A Majestic Nation

January 12, 2010

Wajahat Ahmed Shamsi | Team PKKH

I, as a student from Pakistan in the US, have seen that the majority of my fellow countrymen regardless of their age or gender are not proud of who they are and this shocks me. They are mostly pulled into the paranoia created by the Indians’ boasting about their country 24/7 and the biased and unjustified negative portrayal of Pakistan in the International media .Pakistanis say they have nothing to defend themselves with. In this article, I would prove to all why a Pakistani should walk with his/her head held high and should be the most proud citizen.

When Pakistan came into existence in 1947, we had nothing. People used twigs instead of pins, etc. Plus we were at war within our first year of independence with our more powerful neighbour (due to unfair division of means and resources, a departing gift from the British) over Kashmir. We had witnessed the highest migration the world has ever seen about million people in that process had been lost. All we had in 1947 was one university, one dysfunctional textile mill, and a brand new nation.

In a short period of over 60 years we have come a long way and will go further. Today we have the 40th biggest economy in the world in terms of GNP. We are recognized the world over and Pakistani Products be it fruits, textiles or engineered goods are known for their good quality. We have earned all this in 60 years and in that duration we have fought three major wars with India. Despite the political instability, we planned and led the Afghan Jihad, crushed the USSR, a super power of its time and broke it into smaller independent states.

Why be proud? Be proud because Pakistan has all the ingredients of being the greatest country on the face of the earth. We have 850 trillion Cubic Feet of coal located in Thar. This is more than the oil of Saudi Arabia and Iran put together which is 375 Billion barrels. The coal is worth 25 trillion USD and only 2% can generate 20, 000 Mega Watts of electricity for 40 years without a single second of load shedding.[1]

In a small place called Riqo Dik near Chagai, we have the 5th largest gold and copper deposit in the world. The surface only has gold worth 60-100 Billion USD.[2] According to Renowned Nuclear Scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand the worth of Gold and Copper in Pakistan is about 1 trillion USD, while the total debt on Pakistan is 50 Billion USD.[3]

In Jan 30 2009 the senate was informed that Pakistan has 326 million[4] barrels of oil while in June of the same year the Petroleum Ministry stated that Pakistan has 27 Billion Barrels of oil and 280 trillion cubic feet of gas and so far Pakistan has only 3.4% of oil and 19% of gas has been discovered.[5]

Pakistan has the largest irrigation system in the world consisting of river Indus and its tributaries. The total length of the canal system exceeds 58,000 kilometres; there are an additional 1.6 million kilometres of farm and field ditches.[6] Pakistan is the second, fourth, fifth sixth and tenth, largest producer of milk, cotton, sugar, wheat and rice respectively [7][8][9][10][11][12]. All of this is possible because of the complex system of Dams, Barrages which includes the world’s largest dams like Tarbela and Mangla. While Dams like Kalabagh and Daimer-Bhasha will be constructed.[13][14][15][16]

Pakistan is also home to the ninth wonder of the modern world, the Karakoram Highway. It is the highest paved road in the world. We also have the beautiful Makran Coastal Highway. In the 1980’s we were home to the world largest ship breaking Industry located in Gadani.[17][18]

Not only are we blessed with abundant natural resources, the Northern areas of Pakistan also have tremendous and unique natural beauty. Pakistan is home to the five of the top fourteen peaks in the world including K-2 which the second highest in the world.[19] It has beautiful valleys like Naran and Kaghan and hill tops like Murree and Shugran. All this is just the tip of the ice berg. Do not fall in the trap of the Turner-Murdock media;  look at Pakistan with your own eyes.

As Zaid Hamid puts it,  Pakistan had reached the top in any sport it has played. We won the 1992 Cricket world cup and more recently the 2009 T20 world cup. We have immense records in this game. In Hockey we have won four world cups, three gold medals in Olympics and many other titles. Having the highest titles in squash should make us proud. These are only few of many laurels Pakistan has won in the field of sports.

Pak Armed forces is one institution which single handedly makes all Pakistanis Proud. This institution has been the most solid wall of defence for the Pakistani nation in many wars and against bigger , much stronger adversaries. They not only defended the nation against the soviets but stalled it in Afghanistan. It also produced killer machines like Al-Khalid, JF-17s, UAVs and many other technological break throughs. The list goes on and on. We also contribute the largest number of troops to UN peace keeping mission. Our army has protected fellow Muslims in Bosnia and during the Arab-Israel wars.

To date, the biggest achievement of the Pakistani nation is that we became a nuclear power when the whole world was against us.

In terms of Human Resources the people of Pakistan are unique. We as a nation started with nothing, yet today we have accomplished so much that no other country has. Though many countries which became independent after us have a better economy and defence but we must remember that almost the whole world is against us prospering. The West puts anti-dumping duties and other tariffs against us and we have disadvantage in trade but still look where we stand today. We as a nation have come a long way and has to go even further. Be proud of what this nation has given you and walk with your head held high. Feel honoured that you are a Pakistani.

On a lighter side we have one more thing which distinguishes us form any other country in the word and that is our politicians. We have the most corrupt leaders in the world. A guy known for corruption worldwide gets to be our president. This happens only in Pakistan.


[1] http://seenreport.com/report/2009-08-23-thar-pakistan-coal-reserves/
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  1. Such a wonderful post, i have also seen some Pakistanis not defending their country, but i am a Proud Pakistani just like you and to add more to the achievements of Pakistan read below on my blog



    • Yasir bro, you have some very interesting facts. There is still so much to add. Pakistan always surprises me, i too couldn’t fit everything in one article. But again i would say amazing job!

    • Bangladesh outperforms Pakistan in FY 09

      THE performance of Bangladesh economy was better than that of Pakistan in the last fiscal year ending in June 2009. Whereas Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth plunged to two per cent from 4.1 per cent a year before, Bangladesh’s economy grew 5.9 per cent, only slightly lower than 6.2 per cent a year ago.

      Pakistan’s economic growth came to a near halt in fiscal year (FY) 09 not only as a result of the international financial crisis followed by overall contraction in global economy but also because of some domestic and structural problems. These included a war on terror launched by Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies in North Western Frontier Province, bordering Afghanistan, and the resultant displacement of some three million people from their home towns. Both the war on terror as well as rehabilitation of internally displaced people or IDPs consumed a big chunk of the government’s financial resources, thus widening the fiscal deficit. What else led to overshooting of the fiscal deficit from the targeted 4.3 per cent to 5.2 per cent of GDP included over-sized federal and provincial governments, reckless spending by the ruling class, less-than targeted revenue generation and a 20.8 per cent inflation that increased the cost of everything. The government made desperate borrowings from the State (central) Bank of Pakistan to plug in the gaps between its income and expenses and that further fuelled inflation. The central bank made no big efforts to force the government to keep its borrowings within the targeted limits by downsizing the government and by reducing the non-development expenses.

      On the other hand, as Bangladesh’s economy posted a handsome growth of 5.9 per cent it helped in keeping the fiscal deficit at 3.0 per cent of GDP-one percentage point below the target. Naturally then, the element of borrowing from the central bank as a key reason for higher inflation was missing in case of Bangladesh. But as tax revenues of Bangladesh slipped 20 basis points to 8.2 per cent of GDP the country was no better, rather worse, than Pakistan where tax revenue to GDP stood around 9.0 per cent. The tax-to-GDP ratios of both countries are much lower than what they should be to put the South Asian nations on a sustainable growth path and enable them to increase development spending, create enough jobs and contain poverty.

      Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation in Pakistan accelerated 20.8 per cent in FY09-almost three times the CPI inflation of 6.66 per cent experienced in Bangladesh. Part of the explanation for a lower inflation in Bangladesh has been offered in the foregoing lines but a full explanation must also include the difference in the incidence of imported inflation in both countries. In most part of the FY09 food prices remained high in the international market and food importing countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh fell victims to imported inflation on this count.

      But whereas in Pakistan imports of non-essential items continued albeit at a slower pace, Bangladesh’s imports of such items did not constitute a big part of the country’s overall import bill. And more importantly, since Pakistan ranked some notches below in governance, the inability of the government to ensure a fair inter-play of market forces also fuelled inflation at a pace faster than in Bangladesh. The Competition Commission of Pakistan-the country’s watchdog on corporate inter-market behaviour-and a very vocal media and strong judiciary all played their part in checking malpractices of the business community but a weak political will and strong political links of business tycoons kept stoking inflation through cartel making and hoarding.

      Finally, the monetary policy stance of the State Bank of Pakistan and Bangladesh Bank also differed with the former opting for a loose stance in most part of FY09 to spur economic growth and the later sticking to a tight monetary policy to check inflation.

      In FY09 Bangladesh also witnessed a relative stability in exchange rates whereas in Pakistan exchange rates remained volatile in most part of the year. Whereas the taka depreciated less than one per cent in the whole of FY09 Pakistani rupee lost more than nineteen per cent of its value against the US dollar. This huge decline in the rupee value increased local currency cost of Pakistan’s foreign debt and liabilities as well as the cost of foreign debt servicing. This further squeezed the already narrow base of domestic financial resources of the country forcing it to borrow heavily from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other multilateral lending agencies as well as from some friendly nations like the USA, China and Saudi Arabia. Bangladesh had no such compulsion.

      A massive decline in the rupee value also resulted in a greater share of imported inflation into overall CPI inflation in Pakistan whereas Bangladesh’s inflation remained relatively low also because of the near-absence of imported inflation.

      Going forward, Bangladesh’s economy looks set to outperform Pakistan’s also in the current fiscal year. Key indicators show Bangladesh’s real sector as well as external sector would perform far better than those of Pakistan.

      If the government and the central bank of Bangladesh undertake a study showing how Bangladesh’s economy has performed in the last few years vis-à-vis Pakistan, it would reveal some strengths of Bangladesh and boost their confidence. At the same time, if the government of Pakistan and its central bank conduct a similar study it would expose some weaknesses of Pakistan economy, which if overcome immediately, would help Islamabad regain some of the lost grounds and prepare it for remaining ahead of Bangladesh in terms of economic progress.

      But it seems whereas Bangladesh is still shy of comparing its economy with that of Pakistan, Pakistan is too complacent to compare its performance with a country like Bangladesh. This approach is removed from realities on ground. As a humble student of economics and as an economic journalist, I can say with a degree of certainty that the two countries need to compare their economic performance year after year for a healthy competition. That is in the interest of both.

      Consider, for example, the phenomenal growth in workers’ remittances of Bangladesh that has been higher than those of Pakistan for the last four years. And even during the current fiscal year, Bangladeshis living abroad have been sending larger amounts of remittances back home than overseas Pakistanis. Pakistan’s media has not even highlighted this phenomenon so far let alone discuss in detail the reasons that have led to this situation. On the other hand, media in Bangladesh has also not been reporting comparative inflows of foreign exchange back home from overseas Bangladeshis and Pakistanis to boost the morale of Bangladeshis living abroad and increasing the confidence of Bangladeshi citizens in their own economy.

      Similarly, the fact that Bangladeshi taka has become stronger than the Pakistani rupee finds no space in Pakistani media and I do not see enough discussions taking place on this subject even in Bangladeshi media. We, the south Asians, have been talking about integrating our economic activities for years but so far we have not even decided which country needs to compare its economic performance against which. India is an economic giant. The entire SAARC region minus India stands no match to it. But at least the economic managers of Pakistan and Bangladesh can initiate the process of comparing their performance to rebuild their confidence in their strengths and to overcome their structural weaknesses.

      The writer is a freelance Pakistani journalist. He can be reached at Mohiuddin.Aazim@Gmail.Com

  2. AOA

    A beautiful article brother Wajahat.
    IMHO those Pakistani’s who are ashamed of their identity and cannot feel proud of themselves, are victims of the negative propaganda which is being fed 24/7.

  3. Praise worthy! This is the right direction. There are -ves in all states but the +ves should be spoken off more frequently and should be celebrated. YES PAKISTAN may not be Perfect but certainly isn’t hopeless. This article has brought to life the essence that Pakistani media & writers are missing. In all the democratic or military terms we have witnessed, we never make enough propaganda for what Pakistan has achieved and the area it is progressing. Instead we argue and over shadow even a bit of good achievement, by spilling venom or blackmailing for past misconducts along with the opposition & media, busy occupying air time only to spread dirt on the Governments. We miss to look at Pakistan in the process. Pakistan truly has achieved alot & blessed tremendously by the Almighty and surely we should feel proud about it. Pakistan has given us so much! I guess that is what keeps the love for Pakistan always alive.
    I wish to see more writing like these as well as people who have resources for producing documentaries should explore & film the true image of Pakistan and help develop & progress such potential. We can help finance it. Our aim is only for Pakistan, I think it’s time that we move forward in other directions as well other than having our silly politics in discussion always. Help stream line critics for the progress of Pakistan other than politics and project the true potential of the country in all +ve aspects through all mediums known to the world,,, be it T.V, Internet, Radio etc. etc.

    Well done Wajahat Ahmed Shamsi!

  4. I am proud of Pakistan, but shame on our leadership. I don’t find words to appreciate Pak leadership. Brain is going in Drain. Jab apnay faida nahi uthatay to ghair faida uthatay hain.

    Pakistan Zindabad.


  5. I just want to add that the Pakistani nation is over 181 million strong – which makes us the 6th largest nation state on the planet.

    Pakistans population is projected to cross the 200 million mark within this decade and will become the 5th largest crossing Brazil but behind Indonesia.

    It is estimated that Pakistan will become the largest Muslim majority country in the world within the next 40 years and will thus capture its number one position again which she had before 1971.

    Isnt it strange that Nawaz Sharif still calls us 140 and Gilani/Zardari 160 million. Do these people do this delibrately?

    • I would just say they are ill-informed. They call themselves leaders but don’t even know the population of their country which they want to lead.

  6. Pakistan hey tu hum hein, Pakistan nahi tu hum bhi nahi………….

  7. I can completely understand where you are coming from mate, Coming to New Zealand just after 9/11 and being a former student over here myself I have seen heaps of Pakistanis being ashamed of telling others about their origin, and I don’t understand why, I think we are the most gutsy nation in modern history and we are blessed with so many resources, needless to say all we need is an honest leader
    Anyways cheers for the article, I have more ammo now lol

  8. Nice article – celebrating the positive spirit of the nation vs. the overall cynicism.

    Couple of builds on what can progress Pakistan much faster (feel free to debate):

    a. Better Governance – What has undone Pakistan compared to the BRIC nations is the lack of transparent governance and efficient management of resources. Corruption and bad leadership has rotten the democratic process. The country needs bottom-up not top-down management and that can happen only with youth like you guys entering politics i.e. become the system rather than solely criticizing it.

    b. Accept the reality as Opportunity Area- In frequent interactions, i’ve witnessed a strange denial and dilemma in Pakistani friends – in one hand they are ashamed of their identity on the other adamant that India/Israel/US are 100% villains and not their brethren responsible for the current wreckage. What will perhaps be helpful is to accept – “yes, there are challenges but which country doesn’t?” and try to mitigate those challenges. Blaming others won’t really help matters but logical introspection would.

    c. Finally Pakistani leadership should invest more time in self-development rather than obsessing India/US activities. Couple of months back Rahul Gandhi commented on Pakistan issue “as irrelevant to us”. True..compared to my childhood 2 decades back..today the average Indian hardly thinks of Pakistan other than just another country..the very reason behind the demise of the right-wing ranting here. Similar disengagement by the Pakistani youth from unnecessary jingoism/nation-politics and pure focus on economic development will aid the country in becoming a economic-superpower from the current image of a failed state.


    • Mr Rommit,

      I recommend that instead of advising us in our affairs, you please advise your own fascist government.

      for rahul gandhi Pakistan may be irrelevant, but your present civil and military leadership is thinking about Pakistan 24/7. I guess you also know that the 13 indian consulates in Afgahnistan are also thinking about us 24/7.

      I wonder why do you have 13 consulates in a country which doesnt even have a government. With this ratio you must have at least 500 consulates in the US. do you?

      Just by some indian calling Pakistan a failed state, it does not become so.

      Just look inside india and you will find more than 2 dozen freedom movements going on, and do you know the reason why? I guess if you indians open your eyes and find the real reasons and try to save yourself.

      Pakistan doesnt need to disintegrate india. india is on a path of self-disintegration just like its ex-father USSR.

      We just have to sit and enjoy the whole show.

      We have some hiccups nowadays, but i guess this is a blessing in disguise to wake us up. And india’s constant fingering in Pakistan’s affairs also adds as a wake up call. I thank you for that, coz if you werent so obsessed about Pakistan, we would still be sleeping.

    • Mr Romit

      a.) I would not say that we have good governance but your country doesn’t have gold medal in good governance. Corruption, inefficiency are synonyms to your governance.

      b.) We need to be realistic. Your country has an aggressive military policy towards all of your neighbors. We are just acting in defense. We were not the ones to start wars but you are, we just end them. Your country and Israel have tried to destroy are nuclear installation twice but have failed. We need to know who are enemies are.

      c.) If you think Pakistan is irrelevant than why is RAW planting bombs across Pakistan and building and supporting terrorism inside Pakistan. Go read recent comments made by General Kapoor. We are not a failed state rather i can say that for India. 80% of your country is living below $2 a day.(world Bank 2008 report). Your economy is dependent on 40 family/groups. Your Military Industrial Complex is not able to make Tanks or fighter jets. Both Arjun and Tejas are failures. Even your missile program is failing.

      We are not perfect, bu we don’t deserve to be lectured from a country who is doing worse than us.

      • 1. no. it is widely accepted that india has a stable and more corrupt free government. US invited india to help set up democracy in iraq.

        2.india has not started a war with any country. it was always the other way around

        3.Mostly zaid hamid nonsense.

        and. indian defence sector is not doing well because all the bright minds of india go to the IT sector. wheras in pakistan, the army is the only employer right?

  9. I got goose bumps after reading this article, such a nice article, every pakistani staying in US or in any other country outside pakistan should read this.

  10. absolutely right.. Today our media has created an unseen panic which is continuously affecting our youth. Most of the Pakistan’s population is youth that can push Pakistan to the peak of success. So my advice to young generation is that you should understand yourself, the power you have, the guts you can show globally … believe me i swear upon any one.. you strength is YOUR THOUGHTS… so think that which can lead us beyond the heaven of heavens.

  11. The author wasted a lot of time writing this funny stuff. He wants to make us feel proud because we have coal mines, Karakarrum belt, K2, Gold and copper deposits, largest irrigation system and that we achieved miles in Sports, 3 gold medals in Olympics. That we have Murree, Naran and Kaghan and complex systems of dams and barrages. . This is simply hilarious.

    A person studying in US must be sensible enough to identify what makes a nation proud.
    I wonder if the cream of us writes articles like this, what rationality and logic should we expect from the ordinary man.

    No offense!

    • @Rizwan Mumtaz,apart from criticizing,shooting down the writer and being completely ignorant of the spirit and purpose of this article, what other ‘valuable’ suggestions do u have? Are you suggesting there is nothing positive about Pakistan that we ought to be proud of? Are you then sir, sensible enough to identify what makes a nation proud? If you are not happy with the fact that the ‘cream’ of pakistan feels proud of their country, what do you suggest they do otherwise? Keep complaining and criticizing like you have in your useless comment? Look at what you can do instead of mocking others.

      • where is my reply to this post?
        should i re-post?

      • RE-POST:
        though you are write but you shouldnt make fun of the writer…
        if we have natural resource that is nothing of our doing… they are just by the grace of Almighty… 3 olympic medals are a thing of past… see the state of our hockey now…
        کہ کل کیا تھے آج کیا ہوگے تم
        ابھی جاگتے تھے ابھی سو گئے تم
        “Keep complaining and criticizing like you have in your useless comment? Look at what you can do instead of mocking others.”
        im quite disappointed with this comment…
        سبب یا علامت جو انکو بتائیں
        تشخیص میں سو نکالیں خطائیں
        دوا و پرہیز سے جی چرائیں
        یوں ہی رفتہ رفتہ مرض کو بڑھائیں
        it just goes on show that we havent changed much in last 150 years…
        پر ہم جہاں تھے اب تک وہیں ہیں
        جمادات کی طرح بار زمین ہیں
        in my opinion Maulana Hali in his Musaddas was actually criticizing the kinda of thinking that was used in writing this article… which can be summarised in this quadplet:
        پر اس قوم غافل کی غفلت وہی
        تنزل پے اپنے قناعت وہی
        ملے خاک میں پر رعونت ووہی
        ہوئی صبح اور خواب راحت وہی
        i think whole of musaddas can be quoted as a counter argument to this article and subsequent comment… this article serves as nothing more than an additional dose of drug to an already heavily drugged nation…
        ہے وہی شعر و تصّوف اسکے حق میں خوب تر
        جو چھپادے اسکی آنکھوں سے تماشاےحیات
        as Khalid Zaheer rightly said that rather being given a false sense of pride, we should be taught that we have to be just and truthful…
        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgkpY_jkfFs&feature=player_embedded (from 7:30)
        and Ghamdi summarise it quite nicely…
        i suggest you see the whole program if you havent done so…

        that said there are things i take pride in being pakistani…
        1: our hospitality (we learned it from our families and our society despite all its negativity),
        2: our majority always like to be identified as simply pakistani when we are abroad whereas a lot of people i have come across like to referred as Bayerish or Catalonian than as German or Spanish… despite our strayed path, our religion is still somehow able to unite us…
        3: our respect for parents and elders…
        morally we are not good at all but still we have somethings that i feel good about…

    • Dear Rizwan,

      If you think that talking about Pakistan is funny stuff and a waste of time, then I guess you are wasting our time by scribbling some useless comments.

      If you are a Pakistani living abroad, then probably you would be the type who claim to be indian national.

      But If you live in Pakistan, then ………….. I guess you know what I mean……..

      Please son, if you had by chance access to some education, then put it to better use. If you cannot talk good about your motherland then please dont talk about it.

    • Mr Rizwan,

      If these things shouldn’t make its citizens proud then what should? I would really like to hear suggestions too if you think that these things aren’t worth being proud of?

  12. We really realize the value and worth of our country only when we leave it . Pakistan is no less than a paradise-like place transformed into a mierable place by so called politicians and military dictators for theri vested interests but they don’t know they are cutting down the same branch on which they are sitting . Indeed we have got politicians, not leaders as politicians play thier politics whereas leaders have vision to drive a nation and they lead it . A leader lives for the nation whereas a politician lives a parasite. May Allah bless our politicians with a broad vision to lead the People of Islamic Republic in a prosperous , bright and peaceful path through the lesson of inter-cultural understanding , intercommunal harmony and pride in national entity .
    They should also learn the lesson of Co-existence & of how to march with rest of the nations of the world so that Pakistan could make a name in contibuting to global peace . We feel pride of our nation and national achievements

    Muhammad Iqbal Anjum
    Toronto , Ontario , Canada

  13. Bangladesh with fewer natural resources and only 40 yrs as an independent state is doing much better than Pakistan!!

    • Dear Emperor,

      I would like you to just pay a visit to Bangladesh and you will see how much better they are doing.

    • Well Bangladesh started with way more resources than what We as a whole did in 1947. Before Partition Most of United Pakistan’s Jute Mills were located in the East. Many of our textile Mills were located there. The 22 families of the 60’s and 70’s had a substantial investment in the East.
      Though i hope that our brothers in the East do well.

      Pakistan after all that is still doing way better than Bangladesh our GDP/person is more than double of that of Bangladesh.

      • “Well Bangladesh started with way more resources than what We as a whole did in 1947.”

        however, that’s the line of reasoning in your article… pride cos of resources (or one of the things to be proud off)…
        similarly if Pakistan has natural resources whats our hand in that? they are just there…

        the people from Bangladesh do have a reason to be proud off… Muhammad Yunus… he envisaged dreamed and his dream helped and is helping a lot of people in making their lives better…

        i just don’t understand how in your article (in all its tunnel visioned glory) you can possibly forget to mention Edhi sahab… I am willing to consider that a valid reason to be proud off…

      • “Well Bangladesh started with way more resources than what We as a whole did in 1947.”
        isn’t that the line of reasoning in your article? pride over resources(or one of the things to be proud of) which you don’t have a hand in… they were just lucky to get those resources… and now they should be proud of their luck…

        however Bangladesh do have a reason to be proud of… Muhammad Yunus… the man who envisaged a dream and his dream is helping a lot of people in making their lives better…

        i just don’t understand how your article (in all its tunnel visioned glory) forget to mention someone like Edhi Sahab…

        “I would like you to just pay a visit to Bangladesh and you will see how much better they are doing.”

        i suggest you do that as well and pls also visit the Bihari Camps… see how we failed those people… with the kind of ridiculous optimism may be you would also be able to find something that will add yet another star of pride in this article…

  14. hilarious


  15. we agree Bangladesh is doing better than India, around 0.5 million benaglis are still living and earning in Karachi, so we are not biased towards them,they are our muslim brother let me justify my comments bangladesh is doing better than India,

    1) India second number of largest HIV patients
    2) India largest consumer of Alcohol
    3) The riots increased in Andrapardesh so much that it went on strike for almost one-month
    4) Because of Poverty and hunger your people have started to eat rats http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv-WNvMomMU

    and by the way if you have any misconception regarding the mishap on fall of dhaka, then read this article on BBC, where Nixon calling Indrha a Witch.


    • it seems u r either jelous of india or plain stupid. if u r plain stupid, then read this:

      1.no of HIV patients/total population ratio is very low in india.
      3.so what?
      4.france etc serves rats as delicacies.


      • @ask.jeeves. LMAOROFL

      • @jeeves

        How can we be jealous of people who are eating rats and then justify it as a delicasy !!!

        By the way when we take over india, I assure we will ensure that you keep getting the rats, but as a necessity !!!

  16. AOA


    I have visited Bangladesh in 2000 & 2003 and talked to people there, seen the conditions in bihari camps, how people live and how bengalis regret independence. A very close friend of mine is presently working at the Pakistan Embassy Dhaka, so I guess I have better insight in affairs there.

    You talk about that bihari camps, I agree that all our governments have not delivered and not brought back those Pakistani’s who are still living there miserably.

    But Sir,
    I would like to know; what have you done for the bihari’s?

    Please enlighten me on your achievments so that i could claim one Pakistani who has worked for the biharis.

    • well, its nothing much & certainly nothing good…
      but we (half) composed an album on “the forgotten” event… we played it live a couple of times as well… but yeah thats it… i ‘ll complete it someday may be.. and thats why im not proud of it…


      • cant u people see what u r doing? U r simply turning a positive article into a useless debate like v c on numerous channels daily. One or two intruders came in the comments gallery and screwed all. If some1 doesnt wanna feel proud so be it, but he has a point that just dont sit on given resources or the glory of the past. Only one point addition from my side that we just need good clean leadership and then you will see how things will change around us within no time inshallah.


    • AOA


      It has many times been discussed on the media as well as this forum as to who is responsible for allowing the drone attacks. I dont think that you follow the media on this issue.

      3 days ago again PAF has very clearly stated that they can shoot down the drones easily, but they need the approval of the sick minded people who represent the Pakistan government.

      Why dont you ask your President, PM, Min of Defence, Min of Interior to allow shooting down the drones.

      These gutless greedy puppets will never allow shooting down the drones, because the reward they are getting is power.

  18. very beautiful roundup of a Pakistani’s notion.. thumbs up Wajahat! 🙂

  19. @nujat. Army cannot stop drones bcuz our civilian government have SIGNED AGREEMENTS with the US that allow the drones.

    Same with blackwater.

    Army does NOT go against the state.

    It ONLY Goes against the state on ONE FINAL OCCASSION – and that is when the 111-brigade moves and removes the govt to take over.

      BY NUJAT

  20. Keep day dreaming facts will remain as they are,which is
    1 Pakistan is very great country except for 30% of it’s population which really dumb

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