Zaid Hamid in Sahir Lodhi Show – 8th Jan10

January 9, 2010

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5



  1. Well presented.Sahir tried to arouse emotions.And it was more of Sahir Lodhi show than Zaid Hamid.Let us wait for the next episode.

  2. What in the world is wrong with this host? He looks so fake. This guy literally sucked and did an awful job hosting the show.

    • he doesn’t look fake sir, he looks like a FAG…

  3. The host was trying to be Sharukh Khan.

  4. he means dont clap 😛 they still clap everytime 😀 ! that was really funny , 1 question though , isnt musical instruments like guitar n drums forbidden in islam ? so how come there’s singing goin on everywhere with music ?

  5. he cant refrain himself from acting like shahrukh…and standing with the rite person wont make you rite sir!
    so act like what you really are as your words and inner most desires look out of phase.
    Sir ZAHID,you did great

  6. sir zaid is todays iqbal, bus we need a jinnah now.

  7. wel we need a basic start to do any thing for pakistan but who will gave a start?? i think a man who have power to… as you know tht no political party gave as chance to start any thing for Pakistan. but still i want to die for pakistan and do every thing for pakistan i love my country Pakistan Zindabad

  8. Zaid zindabad, yes Zaid is today’s Iqbal n we have to search Jinnah

  9. cheap duplicate of shahrukh

  10. Gr8

  11. Sahir lodhi got his looks but he mostly implement shahrukh/bollywood mentality…rather than making this nation free from love to bollywood movies….not an original!!!

  12. Brother and sisters of Pakistan

    Iam a pakistani.

    This is not the time to discuss that who is acting like who and who is saying like who? But the important fact is that what is he saying. We should listen to and implement his words rather than making comments that he is acting like sharukhan, Allama Iqbal or somebody else. Please Please Please! be careful.

    And as for the indians(hindus) who are frustrated to accept the truth. I just want to say that just wait till we cross your borders and hoist pakistani flag on your buildings. That will be the time when the truth is implemented INSHALLAH by ALLAH’s grace.

  13. AOA

    I totally agree with @Naveed.

    We as Pakistani’s should start acting mature and come out of this negative critisism habit.

    Think positive and just do something for Pakistan instead of just critisising.

    The time is near, and we have alot to prepare for.


  14. Inshallah you will be able to see, what you are saying. Time is not far now date is very near 07-10-2010. You will see the change on that date INSHALLAH

  15. Sahir lodhi think he’s jay leno. Its a shame that majority of our media are wannabees and follow west. why can’t one not be original ??

  16. Ok.. i dnt hav much tym to watch the complete show cuz i gotta rush to my work.. but one thing i gotta say is dat MR.lodhi didnt do the right introduction of Mr.Zahid Hamid.. HE should have said he is our Future President.. 😉

  17. Yeah one day we’ll hoist our flags in India but it’s also important to consider America who has never helped us in any wars against India. Even now America has pulled us in the so called ” war on terror”. Guys you need to undersatnd this: America, Israel and India are ou REAL enemies and not any other

  18. stupid sahir lodhi asking him how romantic are you? haha

  19. We are lucky and we sould be thankful to God that we have personalities like Sir Zaid Hamid amongst us to redirect us towards the lost path and show the way of our fore fathers who helped create this great nation. Our youth need to stand up and follow him in order to gain their dignity as a respectful people.
    May God give him strength to spread the vision of our fore fathers and to revive our youth so they can rise against our corrupt politions, get hold of their future and lead a life under the law and order of our greatest religion.

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