Destination – Jerusalem

January 7, 2010

by: Haris Mumtaz

The night was shimmering up in the sky and within the silence of words coming out the noise of bombings and explosions. Children stressed, demented under the safety of their shelters while their parents are either resisting on the streets of Gaza or sitting alongside their families wondering which house is next in line of existent fire that will cover their fate for good and cure them out of their misery. Struggling with their faith which leads them to the state of optimism seeing that there is nothing they can see now except for ruins of human flesh and construction concrete on the streets and a coward enemy who is technologically advance to such extent that he is not daring enough to meet the innocent in a battle field face to face. Palestine is under attack yet again by the imposters and the attempt is only to kill the innocent, destroy the possession of Muslim targets with no military strategic importance or rules of engagement.

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  1. Ok Harris.. Thanks for your reminder, but why is it that we who are one of the mightiest countries in the world just looking at the ruthless acts done in Gaza and why dont we just fight their enemies. Or dont we have the balls to do it and have the brilliance of just writing emotional articles which can sell.. Where is the Islamic bomb man!!!

    • Brother Aamar,

      I believe I share the same vision that you have and by adding anger into it, results in the form of this article. If you think writing is easy, then I can say writing comment on it is much easier. You want to fight with the enemy, Islam says, know your enemy first and if you THINK you know, Propagate, tell others rather then blocking the way of those who are doing the same. May be its possible that People must’ve said the same thing to Allama M. Iqbal that why you are wasting your time and time of others by writing this mesmerizing “Shayari”, why don’t you go and fight with the enemy … I ask you wasn’t he doing his job? Now I know that I am not even close to the “I” of Iqbal but I believe I am doing at least something in the light of my limited abilities being explored to me by ALLAH (SWT) and that puts the question straight to you and others that what are we doing? This effort is not some tradable technique my friend, I am doing this just to make people realize that the destiny of Pakistan in not limited to our boarders, it beyond that. You are asking where the Islamic Bomb is, leave Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal aside, I am telling you that your vision, your ideology, your ability, your strength and most dangerous of all YOUR FAITH on ALLAH (SWT) is nothing less then a Islamic Bomb itself and this is what your enemy fears the most and this is what they are trying to do, to create a thinking pattern in the minds of our people that they don’t have anything just words and with words they cant do anything. For me words are just the beginning, the ultimate glory is what you all are destined for INSHALLAH.

      I am glad that you came up with this comment as I can see the fury inside you. All I am asking you to guide this anger for constructive purpose … search and research … find out the truth.

      Make an effort …

      Strive for it …

      Live for it …

      Die for it …


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