Increase in American ISI-Phobia

January 9, 2010

Allegations that ISI has ‘stepped up harassment of U.S. Embassy’ in Islamabad

Various reports in the American press (including the below excerpt from ‘Politico‘ blog) have come out blaming Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) of ‘unnecessarily harassing’ US Embassy officials in Pakistan – after a number of US diplomatic staff and Embassy employees have recently been caught engaging in illegal and anti-state activities.

Politico reports: As the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad publicly complained yesterday of the systematic harassment of U.S. officials in Pakistan, a longtime American Af-Pak hand says the Pakistani intelligence service the ISI appears to be deeply involved in the campaign.

“Seems the ISI has been putting pictures (with addresses) of houses containing [Embassy] Americans in the Urdu newspapers as a provocation,” the AfPak hand writes. “Several times recently the RSO (Regional Security officer) at the Embassy has had to contact folks in their offices during the day, and tell them that they can’t go home to their house tonight because of the unwanted attention caused by the ISI/Journalist provocations. Station and Emb have complained to ISI – but no acknowlegement (not surprising) and no abatement of the activity (worrisome).”

“The United States Embassy in Pakistan complained publicly Thursday that its staff members were being harassed and detained as they traveled around the country, a rare public protest reflecting the tensions as America expanded its presence here,” the Associated Press reports.

“American officials say they need to expand the embassy staff to help disburse $7.5 billion in aid to Pakistan. But many Pakistanis believe that the United States is bringing in spies to destabilize the country and to take over its nuclear program. American diplomats have faced delays in approvals for visas and visa extensions. Some have been stopped at checkpoints.”



  1. Long live Daftar-e-hareja. He have said it is our responsibility to give us ambessay security.

    So very soon you will see Pakistanis will follow americans, where they go and what they do.

    Ha ha ha

  2. Very good, I hope they strip the detained US consulate workers down and parade them around naked on the streets as well. Nice to see that ISI swung into action, this government deserves it. Should have had the balls to draw the red line themselves!

    • Exactly bro. you took the words right out of my mouth.

    • ISI Zindabad

  3. put them on trial when they get caught in sensetive
    areas of pakistan instead of letting them go

  4. This is the kind of action needed in these times . Well done ISI

  5. These hiccups in Pak-USA relation are indicative of the fact that Americans and Pakistanis are not on the same wavelength. Senator McCain clearly contradicts well known Pakistani feelings about drone attacks. American expectations from Pakistanis are based on their understanding of old Pakistan when only a handful of rotten elite class exclusively controlled and ran Pakistan. What Americans have failed to understand is that, though the Pakistani elite class is still at the helm of affairs of this nation, it has lost the exclusive control that it has been enjoying since independence in 1947. Commoners in Pakistan have stood up, though not fully yet, civil society is vigilant, media people are active with microscopes in their hands, and, above all, the judiciary has gone through a core change for the better. Now, drawing room conspiracies, under the table deals, and unholy alliances do not go unnoticed and unhindered. The people of Pakistan can not be fooled by silly political dramas by corrupt politicians.

    In past, especially during the last decade or so, vested internal and external interests tried their best to spread their choking tentacles around the neck of Pakistani nation. This nation of pure, however, has shocked every one by breaking these tentacles, a process that is still going on, and striving for making itself a truly free nation. Internally, Musharraf with the help of dirty mafia (that keeps re-appearing in many ugly shapes such as aata mafia, sugar mafia, cement mafia, medicine mafia among many others) was able to collect and impose the disgraced absconding criminals from all around the world and offer them a place in power structure of Pakistan. That dirty plan was shared (rather supervised) by external powers too because these external powers had their own agenda of ultimately kicking the Musharraf’s ass out of power. These powers had plans for using the new corrupt lot (that would replace Musharraf) to further their own sinister plans. However, the Pakistani nation as a whole, during this whole upheaval, also underwent a thorough change. Americans were expecting much more obedience and service from their new puppets (installed in key executive positions) in Pakistan. These puppets are obviously not able to service their masters just because of the increased awareness among Pakistani nation. Most of the sinister infrastructure and assets – put in place by external powers after spending so much resources, time, and effort – are being ripped off (or at least being rendered useless). Americans as usual (as in Afganistan and Iraq) did not foresee that possibility. They are now getting stronger opposition for the murderous drone attacks, had to vacate several airbases in Pakistan, their disgraced private security mercenaries being leashed in Pakistan, and their law-breaking agents- masked as diplomats – are being uncovered on daily basis. Now Americans are getting desperate. Soon they will have to deal with plain reality. The use of secret deals with Pakistani politicians, planting agents in civil servants, and blackmailing by using the aid (with huge hidden strings) is not going to work. The relationship between the two countries must be based on equality and shared interests. Time has long passed when American used to bulldoze their policy on Pakistani nation. Already American policies are justifiably seen with disgust by most Pakistanis and any more attempts of malice by Americans are only going to fuel anti-American feelings in Pakistan.

  6. If this practice is adopted and foreigners violating Pakistani law are arrested, slowly, Pakistani will gain confidence and will easily catch such misdemeanors.

  7. We have no shortage of unemployed youth in Pakistan who would love to track each and every American diplomat and spy (whether foreign or Pakistani) for sufficient pay.

    • A very good suggestion brother.

  8. We don’t need your aid just get out of our country.

  9. i think there is no harassments going, it’s just another topic to demonize the ISI and get the support needed by the American parliament to send in more force to ensure their agenda…

    • very rightly said sir, this is just another example of their “problem-reaction-solution” strategy, present a problem(ISI harassing US staff, reaction(US public-opinion and local pro-US factions get worked up and demand action) and solution(OVERT influx of US military personnel in the name of security, to achieve their goals in Pakistan).

  10. AOA,

    The americans should be taught a lesson, and it is being done by the ISI.

    I would request all my Pakistani brothers and sisters to act as intelligence gathering soldiers in their own capacity. They should observe and report every incident related to foreigners (US) in any city on this forum or any where so the real face of the US evil empire is exposed.

  11. stop the drone attacks committed by the americans its nothing more than mass murder

  12. Karachi ta Wazirstan
    Pakistan Pakistan

    bhoka nanga baiman
    hindustan hindustan

  13. Well said, Ahsan bhai…

  14. They need and deserve the extent of hospitality they show to our citizens and officials when they visit or go to US. So very politely we shall refuse taking any further chunks of their aid and reduce their presence in Pakistan which the PEOPLE of Pakistan dont like at all or else what their track record of destabilizing Pakistan along other countries shows, they would be tried by the PEOPLE themselves and on the same roads they cruise on their trucks

  15. fuck these americans….all the problems in the world because of these ……take these americans make them naked and let them march upto peshawar ,on islamabad peshawar motorway.

    proud of ISI

  16. Did really ISI do that? If yes , than I am feeling much pride for them 🙂 Keep up the good work folks and teach the Americans something about a country’s soverienty.

  17. Assalaomalikum,

    i m not a middle class person, and i belong to the hear of Pakistan. i just want to share some words that “Pakistan exist since 1971 on the base of ISI” & “Pakistan will exist only if ISI will exist without any Govt. Isolation”

    ISI The Real Pakistani Jawan ( Die for Pakistan Sovereignty )

  18. AMERICANS,ISRAEL,INDA,they r our enemies they doing thier jobs to destablize pakistan.as a pakistanies we r not doing our job,which we had do.thats y our enemy trying to get control on us.they doing thier jobs let do them,but u should do thier jobs to save the pakistan(DO SOMETHING FOR PAKISTAN)the crown of our head is PAKISTAN.MAKE LOVE TO PAKISTAN.GET UNITED.MAKE A GOOD MUSLIM.THEN U,LL SEE OUR WORREST ENEMY NOTHING CAN DO AGINST US.AND ALWAYS PREPARE U AS SLODIER OF PAKISTAN.AND ALWAYS BE PATRIOT.

  19. AOA

    Join hands together and unite yourselves.
    Become an intelligence community yourself by observing suspicious people, noting down, making movies, taking pictures of any thing which you consider is hurting Pakistan.

    Soon we will have a forum where you will be able to send all this information, from where it will be sent to the concerned authorities.

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