Tough Kayani Warns Proponents Of ‘Adventurism’

January 3, 2010


Pakistan can fire missiles at only 10 minutes’ notice on all Indian cities: General. Kayani

The Chief of Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, said on Friday that peace and stability in South Asia (and beyond) was the logical and fundamental principle underlining the security paradigm of Pakistan.  Addressing senior officers at the General Headquarters here, Gen Kayani said that the army was alive to the full spectrum of threat that continued to exist both in conventional and unconventional domains.

He said that Pakistan Army stood committed and prepared to respond to any existing, potential or emerging threat. An army supported by 170 million people, with faith in Allah, is a formidable force to be reckoned with.   “Proponents of conventional application of military forces, in a nuclear overhang, are chartering an adventurous and dangerous path, the consequences of which could be both unintended and uncontrollable,” he said.

He said Pakistan was not oblivious to the unprecedented acquisition of sophisticated military hardware, synergised with an offensive military doctrine.
However, as a responsible nuclear state, Pakistan army would contribute to strategic stability and strategic restraint as per the stated policy of the government.

He said peace and stability in South Asia was the logical and fundamental principle underlining the security calculus of Pakistan.
The recent statement by Indian Army Chief Gen Kapoor about the two-front war strategy on which India was at present working, targeting China and Pakistan, had sent shock-waves among those aspiring for peace and stability in the region.

Commenting on Gen Kayani’s observation, a defense analyst observed that India had to be reminded from time to time that Pakistan was a nuclear power, fully capable of deterring any external aggression.

He pointed out that Pakistan could fire missiles at only 10 minutes’ notice on all Indian cities.

Pakistan is the fourth country in the world possessing cruise missiles which are considered to be capable of accurately hitting targets in India.

The maximum range of Indian missiles is 1500 kilometers while Pakistan’s Shaheen has a range of 3500 kilometers.





  2. Pakistan officially has a range of 3,500 only. Unofficially (undeclared), we have a much farther range alhamduliLLAH… and that’s what keeps Israelis on their toes all the time.

    Indian General made a laughing stock out of himself. He acted pre-emptively, thus depicting his weakness… Only a weak General uses such pathetic techniques to hide their fear of war. Gen Kapoor, you’re good for Bollywood and you should resign from your post and act there. I feel sorry for the Indians…

  3. indians are only good with stories, ask them to face reality and reality is wellaware that they cannot do anything.

  4. msha,ALLAH
    i wish pak ARAMY and mujahadeens will one power ameen

    • ameen

  5. My sincere advise to the Indian military chief is that to grow up and act like a real general and avoid giving childish statements. Dont try to provoke the Pakistanis and avoid bringing a disaster to your own country. All the Indians are good at is telling lies, making false propagandas and living in a world of dreams. Actually such statements and actions just reveal the weakness and frustration of the Indian authorities at the thought of that Pakistan is many times more stronger than them in many aspects.

  6. India and Pakistan faught four wars in the past, including Kargil, the results of which are well documented.

    But the next war will not be faught too soon. Now is the time for Pakistan to burn in its own fire.

    The big stick on Pakistan may come a decade later when the gulf between India and Pakistan will be overwhelming… !

    Notwithstanding all the warnings and counter-warnings, the result of any future war is a foregone conclusion… !

    • @ Neel123

      Its good that you Indians realize that we Pakistanis will soon be coming back to Rule India like we always had .

      Your people are asking for it !..like the dalits, shudrs, kashmiris, naxalites..etc..so on and so forth…

      The world is asking for it …and we want to do it anyways 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Lets meet over Red fort in Delhi 😀 😀

      • INSHALLAh soon

    • And lets have a conversation on fone on a fm prog at RADIO PAKISTAN DEHLI…..!!!!=D

      • raafia pls dont play indian songs on radio pakistan lol…….

  7. the two-front war strategy by india r merely empty words…indians dont stand a chance infront of us…
    v surely have seen india’s stability on the wahga border ceremony twice 😉 😛

  8. While we do not pray for war when it comes inshallah the world will see the true power of Islam . We will not Forget …..THIS IS RADIO PAKISTAN NEW DELHI ANNOUNCING THE ISLAMIC CONFEDERATION KHORASSAN WITH AFGHANISTAN PAKISTAN IRAN……………

  9. Indians are only good at dancing and sucking co*ks of their masters sitting in washington and tel-aviv. All the bullshit uttered by General Kapoor is the result of India’s new client America. Historically Hindu Indian nation always acted as paid “PROS” of self proclaimed super powers of this world. Its new client is America. I am seeing both countries are on the way of suidcide.

  10. General Kiyani is a well balaned and level-headed person. Extremely resonable reply.

    Hats of to General Kiyani

  11. stop the bravado talk and start bringing down the drones that is bombing the tribal areas of pakistan
    and has killed seven hundred civillians right mr kiyani

    • very well said nujat



  14. hey guys. THE LAHORE METRO is getting constructed.

    guess which country is helping pakistan????


  15. Kiyani should worry about his own borders and his master,USA than about launching missiles on Indian Cities.

    Pakistan is only 700,000 sq km and 500 km across and 1000 km long with 170 million people.

    India is over 3,500,000 sq km.Its 3000 km across and and 2500 km long and 1.2 billion people.

    Yes a nuke attack will harm India, but a lot will be left.Indian counterstrike within minutes will at least ensure that there is no such thin as pakistan or a pakistani left.

    Even with threat of Nuclear missile Pakistan could do little in Kargil,
    Unlike India which hold on to Siachen for 25 years now, Pak army could not even hold kargil ro a few months.
    So Kiyani ji, reassure yur people, we know what yu are in reality.

    Yes a nuke attack will harm India, but a lot will be left.Indian counterstrike within minutes will at least ensure that there is no such thin as pakistan or a pakistani left

    • @rajk
      Even for the sake of argument u destroy pakistan we still have many muslim nations where muslims would still be living but what about hindus where would they go?moreover if the target is in north of india where mostly aryan hindus live? what will happen to the upper caste hindus then?

      • Whats the point in getting gratuitous pleasure that there are 57 other muslim nations?

        Do any of these nations even bother about Pakistan, apart from giving a few measly words from time to time.

        Has any of these nations ever broken relations with India over Kashmir or on India relations with Pakistan?

        How many have given material support to pakistan?

        The biggest donors of Pak are the USA and China, one christian and another a non-religion believing state.

        Has the ummah or OIC even been able to do anything beyond words on Israel.

        How many in the OIC or the ummah have stopped relations with USA.

        Don’t kid yourselves into believing that Pakistan is some sort of representative of Muslims.

        There are almost as many Muslims,160 million, in India as in Pakistan who are patriotic Indian by and large.

        Pakistan is just another country which will have to fight its own wars.

    • im not sure under what delusion are you. you should along with you army chief stop having soggy dreams about going to war with pakistan. its time you realize what nuclear weapons mean and that pakistan is one nuclear state. listen to yourself moron. you think you could really survive such a war? im not sure why are you so overwhelmed and warmonger but if this war breaks out, not much would be left in india. you may be a bigger country but its on record pakistan has a bigger nuclear aresenal of 70 – 90 bombs. and i tell you ,you cannot stand the horror of one bomb, if youre bombed with 20, 30 bombs i guarantee you there would be nothing left in india and whats left would not be dwellable. its going to bring down so much you cant think of.

      • @rajk
        Muslims love death as u love life.period.

    • Einstein, by now Pakistani nuclear power is already enough to destroy all of India (in terms of number of warheads, Kilotons/quality of warheads and quantity/quality of delivery systems). Since you guys never actually came up with a real solution against ballistic missiles coming from any direction. The only thing that India could launch a real nuclear attack with is its air force (assuming the warhead will work :p), through an aerial assault that is very much preventable.

  16. @rajk,
    it is foolishness to think that Pakistan has only one nuke bomb.Our attack will be simultenous and so ingenious that Brahmins will be annhilated,the economy totally destroyed so whatever is left perishing and crying India(if at all) will be Dalits i.e.non Hindus.
    As far as Pakistan is concerned,there are 57 Muslim countries in this world.

    • And what do you think, we do not know about it?

      Can you calculate the amount of warheads and missiles required to do that?

      Whatever it is,it would be a LOT.

      And do you think that mobilizing,positioning,preparing so many launchers to launch a massive strike will go un-noticed by India or the world.

      India has radars, satellites in space including the latest day and night spy-sat RISAT 2


      Green Pine


      Indications of such massive nature wld immediately prepare India for a counterstrike even as Pak missiles are in launch preparation.

      • What are you planning to do with spy satellites? 🙂 Monitor every moving vehicle in the country? It’s been known that Pakistan can launch a ballistic missile attacks within minutes, you think everything will be mobilized a week in advance so you can conveniently look us up on your homegrown Google Earth? =D And even if you did, what would India do to stop it?

      • It is assumed that the Pakistan Army is a rational army which looks after the welfare on Pakistan and is thus not on a suicide mission.

        Hence, Nuclear weapons are not something that are strewn around here and there to be launched at any whim and fancy.Especially not with the current state of chaos that Pakistan is in.

        The laws of physics are not reversed in Pakistan that an Indian counterstrike will not have any effect on Pakistan.

        So,launching of nukes is no joke,hence there are very specific protocols and systems in place.

        Nukes missiles are not carried in everyday common vehicles.They are special Tractor erector launchers (TELs) which are unique vehicles.Land based missiles are the prime strike mode for pakistan

        Missiles have certain operational scenarios which are known and together with other surveillance, electronic,spy,satellite it will be very difficult to conceal an all out strike.

        We are not talking of a single launch but of many,so concealment is not easy.

        During the kargil war, Nawaz was specifically summoned by clinton and told about the movement of Nukes detected by the Americans.

        These things are not that easy to conceal.

        Besides,such statement of Kiyani that it has zero nuke threshold may lead to another scenario.

        India may open with an all out strike itself!!!

        And for Pakistan, given its small size,concentration of population to a smaller area,the strike need not be on a massive scale,hence tha chance of a stealthier lauch are more on the Indian side.
        Nukes are no joke and no game.

      • @ RajK: stop preaching me like a kid who doesn’t already know all this. A nuclear war between both nations wouldn’t be just MAD, it would also ensure destruction and poisoning of life worldwide for a very long period to come. You still didn’t answer my question. What does India plan to do about a Pakistani ballistic missile assault even if it was given let’s say a week’s notice in advance? 😛

        Are you implying that TELs are the only possible carriers for missile launches. Sorry chief, Pakistanis are a bit more sophisticated then that. Possibilities of fixed, concealed launch sites are always there, and are most likely in use right now as the army chief would never say they’re ready to fire on short notice if this wasn’t so. Cruise missiles have inducted and are being developed for extended ranges, which adds possibilities for air and sea launches. What statement about ‘zero nuclear threshold’ by Kayani are you referring to?

        Lastly, the chances of a ‘stealthy’ launch by India are minimal, given pretty much none of their longer range ballistic missiles is in right working order. They would either have to launch Prithvi in very close proximity to the border or send in the air force. The latter would be a massive strike indeed, but with the AWACS up 24/7 would be anticipated well in advance.

      • Is the word ‘counterstrike’ not clear!

        Any Pakistani non- conventional or its threat will be met by a similar non-conventional attack from India.

        What else do you expect India to do in response to a pak ballistic missile attack?

        You think India will hesitate in nuking pak?

        At this moment land based missiles are paks most effective deterrent.

        All other means, be they cruise or aircraft are more susceptible to interception.

        The only missile India has problem with is the two stage Agni 2 and that too in 2 recent launches.

        Agni 2 is in prodn and in most routine test since 1999 it has worked.

        The single stage Agni 1 with 700 to 800 km has no such problems.

        Given paks depth that is more than enough.

        Unfortunately for pakistan,India surrounds it completely from the east.

        India has far more options than Pak.

        All important points in Pakistan are within a few hundred kms from India in the east.

      • Ofcourse the word counterstrike is clear, your statement that laws of nature are not reversed in Pakistan was just not worth the reply. I’m not stupid you know.

        And I think you’re mixing up your own sound perspective of the scenario. You’re implying that Pakistan will be the first to initiate hostilities, hence an Indian ‘counterstrike’. It is most likely Pakistan that would have to counter India as Pak has an defensive military doctrine whereas India has an offensive one. It takes less to defend yourself than to attack someone else. In previous years it’s repeatedly been India who was first to run to the Pak border for war, Pak only responded to signs of Indian mobilization. As with the response to a ballistic missile attack, I am referring to your so called Anti Ballistic Missile system that was supposedly better than the US Patriot system, according to your countrymates 🙂 Please elaborate, as you seriously seem to believe that a terrain-hugging, radar evading cruise missile is ‘susceptible to interception’. How do you plan to intercept it?

        Dude don’t even get me started on Indian missiles. I don’t need to serve you with a Pakistani perspective as all the criticism on your missiles is from Indians themselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIoBE0jvR0s Now I might not have much interest in analyzing your arsenal, but if your own military is hesitant to rely on any other indigenous missile besides Prithvi, I think i’d rather believe that instead of you.

        Well, unfortunately for India, despite all the chest thumping that they’re preparing for China and Pakistan is no longer an issue, about three quarters of the Indian military is deployed right on its western border 🙂 Pakistan won’t need to look far to strike where it is needed most my friend. India may be strong, but most people tend to make a whole lot more out of it than it really is (and apparently that same attitude runs all up to the Indian army chief :P).

      • As far as use of nuclear weapons are concerned it is the reverse of what you say.India has an official policy of no first use.

        Pakistan does not adhere to this.

        It contends that since India has a superiority in conventional forces,it cannot give up the idea of a pre-emptive strike.

        What i mean to say,is if Pakistan’s Army displays as extreme low threshold on the use of nukes(as Kiyanis staements show) than Inda may reconsider and change her policy of no-first use.

        And where do you get the idea that it is Pakistan which acts defensively?

        In 1965 it was Pakistan;which thought that india would simply topple over after the 1962 defeat;that initiated war.


        Same story ran to Kashmir and Kargil


        Pakistan is a country with an unstable political system,with the army and individual genrals making policy.

        India on the otherhand is a parliamentary democarcy.One person does not make policy or declare war at his own whims and fancy.

        That is why pakistan has only face grief from it miltary dictators,be it Ayub Khan in 1965 or pervez musharaf in kargil.

        Regarding Indian missiles,one also has to know the Indian media.

        There are literally hundreds on news channels in India.We have absolutely no restrictions on the press even on matters of military and national security.Their news reporting gets overboard at times to attract viewers.

        Google a bit, go through defence sites,proper news reports.

        The problem India has is with agni 2.Just beacause it has agni in its name does not mean that every missile of the agni series has problems.Agni 1, 2, 3 are different missiles,for different purposes.

        I will admit that India needs to get its act together fast as far as china is concerned.This is where the army is really concerned.

        But there are few real concerns as far as pakistan is concerned.

        Agni 1 is a single stage,solid fuelled missile.It is pak specific and has had little problem in deployment.



        India is actually pulling away troops from Kashmir.They are not needed there.

        Thanks to certain’events’Pak army will be busy for quite some with its own borders.


        India already mans her north east heavily.

        Unlike indo-pak in Punjab or rajashthan or jammu, the border with china is totally mountainous and difficult.

        This actually makes defence easier,since fewer men can defend mountainous position due to natural barriers.

        Still India is raising additional special mountain divisions and specific ultra-light 155 mm artillery for use in mountains have been ordered.



        I think it is Pakistan that consistently underestimates India.

        India has the capacity ,economically and miliatarily to fight the long fight.

        This has been demonstrated amply.

        The Indian army is professional and does not have diversions of attempting coups or ruling the country.

        It does not belive in the quaint 1 indian is equal to 10 pakistanis.

        Where it is strong it knows and where it is is weak, it tells its civilian bosses to rectify.

        It has only one job and it does it well.

        The India army, despite what you like to believe,took up positions in Siachen in 1989.

        Pakistan tried its best to dislodge it,protest it, fight it and push it back from siachen.

        Till this day,more tha 25 years later India occupies the high ground in Siachen.

        Contrast it with the pak army adventure in Kargil.

        Since 1989, India has faced the most vicious insurgency in Kashmir.Long befor the word jehad got fashionable.

        Afghan,arabs,chechens and pak jehadis, veterans of the afghanistan war against the soviets ,flush with success of defeating a superpower came to kashmir from 1989 onwards.

        What happened?

        The Indian forces fought,sustained operations and reversed the insurgency.

        In fact even during the worst of times Kashmir never faced the kind of suicide bombing that pak faces now nor did the IAF ever have to bomb any place in the kashmir valley.

        Contrast this with the kind of action pak army is having to take in its areas.
        Tanks, arty, helicopter gunships, F-16s, and yet the problem is not dying down.
        The militants still come in dribs and drabs,only to die.

        And Kashmir and the kashmiris very much remain part of India.

        In the meanwhile, pls see where Pakistan has gone.

        Its economy,polity,policy and leader,everything is in shambles.

  17. The Lahore Metro should be an eye-opener to those who think on Party line.If one Ghaddar has initiated it,the another Ghaddar has continued it.

    • what do u mean?

  18. tough kayani should warn the americans to stop the drone attacks on pakistani soil that has killed well over seven hundred civillians or is that a step to far
    the only soverign country in the world that lets this happen what jokers

  19. may ALLAH PAK bless you all the best

    • may allah pak bless you also ameen

  20. What FOX mentality these Indians have.
    First Gen.Kapoora theaetens Pak and China of a simultenous war and to penetrate within 96 hours to eliminate retaliatory(mind the word retaliation meaning re-action)which also means offence from India.Now they got a stern warning from Pakistan,so one retired general Bannerjee says:
    No no no no,we want to defend ourselves. C-O-W-A-R-D-S.

    • India is already fighting both Pakistan and China in the only possible way they could simultaneously fight both. The rest is all talk.

  21. kayani should stop talking and start acting on the present danger like the drone attacks in the tribal
    areas of pakistan and baluchistan
    talking about adventurism is cheap start taking your responsibility seriously fellow pakistanis are dying
    because of the drones after all pakistan is an independent country or isnt it show some back bone to the americans to once and for all stop these attacks

  22. @Emperor.Baboon

    HAHAHA this is something similar said by a army officer in 1971 war who said something like ‘breakfast at jaisalmer, lunch at jaipur and dinner at delhi’.

    World knows(except poor pakis who still think they won the war) what happened in REALITY…that Pakistan was THRASHED black and blue and was broken in 2 pieces 🙂

    Pak is far from REALITY and living in dreams.
    So there is nothing wrong in dreaming… its in paki blood 🙂 because thats what they can do and feel great.

    Bangladesh is Azaad and now its turn of Baluchistan,Sindh and Pashtunistan.

    Also before taling about schedule caste in India look how Shia-Sunnis are butchering each others in Pakistan.
    🙂 🙂

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