Karachiites Show Courage And Strength In The Shadow Of Sabz Hilali Parcham

January 5, 2010

Patriotism & Defiance: Pakistan Flags On Display As Rebuilding Efforts Begin




  1. i make Duaa that rich ones dont loose hearts and poor people dont loose patience, and may Allah help us all aaameen.
    If we had enough brave intelligent youth there, to stop those Fasaadi zaalims, those knowledgeable youth would use their strength of Body and Mind to punish those miscreants there, on the spot, then situation would be different.

  2. […] کراچی کے شہری عزم وہمت کے ساتھ تباہ شدہ عمارتوں کی تعمیر نو میں جت گئے ہیں، ان کی مشعل راہ پاکستان کا سبز ہلالی پرچم ہے جو ہمیں اپنے سائے تلے متحد رکھے ہوے ہیں، ہم پہلے ایک پاکستانی کی حیثیت سے اور بعد میں‌ایک پنجابی کی حیثیت سے اخلاقی طور پرکراچی باسیوں کے ساتھ ہیں اور ان کے ساتھ اظہار یک جہتی کرتے ہیں۔ ہمیں آپ کے جانی و کاروباری نقصانات پر دلی افسوس ہے اور ہم آپ کو یقین دلاتے ہیں کہ ہم آپ کے خیر خواہ رہیں گے، کبھی آپ کا برا نہیں چاہیں گے اور جو سیاست دان اور سرکاری افسران آپ کی فلاح اور پاکستان کی فلاح کےلیے کام کر رہے ہیں ان کے لیے دل میں کوئی نفرت و بغض نہیں رکھیں گے چاہے وہ ہماری سیاسی پارٹی کے مخالفین میں سے ہوے۔ ہمارا رشتہ آپ سے ایک پاکستانی بھائی کی حیثیت سے پہلے ہے اور تمام سیاسی پارٹیوں سے بعد میں ہے۔ شکریہ ایک پردیسی پاکستانی و پنجابی کی طرف سے تصاویر بشکریہ پاکستان کا خدا حافظ […]

    • yes brother we are 1

    • @Yasir,

      My Dear Brother,

      I am a pukka karachiite since I was born there and never got a chance to go outside of Karachi except to USA. Your this post has put tears to my eyes. You don’t realize man how your words are million dollars worth. With all this negativity all around us, your words of unity are definitely uplifting.

      I have ached at all the events of destruction be it bomb blast in Peshawar Qissa Khwani, on Srilankan team in Lahore, on the foot ball stadium in waziristan or anywhere else in Paksitan, my soul has bled.

      We, Pakistanis, should NEVER forget that we are Pakistanis and Muslims first. Our political parties and our political system is all corrupt. There is no point in making any allegiance to them. Our allegiance should ONLY be to Allah(swt) and we should guard ourselves from these profiting-from-racism-card politicians.

      Allah (swt) Pakistan ka Haami-o-Nasir ho.
      Pakistan Zindabad

  3. We are Morally with the people of Karachi.

  4. Flah Insaniyat banners above it is new name of Jamat ud dawa.

  5. why ? …. why they need to make it clear that this place belongs to Pakistan …?

    • @Omar,

      Don’t you see how “they” are hell bent against Pakistan? That they are working to destroy the moral of Pakistanis. That they want to weaken Pakistan at so many levels before an all out aggression, like the one we witnessed in 1971. After 15-20 years of supporting insurgencies and creating wide gulf between Bengalis and West Pakistanis, India finally attacked in 1971 breaking Pakistan in two.

      Flying of the respected Pakistani Flag is a slap on the face of these EVILS. We are telling them:

      Oh you enemies of Pakistan and Islam. We,Muslims, will never surrender to you. You will NOT be able to destory Pakistan and we will CONTINUE to REBUILD. Since in Islam, “Mayoosi is kufar”.

  6. Salaam

    I am a Pakistani and from Lahore, currently i am working in London, I am with the people of Karachi in this time. I have worked 3 years in Karachi and love every part of it.

    I must say this is a hard time for all Pakistanies and we are united under Pakistani Flag.

    People of Karachi always shows us the path to follow and these pictures are the proof of it.

    Inshallah we will rise soon, I Request to everyone that please understand current conditions of our homeland in the light of international interests in region and we need to be focused on our unity, which is the only way out as a nation,

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Love and peace to all.

    • @Rehan,

      You articulated beautifully. Our country is passing through tough time. All parts of Pakistan are vulnerable and injured but my dear Pakistanis, don’t loose hope and don’t surrender.

      Live Long Pakistan
      Peace be unto all

  7. mashAllah! Love theire “JAZBA”

  8. blackwater was responsible for these bombing to plan civil war between pakistani shias and sunnis
    brother and sisters remember the name blackwater xe
    and never forget it

  9. Manfay-at aik hay is qaum ki nuqsaan bhi aik
    Aik hay sab ka Nabi, Deen bhi eeman bhi aik
    Harrum Pak bhi Allah bhi Quran bhi aik
    mita dain gay hum dushman ko, ho ke hum pakistani Musalman bhi Aik

  10. To my all dear brothers and Sisters plz read carefully , In 1984 i was 13 years old and i grew up in the area where there was a PAF base , a PAF colony , My father was a high profile officer and i use to watch PAF planes daily landing & take off from the roof of my house , in those days 5 Lakh russian troops were there in Afghanistan but no body was scared and just like today bomb blasts & terrorism was the order of the day ,RAW , Afghan KHad , And KGB did series of blasts in Pakistan specially in Peshawar ,when someone told me that Russia will be defeated i always thought how a super power like Russia can be defeated but it happened ,History is repeating it self once again ,also i know the events of 84,89 and 1998 when Isreal and India planned to attack Pakistan nuclear facilities , its true that PAF pilots volunteer them selves for one way mission to Isreal and destroying Isreal nukes etc , in 1998 Once again PAF was aggressive upto the extent that Pilots were ordered to throw there jets into Indian & Isreali facilities and Allhumdullila PAF got volunteers even a full squadron volunteer itself for this mission , in 1988 in daily Jahng i red an article Pakistan a secret of Allah , i didn’t understand at that time what it mean but today i fully understand that Pakistan is really a secret of ALLAH , Pakistan came into being on 27th of Ramazan on the night of power , Yes its creation is a miracle and Only other Miracle Allah reveled on 27th Ramazan is the Holy Quran , Pakistan against all odds become a Nuclear Power and world 7th largest power , Allah has given Pakistan every resources from water,coal,oil,minerals ,food (its only our corrupt leaders that are not utilizing it) Our enemies know our strength and they can’t fight us directly , we are a strong nation with a strong army ,Pakistan is a fort of Islam and its the only country blocking there grand designs , that’s why they are playing there dirty tactics , by supporting proxies and terrorism , but they Can not win Inshallah , we have courage , faith and we are brave nation , and United against these evils ,
    Pakistan is here to stay Inshallah and Inshallah we will defeat not only these proxies but there masters also very soon , they will do there best to do more terrorism in Pakistan , burning more markets like Karachi , attacking facilities but that’s all they can do ,you know they don’t have the courage to fight us directly , but here is my point , Russia was unable to defeat us , how many more muslims become shaheed in these blasts , 1000, 10,000 , 1 lakh ??? that is the damage they can do nothing else , and by ALLAH I swear we are ready to pay the price ,Inshallah they will be defeated , hold your ground , have believe in your selves , Have believe in our brave arm forces , our enemies grand design is already failed , Pakistan is not Iraq , Afghanistan or Yugoslavia , our armed forces are able to capture there strong holds in wana and swat ,waziristan, nato and Indians/isrealis are astonished by the success of Pakistan army in Waziristan because when our brave army went they went with passion of become shaheed and they knew they are defending there holy land , they are fighting with faith , with there hearts and same is the Pakistan nation , its my warning to Indians and any one who is active in Afghanistan that its not a matter of if its a matter of when , we will defeat you Inshallah even if you get all the help from nato , russia and all the world you can’t defeat us and Indians will be the biggest looser in this great proxy game ,because sooner Nato will be defeated in Afghanistan and Afghanistan will fall to Pakhtoons and then we will turn our guns towards India , i know the blood of every Pakistani who become shaheeds in these act of terrorism will not go in vain ,Indians have to pay for this along with there masters and Inshallah they will pay for this
    last to karachi’s people i am with you and i feel for you , may Allah bless you all and all Pakistani’s and may Allah give you strength and courage , please remember every thing is from Allah and Allah is the best of the planner , Allah is all knowing ,Inshallah we will be victorious in this
    Deadly war , raise Pakistani Flags ,be United and
    have faith ,Don’t listen to Zionist proxies like jeo (jew tv network ), ARYONEWORLD (one world govt) LONG LIVE PAKISTAN , LONG LIVE PAKISTAN ARMY

    • Great Post,

      14 august is again going to fall on 27 of Ramazan in 2012. May Allah give us the ability to reform ourselves, beg his firegiveness and implement Islam in our lives individually and as a system in the country.

      Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz, and what better protector there can be.

  11. salam to all…..

    may ya baat khayna chata hoo police or rangers ne koe action kion nahi lia ….agar hawai fire hee kardaitay tu loog muntashir hojatay lakin police or rangers dukanay or ghar jaltay howiay daikhtay rahay….. esa lagta tha ya sab mansobay kay tahat hora hay…. agg ko bhojanay kay bajiay agg ko bharnay dia gaya… I.G police ne police ko order kion nahi diay….. ?? Zulfiqar Mirza ne arbo rupay ka nuksan gawara karlia lakin es liay action nahi lia kay woo loog black / kalay kapray phanay thay ………ya kia baat hoeee kal agar koe dhari or topi phan kar koe galut kam karay ga tu kia zulfiqar mirza unko bhi kuch nahi bolay gay???

    business communites ka ARBOO rupay ka nuksan hogia lakin wazir or police offices uth patang biyan se kam chala rahay hai…. city nazim ne joo footage di hay unkay khilaaf karwai ki jaiay chay unka taluk kisi bi firkay se hoo koom se hooo…. thats all.

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