Mystery Surrounds Contractors’ Role at CIA Base

January 9, 2010

Two of the seven CIA personnel killed in last week’s suicide bombing in Afghanistan worked as contractors for the company formerly known as Blackwater, but what role Dane Paresi and Jeremy Wise played at the CIA’s forward base in Khost remains unknown. The base collected intelligence used in the CIA’s drone attacks across the border in Pakistan, but CIA director Leon Panetta has said that the former Blackwater, now known as Xe Services, is no longer involved in the drone program.

Spokesman for both the CIA and Xe/Blackwater declined to comment whether Paresi and Wise were employed through Xe, but two private intelligence sources and one current government official familiar with CIA operations at the Afghanistan base confirmed to ABCNEWS.com that the two were there as Xe employees. A source familiar with Xe’s contracts said that their role was not to provide security for the base, but provided no further details.

Paresi and Wise were both former elite military commandos, and were killed when a Jordanian double agent detonated a suicide bomb at a meeting inside the CIA base near the Pakistan border. Wise was a 35-year-old former Navy SEAL from Virginia Beach, Va. A statement from the family of the 46-year-old Dane Paresi described him as having recently retired from 27 years in the Army, many in Special Operations. He was from Portland, Ore.



  1. I knew it from the first day that US is lying about Blackwater/XE. They r still everywhere as they r indespensible. We will continue to deal with these killers for a long while. But victory will be of the truth.

  2. @Yousuf,
    If you watch”confession of an economic hitman”,it is proved that such persons are not recorded on the payroll,that is why,may be,Dacate Rahman Malik keeps denying their existence(although he may know the fact).Similar is the case with drone attacks.Not only on US media,but also on Pak media it says”Suspected drone attacks”,because officially it is not happening.

    We must find ways to blow it up.

  3. thanks.

  4. Ijust read yesterday in MNCB news that XE,old Black Water has been given contract for $ one Billion for training of Afgan police force, despite very adverse report of Congress(Democrat) committee about this company’s conduct in Iraq which made it change its name.What Obama administration is likely to achieve with all this going on?

  5. this is for the innocence they have killed through their drones programme

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