Economic Powerhouse v/s Military Might

January 7, 2010

By Wajahat Shamsi | Team PKKH

Edited By Sumayya Chawla | PKKH Editorial Team

These days many so called ‘intellectuals’ like Pervez Hoodbhoy, NFP etc are always whining that we Pakistanis spend too much on defence and should cut our defence budget and spend more on reviving the economy, education and social sector. They believe that in today’s world economy is more important than arms and with a strong economy a country can have things their way.

This belief is based not on facts but on books and text they are taught at universities in a system which is based on making men and women better manager but not better leaders. I believe that Pakistan needs to spend on education, social sector and etc, but not at the cost of defence as she faces imminent threat from the East and now a looming threat from the West. With the threats that we are surrounded with, we have no choice but to keep our military defence up to date and running. There are great lessons to be learnt from history when many great empires have fallen because they did not pay enough attention to developing military capabilities.

The peaceful Dravidians of the Indus Valley Civilization were forced to leave their land and migrate by the much more powerful the Aryans. The Dravidians were smart people and were one of the first people who made the drainage system, they had trading with the Egyptians, but sheer force prevailed over their capabilities in other areas of development and technology.

The Arabs were able to take down the Mighty Persian Empire and the Roman Empires which were the two super powers of their time and had remained so for centuries. The Persians and the Romans (after the Greeks) fought many wars but were never able to defeat one another. However, the Arabs were able to take on both the Persians and Romans simultaneously. Both Empires despite their immense wealth could not use their riches to defeat the Arabs’ military might.

The Mighty Mongols were able to take over almost all the known world. They didn’t have any wealth but their military might prevailed. Likewise, the great Mughal emperor Babur was able to capture Delhi because he had a better army.

In Present times, countries with strong economies but a weak army are not able to dictate their terms to the world. The GCC countries have enormous wealth but are not able to dictate their terms while Israel relies heavily on her military capabilities to maintain an iron grip over the Palestinian occupied lands and to terrorize the neighbouring Arab states.

Germany and Japan have one of the top 5 economies in world but they lack militarily. For this reason these two countries have been incapable of developing an independent foreign policy and hence are forced to look towards the US as their protector. An example of this is that although both these countries did not support the war in Iraq, they were nonetheless forced to become allies of the U.S in this war. In contrast, the Russians though economically weak, were still able to dictate their terms in world affairs.

Pakistan since its inception has faced difficulty and has had to spend on her defence to counter external threats. If Pakistan didn’t buy F-16s, produce Al-Khalid and other state of the art equipment, it would perhaps be fair to say that we would have been run over by India by now or by the Soviets back in the 80’s. Our Nuclear program helped us win two wars with India, one in 2002 and the other more recently in early 2009. It is the fear of our nukes that all our adversaries (mainly India, Israel and the U.S) are wary of us.

Instead of taunting our armed forces and criticising the amount of money that is spent on making the finest equipment and training available to them, we should feel proud that despite the many difficulties that Pakistan faces today, we are still fully capable of putting fear in the hearts of our enemies and growing stronger everyday. By the grace of Allah, we are the first line of defence for the whole Muslim Ummah and shall remain so in the future as well. Insha’Allah.



  1. Okay now just the mention of Pervaiz Hoodbhoy tickled me. He is never coherent. I read an article of his where he thrice contradicted his own arguments so eloquently, that even a child could see that.

    He has no idea about the implications of defense budget cut. He on various talk shows is critical of Pakistan for the sake of being critical.

    I agree, army must not be taunted. Without the Army and ISI, Pakistan will be defence-less sitting duck and we don’t want to be like that.

    Instead, the corrupt and incompetent politicians must be taunted rather drilled for their misdemeanors.

    • Pakistan has 1 teachers for every 8 soliders this cannot go on

      • I am not clear as to what do you mean by 1 teacher for every 8 soldiers. Please elaborate.

  2. I like it that you mention me here 😀

  3. We as Pakistanies need to learn the art of learning from our enemies at least.

    Meir knew Israeli Prime Minister –
    “Your doubt are well founded, but if we win this war, and defeat the Arabs, history will remember us as the victors, and in history, once a community is know as the victor, it forgets how many eggs they ate and how many times they had food. Whether there was jam, honey, butter on the table, and how many holes they had in their shoes. Or whether the sheaths of their swords were new or old! A conqueror is a conqueror.”

    She learned it from? Meir’s states
    “I got this logic from the prophet (of the Muslims) Mohammed (peace be upon him). When I was a student, my favorite topic was comparative study of religions. Those days I studied the life of Mohammed (PBUH). One author stated that when Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) died, there was not enough money to buy oil for a lamp, his wife (Ayesha Siddiqua[Raziallah-u-ta’ala unha]) mortgaged his battle shield to buy oil, yet there were nine swords hung on the wall of his house.

    When I read this account, it occurred to me- how many people in the world would have known about the worst economic condition of Islamic state? But everyone recognizes them as conquerors of half the world. So I decided that I would buy arms at any cost; even if we would have to starve or to live in camps instead of buildings, but we would prove ourselves as the victor”.


  4. Great article.we dont accept any compromise on our muslim weapon at any cost.i dont understant that hoodbhay is so educated person but crisize our force.
    How discusting man!!!

  5. I would,respectfully,differ with the authors of this article.

    To bracket Muslims with Aryans,Mongols & Russia is totally wrong.The main factor for Muslims was Faith.
    Again,Germany and Japan are siding West because the agenda is common i.e.anti Islam.

    On defence allocation,the absolute number is not that much but when seen as a percentage,it looks too much.

    The fact is that our GDP(whose growth was around 8% before this regime),has contracted to 3%.

    Mind that growth in GDP makes tax recovery higher which results in allocation to various sectors,Education,Health,Defence.

    Becuse we do not make efforts towards growth of GDP,honestly pay taxes,(pilferage of nearly Rs.200 billions every year),therefore less is spent on education and health.

    I would rather advocate more allocation to defence,seeing the threats we face By the way,Pakistan,soon In Sha Allah will be the fourth country to develop Robotic Army.It is on Internet.

  6. If the economy is controlled IMF, they won’t let you do anything. Step one is getting rid of IMF.

  7. I want to share an event from the times of Muhammad (Sul Allaha wa alahi wasalum). The Sahabas were training themselves and practicing Aiming Teer Kaman and mounting the horses. The time of Salah came and Sahabas wanted to stop the training and perform salah but Muhammad (Sul Allaha wa alahi wasalum) ordered them to continue with what they are doing and said, training in the name of Allah for war(Jihad) is even more important then SALAH so finish what you are doing first then perform SALAH.
    This is the importance of Arming and training in Islam. We should learn our lessons from history.
    Listen to what the army of Halaku Khan said to the Khalifa (Baghdad) when our Caliph was busy collecting wealth and all drunk, begged Halaku for his life and pleaded to take all his gold but leave him so he can continue his drinking parties.
    Halaku said, when u knew that I am coming to get you why didn’t you arm yourself, What good is this wealth to you, when today it cannot even save you from me. We all know what happened after that.
    Oh “Soldiers of Allah”, whoever you are and we are all confused today that who they are. Allah don’t need you and me if we don’t want to do the job. He is preparing his army same the way he replaced the Kahlifa(Baghdad) from the hands of Halaku Khan and today Halaku’s sons are protecting Allah’s religion.”AMAZING RIGHT”.
    That is the qadar of ALLAH.
    We don’t want to be like the Khalifa (Baghdad) and we want to be ready and with all the arms we can get. ARMS are the real jewels of Islam.
    Look how the mighty super powers of today and before us did. Please go read and look just at their Military spending.

    • This Hadith is the sole reason for me to write this article.
      Arms is our jewelry

    • Prepare urself for the final crusades as is what bush junior told before invading afghanistan.It is coming to pakistan now,don’t be fooled by anything.War is coming so protect urself.I doubt they would do something in 2012,may b israel would attack with some amazing new techonology to show its might in the same way as was done by usa in world war II when they nuked hiroshima and nagasaki.Since usa now has to transfer the power to israel something like that event of nagasaki would happen and this would be the commencement of third day of dajjal’s rule from jerusalem.First day of dajjal is finished in world war II which according to hadeeth was like a year,second day which was like a month would be finishing soon from usa.third day would start from jerusalem which would be like a week and then dajjal would come in our time zone of days like our days.We r near Imam Mahdi’s time,Army of khurasan is fighting the mighty of mightiest and they will eventually win inshallah.So prepare urself my dear brothers and sisters for this last and final crusades.
      Note: its not conspiracy theory but a theory based on sahee hadees.

      • first day of dajjal finished in world war II when he was ruling the world from england.

  8. AOA
    Dear Pakistani’s

    These people or so called “experts” or “senior analysts” are trained to do this. They follow an agenda which actually contradicts Islamic fundamental ideology. If we closely observe the various “talk shows”, we would find that in every talk show we have such an “analyst” or anchor who wants peace with India, US and would like to spend less on military and more on money making.

    Another very important point I would to put forward is that the Islamic system of government which has been followed for 1400 years is now not even considered or talked about by these self made analysts, and they support and talk about this zionist imposed puppet democracy.

    We should start a campaign to get all these agenda following self made analysts banned from appearing TV channels.

  9. dont u guys get it? army is ur sacred cow. a country is truly democratic only when its control goes to civilians and every branch of the government is questioned, even the army. for eg, times of india has numerous articles critisizing the indian army.

    • I would disagree with you here. The media has made democracy our new ‘sacred cow.’ Who said a country cannot function without democracy. I would suggest to watch Brasstacks programs Khulfa-e-Rajjdah for the governing system of a Muslim state.

  10. I do not dispute the main message of this article that as Muslims we should follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad saw’ and be battle ready all the times and must have a very strong defence.

    but my question is to the author of this article, What good is the enormous spending on the defence when Pakistan Army isn’t able to protect it’s own citizens from American bombings on daily basis in FATA. Either PA is a quiet partner in these bombings (i mean bombing own citizens) or they are too scared to confront America. Our army has admitted it’s cowardice when Musharraf said that America threatened to bomb us incase we don’t facilitate them in invading a Muslim Country.

    We keep hearing the stories of Raw & Cia involement in terrorism in Pakistan. My question is, What our brave Army has done to counter these acts so far?

    If an army, Pakistan in this case, can’t protect it’s own citizens from Kaafir’s bombings, what right it has to build all these nukes/missiles/tanks/fighter planes thereby wasting the money of public.

    • Dear Mr Imran,

      I am sure that you would know that according to the constitution Army is not responsible for the maintaining the law and order situation inside Pakistan. Neither is their is there job to maintain foreign relations or counter CIA & RAW inside Pakistan.

      Please first understand the role of the Army and then make such arguments.

      To give you a afir idea all actions which you have requested from the Army and the responsibility of the following organisations in Pakistan:

      Parliment & Senate
      Ministry of Foriegn Affairs
      Ministry of Interior

      If you still have doubts please read the constitution of Pakistan (available on the net) and then I’m sure you will be clear whose job is to do what.

      • Dear Mr Rashid,
        thankx for you very kind response.

        After reading your reply, for a second i thought that we are living in a Pakistan which totally abides by it’s constitution. If we go by our constitution than there was no justification for three martial laws and 95% of the present parliamentarians will get disqualified. So my brother talking about constitution/law in present Pakistan is kind a Joke, see don’t we have a big joke Mr 10% as our president, So lets stop playing this constitution constitution game and lets get in the real world.

        I’m still trying to understand which constitution stops an Army from protecting it’s citizens. those facing the indiscriminate bombings in FATA don’t care what’s written in our constitution and than simply want is protection. I will see if the Army just abides by the constitution as it’s doing today if such attack takes place in lahore/karachi/islamabad.

        I would also like to know under which clause of the constitution Pakistan military government facilitated American government to bomb Muslims and invade an Islamic country.

        this time i’m expecting a mature response.


      • Even I disagree with u rashid,today in pakistan news i saw that army has captured a woman and her girl with suicide jacket and i thougt the reason might be that her family might got killed in drone attack.
        Y pakistan army which unfortunately is acting like a mercenary army is not acting against drone attack.Army is to safeguard its people from outside attack.but y cant army take decision against drone attacks?Think for a moment that u see drone hovering in ur sky almost on daily basis ,how would u live then in an atmosphere of fear?

  11. MashAllah….pretty great n enlightening article.

    btw,what’s this pervaiz hoodbhoy’s prob…maybe he juz isnt a pakistani at all…cuz pakistanis stand united, no matter what…n what “intellectual”…he denies his own statement at tymz!!!

    May Allah bless our Army wid lots of Barakah…n regarding the budget…we r here 2 support them…
    Long live PAK Army 🙂

  12. @sarahmarch I find your comment worrying, the fact that people can decide who is Pakistani and who isn’t, no matter what opinion one holds concerns me.

    Wrt. the article, I loved it. I just had one critique of it. To me it doesn’t seem reasonable to consider Pakistan the “first line of defense”, if we were Iraq and Afghanistan would have looked different. On the contrary, it resembles more the “last line of defense”. If Pak goes, Islam goes in some sense. Well at least thats what we would like to claim.

    • We were the first line of Defense when we decided to Protect the Bosnians in the mid 90’s and last line when we decided to help our Arab and Afghan brothers in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s Respectively.

  13. I think USSR with all the military might could not survive becuase people are not happy. Similarly, though military power was not matched with the enemy but we lost East Pakistan because people were not supportive. Deprived and angry population can be more dangrous than any other Army or arsenal. We must realize that people are the real core national interest and not the nuclear assets and other arsenal and forces. Plz redefine national interest

    • To control a nation only a few things need to be controlled.When the Soviets were coming down no nation loved them but they took over the nation by having their assets controlling a few important post in the government. For e.g. No one likes drone attacks in Pakistan, the people reject it but the government doesn’t.

      For reference to East Pakistan i would recommend you to watch Brasstacks special episode on the fall on East Pakistan. It is available on you-tube.

  14. i strongly disagree with the author of this article, one cannot keep giving first priority to give subsidy to the military to have their ”palaces”(DHA, BAHRIA TOWN).

    most of our budget goes to fulfil the desires of generals and the poor people in our remote vilages even donot have basic facilities (roads,schools,hospital,sainitation).

    strong people (society) can resist the internal threats of society (like sucide bombers).

    • Dear Imran,

      I agree with your comments.

      But just go to DHA, BAHRIA TOWN colonies and you will be amazed to find out that these areas are 95% civilian people.

      If we talk specifically about BAHRIA TOWN Projects, the armed forces people cannot even afford to buy these villas/homes.

      I agree with you that some generals are corrupt, but do you know that all the development fund to build roads, hospitals, schools, sanitation is given to MNA’s, MPA’s & Politians which are very sincere to our nation and keep all the money safe in their lockers so it is not wasted.

      But reslistically you cannot blame the corrupt generals for not making roads, schools, hospitals or rural development.

  15. Salam bro, you have all the right to disagree with me.
    But people, you all must know that who is the commander in chief of the armed forces.

    The army is not to take action unless the government orders it to take any action. It is your so-called peoples government which is letting Pakistani’s suffer all over the country.

    Do you want another military take over?
    Do you want the army to take control of the whole situation, inside and outside Pakistan?

    Believe me I do…………more than ever.

    I cant see my brothers and sisters suffer due to the ignorance of the greedy blood suckers who rule this country.

    Believe me if the army takes over today. drones will stop the otherday, but we will have to pay a bigger price for that. The enemies of Pakistan are not working on one plan, they have multiple plans and all are being executed simultaneously from all fronts, external & internal.

  16. Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    Its very easy for us to sit in our cosy rooms and critise anyone without knowing the reality or the truth.

    And nowadays it has become a trend to critise the army as a fashion, without any factual knowledge whatsoever, and making up our minds by word of mouth and hearsay.

    The armed forces are not supposed to run governments and they should not endeavour to do so.

    They have a defined role to play in Pakistan.
    When they play that role they are critised and when they dont play their role they are still critised.

    I dont go back very far in the past. If we just look at the war which is being fought in NWFP and Siachen, I have the following questions to ask you all as Pakistani’s:

    1. Why are these soldiers fighting?

    2. Why are soldiers laying down their lives daily?

    3. What is their life worth?

    4. Why are they fighting at Siachen glacier which is 18900 feet high in sub-zero temperatures?

    5. Do they have children, parents or families?

    6. Are they a part of our society?

    7. Thouands of soldiers have been wounded seriously and disabled for life. For what?

    8. What do they get for laying down their life?

    9. Should we discredit thousands of shaheed soldiers, because 1% generals are corrupt?

    10. How many polititions have laid down their live for Pakistan?

    Please critise the corrupt people in our society whether they are generals or civilians, but please for 1% corrupt generals do not disgrace or discredit the soldiers who have laid down or are ready to lay down their lives for Pakistan.

    The army cannot defend Pakistan if we the people dont support them, and this is the agenda of anti-Pakistan forces to create hatred in our hearts for the army. And I’m sorry to say that we are falling in this trap.

    Think and try to find the truth. What you see and what you hear on the media is not the truth.

    But I fear you wont be able to handle the truth.
    because Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.


    • A very good post brother!

    • Very well said Rashid!

      • I agree, but hope that some of the generals look at our comments and fear ALLAH and flush these enemies of ALLAH out, if not for us may be Only for ALLAH.

  17. AOA

    Its not the responsibility of some of the generals to read our comments and flush out the enemies of ALLAH. I would again emphasis that the army is not supposed to run governments and should not try to.
    Dont drag the army into every crisis this society is facing and then hold them responsible.

    Its the responsibility of the Federation/ establishment/state machinary/executive leadership/parliment to create an environment of 100% credible accountability where “NO ONE” is considered above the law.

    Be it a general or polititian or beaurocrate or judge, he should be made accountable to any action which defies Islamic/Pakistani law.

    Unless and untill we dont have cross the board accountability, we will not achieve transperancy which is mandaotry for a goernment to function and provide its citizens a proper respectable way of life.

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