WARNING To India: Dont Tempt Us

January 2, 2010

By: Faisal Awan
The writer is a member of editorial team of pakistanfirst.com

With too many Bollywood characters punctuating tiers of Lok Saba it seems like Bollywood action movie theme and mind set has inculcated in the hierarchy of the Indian Army to hilarious limits as well. The precedence of such mindset was exhibited by none other than its Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor, when he claimed “Indian army is ready to battle Pakistan and China at the same time”. This statement was further bolstered by Lt-General A S Lamba that “India within 48 hours of the start of assault can enter Pakistan”. The Indian Think Tanks and Indian Army are missing the cue that thrusting a war on Pakistan and entering Pakistan is by no means a Hindi Bollywood version of Adolf Hitler taking over Austria and Czechoslovakia or a Bollywood Remix version of “The Guns of Navarone”.

Indian government and army needs to understand that their unyielding greed for bloodshed and hegemony will back fire just like it did in September 1965, when General Joyanto Nath Chaudhri confidently and boastfully told his officers that he would like to have his evening drink at Lahore Gymkhana. What history witnessed then in the next 2-3 weeks was none other than a consummate squashing of their army chief’s wishful dream.

The drunken leadership of the Indian Army is trampling the tolerance of Pakistani people and is coquetting with fire. Indian government and its army’s multifaceted exploitation of Pakistan’s desire to peace must not be considered its weakness. The warmongers are forgetting that nothing is too big to cross for the resolute, tenacious and unyielding nation which the world calls The Pakinstanis. But if these buffoons are under the impression that they will enter Pakistan in 48 hours, ironically giving themselves 24 hours more than General Joyanto Nath Chaudhri, then this will be the last mistake they will be making. The fate of General Joyanto Nath Chaudhri and his yes men should not be forgotten. If we can teach a lesson in 1965, then make no mistake about it that we are now a Nuclear Power and our enemies will be hung in the streets of their own country by Pakistani Army Jawans without any concession of their ranks in Indian Army.

The Indian authorities should strive to refrain themselves from such assertions which has historically caused nothing but utter embarrassment and disgrace to its country. The Pakistan army, Pakistani youth and the Pakistani nation has the resilience and audacity to slap a response to any aggression towards ideological and geographical boundaries of its Pak Sarzameen.



  1. An army that cannot protect its own citizens from the part-time terrorists and religious fanatics cannot be expected to protect us from the fourth largest, sophisticated and well disciplined army. Big words from Kayani, not an easy task though.


    • Conventional war is very different to battling with invisible enemies like the TTP and religious extremists who do not have any sign on their foreheads.Surely you can see the difference!

  2. @ The cow lovers

    Seems like these cow lovers have forgotten history :)… See what happens …The time to re-take all of our country is fast approaching. Give the general and his tolder army sometime..before we snatch away the candy from them..Then we will see who takes away what from them and whether its 48 hours or The Khurasan Army entering Delhi in 20 minutes …lol lol lol lol 😀 😀 😀

    The Pakistani Flag was seen hoisted over Red Fort Delhi :d

    • The Pakistani Flag was seen hoisted over Red Fort Delhi……….

      For more info………
      Please read…

      • @ m – (or mentally retarded)

        After i have recovered laughing at this drivel, I analyse an idiot subject who pulls up history to prove a lost point …. what chivalry 😀 😀

        But ofcourse I dont even have to Introduce myself and ur parents and grand parents must obviously be mentioning my name as a sleep scare when u cried at night..lol lol

        Here read about me : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babur

        For me hoisting the flag was the least of my pleasures 😀 :D…I simply had ur forefathers dancing to tune of my fore fingers…lol lol lol lol

        SO much for history …now the fruits of my loins have produced sons and daughters which lately gave this gift to you : http://www.asianewsnet.net/news.php?id=3108&sec=1

        lol lol …Pakistani Jets chase away Indian toddlers in the sky 😀 😀 😀

        Despite having a larger collection of paper planes and dykes who ride them …you still run away like mice ? 😀 😀

        Learn something from history ….dont just be a worthless subject …realize ur old masters and straighten up …I am coming down again …SOON 😀

        Get Busy !….LOL LOL LOL

        Dismissed !

  3. bbb

  4. Let them come, They will start and we will finish the war by hoisting Pakistani Flag over Dehli’s Red Forte.

  5. Pakistan never learnt its mistake, they lost Bangladesh. Pakistanis thought USA and China would save them during the 1971 War.

    Today still Pakistanis think China will save them. This time Indians should tear off the Baluchistan. We Indians should keep China out of this and its easy to tear Pakistan into two again.

    This time we have Air Base in Tajikistan, we can push some forces from Afghanistan as we have friendly Afghan government.

    But Indians should wait till the 2020, by 2020 even China will respect India, India should become a Economic power, develop some Anit Ballistic Missiles and then tear the pakistan.

    Enough of Pakistan, time to liberate Baluchistanis and Sindhis from the tyranny of Pakisanti Punjabis.
    Pakistani Punjanbi Politicians and army have harassed the poor shia muslims, sindhis, muhajirs, Baluchistanis.

    India can help shia muslims, sindhis, muhajirs, Baluchistanis by liberating the Sindhis and Baluchistanis.

    With only Pakistani Punjabis and 150 nuclear bombs the Indians ,Sindhis and Baluchistanis can live happily.

    I think India should wait for 10 more years then we should help the Sindhis and Baluchistanis.

    Till then let the Pakistanis think that Chinese and whole Arab world help them. Let them live in the dreams that they can torture with the Lashkar e Toiba and Jaish e Mohammad terrorists.

    • A RAW man is saying all this and is accepting that Indians r involved in those bombings and baluchistan,as well as in fixing zardari on that chair of president.Well to Indian(Hindu) I can say that u r now boasting of and are proud of materialistic items+ jewish economy which is nothing but a deception ((U do not know but once upon a time pharaoh (firaun)ramases2 also boasted and was drunk with power but ALLAH has drowned him)).The world has seen how they can puncture the tyre of economy of the whole world,My intuition is that israel,india and usa would instigate acivil war in pakistan which they have already begun as u rightly said that india is involved.In 2012 of which there is so much hype will be the year when these three countries will wage a war and try to take nukes.
      Well at present u can dream of kicking muslim’s asses but Muslims dont depend on these trivial items or materialistic only they have spiritual dimension too.If only pakistan becomes a real islamic state no matter how much u try to break it, ur dream will not be fruitfull infact it will then lead khurasan army and alongwith imam mahdi fight with gog and magog’s new world order and inshallah that would be the time when muslims will once again be the rulers of Whole of India.you r waiting and we too r waiting.U depend on world and its powers,we muslims depend on the most powerful ALMIGHTY ALLAH.So wait and see.

    • I almost had a heart attack laughing at your drivel!.Son we plan to do another 1947 on you by hoisting the Pakistani flag over Delhi long before the ten years you mention!

      We’ll liberate your minorities like the Muslims,Sikhs,Dalits and Christians by supporting the Naxalites in the very natural process of dismantling India limb by limb!.Israel and the USA wouldn’t care less when you’re down on your ass begging us not to takeover and make you our slaves for another thousand years!.We’ll liberate Goa,Nagaland and Assam from Brahmin-Indian terrorism assisted by the Iranians,Chinese and Turks leaving you utterly helpless in the process.

      • I must tell u guys sikhs and christians r enjoying their stay in india.It is only muslims and dalits who r third and second class citizens respectively.

    • Listen asshole, I hope you enjoyed your wet dream there. I am a Sindhi Pakistani and my Punjabi brothers are my exact equals, there’s nothing I or any other Sindhi hold against them. We Pakistanis are one. After so much surgical strike flaming after the Mumbai attacks you guys still didn’t have the balls to walk the talk, and now talking big?

      Get back to your desk, call center break is over.


  7. piss off indians..may be u should start explaining how ur army will supposedly fight pak and china at the same time…and u all indians who r using fake muslim names..dont try to divide us…ur star plus theory and stupid hypocrisy wont divide us…will see u when we reach delhi..soon…so till then…peace out or should i say piss off..and one more thing…we didnt did so called terrorist attacks on delhi or anywhere…those were ur own false flag terror attack…but we will not do some terror attack…we r gonna do a proper invasion..so keep doin propaganda..wont change our destiny and that is …whole of india will pak…:)

    • Thank u fateh u easily recognised the disguise of Indian hindu for muslim name.

  8. You cannot win or lose war because of English mr. socalled Amir Sohail.

  9. Guys please watch Mr.Imran Hossein of Trinidad’s videos on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOlp_e95l8k.It explains y the war theator will be pakistan and not afghanistan.Also watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxIUaxUd2LI&feature=related.
    Plssssssss watch it my brothers and sisters.

    • Yeah but Pakistan will inshallah survive the great war by kicking American ass out of Afghanistan just like we did the Russians.On the other hand China will kick the crap of the Indian’s like in 1962 so history will repeat itself on both sides!

  10. Dear All,
    I think we should not reply these stupid indians, Let the time come and we’ll see how they demolish india by your own missiles, we never need to worry about, they’ll never gonna reach PAKISTAN.
    Occupying Pakistan is not your bollywood film.
    and to my Pakistani citizens, please don’t be on the side of your enemy. remember history will give you one chance and its your decision on which side you stand.
    Pakistan is Formed to Sustain, and it will, InshAllah
    Pakistan Zindabad

    • Not all Indians r stupid.

  11. Stop peeing in your pants douchebags, get ready coz I want to be the first RJ in Radio Pakistan Delhi InshaAllah 😀

  12. We recognise bloody indians sohail and fateh. the pakkitani youth is united and waiting for call to war.
    Allah o Akbar

  13. Hmm things never change.

    The Paks are getting blown to bits everday, US drones roam the pak skies,shia-sunni violence rips karachi,blackwater is all over the place and these guys are worried about India tempting them!!!

    Are yaaron read about 1965,read operation Gibraltar and Grandslam, see how your army bungled in Akhnur and Jammu.
    Read how the SSG pak commandos were massacred and hanged on trees by local people in their failed mission in Kashmir.

    • Well faggot you can go write your bollywood scripts else where, and dont try to shed your knowledge that you acquired from this very forum to us. I think we are more aware of the situation surrounding us. And God willing we’ll c the son of bitches like you…. just try it… I bet still seeing Pakistan all together with so much chaos going is agonising to you..

      WE DARE YOU!! 😉 Your HINDUVTA Mind set will come to an end soon!

    • That’s all hearsay but what is FACT is how you got owned by the Chinese who cleaned your weapins before nading them back!.Accept your inevitable humiliation instead of remaining in denial!

  14. And here is something for who still romanticize 1965 as a victory for pak, than the disaster it actually was.



    Babur READ it!

    • @ Rajk – The malu 😀 😀

      Are you crazy man ??…Do i have nothing better to do ?? …Please!…Im not a malu like u 😀 😀

      By the way .. why are ur mothers and sisters being displayed here ??


      This shows how civilized u are …plus it suites you incest filled inbreds to satisfy ur carnal desire!

      What a bunch of low lifes !!! 😀 😀

      Have fun ..looking at ur own !

      Dismissed !

      • oooji Babur Ji,

        I though yu had got over yur fantasies by now!

        Yaar when will you wak up!!!

        So here a REALITY check again!!


      • @ Rajk – Typical malu stuff 😀

        Hey malu, why are u sending me a british newspaper clip ?..i mean god knows what happened there …at least the news wasnt a man marrying a dog or , you marrying ur 3 year old to a frog 😀 😀 😀

        their 1.2 billion muslims and 57 islamic countries …..and one more (india) islamic country is about to be reverted back !

        Here ..check out another one of ur milf’s


        Have Fun ! 😀 😀

      • Thanks for the nice pics!!!

        Yaar are yu a homo?

        Whats wrong with being glamourous and sexy?

        Or were you educated exclusively in a madrassa or by the taliban.

  15. Talking of Indian English:

    Sardar Baldev Singh learnt two sentences from somenoe to mix with Gori ladies in any party.

    Sardarjee: Ae you married?
    Gori: No
    Sardarjee: Then how many children you have?

    Confused with the reaction from Gori,Sardarjee goes to another Gori:

    Sardarjee: How many children you have?
    Gori : Three
    Sardarjee: Are you married?

    This time he got a very good treatment

    All those multinationals who have outsourced to India are complaining about YAL,YAM,YAN (L,M,N)

  16. hahahahhaha…funny indians..my advise…make films not war strategies…and if ur general kapoor is too much obsessed with it,he should play red alert 2;)

  17. @naveed saeed khan…i m not indian…read my comments again..i think u have misunderstood..i hate indians to the core

  18. @ Amir

    😀 😀

    I think you have a serious case of Diarrhea 😀 :….thats because when the dirty germs gathered around ur anus start to tickle, ur brain, which by the way is the size of rats doo-hickie, further deflates …lol lol lol 😀 😀

    You moron, if you and read an understand a language then my meaning has been conveyed !..If ur JEALOUS 😀 😀 that u cant respond back accordingly – Then go back and get some education ! 😀

    We know u Flunked High School …lol lol 😀 😀


  19. Not ur american friends infact ur lords cuz u worship power.Ur friend will taste the same fate which ur previous friend(ussr) got.Do u remember any country with the name ussr now??? Definitely same will happen to usa very soon u will see this u will be chopped from usa.
    Ur dreaming of nuking pakistan will never be fulfilled inshallah.Infact we will definitely rule india once again.We means muslim u fool venkat prasad aka amirsohail.

    • @ SAL the malu 😀 😀 😀

      Ayee malu …after ur done cleaning ur shit up in ur slum …please tell us which new state is now being created in India ??? 😀 :D…lol lol

      All right ladies and gentlemen..let me show u how the likes of SAL the Malu are proud of their rising and shining India…here ..you see his MOM in a classic POSITION …hahahaha


      This is called INTELLECT by MALU standards …lol lol lol

      This is malu moderness…by brining their mothers and sisters in such classic manner …they are becoming TRULY civilized …hhahahahahah 😀 😀 😀

      aye kerallllaaaaa …answer me …lol lol

  20. All the call centres r based in india cuz u r now worship the ling(penis) of u.s. of israel.U always worship power,its not ur fault its in ur blood.
    For jiziya i would say only some muslim ruler asked for jiziya which was a tax and which guaranteed ur safety from any attack be it from internal or external since u were not paying zakat which muslims paid(during muslim rule in india) and r still paying in all parts of world.U hindus r taking tax from muslims too but killing them,murdering them and raping their women in RSS’s Lab of hindutva i.e. gujarat.Nowadays u r putting educated young muslims into jails by posing them as terrorists.
    I know u r a gujarati rss upper caste hindu AmirSuheil.We won’t kill u or rape ur women cuz we know that if it is not u who will turn to Islam then it will definitely be ur sons or daughters who will be muslim one day inshallah.
    Now for all bombings which raw is doing in pakistan and in india too (by faking as IM), the time will come very soon inshallah when raw will not find any shelter cuz their bosses in mossad and cia will be wiped off.You saw what happened two days back with ur new lords cia in afghanistan.That is the fate awaiting to raw.

  21. @ Amir – The New Malu

    Aye Malu — shut up ..:D 😀 :D…lol lol lol

    Hey guys this Hindu is using amir’s name because he loves pakistani co*ks up his ASS …LOL LOL LOL :d :d :d

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    First learn to speak ur native language properly or go take some URDU classes …lol lol lol

    cow piss drinking, cow feces eating smelly bastard..lol lol

    wat a Malu …lol lol lol

  22. @ Hindu Malu

    Thats right we stone agers ruled over penis worshippers for 1000 of years 😀 😀 😀

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    actually malu, my dog needs his ass cleaned can u please get that done for me…lol lol lol

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  23. dont give warning to india instead give warning to american to stop the drone attacks on pakistan tribal
    areas that has killed over seven hundred civillians
    after all pakistan is a soverign country or isnt it
    mr pak army do your duty and protect your people from this aggression

  24. @ SAL the Malu is back : Aye Malu – SHUT up 😀 😀

    lol lol ..hahahahahahahaha 😀 😀

    Ooohhh …lol lol…i think my words have really fired up this Malu..

    He’s lifting his mundu to full mast ….lol lol lol lol lol 😀 😀 😀

    Easy man…too much fury and u die of elevated blood pressure ….hahahahahahahahahahahaha

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    Hey guys and gals …let me introduce to you a malu here who is a dyke and just got dumped by his pakistani boyfriend…lol lol lol

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    here let me tell u how a Malu responds …lol lol

    What will a mallu reply when asked “Are there any mosquitoes in your house?
    SAL’s Response : Plendy

    hahahahahaha 😀 😀 ” PLendy ” 😀 😀 hahahahahahahah

    what a sick malu !!!! 😀 😀 😀

  25. I’d rather be an Islamist then a cow piss drinking err.. Gandu i mean proud Hindu who is married to a dog or his sister to a frog!.The Muslim’s of India obviously love Islam that they’ve remained in faith despite Hindu terrorism of the BJP so i challenge you to reconvert them back to your idoltary.No we’re not losing infact we’ve already won by humiliating you in 1947 breaking you into three parts!.You can not claim revenge or equality until you cow piss drinkers take back Pakistan and rule for a thousand years over us!

    Tell me why are Indian people so ugly i mean you people not only stink but look incredibly horrible!.No wonder your women take a liking to our men!!.The vast majority of Gandustanis do not engage in the English langauage whatsoever besides who ever made this the yardstick to judge a persons intelligence.Hardly any Chinese people speak good English yet they’re incredibly smart however here you’ve just exposed your slave mentality and complex!.Don’t worry after getting your ass kicked firstly by the Mughals for a thousand years and then the Brits i understand that you’re used to getting owned!!

  26. But Gandustan has always dreamed of taking over Pakistan since Lundia was established however it remains a dream!.I know Lundia is full of Gandustanis and Lesbindians but try to see sense that killing a few of our people does not mean victory for you!

    How many rapes takes place in Gandustan every day and how many murders that go unreported!!?.I was watching a programme on the filthy Gandu’s celebrating Kumbh Mela where Lesbindians openly rape one another whilst the retarded Sandhu’s have a dump on the sides!.Really you are the greatest retards the world has ever known i mean worshipping a penis and animal’s is worse then being stone agers…heee..heee…heee!!!

    I has an affair with a Lesbindian lady and after using her told her to get out off my life whilst she wept openly!!!.Thats how we treat you!!!

  27. That coming from a pee drinking Gandu slave really had me in fits!.Tell me how does it feel to be a Gandustani who worships rats and snakes and elephants…and lions and what the fk not!!.You must pray to Pigwan so that he shows you the correct way to a donkey’s ass making you see light the right way round!

    You getting my likes agitated is just something you want to believe when the fact is we’ve been shagging you for a thousands years…your sisters go to the Middle East to keep the Sheikh’s bed warm during the night and cleaning their shit during daytime in downtown Dubai!!!.Tell me how many Gopiyan did the trick for Krishna and did monkey Hanuman manage to save Sita from being raped…i guess not otherwise you wouldn’t have been born,wink!

    Son know one is filthier then you piss drinking Gandus like see a video of the kumbh mela to see how even filth is holier then you Gandu’s!.We should just nuke Lundia especially the dirt ridden,polluted and smelly river Ganges killing all your filthy people doing them a favour by exterminating them!

  28. @ SAL – The Malu 😀 😀

    Hey guys …SAL..the filthy Malu..he is back …after getting gang-bang*d by a bunch of pakistanis and his alias “Amir” is the name of the ring leader of bangers….hahahahahahahahahahahahahah : 😀

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    It remains on record that he got banned from this site because he tried to sell his relatives here for 1 ruppee and we pakistanis taught him a lesson in morals.

    His issues are that hes a MALU and he behaves like on too…PLease give him an earful…lol lol

    This is how SAL pronounces MOON
    – yem yoh ..yet another yoh ..yeh

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    Alright …alright …ladies and gentlemen lets talk about MALU English … 😀 😀 😀

    Lets see how SAL responds to some of these questions 😀

    Why did the Malayalee crossed the road?

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    Where did the malayalee study?
    In the kollage.

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  30. @ sal – the malu 😀 😀

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  31. @ Emperor Babur,
    In india i dont think many people who mallus r.May be in gulf countries keralites r known as mallu.This G-indu aka amir sohail might be from north india.so treat him that way.moreover north Indian G-indu r the worst animals on earth ofcourse after ashkinazi jews(magog or majuj).


  33. Nowadays Indians r very proud cuz they think they r going to be super power or among the ranks of super powers in the world.When these upper caste hindus got some financial backing they r going berserk and drunk of money power + zionist backing.Only ALMIGHTY ALLAH can break their backs and doom them as HE doomed firaun(pharoah of misr).Since they always had inferiority complex so RSS used to put stickers on their doors, shops etc mention”Garv se kaho ham hindu hein” Garv in english is proud.These people now got zionists backing so they r thinking themselves as god.

  34. stop the drone attacks by america on pakistani soil that has killed well over seven hundred civillians
    only then i will take the pak army seriously right

  35. Looks like mod deleted shemale’s comments.

  36. Please keep an eye out for this Islambasher!!!

  37. @Emperor Babur,
    The above link”photogallery” has been blocked in some “gelf” countries.Was it that bad?

  38. wa kula ja al haqu wa zahqal batilu in al batila kana zahooka.
    Asalam alikum
    Always Almighty is testing believers,we muslims are going through the final chestisement [prophet has said my ummah will have the same fate as bani israil] period and inshaallah will be over soon.Allah knows how long will this last but one thing is sure that pakistan insha allah will teach them lesson,being the final fortress of islam after decline of ottomon empire Almighty will protect pakistan and the helpless muslims who are desperately watching and can not do nothing except beseeching the lord of universe.we hope has come for the final peace deal with jeudochristanity followed by armagaddon and then Allah will open Rome,phalistine and India to muslims.khurasan is prepearing and just having hope in most high,without weapons,without cloths ,bare foot and without moursel but firm believe in the master of hereafter who will assist us to cross the obestecle as he assist moses a.s,i am a muslim brother from kashmir,all islamic world is with pakistan in this critical hour. We have firm believe that Allah will teach these kafirs a lesson.

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