January 2, 2010



  1. Thou it is very ture that there are countless things which we have to square with indians and americans. But before stepping forward towards it we should not only uplift our morals but also bind together with a forces like Unity, Faith & Discipline. Without these we aint be not more than the flock of bulls, who once get tired, lost their directions.

    Long Live Pakistan with Pride and Honor, Allah Almighty Bless Pakistan.


  2. I wish Pakistani youth,who love Zaid Sahib too much,hold a big ceremony in Lahore and confer this title upon him to make it universal.

  3. Insha Allah. Insha Allah. All Indian agents will be removed from the face of this earth. My message to General Deepak Kapoor is that I don’t know who inducted you peon level bas***d in Army. You don’t even know the professional code of conduct of an Army officer, I don’t even like to have a sweeper like you idiot in my office. I am telling you that once we decided to take action against your terrorism belive me their will be not a single living being in India to cry on the dead bodies of their loved ones. We have missiles raning from 300Km to 2,200Km. We can destyroy each and every city of India within 7 minutes. So, don’t mess with us otherwise you will not have enough time to cry on your dumb move.

    We know you pagan bastards are mere bullshit of pigs. You are only Barking Pig Indian, who have no capability to fire a single bullet towards Pakistan. Our strength is our Nation, Nukes are secondry thing. Itys true that we have lots of differences but I am telling you this nation is sleeping lion and this nation only need some reawakening. Do you remeber 1965, a similar pig like you, General N.C choudhry desired to have celebrations at Lahore Gymkhana but it eventually ended up in your Khan Karan been captured by our Mujahedeens of Pakistan Army. Pakistan is there to stay. But India will be removed Indha Allah. Pakistanis please unite your ranks. The Hadees of Ghazwatul Hind is about to be proved. Please make sure that you all are part of that greatest Jihad.

    Fuck Pig India.

    India Sucks.

    Bhagwan is the big bastard pig.

    • The missiles are with India too my friend .. if we destroy their cities .. they will destroy us..as they too can target every pakistnai city so whats the use… nobody will survive .. I think the best way is to work.. work and build economy as the era of direct war is gone long back.. that two when the two parties are equivalent strength.. build economy .. we will win the war

      • Sure they have missiles that are capable but i believe in spiritual forces that interfere a crucial junctions.History has proved that there can be no compromise with Indian’s so a final and decisive confrontation is inevitable.

        Hazoor(s.a.w) must have known all this when they foretold the second capture of India known as the Ghazwa-e-Hind.

  4. We are ready for Ghazwa-e-Hind. All students of Pakistan are waiting for this golden era when they will be fighting against India.

  5. Our enemies are quite eager for a war with Pakistan in near future because this could provide a golden opportunity to the US so that it could extend “support” to Pakistan in fighting “TTP” in the west.

    So Pakistan could be squeezed into a position in which it may be facing three enemies simultaneously.

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