Interview: Author of ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’

January 9, 2010

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. I have read his two books, ‘Confessions of an economic hitman” and “the secret history of American Empire”, both eye opening accounts, his memoirs.

    I am certain, the current crisis of electricity, water, feul etc, are all IMF and World Bank forged. The Pakistan governement is immaculately slaved by them. Common Pakistanis cannot understand why the inflation is skyrocketting. It is all being dictated by the thugs of IMF and World Bank (a misnomer and better be called an American Bank).

    • I totally agree with your analysis.

      It is time we Pakistani’s open our eyes and really see what is happening and how we are being choked.

  2. I am waiting for his announcement to come to the fold of Islam.Being an insider,he may well be eliminated.
    Whatever literacy rate we have,reading habit is non existent.And then,who will educate the masses.Leaders who are themselves illiterate.These leaders become pawn in their hands to make money for themselves rather than thwart their machinations.
    Un-corruptable leaders are not acceptable to western society.
    I will give the credit to the devil Mush,who appeared in his first picture with his “puppies” and remained their darling for eight years,while making Pakistan stronger so much so that we will be having “Robotic Army”as well as our missile system.

  3. The voice of conscience is very strong, if we render head to it. His books are just a reflection of this effect. He took courage and spoke about what he calls “corporatocracy”. I commend his courage and his truthfulness.

    In my understanding, he was never fit for an EHM job and what was found to be his weaknesses by the National Security Agency interviewers and what “Claudine” know from the records, missed this fact that he has a sensitive and in reality a conscientious person.

    This fired back on them and he rather exposed the corporatocracy. What a shame. Destorying other nations and building an empire on the ruins of human dignity and honor…….

  4. i suggest that this video should translated into urdu language and make it public?

    Promote this video (urdu version) among as many pakistanis. Do talkshows on this subject by relating the video revelation with our economic debacle.

    • I strongly agree with you on this. Great idea. This is the only way we can educate Pakistani people and open their eyes.

      Saudi Arabia has also been economically annexed by these corporate organizations. Although unbelieveable, yet true.

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