Patterson terms remarks of Indian Army Chief as ‘silly’

January 9, 2010

ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson termed the recent remarks of Indian Army Chief General Kapoor as ‘silly’ and said that India and Pakistan should address their issues bilaterally to ensure progress in both countries.

In an exclusive interview with DawnNews on Thursday night, the US envoy said that there was enormous potential for economic progress if India and Pakistan got together.

The countries have complementary markets and commercial implications of the good relations between them are enormous, she said.
Anne Patterson said that if the Pakistan government has any evidence of Indian involvement in Balochistan, her country will be keen to play a role in addressing the situation.
She felt the immediate need for reestarting composite dialogue between India and Pakistan and resumption of confidence building measure.
Appreciating the efforts of Pakistan army in combating the terrorists in Swat and South Waziristan the US envoy said, Pakistan army has pursued this war very courageously and they have rendered big sacrifices in it.
She expressed confidence in Pakistan government for spending KLB’s assistance money for development of infrastructure in FATA and South Waziristan.
She also lauded Benazir Income Support Programme saying this programme is being appreciated by the comity of nations adding there would be no harm if the money of US assistance reaches the deserving people through this programme.
To a question the American envoy said that withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would be condition- based.
“We have to train and equip the Afghan security forces to replace the US and Nato troops before leaving the country”, the Ambassador said.
Commenting on the reports of presence of US security officials in Gwadar the envoy said, they visited the area to advance the visit of aid directors to assess the projects being financed through KLB.
She said there was no American in Pakistan without visa or proper documentation adding some people were floating such speculations in the media to undermine the relationship of two countries.
“We do not have Blackwaters in Pakistan and all information in this regard in foreign and local media was nonsense,” she said.


  1. they want evidence ….dont they know about Jan. 10 seminar in New Delhi…..i think that is enough to know India’s intentions

  2. “enormous potential for economic progress if India and Pakistan got together”

    that should be the heading of the article

  3. No the heading should have been ‘Dismemberment of India the Only Solution for Stopping Terrorism Inside Pakistan and the Region’

    • in that sae find another solution bcos that will never happen

      • jeeves – the malu

        Then what was 1947 ?? 😀 :D..if that NEVER happened !..

        Wake up and smell some cow piss 😀

  4. I personally do not see the big deal of Gen.Kapoor’s statement. So he want to be able to fight two big armies at the same time. Good luck with that General!

    We all know this is just shallow talk for just now. India dont have the muscle to fight two nuclear powers at the same time.

    Is it just me who find this cenario intresting. Imagine, Indian army being hammered by us and the chinees armed forces at the same time. Now that would be a war to remember 🙂

    • En ko aisay sabaq milna ha jo kisi na dia he na ho!

  5. Well i agree that there is nothing wrong with the statement made by the INDIAN ARMY CHIEF, obviously he has to give such statements to keep the moral of his troops high.
    This is Gen.Kapoor’s moral duty same as we require from Gen.Kiyani when he said ” Pakistan is the bastion of ISLAM” we all felt proud of him.

    The point of worry is why the Embassador patterson needed to comment on that statement when the Pakistani counterparts have already responded to it. I think this was a cheap trick to show that they are concerned about pakistan.
    Moreover by pointing towards the economic potential of the region she has again tried to use the cheap trick to persuade the Pakistani establishment that INDIA should be allowed a transit trade route through Pak to Afghanistan.

    I dont understand why we are sitting like dumb and just listening to these NON-SENSE of Ambassador Petterson.

    May ALLAH give us the INSIGHT OF “” KHALIFA UMAR R.A.U””

  6. wrong. gen kapoor said that to get more money for defence hardware

  7. Why does a U.S Ambassador need to comment on a statement made by an Indian General towards it’s neighbors. It is a multi purpose comment with American written all over it, to help ease the tensions between the US & PAK to extract more concessions, soften our stance towards India and extract concessions from us & on the other hand continue silently to help India build Military Might by acquiring more arms & H/w. India is current HOT market for sales of military H/W.

    Gen. Kapoors statement was also preplanned with the help of Americans and American Ambassadors comments are a follow through to keep the subject in the spot light!

  8. Hers is a statement of a guilty person,to say that “we did not tell Kapoora to make that statement”,although it is at the behest of America.Otherwise from where India got the courage to challenge Pakistan.

  9. AOA

    Do we still consider the US government as our friends or allies ?

    At least now we should be very clear in our minds as to who is the real enemy and what is there agenda. The indians are ignorant stupid puppets who are being played by israel & US, just to become the get the status of a global power.

    This axis of evil is trying to pressurize from all corners.

    Dont we see that what is the role of the US ambassador in Pakistan ?

    Dont we see that US military command visit Pakistan almost every week to meet with our corrupt leadership.

    Dont we see that india has stopped our water and is openly violating the indus water treaty.

    Do you really think that we have electric shortage in Pakistan?

    I only give you one example, KAPCO the largest IPP in Pakistan has the capacity to produce 1600 MW. You know what they are producing 600-700 MW and are not allowed to produce more than that by the government !!!

    Do you really think that we have shortage of natural gas?

    Do you really think that closing CNG stations wont kill the CNG industry?

    Dont we see that our leadership is scared to such an extent that they are ready to give up Pakistan’s integrity but keep their bank balance.

    Did any of our millionaire polititions donate even a single rupee of their own to the IDP’s or any other victims?

    Dont we see why out TV channels(GEO, ARY, HUM, AAG, G etc) show vulgar indian programmes and indian movies on our national days and holidays?

    When will we open our eyes and see the reality and break free of the matrix which has been pulled around eyes.

    Before its to late, my brothers & sisters, wake up and see what is happening around you and what is being portrayed.

    • you have made some good comments brother i would just like to add that the pakistani army should without delay start shooting down the drones which have killed over seven hundred civillians enough is enough the americans are violating pakistani airspace the only country in the world that lets this happen lets an outside power murder its civillians
      pakistan is an independent and soverign country with its own army airforce navy etc etc and we can sort out our own problems

  10. The successive governments have allowed America to become our “Mamay”.

    Probably,during Zia’s period,the then ambassador was talking non-sense in a news conference.Journalists whispered to each other, “YEH HAMARA MAMAY LAGTA HAI”.and he knew Pak languages very well.

    US,British,Russian,and even Indian diplomats have to learn the languages of the countries,where they are posted.It is only Pakistan that we do not care.Our
    Ambassadors to our dearest friends Saudi Arabia and China are ignorant of the languaes spoken there.


  11. enough is enough its time the pak army started shooting down the drones that is committing mass murder

  12. How come this “Patterson terms remarks of Indian Army Chief as ’silly’” news is appearing ONLY on paki sites???

    Anyone have any credible site(Means non-paki) ???

  13. these so called remarks of indian army chief is a side show the real problem is the american drones bombing pakistani teritory killing over seven hundred civillians patterson is just changing the subject silly bitch

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