CIA Spy Assassin – An Inside Job?

January 15, 2010

PKKH Editorial |

Seven CIA agents were killed by another CIA agent who had conveniently met with and recorded a video with yet another CIA agent. To untangle this web, we need to ask the age-old question – ‘who benefits?’

The recent assassination of seven CIA spies in Afghanistan at the hands of another CIA spy has raised a host of questions about the operations of the infamous agency. Since its creation, the CIA’s history is replete with murder, drug running, false flag attacks and God only knows what else evil for the sake of the ever-expanding American empire. Could it be that the incident at the Afghan spy base is yet another black feather in the agencies cap?

A Jordanian double agent was able to pass through multiple security checks and blow up the spies in Khost with relative ease in what is the most successful attack on the agency in years. Yet questions were immediately raised when the world was told that the Jordanian was due to meet seven high-ranking CIA officers allegedly in order to exchange critical intelligence on the whereabouts of Ayman al Zawahiri – al Qaeda’s number two.

The CIA’s bread and butter business is murder, theft and extortion, and runs counter to all law, natural or man-made. Yet the agency has for the sake of its operational expediency, a few rules which are inviolable. The meeting itself was a violation of CIA protocol, which dictates that agents meet only with their handlers and no one else. The idea that an astonishing SEVEN agents rushed especially to meet the Jordanian goes totally against the agency rule-book. That this meeting could even take place only makes sense if we surmise that it was authorized from the highest echelons of the agency.

In addition, the video that conveniently surfaced afterwards of the Jordanian bomber holding hands with TTP arch-terrorist Hakimullah Mehsud only further muddies the waters. What did the TTP have to do with targeting the CIA, or anything American, when their primary (only) target has always been Pakistani Muslims? Why would the TTP waste time on making MTV videos when they are desperately on the run from the Pakistan Army? After all, the TTP is itself a CIA sponsored and funded outfit. Why are they physically biting the hand that feeds them?

The fact is, the TTP is on the ropes having been eliminated first from Swat, and then South Waziristan. Its rampage of terror against innocent Pakistani civilians has shocked and appalled the population at large who are now convinced that the group must be destroyed at any cost. Having totally much of its public support, operational capability and ability to destabilize the Pakistani state, the TTP has dramatically faded in value as an asset for the CIA. Meanwhile, with the American war in Afghanistan getting worse and worse in terms of tangible results, the CIA is being targeted by a cross-section of the American media for its continual intelligence failures.

Put simply, seven CIA agents were killed by another CIA agent who had conveniently met with and recorded a video with yet another CIA agent. By having the Jordanian kill its own, the CIA bigwigs may have sought to kill the proverbial two birds with one assassin. First, with its agents dead, the CIA was able to mobilize American public support for the American Afghan surge and respect for its ‘sacrifices’. Second, with the bombers TTP connection, the CIA may have hoped that the terrorist group might regain some of its lost credibility amongst the Pakistani people by being affiliated with a successful attack on the ‘hated’ CIA.

The CIA would kill its own agents without any hesitation at all. It has done so often in its sordid history. The sheer ruthlessness with which this terrorist agency conducts its operations is well documented. But this time its scheme flopped. Pakistani opinion was unmoved regarding the TTP and the American media only asked yet more cutting questions of the agency. Yet when the attempt to resurrect the TTP in Pakistan failed, the CIA desperately diverted the issue by planting stories in the US and Indian media of the possibility of the ISI’s involvement in the attack on its spies. Many stories falsely alleged that traces from ISI origin military grade explosives had been found at the scene. Lies upon lies!

Whereas in some places the CIA inspires fear and awe, in Pakistan, it only inspires anger and contempt. The Pakistani people are wise to the chicanery of this devious organization. Through its sponsorship of the TTP and its buy-out of the corrupt political classes, the CIA has openly declared its malicious intent to balkanize, denuclearize and destroy the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

They plot and they plan, but Allah is the best of Planners!


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  1. for us only allah to be ture mulims only he will help us

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