Case registered against held US consulate employees

January 9, 2010

QUETTA: Police have refused to release employees of the US consulate in Karachi till completion of investigation and determining the motive of their visit to Turbat and Gwadar.

The consulate’s deputy security officer Ghulam Gilani, driver Muzaffar Ali Shah and their guard were arrested on Wednesday night when they were travelling in a vehicle with a fake number plate.

Sources said that after initial investigation police allowed them to make a phone call to inform their superiors about their detention. “The three employees are still in police custody for interrogation,” a senior official of the provincial government told Dawn on Friday.

He said the federal government and the Foreign Office had been informed about the case. The sources said that a case had been registered against them under section 468, 471 and 109. They said the excise department had confirmed that the number-plate on the US consulate vehicle was fake.

The sources also said the consulate employees had not taken prior permission from the competent authorities for their visit to Gwadar and Turbat that was required of diplomats and staff of foreign missions for visiting any area in the country.

The sources said that although the employees were Pakistanis, they were working for a foreign mission and travelling in the consulate’s official vehicle with fake number plate.

“Till they clarify the purpose of their visit to Turbat and Gwadar without seeking permission from the authorities concerned they will not be released,” said the official. He said that the employees had not informed even the Foreign Office about the visit.

He said the US consulate had been informed that till the completion of investigation the employees would remain in detention.



  1. They are pigs. They are destabilizing our country. And at end what will happen is they will say Pakistan is a failed state and attack it.

    Kill all these american pigs!!!!

  2. hang tham

  3. Pakistans patience is running up.

    • I mean ‘running out’ 😛

  4. make an example of them and put them on trial and if found guilty then hang them to act as a deterrent to others

  5. Either hang them or do their encounter and hang in front of US consulate….
    So that traitors and enemies know that PAKISTANI people and armed forces are not going to tolerate ths any more….

    • exactly bro hang them if they r US citizen and if they r pakistani traitors tear them off both infront of US counsulate to gave a heart shocking messge pakistan is not yogosalavia or vietnaam u will locate here as allowed by the pro indo-us gov but pakistani patriots wud neva let u hurt our country foooooollssssssss this is more insult than operating from USA they r here but helplessss
      bring it on US PUSSY CATS LETS FINISH IT

  6. they are pakistani no the answer is they are american pets and spying for america.cut them hands,legs,and after hang them no mercy.bcoz they r unfaithfull.behind every single terrorist attack in pakistan is INDIA,ISRAEL,under AMERICAN,emberalla.they want to destablize pakistan.they after that they can control pakistan nuk.i think they don,t know pakistanies people.they taking pakistan like iraq,and afghanistan.we are pakistanies,and we know very well how to protact our mother land.if they intend to come in,u r welcome,but soon u,ll find in pakistan no exit door for u.we,ll make graveyard.we r the soldiure of pakistan.just we need a good leader.we don,t want zardaree,nawaz shreef,they nothing,except american pets.PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD,ALLAH PAKISTAN KA HAMEO NASIR HO.

  7. what they are doing in gawader US spies are sniffering our nukes.

  8. Guys,
    I have gut feeling,it will boomerang.We have to be very careful handling such cases and not over-exploit the situation.

    They are all Pakistanis. Consider a situation that if they had gone there,and on checking,would have shown their Pakistani identities,would they have been arrested?

    We should not make ourselves a laughing stock.Though this may be another ploy of Americans to judge how intelligent we are.

  9. AOA

    Killing one or two americans wont really matter and it isnt the solution because Islam forbids it.

    Just go to the US embassy and see the long line of Pakistani’s who are dying to go america.

    The Pakistan government should very tell the US that all there diplomatic staff in Pakistan will be treated just as the Pakistani diplomatic staff is treated in the US. This should be made very clear and implemented in letter and spirit.

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