‘In just 3 yrs, Islamist Pak will dump West’

January 14, 2010

London: Pakistan is likely to become a more Islamist state and increasingly anti-American in the coming years, complicating US efforts to win its support against Islamist militants, a report released on Tuesday said.

The report, which looks at Pakistan over a one-to-three year time horizon, rules out the possibility of a Taliban takeover or of it becoming the world’s first nuclear-armed failed state. “Rather than an Islamist takeover, you should look at a subtle power shift from a secular pro-Western society to an Islamist anti-American one,” said Jonathan Paris, who produced the report for the Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank.

Paris forecasts that Pakistan is most likely to “muddle through”, with its army continuing to play a powerful role behind the scenes in setting foreign and security policy. “Speculation of a Taliban takeover dramatically overestimates the willingness of the political and military elites to surrender power to the Taliban,” says the report, the result of months of research on the outlook for Pakistan.

Paris, who also works for the Atlantic Council of the US, nonetheless sees Pakistan slipping away from the west at a time when Washington needs its support in Afghanistan. “US and UK leverage over Pakistan is not growing. It is decreasing. Pakistani society is moving toward anti-Americanism and toward more sharia law,” says Paris.

The rising influence of Islamist political parties and of militant groups in its Punjab province will slowly transform Pakistan by exploiting local grievances. “The danger for the army, and for Pakistan generally, is not Talibanisation but Islamisation from Punjabbased militants and their allies,” the report says.




  2. Nobody can stop this from happeneing, Inshallah.

  3. quite frankly, there was a time when usa used to advocate a secular pro-western government in pakistan to keep pakistan away from rediscovering its sole purpose. however, things have recently changed after usa realizing its failure in such a policy. the islamic factor at the grass root level is so much strong that it is impractical and implausible for usa to reach at such a level and try initiating a change of mindset. while other islamic countries such as turkey and egypt to a far greater extent have been remodified and retransformed away from their fundamentals, usa constantly keeps on struggling to implement such a change in Pakistan. i believe, this time, usa deliberately wants an islamic takeover in pakistan, mutiny and chaos like situation in army as well as in public. if and when such a change starts taking shape, usa hopes in finding refuge for a direct attack on pakistan whereby making a hue and cry of islamists and radicals taking over, be it educated civilized good pakistanis. its true this is going to happen in few years from now, cuz this is taking too long for usa to afford any longer in all aspects.

    i believe, such a change will come to pakistan, however, the after effects are being very much so miscalculated by the usa. it does hope in waging an all out war on pakistan along with india and israel but what happens will be a very different story. pakistan also needs such a movement and will find its refuge and meaning thru it. there will be a confrontation also with usa and india, but eventually we believe pakistan will ascend as the likely winner. i can give many reasons to it, but my faith tells me to take refuge in ahadiths of ghazwa e hind.

  4. Pakistan ka matlub kia

    Lailaha IllAllah time for change is NOW.

  5. Inshallah DATE 07-10-2010 time is very near, when USA will be in deep trouble

    • DATE 07-10-2010?? how did you come up with this date farwah. frankly speaking im not betting on usa’s doom anytime soon or this soon, but id put all my stake at pakistans ascension. i believe usa is going to stay for a while but thats not going to hinder pakistans destiny.

    • Err.. Did u put USA there instead ok Pakistan??

  6. To the outside world,Like India,America is another
    “shining” country,whereas there there are lot of religious,political and racial undercurrents.

    Obama is dubbed socialist,black americans are going to surpass whites very soon,secessionist movements in states like Texas,Obamas patriarch says Jesus was black,Faarakhan’s Nation of Islam is joining hands with them,Ophra Winfrey’s church which used to attract only 300,000 worshippers,now attracts three million.This church is disputing whether or not Jesus was God.


    Do not give importane to the last word.

  7. Paris is overdoing it. Pakistan or Pakistanis, have no problems whatsoever with Americans or Britons. They never had, and they never will. What PK is tired of is the American foreign (affairs) office. Their foreign office does NOT represent the American people or the people’s will. The American public is also fed up with them. They are protesting in huge numbers against the wars etc.. If the American government played a fair game, things would have been different.

    PK has to use diplomacy in full strength to make the world understand, that this change is not a radical change nor fanatic. And the world has to accept it, not fear it.

    • Very well put. I think changes will happen in Pakistan but they will not be extreme. We will become a stable and moderate Islamic state. Not Wahabi style fantacy land.

      Allah does what is good for us. Aameen

  8. AOA

    When we decide to stand up as a nation and demand respect as a soveirgn nation, we will be respected.

    This can only happen when we have sincere “PAKISTANI’S” in our Government, inside & outside Pakistan.

    When we are weak from within every bully on the street will come to us and bully us into doing things which we dont want to do but have to do.

    We have forgot what Pakistan means to us, and the the result is

    – that today india is stopping our water and we dont even have the courage to ask for our right.

    – that today we have US drones flying daily into Pakistan and killing Pakistani’s, and our gutless greedy idiot rulers cannot stop them.

    – that today Pakistani men & women are to undergo naked search while entering the US, and our insane rulers cant stop it.

    – that today a Pakistani daughter Dr Afia is being treated inhumanly in the US prisons and courts and our traitor ambassador haqqani is addressing the jewish council.

    – that today the FBI is raiding houses of Pakistani’s in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad and we can’t do anything about it because our dumb & deaf interior minister denies it.

    – that today the ruling party in Pakistan openly talks about breaking Pakistan, and our media shows it as breaking news.

    – that today innocent Pakistani’s are being killed in bomb blasts and our ruling elite is busy in minting money.

    – that the selected peoples representives have become so expert in lying on TV that they really believe they are telling the truth !!!

    – that today 75% of the general population doesnt even know the complete national anthem.

    I dont want you to consider me as a pesimist.

    This all can change so fast that we cant comprehend, but we have to
    – have faith in ALLAH,
    – ask ALLAH for forgiveness,
    – standup to our rights,
    – fear no one except ALLAH,
    – return to our roots,
    – unite.

    No one would dare disrespect us then.

    I have a firm believe that we will Inshallah achieve this very soon, as the countdown has begun.

    The youth of this great country will save it.

    Always remember, what Quaid-e-Azam said:

    “Musalman museebat main ghabraya nahin karta”

  9. ghazwa e hind

    where is hind on the map?

    is it the land of the indus(pakistan), or is it bharat or both?

    geographically all these names are current day pakistan: hind, hindustan, india, sindh, panjab(7 rivers)

  10. Inshallah……we will be the first nation to establish the golden rules of ISLAM after 1400yrs..

    A nation with no corruption…
    A nation with justice to everyone..
    A nation with interest free economic system..
    A nation with modern science and innovations
    A nation which will take the lead role to solve muslims problems all over the world.
    A nation with political Islam as its system.
    A nation where “Ek hi saf me khade hoge mahmood-o-ayaaz. Na koi banda rahega na bandanawaz”

  11. Madina-e-Saaani……Rasoolullah SAWS ki rahmath se chamak uthegaa ….
    Bahut jald….

    The more problems, the more we are getting strong with our faith…

  12. Our destination and purpose is not limited to South Asia as our leaders and Washington DC would have us to believe. Our destination lies outside our borders. Our destination is to lead the Muslim World. Our first 60 years have been marked by poverty, caos, curroption and failed leadership. But times are changing. Pakistan of tomorrow will not be the Pakistan of today. Pakistan will soon cross the 200 million mark with a population which is striving for education. Change is never far away from education. And change will come – inshallah!

    Change has always been brought fourth by a small minority who inspire a majority. Allama iqbal was just a man. But his writings are lectures were enought to inspire Qaid-e-Azam to return back to India and lead us to the creation of Pakistan.

    I have always admired the will of Pakistanis. They countinue to fight forward despite being harassed by a much bigger neighbour, several wars, a partition (71), Sovjet threat, terror mombings, curroption, failed leaders, sanctions and mass poverty. No nation on earth would have survived fffffr

    These are all tests which are preparing us for the future which awaits Pakistan.

  13. Inshallah i hope this happens. But certain things still keep me in doubt. Our voices are still not raised too much. We are still under the shadows of Millibands and Holbrookes who determine our policies.

  14. I hope this happens soon. No no I pray to Allah this happens soon

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