The Sinking Boat of India

January 11, 2010

By Ibne Qasim

There was yet another daring assault in the heart of Srinagar Lal chowk by two fidayeen armed with Ak-47’s and grenades. They were able to take stronghold in a Punjab hotel building and took on the security forces for more than 30 hours.  According to the local sources, two Mujahideen and dozens of soldier including a major and a subeydar were killed and the gun battle ended with the Indian forces burning down the hotel building. This was perhaps because they were unable to apprehend the Mujahideen.  The responsibility for the attack was claimed by Jamiat ul Mujahideen, but the Indian forces believe that this attack has the hallmarks of Lashkar e Taiba, an outfit that they also blame for the Mumbai attacks. This attack was highly symbolic in nature and was demonstrative of the fear that the Indian Army has of LET fighters who they believe are well equipped, daring  , and even better trained than the most prestigious BLACK CAT and MARCOS of Indian army.  An Indian army officer told this writer on condition of anonymity that “the LET has a habit of attacking Indian military installations and camps and they often do not take responsibility for it. Instead they use a different name to confuse the Intelligence agencies and continue with their work.”  It has also been reported that there is growing  sympathy for them among the people of Kashmir mainly because they never target or attack civilians, their enemy is the Indian military which is involved in heinous acts of state-terrorism in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The LET have on many occasions helped the Kashmiri people in supporting their economy that has been sabotaged by the Indian government with the help of Hindu extremists. One such example is the shrine board issue.

It is evident that the Indian military is unable to tackle these situations. In Kashmir alone, they have failed to handle a handful of militants for days and weeks. Another example of this is the fight that took place in Kupwara jungle where the Indian army fought with thousands of troops for nine straight days and six of these militants were able to escape the siege after showing tremendous heart in dense jungle.  This single attack shows the capability of guerrillas to hit anywhere anytime. If the Indian intelligence agencies dared to cause havoc on Pakistani soil they should expect the taste of their own medicine.  It has long been a dream of the Chankia-driven ideology of the Indian establishment and military to wipe out the few hundred militants from the valley of Kashmir but this struggle seems far from over as the resilient Kashmiri freedom fighters continue to fight the battle for their freedom from Indian occupation. India has always mistaken the strategic silence of militants for their weakness and any attempt to neutralize the guerrillas has failed time and time again. Earlier this week Chidambaram said “Every hour, every day and every month, India’s capacity to meet the challenges to internal security is growing. We are stronger today than we were a year ago, and we will be stronger a year from now than we are today.”   Indian hopes for a stable and secure India have long been dashed. The ideology of hatred and barbarism that India has let loose on her neighbours and on the weak and poor within her own borders has ensured that the insurgencies and separatist movements in India will remain a constant threat to its existence until and unless the oppressive policies are abandoned and due rights of the people are given to them.

This particular attack in Punjab is a message for Deepak Kapoor from the Kashmiri fighters, that instead of dreaming about taking on Pakistan and China, the Indians should really be worrying about dealing with the valiant sons and daughters of Kashmir for they will not be oppressed for much longer. The time is very near, Insha’Allah, when the fragrant and fertile valley of Kashmir will once again become a haven for its peace and freedom loving inhabitants.  This is what every Kashmiri and Pakistani believes.  The Kashmiri freedom movement is far from over, it is alive and Kashmiri Mujahideen are a force to be reckoned with.  No matter how much they deny it publicly, this fact is  well understood by Indian naitas in Lok Sabha and the generals in Delhi HQ.

The Kashmiri freedom movement must be given unconditional support by the Pakistani government in order to heal the Indian war fever that seems to be taking India to her imminent death, and also to provide a ray of hope and the prospect of a new and respectable way of life for all deprived and hostage communities and people living in India.



  1. @ Ibne Qasim,
    Indian boat is not sinking, you bigot … Pakistan is being consumed in its own fire … !

    Pakistan’s balls are in Uncle Sam’s grip.

    Now there is news of Pakistani army moving into North Waziristan, clearly as a result of squeezing of balls by the visiting American Congressmen.

    Future looks interesting for you Pakis … !

    • Looks like BJP and RSS have started exporting the “cow cola” to Western world.

      It is apparent, you don’t have a slightest bit of an idea about the geopolitical situation. That is why you write such a strange boastful innendo.

      Probably you are not noticing that the Americans are playing double game with India. Intelligent people in India already can see this but the Hindu zionists are not listeing.

      Israel and Americans consider your soldiers a cannon fodder. They are cleverly using your crapy soldiers to be slaughtered soon in the next coming conflicts. So wake up and look at the reality dude.

      • How are drones treating you?

        I heard recently in CNN that MD trained from Pakistan tend to have bombs in their in their underwear. Is it hard to walk with that on, Mr. Imran Chaudhary?

      • @Rajeev…I recently heard that indians marry dogs and commit classic bestiality. I have also seen indians loving the cow piss drink. I even read in an indian news channel that aishwariya rai was married to some tree – all the pheras and the full shabang to ward off some curse ( probably mental retardation, but it was too late anyway). and why forget the indian connection in this christmas underwear bomb farce. and i also heard that indians walk around asking …scratch that…begging to get owned by us Pakistanis…just like U …u asswipe piece of shit. I also heard on BBC news that indians have to import condoms EXTRA SMALL..and even that proves to be too big. I gave reference of BBC because it is all that ur gora inferiority complex personality can understand. Check it out it is all out there. Now I also heard that indians walk around with dicks stuck up their asses…now is that hard to walk with a cock stuk up ur ass

  2. @neel123…so this ass wipe decides to take his head of his cow mata’s rear and squeak. Listen u degenerate piece of shit indian…our army has almost crushed all ur pet dogs – the TTP… the remnants of ur TTP that ran into North Waziristan is about to annihilated as well. Now if that has not made u piss in ur pants than maybe this will make u soil ur pants – pretty soon it will be ur turn to get trampled. U saw what we did to ur pet dogs, think what we will do to u. We will not rest until we make an example out of u for ur masters in washington, tel aviv and london. Only a stupid cow piss drinking indian can so grossly miscalculate the present global scenario. ANd before u try to insult my intellect with ur absurd assertions and hogwash website links or eve ur more stupid and juvenile replies, think very hard who ur trying to provoke…which people u are trying to provoke. we ruled over u for over a 1000 years and we know how to deal with cretins like u. Future is indeed very interesting for Pakistan…but very bleak for sinking india. so go back to drinking cow piss in the farce called “incredible india” – what a joke.

  3. dude, how much success is/has been bharat able to pull off against maoists ? i tell you: Nada and it will remain like that.

    it doesnt really matter what apparent fix is pakistan under for the last 10 years or where pakistan army conducts an operation cuz it only going to take them a couple of weeks to get done with whatever they want, and you do know that/have seen that. do you have any idea how adept they are at it. will i stun you if i told you pakistan army a week back received an official request from general stanley mcrystal to train us troops? things are not going to remain like that for long i believe. you better have a good gaze at your own country because it does seem to be pretty outdated and screwed. = ]

  4. Yes @neel the future for Pakistan in really very interesting……………it will be some task to handle so many hindu pow’s.

    If you only post such immature comments by calling people names, it shows what you are and what is your character.

    you said
    “Pakistan’s balls are in uncle sams grip”.

    Atleast we have balls !!!

    indians got their’s cuts off in 1947………..

    instead now you have a leash which is in the hands of your grand master israel.

  5. @neel123
    Don’t get excited baby… u’ll see wat happens to you guys… lets refrain from using abusive language…
    Army completed operation in Swat and S.Warizistan and all RAW funded assets were blown away… next is N.Waziristan… We’ll succeed thr as well…
    and the latest unrest by RAW in Karachi… well we r not gona forget this one… ISHALLAH


  7. funny, how the first soldier enters the car and closes the door, the other dumb soldiers bangs his head on the door… tooo funny !!

  8. At least the propoganda must be based on reality!!!

    Please google for the number of incidents in kashmir in the last two years.

    This attack is the FIRST after almost TWO years.

    BTW the people who dispatched these guys are NOT the Indian Army but the local J&K police SOG along with the CRPF.

    And the brave people martyred in the incident narrated above are patriotic Kashmiri Muslim policemen and civilians who died for their land.


    It does not much military training to gun down civilians or hide like rats in a hotel,whether it be it mumbai or srinagar,like the present incident.

    The Let and others do not worry nor care about the civilians caught.

    The security forces on the other hand,first have to clear the ares of innocents,protect civilians and then procede.

    If an attack in kashmit after almost two years in supposed to sink India’s boat ,WHERE must pakistan be.

    If one takes into account the people killed in Karachi bombing,Peshawar market,GHQ pindi,Volleyball ground attack in peshawar in the last few months,MORE pakistanis have been killed in these incidents than in the last few years of terrorism in Kashmir or Mumbai.

    Pakistan should take care and worry about itself,rather than pin hope of once or twice a year attacks in kashmir of some desperate groups.

    • @Rajk
      It’s not just Kashmir … whole India is a sinking boat! A small lal garh operation was also a failure according to NDTV. India is the 2nd most terrorist hit nation after Iraq…do some research!

      Ohh btw the prostitutes that the Indian army deployed in Kashmir to entertain Indian army men …out of 173…68 have become pregnant! Lolzzzz… With many army men suffering from sex related diseases. Now the PTI has reported that the Indian Government is procuring more than 1,000 units of condom vending machines to promote safe sex practices among its military and Para-military deployed in far flung areas.

      • Energy crisis may cripple country by 15th


        Worry about yur ‘sunk’boat.

        Only the most desperate will paint the womens BSF battalion as prostitutes.

        Going by what is happening in pak,yu are desperate.

        So such propganda is all you can do.
        Aur kuch to kar nahin sakte!

        And BTW here is the actula prgnancy scandal,courtesy the Lahore police.

        5 Pak Women Cops Suspended Over Sex Scandal.

      • @Rajk

        Firstly many urban areas in India don’t even have electricity! 1 in every 2 people live in slums in Mumbai (no wonder it is called ‘Maximum’ city)…World bank has said poor in India are increasing! The condom vending machine news was published in Press trust of India.

        And pea brain how could you even compare the two news regarding the sex scandal in Pakistani women cops with the Indian BSF prostitutes. The Pakistani women were caught and are being punished they weren’t hired by the head of police department to entertain male cops! The Indian BSF were hired under the supervision of high ranking Indian army men coz the Indian soldier in Kashmir were feeling ‘depressed’!

  9. Srinagar Lal Chowk , The most protected area of J&K , it has been numerous times when LET has attacked and never hit a civilian even though its a very dense place , dont believe me plz…

    Here is a video of An attack .. people are lying on the ground and the militant is walking between them and selecting the military targets… this is a proof that LET never targets civilians…

    and please keep in mind.. what is happening in pakistan is a very minor problem , it will end very soon when all american coffins depart from afganistan and then we will be free to turn HIndustan into a jigsaw puzzle and turn it into ashes , the land and people will remain , religions and harmony will remain , infact your hatred filled system , ant tyranny will turn into dust , and the air will be filled with peace , when there will be Azaan and khutba e jumma in Lok sabha(Call for prayer and friday sermon.)

    it will take a little time meanwhile you can see this video as a proof …

  10. aBSolutely true,He could have killed hundred of people,they were all lying on the ground.. this shows the strong principles of kashmiri freedom fighters.. we love you guys… !!

  11. @neel123 & rajk,
    Why you do not understand the basic point that we believe in life hereafter.If we do good deeds(which also includes fighting for a Pak land),have been promised Paradise.
    Whereas you are not sure in what shape you will come back in your second Janam and no promise of Paradise.Then why one would die for nothing.
    And those who die are cases of “DHAKKA KIS NAY DIA”.
    For me your panicking and fear are justified.

  12. It must suck to be a Pakistani. You guys are Drone attacked day and night all for a little “BAKSHEESH” that uncle Sam (Uncle Kerry and lugger in this case) gives you. Without the “BAKSHEESH” Pakistanis will have to sell their women to the Indian troops in Kashmir (For their entertainment and more “BAKSHEESH”). Pakistan is going to become a number of banana republics in a few years. namely. Baluchistan,Pakhtunistan, Punjabistan, and NWFP will be taken over by the Afghanistan. My sympathies Pakistani friends. Go on dream about India’s sinking. That way you might get some sleep at night.

    • @Mike. I think rather than sympathizing with us you should try and buy a tent cuz that’s what you will be living in, in a few months time. When Oh-Bummer brings in the riot police and US citizens
      are being rounded up Nazi-style and being thrown behind barbed-wires, then I am sure you will have a lot of time to sit on ur ass and ponder about Pakistan’s great destiny. While we fight heroic
      battles and make our ancestors proud, you will be saying goodbye to the so called democratic freedoms in your country and using the dollar to wipe ur ass. So yeah go on dream about that ‘Baksheesh’ that we will be giving you in the near future, that way you might get some sleep at night 🙂

    • Aaauuugh is it that agonizing to see Pakistan ? Well son its not called Bakhsheesh by tugging nuts of Uncle Sam & KLuger. And what dumb a$$ ignorant tax payers of U.S. can’t even ask their Government where they are draining the public money. Pakistan has literally sheltered Afghanistan in the bad times and supported it when the All Mighty U.S left it when they needed it most. Theres a famous saying that ” THE TEETH OF CHILDREN IN OUR HOUSE ARE ACCOUNTED FOR” So we know how to handle them and what their abilities are. Drone Attacks are simply making some corporations & son of bitches from both US & PAK rich only. It’ll just a matter of time when there will be a REVOLT! You’ll reap what you sow today!

      • The only nut tugging that I see happening is what Muslims (“Panty Bombers”) do to themselves. They are the funniest lot. They put gun to their own heads and ask for “BAKSHEESH”. The bleeding heart democrats cant resist that and give them some “BAKSHEESH”. The Pakistani politicians stuff it in their own accounts and give America bases for drone attacks. You my friend are screwed by your own people. So I can only feel “PITY” for you…

      • ah, here we are again. Our dear friend Mike is busy laughing at other nations while his own is now-not-so-slowly turning into a slave of their little b**** israel. Just dont come running to
        us pakistanis like you always do when u need ur ass rescued from another false flag ‘terrorist attack’. Bah..humbug.

      • Oh you mean the 600 some odd attacks that happened in Pakistan last year while 1 happened in America. Which one specifically did I come crying to you about. The Karachi one or the Lahore one? Oh right it is all Israel’s fault otherwise you my friend would have absolutely no need for the “BAKSHEESH”. I understand that. Makes perfect sense. It is the Jew. After all a Jew (Lieutenant General JFR Jacob) broke Pakistan in 1971. If you had any grip on the reality I might have had contempt for you. But no, I can only “PITY” you. So sleep tight a drone might be coming to a city near you. Make good love to your Cousin/wife. Who knows tomorrow you might have to go to hell. No 72 slow eyed virgins for you my friend… Because you could not fight one jew let alone Israel.

      • LOL, I find you totally hilarious Mike. You are the perfect poster boy for the after-effects of watching too much CNN and ‘Faux’ News. Bigoted, brain-washed,lazy-ass, hare-brained, applauder of baby-killing,hated-around-the-world little piece of white/black/brown or whatever colour you are trash. And by the way thanks for this “After all a Jew (Lieutenant General JFR Jacob) broke Pakistan in 1971.” Makes perfect sense why we should kick Israel’s ass and that we very well will. And you know what, the whole world will thank us for it. Thats right, dont pity us, fear us, cuz we are just about ready to send a LOT of body bags back home to you. 😀

      • You are welcome. I am more than happy to remind you, any time, that you guys could not fight one Jew and Israel is millions of Jews. I will give you the last word. I am going to bed now. Have to fly the Drone flying over your city tomorrow. So see you then.

      • Have a good sleep, lots of baby-killing to do afterwards! 😀

      • I think you’ll find that our record against the Israelis is 100% when it comes to taking down their planes!.Soon we’ll take down your entire beloved Israel….

        Well it’s better to marry even if it’s a cousin then produce filthy Zionists!.I guess your a self-hating gay dude who wishes he was a real man!!!

      • Son,I think you are seriously misguided about Muslims. It’s the Muslims who are powering the economy of the world, It was the Muslims that the U.S ran to for financial bail out when recession struck.
        So here, let me spare you some space as BAKSHEESH for you to feed a bit more on your low pathetic beaten self esteeeeem!

        Your Bleeding heart democrats are equally corrupt as our politicians. Robbing the American tax payers money under the illusion of a fake threat to there freedom. Are thongs also thretning you these days? Probably you cant get it up with the fear of it Dont feel pity for us you faggot & go feed on your low self esteem else where!

  13. @mike

    Who killed the Mossad chief of south asia in Mumbai Nariman house …Mr mike..?

    and drones…

    well we do not have a habit of killing hornets.. we burn the nests… remember the khost surprise..

    cheers… budy..!

  14. Great to see muslim brothers and sisters around the border replying too hindu indians in a tit for tat way with reasons.Muuuuah to all my muslim bros n sisters in this forum.Great going keep it up and slam it on hindus.

  15. AOA

    I am sure this mike person is a patient in some mental institution.

    His comments prove that either he was born retarded or later fell prey to some disease, which caused his mental abilities to stop functioning.

    However, his love for israel also proves that he is recruited by zionists to come on this forum and waste our time.

  16. I see that India will be taking action against the Naxalite and Moaist rebels from March 2010!.That should be fun!!!!

  17. pakistan zindabad from indonesia

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