An Open Letter To The Pakistani Media – How far will you go?

January 6, 2010

Dr. Mahru Khalid

As I sit in my room writing this, I can hear Indian music playing on the television outside. I know that it is a Pakistani channel,and I can hear snatches of people singing praises of how wonderful Indian music and artists are. It has been going on for the last2 hours and may as well go on for another 2. This is what I have come to expect from my country’s media.

I refuse to go outside and watch that. Because, you see, I’m more intrigued by a news channel telling us how truckloads of Indian ammunition are being discovered by the Pak army in South Waziristan, by someone revealing how the Takfiri TTP are being financed by Indo-American (and other foreign) forces, and how names like Blackwater, Xe, DynaCorp., are raising their ugly heads andinfiltrating into the Pakistani society. Rather than watching Indian movies, I’m more entertained when I go on the internet and readstories of how Mumbai investigator Mr. Hemant Karkare was silenced forever because he could have spilled the beans that Mumbai was an inside job, how the militants who carried out that attack had stayed at a guest house called Nariman House for several days before the attack, and where they were provided food, ammunition, and arms in full knowledge of the Mumbai police, how the 40,000strong Mumbai police was deliberately kept away from the scene of the shooting, as the terrorists went about their merry way killingpeople. All this from the pen of a respected Indian writer, Mr. Amaresh Mishra, for me, beats the most smoothly done Indian movieanyday!

I haven’t forgotten 26/11, and its aftermath, when your Indian counterparts didn’t bother to think rationally for a second, and pointed the finger squarely at us, how they threatened people like Adnan Sami Khan to leave or suffer the consequences, how Pakistani contestants were ejected from TV shows. I haven’t forgotten how united the Indian media and people were in their hate, or how vocal the media was with its hate-filled remarks, which were sometimes shocking in their intensity, and all on the basis of mere suspicion.  And then, with much regret, I haven’t forgotten the insensitive way you responded to this outburst. Some of you even went as faras to claim that Ajmal Qasab is indeed a Pakistani citizen from Faridkot, a claim that has now been refuted by Qasab himself.

And now, a year later, I see my own country bleeding like it has never bled before. I remember the horror of Marriott, the shock of Lahore’s attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team, the valour of the Shaheeds of Swat and Waziristan. This nation will never forget the innocent Shaheeds of GHQ, Peshawar, Parade Lane, Moon Market, and so many other places. Our innocent brothers, sisters, sons, daughters were this nation’s wealth, they were a part of its future, and a legacy of its past. We have lost some of our gems, but we will never lose the will to avenge each and every drop of innocent blood.

Now I ask you, Pakistani media, do you not see who is behind all this? Don’t the daily deaths mean anything to you? Do you not seethe huge gaping wound? I want to ask you, how far will you go in this Indian admiration of yours? I see morning shows competing with each other in getting the biggest Indian star on the show. I change the channel and I see a senseless but box-office rich Indian movie being shown. I go further and I see barely clad women dancing in a spot advertising the latest Indian awards. Can you not see anything beyond the mindlessness of Indian entertainment?

Can you see that they are out to destroy us from within, to eat our society up like termites eat wood? I can almost imagine them wringing their hands with contentment at our political and moral degradation, at how they maneuvered things until we were deprived of hosting any cricketing event on our soil. Why don’t you admire the smooth precision with which they accomplished these ugly goals?

Your silence is deafening, your silence on this geo-political war being waged on Pakistan, your silence when Ajmal Qasab said he’s just an Indian being directed in the greatest Indian drama ever played, your silence on the menacing involvement of Indian intelligence agencies in supporting terrorism in Pakistan. Your silence is truly deafening. Instead, you seem smitten by the very forces who want to see Pakistan on its knees.

Will you still go on dancing to their tunes? Will you still go on leading the people of this nation further into fools’ paradise? I just wonder, how far will you go?



  1. This is how far our media ignorance can go
    just notice the “Star of David” on Pakistani flag in a live show on GEO

  2. just true!

  3. Can you please post a link to Mr. Amaresh Mishra’s article. Thanks.

  4. This confused media is the product of its self deluded perseption that promoting Indian culture is not dangerous, is not harmful, and entertainement should be available to everybody.

    Those controlling or owning the media are themselves ignorant about their own faith, ideology and most importantly history and unknowlingly promoting the poisonous culture through their own means. All they care about is profit in monetary terms, nothing else.

    • You discribed it best my brother

  5. Excellent piece Mehru. About time we realise this and stop supporting India media. I have made a facebook page for this very cause.


    I have made a pledge to myself that from now on, I will not watch any bollywood movie, will not pay for any channel subscription and will not support indian media.

    Boycott Bollywood!

    • maybe u should boycott using “zero” from ur mathematical calculations as it was also invented by indian … what say?

      • it was not invented by indians the concept was given by msulim of Spain.

  6. A complete indoctrination is required for the whole country.Immeditely after demise of both Quaids,till now, the whole country is in the tight grip of those,who can be characterised as :

    MANZIL UNHEN MILEE JO SHAREEK-E-SAFAR NA THEY and their 2nd and 3rd generation.

    Bollywood byecott is not enough.Total byecott is needed.

    Sh.Zaid Hamid should see that he is not nurturing an
    IBKI MAAR type youth.We lost a chance to beat Australia.When we will rise.

  7. great work by the writer, we need to wake up!

  8. I support that… and this is somthing which is happening around us … i was just thinking abt this the other day and how hipocratic can we get… our wives/mothers cant live without indian soaps..and how can you give birth to patriotic Pakistanis when you are so consumed by others media poisoning your values…

    is it only me or someone else realised there is no islamic culture shown in the soaps..of a DEMOCRATIC INDIA…lol its only hindu traditions!!! well…

  9. Thankyou everyone for this positive feedback.. I knew I’m not alone in my disgust for this hateful attitude of the media.. I just hope they realize that this type of showing is not going down well with ALOT of people..

  10. What about English movies 🙂

  11. This media is corrupt. Just take a look at ARY News. First they show news heading and at end of news heading they must show an indian kanjri. Without that kanjri they can’t live. Also take a look at molvi sahab who are owner of ARY News. Haji sahab kuch sharm karo.

    Badbaht insan!

  12. MASTERPIECE!!!! The writer is a pro!!!! KEEP IT UP!!! Open your own patriot magazine……

  13. Dear Dr. Mahru Khalid,

    It was a nice piece. I will request you write another article with some solution how we can counter it if government does not ban Indian influence.

    • Listen Tilawat-e-Quran Pak, Hamd and Naat. This is the only solution I think we can waive the indian culture.

  14. We definitly need to stop watching indian movies and channels. It is to create confusions and dilute our beliefs.

  15. Brilliant!

  16. What a wonderful article, Two Thumbs Up!! I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I’m glad that someone has literally put my thoughts into perspective. Jazak-Allah Dr. Khalid. I’m glad to see from the above posted comments that people are waking up to this reality that how Indian media has been influencing our minds for such a long time. I believe that both Pakistani mainstream networks, Geo and Ary, are in the forefront of promoting this garbage they so called entertainment after every headline news. It seems like they can’t get enough of it and they need to have their hourly dose of crack-adia. Maybe Geo, Ary should change the title of their entertainment news to Inditainment. I also think that this will better display their love and affection for Hindu culture and tradition. MainStream Media = Suckers!!

  17. Being an Indian and living in india i myself don’t watch indian news,channels,dramas,movies.I wonder y pakistani media always show news abt bollywood also.Even on the website of aaj tv or geo tv u will find latest gossip of bollywood.Shame on u.

  18. Very well written Mahru, you’ve managed to portray the sentiments of an ever increasing section of nation disillusioned with the media. They seem to have their own agenda.

    Would like to read more from you, especially on measures we can take to counter act this.


  20. Great article Mash’Allah :), you asked all the right questions and definitely captured the hypocrisy of our media.

    I suggest you send this as an email and also posted to all media channels involved in this pro India scheme.

    This kind of thing needs to be circulated throughout the youth who are still thinking India has peaceful designs and motives towards Pakistan to end this harmful delusion.

    Time to take a stand on all fronts and root out all those who knowingly include all the deceptive lies in the media.

    • *sorry I meant Great letter not article

      • thankyou Sabeen, I wonder if people can help with suggesting who I can send this to.. to let the media people know, if you have any suggestions or email addresses , please feel free to let me know..

  21. Great Work SIS..hope it reaches far and wide in Pakistan!!! we are with u but it need to be started from Individual Efforts… our so called Leaders in MEdia and else where .. cannot even handle the proofs (invloving INDIA ) dont expect them to shutdown TV channels of India … the least they would do is Shutdown Peace tv!!!! and would say Seee we blocked them!!!!.
    our ladies need to initiate the process as nearly 70-80% viewerships is of Star PLus (pathetic Dramas)

  22. Breaking News:
    Skipper Mohammad Yousef says”If I had stayed on the wicket for some time,we would have won the match”. He did not say who stopped him doing so.
    Reminds me of a Sardarjee joke on theft when the Commision(that was setup to investigate) concluded saying:HO NA HO,YEH KISEE CHOR KA KAAM HO SAKTA HAI

    An advice to Dr Mehru,
    Don’t send to any body as it will fall on deaf ears.
    As for sending to Allah,He has listened to your painful& bleeding heart.


  23. Haha this wont do any good, the people of this country are Bei-Hirs… i rememeber during the Kargil war, most of the people i knew were enjoying watching Shitty hindustani movies like gadar and shadar… Holy Crap

  24. great work keep going, the writerdid the good job we should stop or band ind movies and channels

  25. great work the writer did the good work i really appreciate it and we should stop watching indian movies and dramas

  26. This article (opinion) depicts the writers own state of mind and abhorrence to music and films which can be traced back to anything maybe childhood indoctrination or home environment, I know people who don’t have TV in their houses due to strict Islamic following but that doesn’t mean you try to impose your belief, opinion and following to majority of people. Writer herself says she hears the snatches of people who are praising it, and she is sitting alone in her room cursing them and being envious of their happiness and free demeanours. This suggests that writer is living a disgruntled life and suffering from Anti-Social psychotic personality disorder manifested by her withdrawal of music and film entertainment and she resorted to throw emotional feaces at media entities ignoring the fact that the media is a business enterprise and only shows the things which people demands. if she is in sulky dissatisfaction over any media then she must use 8 inch long thing i.e remote control to switch to QTV and watch it without being envious of what other channels showing. If nothing else work then induce zoloft 500mg combined with zanax in case of some other complication take 10ml Pepto Bismol then come out of the room and say hello to the fellow people and start to look at thing with their own perspective. It would help the writer.
    P.S it was a free/ gratis advice please pass it to other with similar symptoms and sawab e darein hasil karein. Shukria

    • Wow, ur a genius Mr Guess Who. I say that because you have obviously totally missed the point of this article. Never read a more baseless and really pointless comment. Get a life and take ur ‘half-baked mashwarey’ somewhere else. Cheers.

      • voila haha you couldnt defend your own piece of wasted cyber space alas that was the worst use of 5kb of esteemed cyber space where it is becoming hard to find imbecile like you everyday but thanks to you guys who are always found gathering in one place.

        kudos to you for using the same words ‘get a life’ and ‘never read a pointless comment’ after reading every comment hehe

        anyway congrats you have been awarded Darwin Award of Stupidity 2010 for missing my point entirely.

        my half bake mashwaray are enough to bake microcephalic minds

    • Mr guess has verbal diarrhea.

      • hey bisharat Hussain these esteem words are only meant for Zaid hamid verbal diarrhoea is the title solely owned by your Khabti Zaid hamid Pagal

  27. @ Paktriot,
    Better late than never.At least some patriot noticed it.Mubarak ho.
    You see,the problem is that the “Yalghar” is so intermittant,rather continuous,and there being no NGO to raise such issues,where people should report,such cases go unreported.

    Nowadays,Nestle’s advert shows this star.

    Recenly,Pak Alert Press has circulated a whole list of Masonery,Jewish signs,including “666” and Bank Al Falah’s emblem which is in use in Pakistan.

    PKKH would do well to reproduce it on their blog

  28. Masha Allah. However this should not stop at Media. Boycott as protest all the products from India even Panj Ranga Achaar one of my favorite:(

    We must protest India for all the wrong their official do to Pakistan. By doing that we are only acting in self respect.

    Nothing against ordinary Indian people , They are great humans.

  29. @Guess who, Before reading your comment,I guessed that it should be funky and gutterlike.It also showed your state of mind(if at all you have one).From where you got that the writer “envied.”Quite in-human of you.
    Moreover you have a facal disorder and one of the faeces is stuckup somewhere in your system(that is why you could not spell properly).
    You say “people demand”.Yes people like you demand because they do not have their mothers,sisters and daughters.Or who want them to be public property.
    My advice to you to take “Jamal Gota” and all the faeces in your body will flush out.Or take a strong tranquiliser to put yourself to rest.

    • Great response soldier, hats off to you.

    • Oh my bad meri jan ke tottay Soldier i really missed your this post I didnt noticed it otherwise i would have put the feces in your mouth with the right spelling which you recently tried to discover in old dictionary hehehe i am really sorry your honourable work of tiny mind was left unattended but I assure you next time you will be served with right stick hehehe

      hey you know you are suffering with mental dyslexia, having trouble in reading Feces hehe believe me its a word not a fish and it is correctly spelled dont be Hakla hahaha

  30. The smart are able to see through the cultural imperialism of India that is generally rejected but the younger generation of Pakistanis are naive not traitors!.India is taking advantage of there being next no Pakistani entertainment being available at this moment in time.

    We can easily live without Pornywood and their Music channels especially when Pakistani Music is much superior and original then what they produce.The order of the day is to promote Pakistaniat amongst the youth and make them feel proud of our own distinctive heritage.

    • Not everyone in Pak is a pornywood fan!!!.Try to understand this and secondly Pak pop/rock groups are far better then yours!.Even Pornywood wants the likes of Strings and Atif to sing for them!

  31. It seems that we will not need to use nuke against Hindu India as the job being done by Zaid Hamid is,rekindling the flame in Muslims of India which is worrying them
    This is evident from the jittery comments posted by idiot indians.

  32. What a bunch of loonies, Ha

  33. @Senile,

    Go an take care of your grand children

  34. We should practice the good old days when Indian Entertainment was not allowed in Pakistan. The local entertainment was good aswell, should revive Lollywood & Drama to keep our masses entertained. Indian Entertainment is spreading vulgarity in our society, and is now part of every 2nd Pakistani family, which is quite sad. We intend to embrace Indian entertainment more than most Indian would do & feel proud about it. I think the fools that seem to praise Indian Entertainment in the name of talent & appreciation of music, forget that they are loosing their own identity in the process and killing their local industry. More concerning is that, It is just a matter of time know when the Pakistani children will know the Indian cultures as their own and will forget being Pakistani!

    When a Muslim child will ask his parents innocently on the death of this Grand parents “KI INKI CHITA KO AAG KON LAGAE GA?”
    or asking his mother in a wedding at the time of rukhsati that “YEH LOG KAHAN JA RAHE HEIN! ABHI TO DOLHA DHOLAN NE AGNI KE PHERE BHI NAHI LIYE”

    Above statements are no stories but the real truth that I have personally witnessed. Along with many of the Hindi words that we would speak in fashion. Or like Nawaz Sharif addressing a crowd n calling them JANTA instead of Awam n stuff….


    • When I hear of these comments I feel so proud my Indian roots and how influential and ,basically, fun it is. There is already some material out there on the internet regarding Indianisation of South Asia,especially by Pakistan.

      I suggest just enjoy our Music and Songs; Movies and TV shows. If your culture is so threatened by ours then yours in not much of a culture and doesn’t deserve to be followed anyway.

      Somebody said we should bring back Lollywood and shit. WhAT??? When was Pakistani film industry ever alive??

      Do you think its so easy to develop a Movie industry?? Canada,Germany,Brazil are examples of where the local Society has not been able to establish a Film industry. How is India doing it? Because of the nature of its society. It has a plural,Secular and vibrant society. India is not only supporting Hindi Film Industry but there are many language Industries within India which are actually better than the Hindi one- Tamil,Telugu,Kannada(I am a Kannada speaker),Bengali,Marathi,Bhojpuri,etc to name a few and none of the industries are threatening each other because all of them are rooted in their respective societies and are inherently very strong. They all come from a vibrant society that has respect for arts.
      Also, one of the reasons why Pakistan cannot have a thriving industry is its attitude towards sexes. I guess Pakistanis believe Men and Women are different species and have to be kept apart! What a sad scenario. Imagine a country where males and females dont ever interact freely,especially the young. How can women participate in that scenario? I dont think even the Pakistani audience likes the women covered from head to toe in a Burqa.

      Pakistan can NEVER shut out India and Indian entertainment and since Pakistan is inherently incapable of producing entertainment Indians will enjoy a small victory against a country created “because Hindus and Muslims are different culture”. I am glad that Pakistanis are negating that different culture crap by watching our movies and singing our songs!

      There was only one culture in the subcontinent and that was the Hinduism-inspired pop culture- a Progressive blend of religious tolerance and peace among different sects and castes and creeds. Pakistan just adopted all the negatives of Indian culture and considered all the good things “unislamic”.

      Just shows we are the dominant player of the cultural wars.

      US is currently the biggest cultural icon of our times. 2nd place is occupied by India.

      Gradually India is going to influence the US and the whole world!

      • Anoop, thankyou for that extremely ignorant piece of “self-glorification”..
        Let me quote a few of your golden words..
        “I suggest just enjoy our Music and Songs,Movies and Tv shows”… Thanks, but we have better taste than watching your nonsense movies, your storyless dramas (the zoom-in zoom-out gives us a headache anyway), your Tv shows that seem to insult human intelligence, and your music which you can’t help copying from us ( every second movie of yours has a Pakistani singer/musician/lifted tune)

        “your culture that doesn’t deserve to be followed anyway”.. Um, is that why you Indians are so obssessed with our Urdu language?

        “When was the Pakistani film industry ever alive??” Well, my friend, you seem to have a short memory, we used to have a glorious film industry, which you guys STILL copy stuff from, and yes, it may be kind of dead now, but it will rise again, and when it does, you Indians better watch out, because it’s going to be way classier than your Pornywood could ever dream of, and then you guys will be begging us for “joint ventures” !

        “I guess Pakistanis believe Men and Women are different species, and must be kept apart” … Those are the typical words from a biased, ignorant, Indian who is constantly fed untrue hogwash via their media, and is in a perpetual state of blissful ignorance.. It is indeed sad that our media really doesn’t show the real Pakistan, so that the people who don’t live here just believe what their media feeds them.. I must tell you Anoop, the reality is much different from your perception..

        The rest of what you say doen’t even deserve a comment, but let me tell you, the time is not far when Paksitan will rise, and Indians will have no idea what hit you!

      • I agree with you anoop , india has managed to develop its film industry to a level where it is very hard to complete it in anyway. i personally dont like Indian dramas soaps but indian films and music industry is doing marvellous work being acclaimed by whole world. i wish pakistan and india could do some joint venture project as I and most of pakistanis believe that art doesn’t have any boundaries, these are only few self hatred people who are living in pathetic state of mind who hates indian movies and music ignoring the fact that it is an art and should be taken as art for enjoyment purpose and praise the artist. my message to these people is If you dont like it please dont watch it but dont force your own ignorant full of hatred opinion on majority of people who watch and enjoy indian movies.

      • “Thanks, but we have better taste than watching your nonsense movies, your storyless dramas (the zoom-in zoom-out gives us a headache anyway), your Tv shows that seem to insult human intelligence, and your music which you can’t help copying from us”

        —> If you think our Dramas and movies are not worth watching DONT! I know you dont watch but your Mothers and Sisters do. Just because you dont find it interesting you cant dictate others to not watch it.
        Also,I bet you have only watched Hindi Serials. Correct? You do know that there are 18 Major,officially recognized languages in India,dont you? How can you judge the entire industry by watching material of one language and ignoring the rest?
        I know when you say idiotic movies you refer to movies like Sunday,Welcome and all that crap. I agree with you, those kinda movies are no brainers and a waste of time. But,Welcome did good in India. People,for some strange reason,liked it enough to make it a hit. I might not like it but I cant order others to not like it and hence not watch!
        There are also Gems coming out of our Hindi(I emphasize Hindi because Hindi Film Industry is not the only one in India) Film Industry like Taare Zameen Par, Lage Raho Munnabhai and Rang De Basanti,etc. I am sure you have watched all of them or atleast heard of them. That is the kind of soft power India is.
        What entertainment Industry doesnt produce bad movies? Hollywood makes a lot of Bad movies, so does Hindi Film Industry. But, like Hollywood, Hindi Film Industry is also knows for the Gems it produces rather than the not so good ones.

        “every second movie of yours has a Pakistani singer/musician/lifted tune”

        —> I am not aware of that. If you believe your Musicians are cheated on then you can approach the Courts in India and get paid.
        Regarding Musicians singing and making music for us, I dont see any problem with that. Jackie Chan makes movies for Hollywood. But, that doesn’t make it a Chinese Movie does it? Its still a Hollywood movie. Besides, I like India to welcome artists of all kind,from all over the world. We shouldn’t shut our doors to anyone.
        If Atif Aslam(or,whatever his name is) sings for us who does it benefit? Indians,right? At the end of the day we get to enjoy the song sung by that person. So,what he earns fame and makes money. He is famous because of the movie not the other way around. If you dont want art to grow in your country its your choice. But, please send more musicians and actors and painters to our country. We welcome them with open arms.
        Without Art there is no purpose to life! Religion is not the answer to everything and Culture without art and free expression is not fit to be called culture. Its ignorance.

        “but it will rise again, and when it does, you Indians better watch out, because it’s going to be way classier than your Pornywood could ever dream of, and then you guys will be begging us for “joint ventures” !”

        –> I dont think you understand how the world of movies and music work. How many democratic,rich countries are there in the world similar to the US? There are quite a few. Canada,Briton,France,Germany,Brazil,etc. Even China,now(NOT democratic though). How come none of them have been able to establish a movie Industry which can compete with Hollywood?
        You need more than money and desire to do this. You need a Society which loves art,which loves Music,which loves Drama,which loves Movies. Which mingles with one another and learns. I am sorry I dont see this happening in Pakistan. India is a vibrant society and a developing one at that. We love art in every single form.
        The day Pakistan makes a string of good to average movies I’ll change my way of thinking.

        “It is indeed sad that our media really doesn’t show the real Pakistan, so that the people who don’t live here just believe what their media feeds them.. I must tell you Anoop, the reality is much different from your perception..”

        –> Ok. Tell me how it is in Pakistan. Ask some Pakistani to make a movie which offers a glimpse into how the society in Pakistan functions. We Indians are truly shut out from Pakistan and thats not our fault. You dont produce any material,be it Movies or TV shows,that we can watch.
        I said what I said because Muslims follow Segregation of the sexes. I’d been to a Muslim Marriage and Men and Women were kept apart like we were some kind of Animals waiting to rip our clothes off and have sex in front of everyone. I thought since Pakistan is overly Religious then that might be followed in a grander scale! I am guessing you studied in a all girls school,didnt you? lol.. Thats what I meant by that.

        “he time is not far when Paksitan will rise, and Indians will have no idea what hit you!”

        –> As I said there is plenty of space for all kinds of entertainment in India. I personally watch Hollywood movies, Hindi Movies and Movies from my native language- Kannada. I kid you not. All of my friends are like me. So, if a good Pakistani film comes along I wont stop watching these movies but add it to my list. So, Indian films are here to stay! I bet it grows even bigger in Pakistan. I hope all the theaters run our movies there.
        So,Any 2 Movie Industries are not mutually exclusive. We welcome the competition. It would make us only make better movies. Besides, Urdu and Hindi aren’t that different. The moment you open your theaters to our movies we’ll know who the cultural juggernaut is.

      • Thank you Anoop,,, for sharing your views and over shadowing my points that I am trying to make on this forum by simply being an ignorant faggot Indian A$$ feeling proud of spreading filth in the reserved societies!! Thankyou so much! Infact since you appreciate art that much I want to see your sisters & mothers perform the very art that you appreciate so much… And see them getting raped & harrassed as well (shooting art for the sake of films) or just viewing all this with your complete family in the room with The kind of language they use in the movies casually and stuff. Leave aside the lies they are filming…

        My friend nothing personal but I think that you missed the point by MILES what this topic is trying to explain… It goes to all those Pakistani aswell who tend to defend such in the name of ART… Cheers!

      • @Catalyst,

        Well,man, your post is self defeating and doesn’t make any sense.

        I am not surprised as you come from a country which doesn’t respect art. You are a closet Taliban. The kill Musicians for they believe that Music is a sin(Is it written like that in the Koran? I really would like to know). You kill Musicians by talking against art.

        The hell pakistan is undergoing now is because of people like you. Atleast in India Muslims are not killing Muslims. They are united and occupy big positions in India. Heck, they are the top guns in 2 of India’s biggest pastimes- Cricket and Hindi Films.

        There is not much difference between Mullah Fazlullah and you. He is more twisted than you and believes in action rather than words on an Internet Forum.

      • Dont try to shy away now,,, you still didnt answer me right, instead of labeled me as Taliban. WILL YOU LET YOUR SISTERS & MOTHER ENTERTAIN ME IN THE NAME OF ART?!!!

        Otherwise you are the two faced faggot hypocrate spreading nonsense both in your conservative HINDU society & Muslims…

        Don’t try to play the Muslim card with me, You’ll be surprised to learn how long are my roots in INDIA…

  35. Salam wa tasleem..

    Please help me propagate this article which shows just another dark side of our neighbours…


    And as for media do not worry, we are here together to counterp this cultural war waged on us decades ago. I’m certain that tow of our major networks will rue their decision in propagating indian culture and it’s not far. But having said all this we also need to point out flaws in our own culture and refine it to restore our dignity.

    Bless you all!

  36. Did Dr. Mahru Khaled just comment herself?! WHAAAAAT!!!! SUCH A STAR!!! SOOO PROUDDD!!

  37. I think this article is not about if India makes good movies or Pakistan has the world known singers like Nusrat.
    I believe India makes better movies and better music but some how Allah Gave the Izat to Pakistani Singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan the most , But Author of this article is asking to boycott Indian products as a protest not as they are bad movies. So lets not forget India is steeling our water we want to show the anger in whatever form we can.
    Shame on India for steeling water from Pakistan and killing agriculture of Pakistan. This is so low that good movies of India are not worth watching if the maker of that country supports their government to steel water?
    Why not make one movie on steeling water from Pakistan and how it is effecting farmers?
    India wants to me world leader first act like one. stop steeling water.

    • “I believe India makes better movies and better music but some how Allah Gave the Izat to Pakistani Singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan the most ,”

      –> What an Idiotic comment to make! Nusrat Khan is a fabulous musician with amazing talent. He definitely has my respect. A guy who plays music for Music’s sake,for Art’s sake has my respect. Why should “Izzat” not be given to other Musicians? This is utter BS that Nusrat Khan has Izzat and nobody else. Thats just plain Bigotry.
      Besides, who decides who has “Izzat” and who doesn’t?
      I believe all Musicians and artists are people of Allah or Ram or Christ or whatever name you choose to give it to Him. And, they spread joy with their music and that should be respected. Please learn to think of whole humanity as a Familiy instead of glorifying people from your one’s own country. That is fine as long as you dont try to put down others and judge them. This is not fair.

      “Shame on India for steeling water from Pakistan and killing agriculture of Pakistan.”

      –> Again, another BS fed to you by your Urdu media. India and Pakistan have a pact called Indus Water Treaty under a neutral arbitrator World Bank. Pakistan agrees India has not broken the treaty. Under the treaty, whoever builds dams at certain places first gets to use the dam or Reservoir or whatever. India recognized the importance of this and built it before Pakistan did. What did we do wrong?

      Pakistan had alleged irregularities regarding the height of the dam and it was referred to the World Bank. WB asked us to reduce the height and we did. Matter closed. We didnt steal anything. We just built the dam before Pakistan did and won the race. You guys haven’t even started on building the god damned dam.

      Its not our fault Pakistani leaders are stupid. The politicians fight the army and the army fights both the Politicians and India. In the resulting mess nobody thinks of Pakistan’s interests.

      If Pakistan feels its cheated they can always approach the World Bank and demand justice. Stop Whining.

      India didnt do anything illegal. It just built a dam before Pakistan did. That is in the document. I can give you the link if you like..



  39. My humble suggestions to the esteem writer of this muhabbat Bhara Paigham to Pakistani Media.

    Please follow these instructions.

    1. You should fold this letter two times, resulting in three sections
    2. Then Bend the letter (without folding) into an ‘S’ shape until the three sections look roughly the same size.
    3. Fold down firmly, and use a ruler to press on the fold, making it neat, straight and crisp.

    4. Place it into the envelope so that it is facing out and with the top of the letter at the top of the envelope.

    5. If you are hand-writing the address, do so before you put the letter in the envelope, otherwise you will dent the letter.

    Please write this Address in neat and clean writing before putting the letter in envelope.

    دریاۓ سندھ
    ڈاک خانہ و پل غازی گھاٹ
    کو مل کر دریا میں غرق ہو جائے

    Now post it to nearest Post Box or go to nearest post office and ask for UMS (urgent mail service).
    Thank you, your letter will be at its real destination very soon. Now go to your snuggery again and put two sound stopper ear plugs in to your ears and enjoy your work.

    This is also a free/gratis advice please Afaqa ki sorat mein pass it to other needy person. Shukran

    • @’Guess Who’ – so you finally figured it out?! we have been doing this all along with your silly little-boy/girl posts 🙂 chop chop!

      • hehe when you will stop to amuse me ?
        suggestion for you : Please use yourself instead of letter and give final gesture to this world. hehehe

        I liked the feces emitted by your mind last month when you are going to repeat the dialysis again of your dying brain?

        Get a life (without indian movies) hehe your only known phrase

      • how un-funny can one person be? wow.

      • did you found out how ???
        not yet ?
        hehehe one way ticket one way ticket to the air-conditioned bus
        please be arrive on time bas zayada daer intizar nhi karay gi pehly bhi 800 saal late hai hehe

  40. AOA

    I would like to share some observations with all of you:

    Why does GEO :

    * Pay so much attention to Bollywood?
    * So soft on Anti-Pakistan Bollywood films?
    * Show indian movies on EID & other national holidays?
    * Try to create “Indianization” of Pakistan ?
    * Why GEO SPORTS promotes “IPL” (Indian premier league), While it ignores ” Pakistan 20/20 playing same time”.
    * Never covers the 89 separatist movements in India ?
    * Indianized dramas i.e Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Bachey Mann Kay Sachay, Dilruba Nautanki
    * It has become a willing or paid instrument of those who wanted to destabilize Pakistan
    To de-stabilizing Pakistan .
    * Why dont they promote Pakistani student achievements?

    Why does GEO:

    * Usually ignores/ gives less importance to Pakistani good news and achievements?
    * Focus on creating crises and general discontent?
    * Avoid to discuss/focus foreign interference in Pakistan ?
    * Repeating demoralizing comments on the economy of Pakistan ?
    * Try to scare foreign investors away from Pakistan ?
    * Act like an instrument or extension of a foreign power?
    * Despite having good reporters, it also employ a host doubtful crooks who have no loyalty to Pakistan loyalty?
    * Double game: First exploiting situation, build up pressure on govt to start operation. Than become innocent and condemn it?
    * Making Pakistanis to think anti-Pakistan/ spread hopelessness.

    Why does GEO:

    * Geo focuses on showing depressing news ?
    * Cancel to show positive program (CARRIER ONLINE) and start to show ( CRISES CELL) type of negative program ?
    * Why to represent strange drama “Kia Aliya nay Pakistan chor dia”, while a good Pakistani channel should develop public morale, especially at this time ?
    * Why does Geo show wrong Pakistani maps? while not showing 250 million people sleeping on sidewalks in India ?

    This is only one channel, just imagine that our 2-3 main channels following the same agenda..

    What can we do to stop them follow this agenda?

    • Man,you guys are really pissed at some GEO channnel aren’t you? I guess they are funded by RAW.. 😛

    • Rashid I totally agree with you.. About “Kya Aalia Ne Pakistan Chhor Dia?” , I still wonder what on earth those people were trying to project with a show like that, where a woman does a whole show on why it is justified to act like a defeatist in these times and leave this country, at a time when it needs us the most!!!

      • Dear Sister Mahru,

        I totally agree with your article and wish that at least 75% of our Pakistani’s start thinking this way.

        I neither allow any indian channel nor any indian programme on local channels to be viewed in my house. And now my family also dont even desire to view indian channels.

        The example I gave above was regarding GEO TV only, if we start observing other channels, the list would never end.

        On ARY Digital I was disgusted to see a stage dance competition programme where young boys and girls are encouraged to dance on indian songs. This is what we are teaching our youth.

        I wish we could build so strong a platform that we can stop this media fenzy of indianization in our sweet culture.

  41. @Guess Hoo,
    So your are a street performer.Must be earning a lot.

    • soldier soldier meethi batein bol ker dil tu chura le gaya hey man what you doing here you should be up there in mountains or are you a cyber warrior of Zaida tain patas

  42. Great article Mehru, Well done. I think most of guys commenting and arguing here didnt read it properly. I do understand the point Mehru is raising in this article. I personally dont watch indian movies anymore, because I watched a movie and it was all against Pakistan, and it was showing indian are brave and have courage, that bolly hero kinda of thing. secondly its vulgar and bolly movies are pointless, 1 girl 2 boys, 1 boy 2 girls, 1 girl 1 boy bad parents, just every one knows what is hapening in the send.
    And the most important reason I dont watch bolly movies is these movies are not for me, there is a huge difference of my culture and the culture they are showing, there is language difference, there is difference in dressing, difference in wedding,walking,talking,singing almost everything, there are some movies they play these songs for hand made Gods……the bottom line is bolywood might be the largest movie industry but ITS NOT FOR ME

  43. In Pakistan/Afghanistan if you investigate History, War on terror, Privatization, Police, Bureaucracy, Parliament, Uniform, Courts, Democracy, Any institution
    At surface first you will find
    1. Inefficiency Then
    2. Ineffectiveness Then
    3. Stupidities Then
    4. Lies At the end you find
    5. Deceptions

    It is purpose that created us.
    Purpose that connects us.
    Purpose that pulls us.
    That guides us.
    That drives us.
    It is purpose that defines.
    Purpose that binds us.
    We are here because of our Purpose.
    *Thieves/Thugs Purpose in Existing Law/Order Crisis, Taliban and Al-Qaeda
    US blood dollars are directly proportional to the blood of Muslims. Pashtun Blood is preferred and paid at double price.
    Attn: All lovers of Enlighten, Liberal Fanatic and Contractor for Pashtuns and Pashtun ruling Establishment from Charsada, Mardan and Kabul.

    (Tongue in cheek!)

    So what’s so wrong? That’s “Enlightenment” in action, for us!! ‘Selected and hand picked’ CIA cronies will replace another CIA crony.

    Therefore they are carrying out their function as they deems fit!
    This is the always the Fate of hypocrites like us.


    Whenever so called scholars/academics/experts (Raised/Funded by US/West) discuss any evil/wrong in our Muslim societies on Media especially TV, they never try to exactly locate the center of gravity of that issue. Their reasoning, and intended solutions are shallow and mostly in mars/space because they always try to avoid the context and history of the issue.
    What is unfolding now in whole Muslim World and especially Pakistan, is somewhat ‘creative chaos’ in almost all walk of life. If you have monopoly over world resources (Oil, Drugs, Technology, Banks, Media etc) , superiority in intelligence and multiple means of buying out loyalties of the readily saleable commodities (Karzai, Yasir Arrafat, Mahmood Abbas, Musharaf, Saudis, Benaizer, Nawaz, Zardari, Local Journalist, Generals, Bureaucrats, Businessmen etc.) like the US/West does, then the fog of chaos is a good way of confusing the enemy and continuing exploitation/deprivation by de-facto colonization even after so called freedom. One of the main reason for Muslim failure during last several decades in almost all fields is the result of well planned disorientation campaign. Multiple channels are used varying from brute force of carpet bombing/armed invasions to dubious soft tool like human rights, media, trade, MNCs, NGOs, globalization, academic dialogue and last of War on terror. However the only objective is to curtail Islam, whip Muslims and thrash them depending upon the situation and environment.
    We will take a common day example of the curse of Heroin. As it is normally believed that Herion like Terrorism popped out of blue from Pakistan Tribal Areas/Afghanistan. It is generally believed that simple tribal men and war lords are only responsible for menace of Heroin but never told the link between Afghan War, CIA, Heroin, BCCI and finance for US Stringers made by private MNCs.

    Heroin is prepared from morphine (extracted from opium) by boiling it with acetic anhydride, and then using a process that involves hydrochloric acid, strychnine, and caffeine. The most essential chemical for Heroin (i.e. acetic anhydride) is produced only in West, No Muslim country has any plant for producing acetic anhydride. Recently its import to Afghanistan through Karachi Afghan transit route under flag of NATO/US since 9/11 has increased exponentially. MNCs producing all such chemicals are making billions.
    Heroin was basically invented by BAYER Pharmaceutical/Agro MNCs. It is also operating in many countries like Pakistan and making Billions. CIA introduced Heroin in South America, Vietnam and Last of all Afghanistan/Pakistan. Hereon and present drug economy is very similar to Colonial era Opium trade.

    Similarly all the business families (Mostly present ruling establishment in Indo/Pak/Bangla Desh) are those who acted as middle men for opium export to China. Most of them control II Chundrigar Road, Karachi/Bombay Stock exchange and Power Houses in IndoPak. Those past collaborators/supporters of past colonials and present day ruling elites will always pray anthems of US/West. Any voice or force raising against US/West is curbed with Iron hand, it may be Lawyers Movement or Red Mosques or Tribal Areas or Rag Tag Taliban. Please see the interview of Indian Writer Amitav Gosh on BBC (23 June, 2008) about opium wars of 1830s and 1850s and opium production in Bengal/Bombay by East India Company.

    This is not about blaming the US/West for our all problems. Muslims needs to set its own house in order but there is no question that the Heroin in Afghanistan, NWFP and Tribal area were almost nonexistent before CIA operation against Soviet Invasion. Similar terrorism, intolerance, lawlessness in Tribal Area is the direct product of the machinations of the local/international establishment powers that were based in Tribal region even before Afghan-Soviet War in 1970s.
    For we Muslims and Pakistani in particular, this is not a time for optimism. It’s better to be cautious now – even paranoid – than sorry later. The events in our society in general and tribal region in particular did not emerge from a void but are a continuation of a dirty game played since colonization and continues unabated, involving critical inside players and their outside allies.

    To draw a line in the sand, we should openly declare US/CIA directly responsible for creating/nourishing/sponsoring chaos, terror, lawlessness, drug economy in our regions.


    FM Shah

    BCCI , CIA and Drugd Trade Scandal : Detailed Report 7 23 1991 NBC

    BCCI Scandal CIA Connections 7 8 1991 NBC

    This is a report from March 4, 1991 on the BCCI:

    Iran Contra Drug Smuggling, Detailed Report 4 6 1987 CBS

    Iran Contra Drug Smuggling, 2 CIA Contract Pilots Confess 1 20 1987 ABC

    CIA Drug Running Judge Bonner 11 19 1993 CBS

    Interview of Indian Writer Amitav Gosh on BBC (23 June, 2008)


    Various explanations, justifications, motives and reasons are presented for WAR FOR TERROR. US stated official motive of WAR FOR TERROR is fight against Al-Qaeada, Taliban and extremism. Many corrupt/de-facto colonial third world countries like Pakistan and Indian governments and establishment always tailor US official version WAR FOR TERROR for its own interests. These interests vary from economic aid, military hardware, legitimacy and open liberty for dealing with iron hand to any political, economic issues, crisis or rival.
    Al-Qaida is the top secret code name of special covert operations of the U.S. CIA, Israeli Mossad, British SIS, Indian and RAW. Al-Qaida is a fake name, an imaginary illusion, a deceptive fraud, a fictitious hoax and a fraudulent scam of the unlawful war for terror, which is still being cunningly and clandestinely supported and promoted by the CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW and the Corrupt Mercenary Media (CMM) to frame, blame, defame, harm and kill innocents Pakistanis, Kashmiris, Afghans, Arabs, Muslims/Hindus and other innocent humans by falsely and maliciously labeling them as the Al-Qaida militants, extremists, or terrorists. Actually, Al-Qaida or Al-CIA-da is the CIA. Al-Qaida is the Mossad. Al-Qaida is the SIS. Al-Qaida is the RAW. Al-Qaida is the CMM. The CIA, Mossad, SIS, RAW and the CMM are the real Al-Qaida or ‘the Evil 6’. For the sake of international peace, reform or abolish the CIA, Mossad, SIS, and the RAW; oppose and expose the CMM; and end the illegal war of terror now to reduce global terrorism. Indeed, imperialistic military occupation of any country, state, or nation is state terrorism. Civil terror is a natural reaction to government terror.”
    Al Qaeda and Taliban is an “imaginary force” created by CIA, through which third world countries like Pakistan and Indian governments, ruling elite and establishment interest converge with USA. Pakistan state, military/political ruling elite and establishment have been trapped and addicted to US dollars/support for last fifty seven years. These dollars are shifted to safe havens of same Western Banks, from where these dollars started journey. Hence it’s a zero sum game for Western economic system. It is for the same reason various crises in third world countries are created for commissions and omissions. Third world countries like Pakistan and Indian ruling establishment and state composes of various political, army, economic, business feudal, bureaucratic, metropolis cartels controlling/manipulating various financial and power hubs in like Bombay, Karachi, Lahore and Delhi (all British era colonial metropolis). Rest all masses (99 %) are non state agent and actors. These masses are typical mouse from Mumbai and Karachi. In the local train compartment which has capacity of 100 persons, these mouse travel with 500 more mouse. Mouse at least squeak but they don’t even do that.
    Pakistani and Indian ruling establishment have been using wild cards like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Sectarian, Ethnic Violence to their advantage. Whenever CIA or Pakistani or Indian ruling establishment wants to kill people or target someone, they send in an Al Qaeda or Taliban cut-out to start the cycle of violence. Disinformation/disorientation campaigns for local/international establishment agenda has increased exponentially during recent times. Such disinformation/disorientation campaigns are paid, sponsored and engineered by local/international establishment for creating justification for military actions, extreme brute measure and corrupt practices. the Corrupt Mercenary Media (CMM) present themselves as CHAMPIONS OF TRUTH, DEMOCRASY, and JUSTICE. Various writers and anchors pretend asking tough/hard questions and saving world from war, extremism. However media at best are manipulating and comprising the truth by showing half picture of crisis. Most of the time media avoid context and conceal motives of the ongoing crisis and chaos in India, Pakistan and whole Muslim world. Media will never tip-toe out of the false perception minefield that they have allowed themselves to be lured into by the CIA, various ruling establishment and architects of WAR FOR TERROR. TV Anchors most of the times are bounded by policy, life threats, job fears, temptations, easy going attitude, incompetence and lack of quality research on social science. Any TV channel prime motivation is money, revenue, coverage, ads and sponsors not truth.

    Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD : Mumbai based group of intellectuals and human rights activists
    India Daily-Jun. 13, 2007

    The Mumbai based group alleged that Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD. “There is enough evidence that the Al-Qaeda is a front organization of the CIA and MOSSAD. The Bush junta has used the bogey of terror and of Al Qaeda to justify his unending and ever expanding Global War on Terror, which is only a means of capturing the resources of the world and of establishing the sole hegemony of Israel in West Asia,” said the group of activists and intellectuals. The group is holding a press conference in Mumbai on Wednesday to “expose the links between Al-Qaeda and the CIA-MOSSAD”.
    Holding American-Israeli operation accomplices of the 9/11 attack on the WTC, the spokesman of the group said that this has been widely written about in USA and Europe itself and more than 50% of the American people and far more Europeans, now believe and are convinced about this fact. He said that sections of the Indian ruling political and military elite are importing the same Bush-Olmert formula into India. “The increasing terror attacks only serve the cause of the Indian elite and divide the masses along communal lines. It is only the ordinary Indians who are the victims of terror either in temples, mosques, buses or trains,” he said adding that practically no political leader suffers a similar fate, where the terrorists are apprehended and killed in “encounters”.
    “Every terror attack is meant to push and drag the Indian masses further into the waiting arms of Uncle Sam and the Israeli Goliath. Every terror attack spreads further hatred for Muslims and Islam and weakens the Indian Muslim community,” he said.

  46. @Sumayyac,

    A white flag has been raised by Guess Hooooooooooooo,towards Dr.Mehru,you and me.Let us spare him/her and use our energies on other burning issues facing Pakistan.

    • @Soldier. This guy is a pro, we know him around here. 😉

  47. Would somebody explain this English.”Did you found out how”
    Fact is Guess Hoooo is from medieval ages(800 saal) and so his English is.
    I believe he has been running a “Budha jawan ho gaya”like medicine shop on the footpaths of some Gulf states, that is why talks of medicine so much.
    Nobody needs your fake medicine.Thukran

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