Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation At Work In Karachi

January 15, 2010

When the government was absent, Karachi’s patriots and PakNationalists moved and raised Pakistan’s flag across the area, in a message that Pakistan stands firm and proud despite what our enemies, internal and external, are doing to us.

These pictures were sent by Ibne Qassem, from FIF, one of the groups active in the rehabilitation work. We at PakNationalists and PKKH are proud to support the great work of the young men and women at FIF.

There were two distribution points:

1. First camp was at Light House, where we distributed approx 100 packs, and few sewing machines, to some affected tailors.

2. Second camp was at Bolton where approx 450-500 packs were handed out.

See our appeal for material and funds here [list of what is required to assist the laborers.]

More photos of FIF relief work can be found below. To donate food rations or money for the thousands of poor labourers who have lost their jobs due to the destruction of Bolton Market Karachi, or to visit the site, call 03218950589:



  1. how many times Un will ban us.
    1 Lashkar taiba
    Jamat ud dawa
    Flah Insaniyat

    • well said!

  2. do this social service instead of obsessing urselves with india and pak will become a stable country

    • @ask jeeves
      Stop supporting terrorism in all your neighboring countries and take care of the mess within India…This will help you in the long run!

      • You harm us and expect the same in return!.Pakistan is alive and will remain so,inshallah….

      • india does not support terrorism in its neighboring countries.

        if there is any indian involvement in balochistan, consider it as a repayment of what ISI does in india

      • @ask jeeves

        Ohh yeah…you are supporting terrorism in Pak, you created LTTE, even nepal has said India is supporting terrorism. Every neighbor of yours hates you! China, Pak, Nepal, Sri lanka etc.
        A Bangladeshi has even wrote a book that a South Asian federation should be created against India coz it has been supporting terrorism in all the south Asian countries!

      • check the link here of the book – http://rupeenews.com/2009/11/10/bangladeshi-book-proposes-s-asian-federation-againt-india/

  3. @ jeeves : im soo happy coz at least u have accepted tat there is an indian involvement in Balochistan……

    so basically now u guyz r getting our messages………:D

  4. Hey Jeeves, how about you consider this one a payback of your rubbish talk here: “Up yours sonny! Get Lost and don’t bloody come back! We don’t want your pathetic statements around here. Enough of your BS!”

    Apnay Bhaarat mein yeh baatein kiya karo filmo waali. Yahaan yeh nahi chalengi!

  5. @askjeeves

    Just wait for a couple of years and ISI will finish its plan in india. It is time to dis-integrate the “mirasi nation”.

    Whatever we do in india is our right and we shall.
    You keep licking israeli balls to save ur asses like they did in kargil.

    You cant even control your hindu extremist freaks who kill christians & sikhs for fun.

    But dont worry, we will give you a job of sucking balls even after that. You wont miss a thing.

    • @ K M Rashid

      LOL. May be ask.jeeves wouldn’t understand what a “mirasi” is. Please explain to him (and us) what a “mirasi nation” is.

  6. Falah -e-insaniyat foundation iz doing a tremendous work. May ALLAH SWT gives reward here and in JANNAH.

  7. HAHA. ask.jeeves ka band baj raha hai…. LOL

  8. hy ho ar you fif pepole

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  10. assalm-o-aliakum! i wana also do

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