Kashmiris Parade Indian Soldiers Around Naked, Smear Dirt On Their Faces

January 11, 2010

Srinagar, Occupied Kashmir: Hundreds of angry Kashmiri villagers paraded two Indian soldiers naked through the streets after they were caught trying to rape a 17 year old girl. Mohammad Usman, a witness, told that furious villagers had beaten up the soldiers, stripped them, shaved their heads smeard dirt on their faces and paraded them through the village market in the incident which took place in Kunan, a village north of Srinagar, the capital of Indian-occupied Kashmir.



  1. They deserved it. Pervert sex hungry dogs…

  2. Mother fuckers, on end cut there heads and throw them to dogs!

    • How about feeding them to the crocidiles and then spitting on them!

  3. These are the daily humiliation of the Indian occupation.

    Indian hindus regard Muslims as third grade citizens and their hearts are filled with poison. These people have no real affection for the Kashmiri Muslim. Their only objective is to grab as much land as possible and to damage Pakistan.

  4. Why don’t these desperate men go and have sex with their mothers or/and sisters!!?.Nice to see them being openly humiliated!!

  5. Why doesn’t Pakistani mainstream media cover these events? Oh, I remember… they are too busy promoting that propoganda, ‘Aman Ki Asah’ crap; especially JewTV, i mean GeoTV.

    • Why not cook them and feed them to the dogs

    • It’s no surprise to me.

      A scholar very correctly said that:
      حق کی حمایت کے لیَے اہل حق ھی اٹھا کرتے ہیں۔ اہل باطل کے بس کی بات نہیں کہ وہ حق کی حمایت کر سکیں اور نہ ھی اللہ تعالی ان سے ایسی خدمت لیا کرتے ہیں۔

  6. Just a glimpse of what this nation can do if provoked. May Allah wake us all up to unite just like those villagers. And we cannot depend on media orgs like GeoTv, all they can do is run adds with indian actors/actresses to cover up the shit spilled by India and its hidious forces.

  7. Shame Indeed on All Muslims and their leaders as well…if we were to be one united front !!! these coward hindus would not have even dared staring at our women… from Sister Afia to all those in Kashmir and else where in the world.
    Please wake up beofore its too late.Crush them so that others may think twice before committing such an act.
    India will burn Ishallah with Israel .. by te hands of Pakistan

  8. Chop off their Dicks 🙂

  9. This is the reality of DEVDASI system in Hindu temples……


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