pakistani…..Geo TV ne dikhaya tha..uske baap ro raha hai waha kasab ke liye. How can u guys deny facts plainly???

    Really feel sorry for you guys! Look at your pathetic state. Ur failed country cannot sustained u people….dosti karle hindustan se..acha rahega.

    N dont call indians as HINDU…we are not Hindu country. Am not hindu…but nature worshiper..India is diverse country not like pak where other caste , religions are supressed like hell!!!

    Any ways…hope evrything will be fine in future…but please stop terrorist activities from ur land!

    • WOW what a well wisher!

      Some way of engaging in conversation,,, well look at your pathetic slumdog state. Lie selling NDTV, Star news jhooton ki nani & the stupid crowd that follows all what media shows as religion.
      Dosti ker lo Pakistan se and be realistic,

      Hindustan mein rehnay wala HINDU hi keh laega 😛
      That is how hypocrite the Hindu india is. And please dont even get me started on the religious tolerance of India. Massacres of Christians, Sicks, & Muslims didn’t happen 50 years ago even.

      Anyways I hope all turns well and all slum dogs do become millionares! Please stop your Hinduvta Mindset!

  61. @Jovi … Buddy if you really look at it and if you have read the comments in this thread … almost everyone has said that GEO TV is a big consipiracy against Pakistan in itself … why else would they show a man crying for Ajmal Qassab and claiming to be his father and then suddenly they had no one there neither did they had a clue as to where the whole family went .. it was a complete setup man and besides … the accent in which Ajmal speaks urdu is not found in the whole of Pakistan … Besides … why would Ajmal Qassab in indian custody deny his previous statement … due to the pressure from Pakistan??? If you really think rationally .. you will come to know everything …

    And on your comments about india not being a Hindu country … and the freedom of other religions … I can all but laugh about it … they call themselves HINDUstan … and go and ask the Sikh and Muslims as to what happened to their ancestors … but wait dont go so far .. just google hindu extremism and you will get all that u need and more …

  62. I appreciate your approach but you need to clear these misconceptions … your media does not show you real facts but that does not mean they do not exist … army has found large amount of indian ammunition and other material during the waziristan operation … how did it got there?? It is india who is terrorising us mate … Qassab’s was just a setup … all they found as evidence were things like a Pakistani made detergent!!!! Wow … they were really hygeinic terrorist weren’t they … keeping in mind to wash their clothes regularly while executing a suicide mission …

  63. Ha….now Indian media is paki sumpathrs. All indian media is against not selecting pak players. It was the same media who made ruckus againts pakistanis. See how coarse changes.

    And about hindus…extremism are evry where…so what, if hindu people nasty with us…we do same in our own place, region. But ultimately we are indians and love India. Hundstan is not land of hindus…but Indians.

  64. Your statement “”Ha….now Indian media is paki sumpathrs. All indian media is against not selecting pak players. It was the same media who made ruckus againts pakistanis. See how coarse changes.”” ….. makes no sense to me .. elaborate if you meant it to be meaningful

    Regarding the rest of it … it is all upto you … I know you are indian and you should love india … all I asked was to open your eyes and judge the actions logically … to love ones country does not mean to accept everything the media or government says … at the end .. it is you who will be answerable .. be it religion or be it nationality.

  65. Wake up Pakistanis. Even on the home page of this website, truth seekers have accepted who were the culprits of Nov. 26 2008 massacre of innocents in Mumbai.

    Similarly July 7, 2006 and innumerable other terrorist attacks were Karnames of Pakistani terrorists. Col Purohit was behind Malegaon blast in which 6 Mulsims died. He did that because earlier in 2006 two constables were cut into pieces in the same Malegaon mosque for no reason. ISI and Saudi Arabi money was creating cells within India to destroy India and its spiritual culture.

    Think about this: Buddhism went to China and far east in third century BC onwards but did not rob Chinese their culture, language and identity. Chinese and Japanese do not name their kids as Gautama or Ananda. But look at what happened in India – local Ramu has to give up his local language and consider alien Urdu and Arabi as his own; he has to become Rehman and Raaberrt when he owns Abrahamic spirituality. He pisses on local Sindhu and worships distant Zum Zum. Wake up Abrahamic relegions are armed legions to enslave other people and are imperialist’s weapons of mass destruction.

    Also please ask yourself if Indian spiritualities or Dharma was so bad then why all Mid-East persecuted people landed in India? For example Jews, Parsis and lately Bahais? Why British introduced separate electorate for Muslim? The reason was both Hindu and Muslim fought in the first war of independence (1857). Same forces are dividing us.

    I wish Pakistani friends good luck.

  66. Bottom line: Translate Kuran and do 5 time namaz but do it in local language and in local Mandir or Dhamma Sthal. Teach Namaz prayers to your Hindu neighbors to make them good Bhakta/Meditator so that they become human beings with higher consciousness and no to make him Muslim with Arabic name and fake linkage to alien distant land. If you are doing one day Matam in Muharram for distant alien Ali, please do it 10 days Matam for the shahids like Guru Govind Singh, Teg bahaddur Singh, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhadev.

  67. What makes me laugh is someone said that the pakistnai players wanted to play in the IPL to show peace??? What rubbish!!

    The players wanted to play for MONEY. It is the richest league in world cricket. show peace???

    Afridi and co are crying because they wanted to make BIG MONEY and their plans have been ruined!

  68. jiye pakistan
    jo na kahey us ka moo kaala.

  69. pakistan zindabaad

  70. India dont want to make aman ki asha between pakistan and india. todays great news that pakistan cable operators boycot to broadcast IPL3 in pakistan and it is very good news for us and shame for india

  71. remember my pakistani brother we have many traitors and our one traitor ( wasim akram ) is still there making dollars
    shame on u wasim akram urf “mr .fixer”

    india or hindustan or bharat or shitt whatever……………….murda baad

    pakistan zinda baad
    painda baad

  72. to all lalchee players,
    sorry for losing so many dollars …………….
    and about gairat i am 100% convinced that u don’t have this kind of bird .

  73. […] Read: Another Slap On The Face For ‘Aman Ki Asha’ Apologists […]

  74. @shbhada,
    Somebody has definitely mis-guided you about Islam.
    If you get Truth and Guidance,it is for your own good.Otherwise nobody cares.
    You think that Islam belongs to Makkah only,like Hiduism,Sikhism,Jainism,Budhism,which are geograhically for certain areas.
    Islam is Universal and Allah is “RABBUL AALAMEEN”,I.E.for Universe and Beyond,including Galaxies(found and still to be found)
    Bhakta/meditation without saying and believing,with the depth of heart,that Allah is one and Mohammed(Peace be upon him) is his Messenger and Slave.And bear witness to the statement.
    Otherwise,it is loitering in jungle, a waste of time.

  75. The whole operation was a Pakistanphobia the difference was that where before it was covert and now it‘s overt.

  76. Indian Hindus are not going to stop at that.They are brainwashed to Chanakya wicked philisophy.They will do it again,in other area.As


    Enemy is afterall enemy,that too which starts crying when beaten, and talks of aman ki asha.

  77. It shows mentality and fear of indians. Some people deprive majority of cricket fan from good cricket.

  78. I believe this is the best thing which has happened. Its our insanity that we dont realise the intentions of da 2 faced indians. we should now ban their movies in our countries, stop all trade across border and stop all one sided peace negotiations. stick it up to them coz that’s the language a hindu understands.we are better place to be respected as enemies than manipulated as frs.

  79. Actually you guys have choosen to be diffrnt, ur Jinnah choosed pakistan to be diffrnt, Islamic, Terrorist country…u sow the seeds and the results..u are already seeing.

    I have sympathy for pakistan…many pakistanis wants to be Indian..i know..but sorry!

  80. Good … but please invest your sympathies on the people living in the slums spread around the whole of your country rather then wasting them on a nation who does not need them. What you think is irrelevant and Pakistanis want to be Indian????


  81. Mr Saqib….am sorry for u. Its good to live in slums rather being killed everyday by millitants. How secure ur country is? Always bomb blast, killings etc. Mind it u r in dark age…pakistan is failed state.

    Yeah..there are no slums in Karachi, hyderabad etc..wow! Get life!

  82. Who says so?? We know our weaknesses and strengths and are willing to live with them. And more importantly do not wish to poke our noses into other people and country’s affairs, as is your and your country’s traits. 90% of these killings are being done because your government cannot bear our existance with all its might and threats that it posses. And do yourself a favour and quit acting like india’s the safest place on earth. Just google violence in india and you will see a real picture of your fake paradise.

    I am sorry for you … too.

  83. N India’s problems root cause……pakistan sponsored terrorism. From North east india, to kashmir to khalistan etc….all sponsored by ISI.

    Recently ther was a news that Parvez mushrf secretely met ULFA chief in Bangladesh..and made some strategy against India. How sick!!!

  84. News news news … do u guys have any facts at all?? Not even worth discussing this buddy .. if you talk about news .. india is the one conspiring with Bangladeshi PM to make Bangladesh its military base .. thats y I said earlier that you guys believe any crap your media puts in front of you without bothering to use your head.

  85. Bhaiya….khud shaikh Haseena ne kubul kiya hai pura media mein live! Got it!

  86. Bhaiya abhi jo main ne apko bataya hai us pe pehle ghour karo .. shaikh haseena ne hi deal ki hai india se .. she is india’s ally .. knock knock .. koi hai soochne ke liye???

  87. Problem with u guys is , manne ko taiyaar nahi hota tum log.

    U people says Kasab is not pakistani…yaar thoda sharm to karo !

    N now u says…shaikh haseena is Indias ally..crap! Shee wants good relation with India…not a liars like u people!

  88. @Jovi(Bindusara boy)
    You foolish Indians even concoct lies without knowing its harmful affect to yourselves.You do not know that your lie that Mush met with Ulfa commander
    will make him hero in Pakistan,which obviously you do not want.Have brains.

    Your fear psychology makes you tell another lie that ISI is involved in your North East.What a joke.Is this an acceptance of defeat to the guerillas there,who are fighting for independance.

  89. Its waste of time trying for peace between India and Pakistan. High time Indians forget that a country like Pakistan exists on the face of Earth. Best would be to cut off all diplomatic relations. Let Pakistan live her way and we Indians our way.

    • @rajendra

      Exactly what we want…..but one thing to add !!!

      We wont let you live your way;
      you will have to our way in
      “United States of Pakistan”

      • Your way… the way of killing each other? Sunnis killing Shias.. Had you guys ever had balls to make United States of Pakistan, Jinnah would not have asked for Muslim Pakistan. Muslims don’t know how to live with others… So forget about United states of Pakistan…In last 1000 years you guys could not make it, so forget it forever…

  90. @Rajendra Kumar(bindusara boy),

    In fact your “baghal ki chhuree” is a big stumbling block for peace.

  91. @Ultra nationalist

    Every normal citizens lv being Indian in whole NE india. Its some ultras creating havoc supported by ISI.

    N mind it i never felt pakistan as diffrent…always liked pakis cus they wer most similar to india, i luv pak music etc…but u and ur govt plain ignorance regarding terrorism againts India has made me feel somthing else otherwise.

    Any ways…as i said, may things be good in future…peace is only concern for us. But as for now..all these Aman ki Asha etc is just crap. Let things change slowly. We know normal pakistanis are not India haters…but some rogue miscreants creating diffrence between normal citizens of India and pakistans.

  92. @RajendraKumar(Bindusara boy)
    Your wickedness is quite obvious,when you say”Sunnis killing Shias”,but did not say”Shias killing Sunnis”.
    Because you fools consider that Shias are on your side.
    Listen.Shias and Sunnis,both believe in same Quran, Allah and His Messenger and will unitedly fight Kuffar.You may have succeded in buying people like Shahnawaz,Mukhtar Naqvi,Shabana Azmi,Javed Akhtar,but in vain.

    So,you have to review your policies full of mockery.

    • There are more famous Mulims in India than Pakistan and whole world knows this. Pakistan is nothing but a failed state and no Muslim in Pakistan will ever be able to compete with Indian Muslims. Pakistan will produce only terrorists and Talibanis. We have;

      1. Dr APK Abdul Kalam whom every India loves.. Tell me whom you have ?

      2. In India muslims have been presidents vice presidents, chief ministers, air force chiefs. Chief justice,

      3. Whole India loves our Muslim bollywood stars. Latge number of intellectual muslims preferred to live in India and now they know that they made the right choice. Ask the Muhajirs of Pakistan, they all regret going to Pakistan. Bengali mulims decided to leave Pakistan..

      You better accept that Pakistan is a failed state and its creation was the biggest mistake in human history.

  93. Why the hell Cricket suffers from Politics, in dono ka to door tak koi taluk nahin hona chahye, i have seen all coments in support and against, my point is let assume India is World champion and we do the same thing like IPL how would it feel, feel the pain of being in Pakistan’s shoes. for the last 5 years we are suffering as hell and no one outside feels our pain we are not the part of our curropt political system sometimes we even feel agitated and things like these put some spices on our wounds. We only pray tto Allah that please let us out in these despair times, we the people of Pakistan feel like insulted firstly by our own leaders and when we look outside things like these continously happen. I urge Indians please feel our pain and put yourself in our shoes and think what we feel day in and day out. I don’t mean to hurt any feelings and if I did then I am sorry.

    • Fair point. I think the organisers were wrong to ask for Pakistani players and then dump them. It is just so wrong. I had really looked forward to fireworks from Afridi…. but politics in the subcontinent seem to hijack a lot of things. Don’t worry – things will improve – and lot of Indians are very unhappy about this whole affair. All I can say is – sorry yaar… sh*t happens. IPL4 will be better 🙂

  94. @ rajender

    I have to say one thing in our religion there is a saying

    “don’t be proud just be humble if u have better things just don’t compare with others as you have it because GOD granted you, if u boast like this again and again maybe GOD snatch it from u what HE granted. and a nation rises and falls, and if a nation falls it doesn’t mean it will remain below and if anyone is at top doesn’t mean it will remain on top. Its like day and night. Day cannot be of 24 hrs and niether night.

    • Mansoor Bhai, I totally endorse each and every word you said. I can understand you pain. We too have the heart. Imagine for a monet how we Indians feel when Pakistan was created just because Jinnah and many others like him thouht that Muslims can not live and progress with Hindus. We Hindus fought shoulder to shoulder with Muslims to save the empire of last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. Don’t you think we Hindus were insulted? Leave aside the politics, common Indian Hindu had no problem with any Muslim all through history. Fate of Indian muslims was painted black by Jinnah through two nation theory. India has risen and fallen many times in history, but we always remained humble. Trust me, nothing has tortured us more than the thinking of present day Pakistani Mulims that they could not live with Indian Hindus and Pakistan was the only solution. This goes totally against the very philosophy of Indianhood. Indian every religion has progressed. Therefore our differences are ideological. In an undivided India you would have seen many muslims making it to the Prime ministership. Undivided India would have been the world power at least 30 years back. Anyway..our heart also bleeds

  95. @Rajendra

    Please dont distort histroy as per your own wishes.
    Please read history written by british writers.

    Hindu’s never fought shoulder to shoulder with Muslims in 1857. Infact the so-called “Jang-e-Azadi 1857” was not even a jang (war. It was a small muslim movement in 2 cities of the Sub-continent, which was easily suppressed by the british with the support of hindu’s and sikhs.

    The progress of every religion in the sub-continent can be viewed in the 1938-1940 indian government laws which were totally discrimnatory towards muslims.

    M. A. Jinnah was a member of congress initially and he only left congress because there was no support for muslims in it.

    Pakistan had to be made, but the making of Pakistan started in 1947 and is yet to finish, we are still in the process of building a nation, which will soon be standing tall in the world.

    India could have progressed alot if it had not concentrated only on trying to suppress its small neighbours by bullying them.

    At present there ar emore than 23 independence movements going on in india, tell em why?

    There are 174 hindu & other fundamentalist organisations in india, why?

    First look after your own backyard then tell us what to do.

    • After reading your this response all I cn say is that you are totally brain washed and have no clue of the happenings of 1857. It will be a total waste of time educating you any further. Keep living in dark age and this is is exactly responsible for the plight of Pakistan.

  96. KM Rahsid…sorry dude, u r wrong all the way. 1857…kaunsa muslim organisation ne against kiya that. Mr Rajendra is right.

    Muslims of India are far better and happy than Mulsims of ur country. 23 indpendence….now thats news to me.

  97. Guys, this is simply useless. What I personally think and agree to is that common Muslims & Hindus did not had any problems with each other. But, the problem existed higher up, in the ranks of people controlling the then sub-continent. It is written in history that Muslims were forced to learn hindu culture, recite hindu anthems etc. at the school level. So basically, they were catagorically acquiring the hindu way of thinking and were being led away from their own ideology, Islam.

    As far as the claim that Indian Muslims today are better off then Pakistani Muslims, well thats just your opinion. As we have examples like Shiv Sina & Narender Modi and their long standing hatred for Muslims in general & Pakistanis in particular. There have been on record instances of the Holy Quran being burnt by hindu extremist mobs, now that does not have to do with Pakistan alone, does it?

    You are right in one sense though, we in Pakistan are not all at peace but not because we opted for a seperate state but because the objectives on which this state was based, were never realized. This was an ideological state which Muslims demanded for themselves to save their future generations from being religiously corrupted. Most of the indian Muslims you are talking about are not Muslims in the true sense of the word. For example, Shahrukh Khan, one of the most famous bollywood star whom you refered to as a Muslim owns a Quran, a Geeta and a small statue of one of your gods and says that he believes in both of them. Now you go and ask a pandit of yours, that would he allow a hindu to beleive in a Quran just as he believes in his hindu religion? that is not sanely possible because both contradict. Shahrukh simply does it to stay famous in your hindu majority country. Similar is the case with many others.

    So we are not in confrontation with Rajendar or Jovi or any other common indian, most of us have friends from india, but our cultures contradict each other and its high time that this is realized and Pakistan is accepted as a soverign country. When Pakistan was created, it was stripped of from every resource on its way. There was mass massacre and millions lost their lives, you might have not even read about it anywhere but we still have people alive who witnessed those atrocities. Yet with a country in such a poor state at its creation today stands as an atomic power, I think this alone says it all about our zeal and capabilities.

    • Saquib, Hindus are not disctated by Pandits not even remotely. Come to India and see for yourself how much we care for the dictates of Pandits or for that matter anything forced upon us. Don’t know from where you got the information that muslims were forced in India to learn Hindu way of life. How was that possible when whole India was under Muslim rule? Hindu temples were looted and destroyed by Muslim invaders to spread Islam. Millions were killed by Nadir Shah and Taimur. We Hindus sacrificed a lot to save our culture and we are proud of that. Most of you in Pakistan simply surrendered and got converted. The very fact is that you guys did not have bones neither in past and nor now. You simply can not resist these mad Jihadis. Ask yourself for long the glory of Islam survived in world history? Hardly for few hundred years. Muslims need to introspect and find the cause of all this withing themselves and not to blame others. We can make fun of our Gods. Can you?

      • The Muslim rule ended a long time back Kumar. The british era extends enormously and that is the period I pointed to. I will not go into the details of the atrocities you have mentioned because the historical facts are differently stated in our respective countries.

        Your claim that Muslims of sub-continent were forced converts is baseless. Because once the Muslim rule ended with the decline of Mughal empire, all such oppressed converts were free to revert to their old beliefs. Its a natural philosophy that people stick to the belief they have willingly acquired.

        Regarding your claim that you are proud that you saved your culture, well only time will tell who stands proud and who disdains.

        The glory of Islam will prevail for eternity, that of Muslims is subject to their adherence to it. The Muslims today are in a bad state but it will not take long for them to realize what they are lacking in their belief on Allah and as soon as they do it, they will again be glorified inshaAllah.

        Its a pity that you have gods whom you make fun of. And its human nature that an object of fun can never be taken seriously. So basically you guys have no religious inclination and thus are bound to go astray. You need to introspect and find the cause of all this within yourself rather then advising others. We beleive in Allah the Al-Mighty as our creator and sustainer and no Muslim can even imagine of being disrespectful to his Lord. That is the reason for our past glory and for the future to be, inshaAllah.

    • Well said bro

  98. Cricket needs to be replaced by Kabbadi. Bollywood and Cricket is just Hafim for masses so that the exploiters can exploit common millions of idiots.

  99. Please visit: http://chowk.com/interacts/16904
    for getting the right perspective. Replace T G with Sadiq in the first Satya Katha in place of TG and Ultra Mulla in place of UrsTruly.

    ASI Odambe is the one who showed the real mirror to Pakistanis. They should give highest Sitara to him and Bharat should bestow Bharat Ratna for his bravery.

  100. Here, we are not interested in the politics that drove the Khudai Khidmatgars and the Muslim League away from each other, except to note that in 1929 Abdul Ghafffar Khan approached both the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress for closer relations. However, while Gandhi responded to his overtures with warmth and sympathy, the Muslim League rebuffed him. The reason was that the Muslim League was opposed to mass-based politics till at least 1937, and even when it became a mass-based party, it was never involved in any anti-colonial agitation. Only on January 24, 1947, the Punjab Muslim League resisted inspection by the police of its office in Laxmi Building, Lahore, and some of their leaders were arrested for a few days.


    • So after a lot of data and no information, what is the point? And what do you think about ATS Chief Hemant Karkare?

      PS. I liked your first comment of replacing cricket with kabaddi though :).

      • The points were made in the earlier posts about Jinah, Iqbal and genesis of Pakistan. It’s an Anglo Abrhamic project to subjugate common AllahRakhis and RaamKalis and their kids and family. The core issue is of total acceptance of the facts such as this:

        1. Political Islam is an Abrahamic armed legion in line with Paulian Christianity, albeit more retrogressive.

        2. Subcontinental converts got converted to save their Jamindari, Zagirs and material interests. There was no spiritual change.

        3. Why do the converts have to show off external paraphalania such as Hijab, Burkha and Dhadi? It is because of their insecurity and knowing that they are Muslims for not any spiritual goals? Why do they have to become Rehman from Ramu? It is more political and baniya gandugiri.

        4 Pakistan was created and managed by Zamindars and Angloes. Jinah was yet another utterly confused egoistic brown Sahibs. If you search deeply about conversion of Jinah and Iqbal’s grand fathers you would see the same conversion for material gains.

        About Hemant Karkare: I know the family of Hemant and Ashok Kamate. Hemant wanted Col. Purohit set free as there was no evidence against him in Samzota blasts. Samazota mishap was ISI and its LET cell’s doing. Col. Purohit and Mahrashtra Police did Malegaon mosque bombing to uproot ISI cell operating from the mosque. In the same mosque two innocent constables were kidnapped on Jumme Ke Din Khutba and cut into pieces for no apparent reason. A message had to be delivered to these “goomrahed” folks.

        Politicians made capital to get loot Muslim vote banks. That is why story about Sadhave Pradnya. Hemant Karkare never said that Col. Purohit or Samzota blasts were done by Col. Purohit and/or Sadhavi Pradnya. It was merely a political innendo, with eye on Muslim vote bank. That is why I say Muslims should become spiritually Muslims and be the best namazi but give up political Islam. They should not crave for separate identity. Identity is hurdle in the spiritual growth.

        A constable, who was in the hijacked Mumbai police vehicle, survived the Wednesday night mayhem to recount the horror of how ATS chief Hemant Karkare and two other top officers of Mumbai police were gunned down inside the Toyota Qualis by a terrorist duo fleeing from CST.

        Injured Constable Arun Jadhav was in the vehicle whose tyre burst when the desperadoes had commandeered it in their attempt to flee from police chase.

        Karkare, encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and Additional Commissioner of Police Ashok Kamte, who were all travelling in the same vehicle, were shot dead along with three constables by the terrorists.

        The top officers were on way to Cama Hospital, just a 10-minute drive from CST station, to check on another injured officer Sadanand Date.

        “When we were informed that Sadanand Date has been injured at the firing in Cama Hospital Karkare, Kamte, Salaskar and four constables left from CST to the spot.

        “Five minutes later, two persons carrying AK-47 rifles emerged from behind a tree and started firing at out vehicle,” said Jadhav, who was hit by two bullets in his right arm and is recuperating in the Bombay Hospital.

        Sitting on his bed on the 14th floor of the hospital, Jadhav, who has been in the police service for the past 12 years, said the exact number of shots fired at the police car was not known, but the three top officers and as many constables were killed on the spot. Jadhav was the only person in the vehicle who survived.

        “I have been working with Salaskar my entire police career but I could not do anything to save his life,” he said with tears rolling down his eyes.

        While Salaskar was at the wheel, Kamte was in the front seat and Karkare in the second row with the four Constables, including Jadhav, at the back seat.

        “The two terrorists then came up to our vehicle and pulled out Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar’s bodies out and threw them on the road. Thinking that we (Constables) are also dead, the terrorists then got into the car and started driving towards Metro junction,” Jadhav said.

        They fired three rounds at journalists and police vans standing at Metro junction and then sped away towards Vidhan Bhawan in south Mumbai, where again they fired some rounds.

        “The terrorists then started driving from Vidhan Bhawan when the car’s tyre burst. They then got off the car and ran towards another vehicle,” he said.

        Jadhav then got in touch with the police control and informed them about the death of Karkare, Kamte, Salaskar and the three Constables.

        “Additional Commissioner of Police (ATS) Parambir Singh and other police officers then rushed to the spot and took the bodies to St George hospital,” Jadhav said.

        BTW, Karkare is a Bramhin upright honest officer just as Kamte. Kamte is my cousin. Karkare actually wanted to get transferred because political chicanery in naming Col. Purohit and others in Samzota when there was nothing to prove. Malegaon Blasts were part of the war imposed by Pakistan and Arabs on India through mosques and madarassas.

      • Apologies but your version of things seem to be totally out of context and different. You said there was nothing to prove in prohits case and yet he was held in the lockup and was bailed only the next day of karkare’s demise? Please stop pasting big stories which do not come along together and for once be rational .. it will be hard for me to go through the whole material right now but i will get back to you in a bit.

      • And your doctrate on Islam and its genesis is shear stupidity and all I can say in this is that, all in all it is falsehood. And I do not have to prove anything for this sake to ignorant people like you. If the converts were just for the sake of their zamindari, they would not have migrated to Pakistan leaving every inch of their property in india which a lot of you have been enjoying since your fore fathers.

      • http://topics.npr.org/article/0dqY6Fn6IF8Dn

        There was no case to build against Col. Purohit because Malegaon blasts was joint operation to take out ISI cell in Malegaon Masjid where two Maharashtra constables were butchered for no reason but on the calling of ISI khatib. This was not to be tolerated. Indian Muslims chose to stay in India and there population increased from 10% to 17% from 1947-2001. India has to disinfect deadly bacteria growing within its vulnerable part of the body (Indian Muslims) to protect it. And that is why malegaon blasts. Karkare was also saying the same. It was the Muslim vote bank politics which made Purohit to be indicted but could not be convicted. Karkare was fed up with political interferace of Congress government to get political mileage out of a necessary patriotic action by Military Intelligence and Maharashtra CID. Purohit and Pradnya had no role in Samzauta fire. It was all ISI doing. Innocent Abduls and Ayeshas are suffering because of the game Angloes and Arab oil money is playing in the subcontinent. Abdulas and Ayeshas need to become better 5 times namazi and teach it to other Indians but without the baggage of Arabic gandugiri. No Arabic Language. Abdul need to rechristen himself to Amar and Ayesha to Asha. No alien languange and alien customs! If you are in Ladakh you better call yourself Bangdu and not sexy Rancho!

        India has lot to offer to the world has offered a lot before.

        “If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India.”

        Max Mueller, German scholar.

        Even Max Mueller with agenda of Paulian Roman armed-legion gandugiri which is Christianity (nothing to do with Aramic speaking Yogi Jesus who spent 17 years in India and has his Samadhi or tomb in Kashmir) had to give in to overwhelming evidences. Indians did not kept record of history for a purpose. Because it created egoistic bondage which hinders in “real” ie spirtitual progress, creates more of I vs You, Bheed or mob mentality. Abrahamic religions are by design not for spiritual upliftment of the people but for empire building by creating utterly drunk/drugged mob of beasts, except Judaism and todays liberal Christianity. Extreme capitalism, Communism are also Abrahamic armed legions.

        Open up your eyes! When you lose your Saqibness and willing to become local Shyam…better yet Shunya (Zero) then you will be One with Allah. Being ONE is goal of worshipping.

        Ideally I also should not be writing this. It seems feeding of my own Ego. But I feel Indians should stand up and fight the falsehood of brutes who in their ignorance are destroying the whole world and not just India with their Abrahamic gandugiri, extreme capitalism and environmental degradation.

        The dawn of new consciousness is arising. Most of the west is turning away from Abrahamic religiosity to individualistic spirituality in the form of Yoga, Dhyan/Zen/Meditation and Seva. Pakistanis you have slept too long! Wake Up!

      • http://www.chicagopublicradio.org/Content.aspx?audioID=39582

  101. The way things are unfolding in Pakistan and Afghanistan and the chances of NATO forces leaving area in 2011, India will have no option but to go on war with Pakistan. Stage is almost getting ready for final battle between India and Pakistan. Chances are very high that the war will turn into full scale nuclear war. Wish I am wrong. However ground realities seem to confirm that I will be right. If this happens, certainly loads of people will be killed and in all probability there won’t be any Pakistan left on the map of Earth after this war.. Cheers guys and count your blessings now.

    • Are you on your way to become devta Kumar? 🙂

  102. Saqib,

    Enjoy this:


  103. Saqib,

    Nawabs, Pirs, Wadera and Zamindar to keep their privilages created Pakistan after rape, plunder and butchery of Millions of innocents. Our people need to wake-up. Gandhi and Sarhad gandhi (Abdul Gaffar Khans) and many others in India were doing that. But exploitive forces led by Jinah and Zagirdars with the help of Angloes sold Muslims esp Pakistani ones and became permanent slave of Angloes and Arabi Abrahamic ideology.

    • There is just one ideology of Islam. I cannot comprehend as to how you can make such a conclusion. Hinduism and Islam are two seperate and at the most part contradicting religions. The whole concept of two nation theory which led to Pakistan and Hindustan is based on this understanding. Is it so that you beleive that religion had nothing to do with the formation of Pakistan?

      PS. When I talk about ideologies or leaders, I ignore the current government setups out right because this is the main reason for our state at the moment. The zamindars, the chaudhries, the waderas are all reality and are still harming the system and every common Pakistani is against this system but to say that Pakistan was made to facilitate them is insanity.

      And here I would like to pose a question for you, who do you think raped, plundered and butchered millions of innocent people? And was it not done under religious racism?

  104. About pirs from dawn:

    It is often assumed that Sufism stands opposed to Wahhabism. Wrong. Sufism and Wahhabism, in fact, share a fatal characteristic – they are religions of the status quo. In Pakistan, Sufism legitimises barbarities of inequality and starvation – ‘do nothing, it’s god’s will’ – while at the same time justifying structures of oppressive power, Pirism and landlordism, rather like Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia. Contemporary Sufism, rather than being a solution to Pakistan’s problems, is the cause.

    I was sitting at the shrine of Shah Kamal in Lahore, with the dhol beats and whirling dervishes dancing to connect to the ‘centre of the universe in themselves’, when a friend turned and pointed to an old German fellow sitting a few meters from us. “He just delivered a lecture on Sufism. He is an expert on the subject, and talked about how it’s a religion of peace and love.”

    I replied curtly: “Have you ever been in love? Have you had your heart broken? What peace is there in that state? What peace was there when Mansur had his head chopped off on the orders of the Baghdadi Emperor? What peace was there when Shah Inayat was fighting against the Mughal emperor for his life and that of his commune? What peace is there in Sassui’s peeling feet as she searches for her beloved through the desert of Sindh?”

    My friend agreed and said: “But they pay me – I have to go along with them.”

    Western and Pakistani policymakers think Islam can be codified as either a religion of peace and love and given the brand of Sufism, or as a religion of violent jihad. They think it’s better, at this point in time, to promote the peaceful religion of Sufism.

    Note how the word Islam is taken out – Sufism is codified as not really Islam. Thus Sufism is considered a perfect native antidote to the violent religion of Islam.

    Why are dollars, pounds, rupees and Euros going to promote Sufism? What is it about today’s Sufism that allows it to serve a purpose for the American empire, and what function does it play locally in Pakistan?

    The answer was hard for me to stomach. I had spent much time researching aspects of Sufism, and I thought I’d found a touchstone from which to articulate a spirituality that was socially radical and politically challenging to Pakistan’s parasitic elite and the US/Nato invaders. Ziauddin Sardar, polymath writer and scholar of Islam, forced me to face the facts.

    He called Sufism “docile”, acting as an opiate for the masses, with most Pirs/Syeds/Sufis amounting to nothing short of “confidence tricksters”. And indeed, Sufism is docile. A shopkeeper in Main Market, Gulberg, had an emblem of the Sufi saint Lal Qalandar hanging in his shop, which he had got from Sehraw Sharif, Sindh, the town where the saint is buried. He said that “what these people do not realise is that 80 per cent of what we pray at the shrine [of Lal Qalandar] comes true.” A popular song sung across the Punjab at Sufi shrines tells women that if they light a lantern at the shrine of saints, their desire for a ‘son’ will be answered.

    Items given by holy Pirs – threads, rings, blessings, and even sexual induction before marriage (in the case of a notorious Sindhi landlord/Pir) – are taken as altering the universe and leading to the granting of prayers of health, wealth, and other worthy claims by this mass of the wretched that is the Pakistani citizen. It is not only candles and lanterns that are lit at the shrines; money is exchanged and power is sustained. It is this power that has created a “docile” Sufism.

    Pakistan is a vastly unequal society. Government figures put those below the poverty line at close to 40 per cent of the population, though the true figure may be closer to 50 per cent. Inequity is the hallmark of the Sindh province of Pakistan, which is celebrated as “the land of the Sufis” and is where Sufis and Pirs hold power. A recent World Bank report noted that Sindh has the narrowest distribution of land ownership, with the richest one per cent of farmers owning 150 per cent more land than the bottom 62 per cent of farmers put together. Feudal landlords in vast parts of Sindh have holdings of thousands of acres, and most of them are Syeds or Pirs. These lands were sometimes acquired during the Mughal era but were largely consolidated during the British colonial rule in India. The British, looking for local collaborators, found Sufi Pirs willing to oblige.

    Sarah Ansari, in her book, Sufi Saints and State Power: The Pirs of Sind, 1843-1947, notes: ‘the Sindhi Pirs participated in the British system of control in order to protect their privileges and to extend them further whenever and wherever possible’.

    Today’s feudalists are keen to protect and promote “docile” Sufism to sustain their wealth and power – this time with US help.

    Wealth is created by a pool of landless serfs who toil thousands of acres for their spiritual masters, while seeing their own children starve. These serfs create the wealth that sends the Bhuttos and the Gilanis to universities such as Oxford and Harvard, while their children get “blessings” and threads of “Pirs”. This stream of inequity from generation to generation is based on a lame theological idea, which nonetheless has been promoted by the Mughal Empire, the British Empire, the landlords themselves, and now by the American Empire, and thanks to such patronage has gained far more ground than the Taliban. It states that the Prophet was given divine light/knowledge, which passes on to his descendents. These descendents append the honorific title of ‘Syed’ [literally, ‘master’], and claim divine and material privileges.

    Pirs justify their superiority on a similar argument – they were given the light, and this light continues to radiate in their descendants. At a recital of the poetry of the radical Sufi Waris Shah held each year in Lahore, the descendents of Iman Bari Sarkar (a Pir) enter the arena to be received with awe and sought for blessings by the crowd. The recital stops and they are escorted to the front and seated. All eyes are on these holy men who are not only descendents of a Pir but also Syeds – thus, doubly blessed with ‘light’! And then they begin expounding their ideology: “We the Syeds get different treatment from God Almighty, for our good deeds we get double the reward compared to ‘murids’ [non-Syeds] who only get single reward for a single good deed … but, it’s not easy to be a Syed … [he laughs] … we have to suffer double the punishment for our any wrong deeds whereas you [non-Syeds] get only single punishment for a single wrong deed!”

    There you have it! Our holy man explains why he has a Land Cruiser jeep and “non-Syeds” have donkey carts. He explains why most Pakistanis are living in poverty while he and his Syeds and Pirs are lapping it up in luxury.

    Contemporary Sufism is the ideology of Sindh’s landlords. It is the ideology that is used to uphold their wealth and despotism, and keeps millions in serfdom. A similar pattern is repeated throughout Pakistan. Given the lack of proportional representation and the vast inequality in power in each district between Pirs and the rest, it is almost always the case that elections flood parliament with Pirs/Syeds/landlords. The current Pakistani Prime Minister (Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani) and Foreign Minister (Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi) are examples. Both have the claim of being descended from Holy Pirs as the basis of their wealth and distinction. As a result, we cannot expect parliament to challenge inequity and injustice in Pakistan.

    Parliamentarians know that lack of education, coupled with the obscurantism of contemporary Sufism, sustains their power. Like the British before them, the Americans don’t care about Pakistan’s growing multitude of serfs and the underclass, they don’t care whether the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of Pakistan are deeply rooted in the cause of inequity and injustice in the country and part of the promotion of a system of starvation – a Sufism that tells people to take a blessing instead of demanding food, education, justice and liberty. Like the British, they will fund whoever furthers their interests. We, however, must care.

    This is an article by Qalandar Bux Memon, editor of Naked Punch, from the The Samosa, a new UK-based politics, culture and arts journal, campaigning blog and website.

    • Thanks for this one. I am just half way through but would like to tell you that true muslims do not believe in sufism. Its infact a totally different religion as a whole which has almost nothing to do with Islam apart from the fact that they claim it to be. For one, music is outright forbidden in Islam and the grave mongering these sufies do is in itself counter to the teachings of Islam.

      Please do not confuse today’s state of self-proclaimed muslims with the true religion. Islam in itself is a religion of peace and jihad is only allowed to counter suppression. Today we find many people claiming to be muslim and dividing Islam in multiple types with different names, but the truth is that Islam has never changed though the people have.

      This kind of mentality is present in all the religions of the world. You have hindu extremists who think hinduism should be the only religion, similarly there are christians and jews with a similar mentality set. But this does not make their religion a culprit.

  105. I am not happy with that new version of mile sur mera tumhara…its just plainly made i guess, there is no true patriotism kinda. Only film stars in whole songs with miniscule clips of olympians, Baichung bhitia and MC marry kom(Boxer).

    There should have been more of diverse culture shown in it. North eastren people/culture are nil.

    No cricketers, hocky players etc…am sorry not a mature one!

    @Saquib, am really sorry for u….u know wat, pakistan is in turmoil due to ideas and concerns based on which it was formed. Jaise karni waise bharni! Still u guys are supporting too ultra islamic for religion..cummon man!

  106. @ Jovi … bas karo yaar … dude for one we do not need your sympathies … two we will all witness the events to happen soon inshaAllah.

  107. What does that 2nd one mean???/ Koi plan to nahi bana raha Indian ko strike karne??? Please for Allah’ sake nahi karna..Quran nahi seekhata yah sab gandagi!

  108. Aj Quran yaad agaya apko bhi? kya baat hai … kaash ap ye bhi maan lo ke Quran hi sahi kitab aur Islam hi sahi rasta hai .. tu is duniya ke saath saath akhirat bhi sanwar jaye apki .. aur apne sahi farmaya .. quran ye sab nahi sikhata aur na hi main ne aisa kuch kaha hai .. magar quran ye hukum zaroor deyta hai ke Allah ke aur Islam ke khilaaf sazishain aur jang karne walon se jihad karo … haan magar kissi pe zulm nahi karna …

    waise buddy kabhi kabhi ankhain khol ke dekh lia karo around you … last 2 weeks se indian army ki taraf se cross border firing ho rahi hai .. last week humara ek jawan bhi shaheed hoa tha … zara ghour karo n soocho ye gandagi kon karna chah raha hai???

  109. Kisne ankh uthai hai Allah ke taraf…really werid and bizairre talking to guys man! N media this side blame pakistanis rangers firing…yeah it happened yesterday too..that too on our republic day!

    Sad for u extremist…!

  110. dont be dude .. aur apne jhootay media se poocho kitnay soldiers mar gaye tumhare .. ur extremist army opens unprovoked fire which resulted in the martyrdom of one of our soldiers and another got injured. ab apne andhay aur jhootay media ki patti ankhon se utaro aur apni ankhon se dekho tumhara mulk duniya main kitni gandigi phela raha hai .. don’t bother replying becoz i wont .. thought of u to have some sense and intellect and thats y debated you .. but you are same common one from ur lot.

  111. Ur soldiers were trying to push millitants….ab aisa condition hai to kyon nahi chalaun gloiyan..?

    U guys have been always the one to provoke war 1st…koi sa bhi war ho!

  112. Aur hum ne achi tarah se haraya hai tumhe!

  113. Any ways my point and conlusion was not meant to be that…i dont like all these wars etc…y cant we just be friendly neighbours.

  114. that is what we wanted buddy .. that is the main point .. but it didn’t happen and this is why … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx9EoHNkPNM&feature=PlayList&p=266585B691CDC6E2&index=9

    I hope you see it with open mind and decide for yourself. I am also sure that you would not find such retards here in Pakistan, no matter what your media says. Pakistan is always portrayed as a supporter of extremism whereas we are the worst hit by it, thanks largely to some of our enemies in disguise.

  115. Not again…cummon! N sorry you tube is prohibited in my office..so lemme check it at home tonight!

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