UST’s (United States of Terror) Sinister Motives Against Pakistan

January 6, 2010

Aquib Moin | PKKH

After invading and waging a severely damaging war against Afghanistan, which was justified by a self-orchestrated attack on their own soil, storming and devastating Iraq on the basis of absolute falsehood and utter lies about the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, the so-called sole supreme power on Earth, the United States of America and its strategic allies are now in the third and most crucial phase of their master plan for the 21st century.

Before launching their global sinister plan, their desperate target is to de-stabilize, de-nuclearize, de-islamize and destroy Pakistan. The evil nexus of US, Israel, India and the Zionist movement realizes and understands that Pakistan is the biggest hurdle in the fulfillment of their pernicious intentions to make Israel the next super-state in the world and achieve their grand strategic goals. They know that Pakistan is a serious threat to their ideology and objectives, without subduing or destroying Pakistan, which is the final frontier of Islam and Muslims, they cannot accomplish their mission and their efforts will not come to fruition. That is the reason why, their main target is not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Syria, not Yemen or not Iran; their crucial target is Pakistan and they are deploying all of the resources, employing all kinds of schemes to get it rid of this hurdle from their way.

The recent wave of attacks, which rocked a number of cities and targeted several sensitive locations in Pakistan can easily be traced back to the elements associated to the aforementioned nexus so as to instigate chaos, turmoil and disharmony in Pakistan. Since the beginning of October till this day, nearly 25 deadly attacks have shaken the streets of Pakistan and the hearts of Pakistanis. After the recent attack on the Muharram procession in Karachi, the death toll now stands close to a whopping figure of 600 in less
than three months. Innocent men, women and children lost their lives just because they were Pakistanis and of course Muslims.

A careful analysis of the incident unveils that these kind of dreadful attacks can by no means be planned and executed by ordinary local criminals. The pattern, the design, the equipment and explosives used and the kind of people involved clearly lead to the fact that foreign elements with ample resources were behind these attacks and all clues point to dirty and covert operations of US and Indian backed elements fueling and supporting terror in Pakistan from Afghanistan. According to Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas, DG ISPR “Huge
quantity of Indian arms and ammunition, literature, medicine and medical equipment had been recovered during operation Rah-e-Nijaat” [1]. This material finds its way into Pakistan and is used to support the terrorist activities. It is also as evident and is much talked about with sufficient proof that American mercenaries such as Blackwater/Xe Services are at work in Pakistan. CIA has itself confirmed their presence and operations in Pakistan [2].

They are on a mission. A mission of causing as much chaos, turmoil and destruction as possible to weaken Pakistan and to make it more and more vulnerable so that a hoax justification could be presented to take over its nuclear capabilities. Their presence in the federal capital Islamabad, close to the Kahuta Research Labs is really alarming and one must be absolutely blind and ignorant not to see and understand why they are here and what they are up to.

Indeed, the presence, movement and operation of such groups would not have been possible without some local “assistance” provided by the traitors and betrayers of our soil. First thing, how did they get it? Who allowed them? How did they manage to get accommodation other related things? How come they are allowed to carry illegitimate and prohibited weapons openly? How come nobody can dare question them while they roam around our cities? [3],[4],[5],[6]. These are the bitter questions the answers to which only strengthens the notion that these “terrorists” certainly have some internal support.

The intensity and frequency of the suicide attacks reached its maximum in the later half of 2009 and this is time when Pakistan Armed Forces launched a full-blown offensive against the terrorist elements in South Waziristan who have been engaged in all kinds of brutal and horrendous terrorist activities in Pakistan. Most of the attacks in the short time span of less than 3 months were targeted to damage and destroy security establishments and installments in various cities. The massive assault on the GHQ of Pakistan Army in the heart of Pakistan was a clear manifestation of the desperate willingness of the enemies of Pakistan to destabilize and weaken the state of Pakistan and also give an impression to the whole world that Pakistan is a terrorist black hole and the “Islamists” are heading fast to conquer the nuclear facilities in Pakistan and that these facilities must come under the control and supervision of US/NATO forces since they are totally unsafe. The people who attacked GHQ were not even close to any kind of Islamic ideas and their execution of the attack was in no way a work of a local, untrained, rugged and crudely prepared organization. Instead, they were well-trained, commando style people equipped with modern weaponry who had the guts to attack the headquarters of one of world’s most disciplined and organized Army. All traces lead to foreign intervention with a special agenda [7],[8],[9]

The attacks that followed the GHQ assault were all well-coordinated and well-placed attacks mainly targeting Pakistan’s security establishments. The attacks actually kept pace with Pakistan Army’s progress in cleaning up the terrorist elements in South Waziristan. The sudden rise in these attacks clearly tells that they were in retaliation to Pakistan Army’s iron-fist offensive against the terrorists. Pakistan Armed Forces apprehended hundreds of anti-Pakistan militants and confiscated large number of weapons and explosive material which was found out to have Indian/American origin [10]. From where could they be supplied with such ammunition? The far end of their supply line is most certainly in Afghanistan!

The Indians have the highest number of consulates in Afghanistan and Americans have Afghanistan as a crucial base to achieve their goals in this region. Right when Pakistan Army started to wipe out these terrorists from Pakistan’s soil, the covert elements came into action and intensified their terrorist acts all across the country. It can be inferred from the timing and the similitude of these attacks that their orchestrator is one and the same. The terrorist American militia Blackwater/Xe Services and their “regional partners” RAW are behind these acts of terror and they have jointly created TTP to execute their schemes [11],[12].

The presence of Blackwater/Xe in Pakistan and their covert operations are no secret anymore [4],[5],[6]. Foreigners with prohibited weapons, suspicious training centres, vehicles patrolling close to restricted areas, the immunity that these kind of dodgy foreigners are enjoying is sufficient to believe that they are here and they are on a dirty mission against Pakistan. Documented proof has surfaced that they are unfortunately supported by some traitors from inside, they were given clear entry, they were facilitated to import weapons [3] and acquire real estate so as to launch the mission to create a situation turmoil leading to a civil war in Pakistan so that it becomes an easy target when attacked from East and West.

It has been a US strategy that whichever country they wish to invade or whichever nation they wish to bring under their obedience, they first introduce unrest and turbulence in that country, trap it financially and economically, install a weak pro-American slave government and finally invading that country by landing their Army on ground and establishment of massive military bases. They accomplish the first part of this mission by launching covert operations in the country by deploying “professional” terrorists like Blackwater/Xe and the CIA itself which work by supporting terrorist, separatist elements, brainwashing simple and often less-privileged population using them against their own land. After damaging the country from all directions they finally invade it and practically take it over.

The recent examples are Iraq and Afghanistan, where Blackwater/Xe and similar operatives were instrumental in mass killings of innocent people, restricted and illegal weapons were used to wipe out cities filled with people [13]. They were hired to carry out targeted assassinations as well as other terrorist acts like shooting sprees, bombings which took the lives of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians and created a disastrous situation in Iraq [14],[15] which facilitated the Americans to invade and eventually occupy Iraq. These professional terrorists have also been deployed in Afghanistan and they have done enough damage and butchery there to facilitate the US Army to occupy Afghanistan too. [16],[17].

After snatching the oil wells of Iraq by making the lives of Iraqi people miserable and bombing Afghanistan into ruins, the so-called sole supreme power, USA with the loyal help of its aides and allies is now attempting to employ similar tactics in Pakistan. Because this is where they wanted to reach. They desperately want to destabilize and balkanize Pakistan and somehow take away its nuclear capability and leave it just as a obedient sub-state of India, which can be controlled as per accord. Pakistan is the only Muslim state equipped with nuclear power, it is the last hope of the Islamic world, it is the last but strongest fortress of Islam left. It has the potential and the passion to sabotage their plans in the region and it is the biggest hurdle in their schemes to either subdue and malign, or destroy the Islamic world and Muslims, which are a perceived threat for their system and western civilization, from the face of the Earth. Pakistan is the sole biggest threat to their great game, hence the launch of Blackwater/Xe operations and the creation of the fake Taliban, an American/Indian backed organization of savages and worst terrorists namely Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which has been busy trying to destabilize Pakistan. But they keep on forgetting that Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan, Pakistan Army has broken the TTP backbone in a short span of time and are now cleaning up these filthy elements from the soil of Pakistan.

Thus, all the evidence, all clues and a calculated analysis in the backdrop of the global scenario and the incidents in Pakistan leads to the covert and sinister operations of “US terrorist organization” Blackwater/Xe and their associates under the command of US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) together with RAW, TTP and the filthy treacherous insiders who are equally guilty and deserve to be hanged on the lampposts of the federal capital. Despite their desperate continued attempts, their inauspicious intentions have been in quagmire so far and they have all eaten dust in there schemes to destabilize or balkanize Pakistan. “They are making their plans, but Allah is making His plans and He is the best of planners”

The most recent attack on the main Muharram procession in Karachi and the mayhem that followed, was a latest attempt to provoke sectarian violence in the city of Quaid, Pakistan’s economic hub, which was at peace since quite some time. It was an unprecedented incident in terms of timing and execution with clues again leading to American/Indian elements, with the rulers showing their usual incompetency. But the wonderful people of Karachi demonstrated exemplary patience and unity and sent a strong message that such cowardly acts cannot bring the Pakistani nation down and every such attack is making us more and more strong and determined to crush whoever eyes our sovereignty and raise our flag higher!

It is high time that some critical decisions must be taken for the defense and security, sovereignty and prosperity of Pakistan:

1. Pakistan’s foreign policy must immediately be revised and clear cut distinction must be made between the enemies and friends of Pakistan. USA, India and Israel must be declared as hostile states and an aggressive message delivered that we will not tolerate any conspiracy, interference and assault against Pakistan and we will retaliate back with full force in case of any attempt to attack the sovereignty of Pakistan.

2. The US/NATO supply line must be totally blocked since all of the trouble for Pakistan is coming from Afghanistan, there is no point in supporting this supply of essentials to the US/NATO forces when are getting nothing but terror, turmoil and innocent deaths in return.

3. The present Government has “aptly” demonstrated its incompetence and inability in all areas and has served its masters enough, it should either mend its ways, make the right decisions for Pakistan or it should just step down for the Patriots of Pakistan to take over and run the affairs of the state appropriately. Enough is Enough!

4. Clear statements must be made about the Indian involvement in the terrorism in Pakistan and strong warning must be given to the Indians to stop supporting and sponsoring the terrorists on our territory otherwise they will have to pay heavy price!

5. The situation of law and order must be improved and strengthen by continuing and stepping up the current trend of judicial righteousness and internal matters of Pakistan must be adequately resolved.

The need of the hour for the Pakistani nation is to believe in Pakistan and stand united as a solid and unshakable unit leaving all differences behind, work for it with loyalty, honesty and determination and be a part of the destiny that has already been written for Pakistan.

Against all odds, the Rise of Pakistan is coming Insha’Allah!

Pakistan Hamesha Zinda-o-Paindabaad

Aquib Moin, based in Australia, is an analyst with Islamabad based thinktank ‘BridgeHead Institute’ and a senior editor at PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com


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  1. When i look up at the PPP Government then i think that we might fal to achieve victory but when i take a glimpse of our Armed Forces and the youth i must say that we will be successful inshallah and we will defeat these enemies.And to my fellows never be scared of such suicide coward attacks on the innocent people.I know that sometimes our Security fail but keep in your mind that “TEMPORARY FAILURES ARE A PART OF PERMANENT SUCCESS”

  2. Salaam,

    I am not with any political party but in my observation they are trying to destabilize Pakistan by first destabilizing the government and with this approach they will create the anti Punjab feelings among other provinces awam as they follow the party leader based on personal feelings not by evaluations.

    So this is the responsibility of people who understand the current conditions to use the same tactics of which our nation is victim, and create patriotic, positive campaigns. Also this is the right time to motivate the students of universities of tackle the Blackwater/XE and all other international NGOs. It is the time when we should monitor the movement of such vehicles and put a barrier in front of them with the help of students. Trust me they cannot face a group of 10 to 15 people in front of them even having modern arms. Students have motivated the campaigns to create Pakistan and students can protect on civil front.

    We now need to fight our war our way against the terrorist. Also we need to define our definition of terrorism.

    There is so much to say and discuss but time is flying and we need to do something.

    May Allah Bless you all
    Peace to Pakistani nation

    • i missed one thing that we should not allow gov to take loans, As we people of Pakistan needs to pay that back so they should be the one to approve it, either by voting for it or by the approval of all provisional assemblies + national assembles + army + judges etc.

      Also we need to give free hand to our law enforcement agencies.

  3. This is not right! I mean these are not reasonable demands. Atleast not all of them. The writer seems to be in a fantacy land. let me explain.

    1. By declaring USA and Israel hostile states, we will go against them openly. We, at current state, cannot afford to create enemies. USA has to dealth with indirectly and diplomatically not by declaring it a hostile state. Rubbish idea from Alice in wonderland.

    2. This is a valid point but i think stopping any supplies now will again ignite hatred towards us. You have to remember that it is not USA but NATO we are dealing with. Also the assets of DOOM are already in our territory. Stopping the supply will not have any immediate effect but can make it worse. So again, not a very good idea BUT better than the first one.

    3. The present Govt is useless but it doesnot interfere with the army actions. Lets suppose a new govt comes up and decides to talk to TTP, as this Govt did earlies, the same will be repeated. Specialy if the likes of Imran TTP Khan comes into any role, TTP will be sitting in Islamabad while Imran tries to find a soft spot in their hearts. Or maybe they will chop his head off :). So let this Govt do what it is doing and let the Army/ISI do what they want to do. Just keep the govt in pressure which is what Kiyani is doing πŸ˜‰

    4. I agree with this one. But i think Pakistan is cooking something very special for the Indians. Pak will wait a little bit and as soon as the situation turns in Paks favour, India will be fucked over in the most horrible way. I think they know this already. So be patience and keep united. I say keep united because the nation is still divided. People like Jamat and IK are still confusing the masses. So be patient and wait for the fun time to begin. It will begin InshAllah πŸ™‚

    5. Finally PKKH is beginning to recognise the postive work by the judicary. Good change. Otherwise ZH has been call it names. On this. I think no one needs to tell judicary what to do. It is learning its power and role itself. So do not worry about it. It is happening automatically. No need to make it a point in aggenda πŸ™‚

    This is very rubbish analysis. But I am no “Security Analyst sitting is sweet Australia working for some fancy institute in Pakistan” so what do I know about anything πŸ™‚

    Or maybe u should offer me a job πŸ™‚ TC

  4. I feel sorrow for the sad nations of the middle east that are attempting to challenge the power and might of the United States of America. Do they really have the slightest idea what they are up against? Do they realize that the US could become bankrupt and still continue to bomb and destroy the entire middle east for hundreds of years without an interruption? Why is it that the leaders of this waste land continue their rhetoric and disobedience to the US? It’s comparable to a child throwing a temper tantrum. The child never wins but screams and kicks the entire time until it submits. You middle easterners should simply comply with the current order of the world and save your own lives and land from destruction. You are fighting a war that you can not win.

    • Firstly Pakistan is not in the Middle East assplane and secondly you’re Yankee brothers are being killed in Afghanistan.A patriotic Pak government can stop all your supplies overnight then drown you pigeaters like mice the next day.

      Yes we can win and history proves this,we broke the old USSR into many parts and you’re next!.You’ve never fought us Pakistanis until now so let me tell you that we’re not Palestianians or Lebanese who you can kill whenever you want!.True that the current government are traitors but a new one will be established sooner or later!.Wait for that time when you Yankee’s will wish you weren’t born because our nukes are to be used in time!

      We know that you people are now beginning to live in tents so justice is coming son and will be delievered soon enough.

      • Still as arrogant as a bull, ain’t ya? You will be shitting like it too one day, soon!

  5. remove this slave goverment of america zardari without delay he has bought humiliation upon the pakistani people
    give the americans an ultermatum stop your drone attacks imediateley of face the consequences
    they the americans are bombing north waziristan know
    have killed well over seven hundred civillians enough is enough time for pak army to start to bring down the drones inshallah

  6. Hey man! What happened to my comments?

    I have been contributing here for more than an year and If I disagree with you, you cannot take it. Funny. This kind of articles will create unreasonable youth aka fanatics. Good luck.

  7. “But the wonderful people of Karachi demonstrated exemplary patience and unity and sent a strong message that such cowardly acts cannot bring the Pakistani nation down and every such attack is making us more and more strong and determined to crush whoever eyes our sovereignty and raise our flag higher!”

    yeah sure by burning the whole Market down! United people of Karachi Khappe!

  8. why it happens always to karachi.thousands of bombings in punjab sarhad thousands of people died in these three years.but no body can even think of to burn their own cities.but when ever any cracker blow up in karachi people burns the bussess shops etc etc.
    one more intresting thing those shops burned in muharram is all belongs to pushtoons.mqm ka dramay lagtay hain jo black water ko khuli jutti day kar tamahsay dehk rahay hain karachi mein.


  10. very thoughtful comments, i hope that this government will soon either come on right track or will be wipe out by others. We all pakistanis have to remember that USA, INDIA and ISRAEL is “AXIS OF ALL EVILS”.
    We all have to spread this to all pakistanis as well as should be in every electronic and print media. The government will not do this because of some infested intrests but we the general public of pakistan can do this easily. We should print posters about that and put them all over the country so every pakistani knows that and start acting accordingly.


    • Yes… thats the first step towards sovereignity for pak and earn at least 1% respect in the world.

      GO pakis go … shoot all drones and US planes in paki areas πŸ™‚

  12. A Third World Muslim Country and a Nuclear State who is developing in a close coop of China. Is it acceptable to India, Israel and USA? Because of Nuclearization they cannot do a mil adventure so de nuclearization without waging war is the Israels and Americas objective. Indians go a step forward after denuclearization to destroy it materially and morally and take over Pakistan.
    USAs Interests
    1.Take over natural resources both from Pakistan and Afghanistan (oil, coal, gas, uranium etc)
    2.Keep this belt destabilised and do not allow the route to central asian states
    3.Fort of muslims (Pakistan) unable to help other muslim states
    4.Geo strat loc
    5.Pakistan provides depth and a shock absorber to China
    6.Hurdle in Indian – US nuclear deal
    7.Pakistan a nuclear threat to USA
    8.People (Pakistanis) who prefer death over survival. Before they awake they must be grounded
    Israels Interests
    1.More or less similar to America
    2.The only country which can effectively fight and support muslim counries against Israel
    Indias Interests
    1.Even after 63 years, India has not accepted Pakistan.
    2.Practically, the interests of Indians as against losses are not that much pronounced. But mind set of non acceptance and hatred is superceding everything

    And above all, we must talk categorization of Taliban with respect to their sponsorship and how America is doing a double game. How Bait ullah Mehsud got 15 million from ISI and how he sold his loyalities to Americans at 35 million rupees. Friend of Enemy is Enemy, he cannot be a friend.
    How Indians are sponsoring Tehrek e Talibans (Pakistani Talibans) and Balochs under USAs assistance and we cannot openly speak about it. “Make Pakistan as weak as possible that they (Pakistani leaders) themselve ask for protection of their nuclear assets from USA” and then the purpose is solved

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