Grandson of Khan of Kalat ratifies Pakistan

January 2, 2010

Recently a new controversy was started by our sell out main stream media that Quaid-e-Azam forced Khan of Kalat (leader of Balochistan) into joining Pakistan, this is now being cleared by his grandson in this clip with mubashir luqman. Must watch.



  1. MASHA ALLAH…ab bhi kisi ko shak hai kai pakistan ki bunyad islam par nahi thi!!!ALLAH pak ko ta qayamat qaim rakhai…amin

  2. This Khan was pulling on well with Mush,but on his downfall,he went to UK and sought asylum.Now it proves it was a political move as he feared that he would have to face backlash with the anti-pak forces.
    Now we should take a sigh of relief that there are many tribal leaders who are not anti- Pakistan.It just requires that we listen to them.

  3. I don’t know what to think of this, but seriously: looking at the way things are going despite all our nation has been through, it’s almost like Allah swt himself keeps a special watch over Pakistan. Beshaq, Pakistan ka Khudah hafiz.

    • :thumbsup:

      • Subhan’Allah …
        Thx for sharing PKKH!

        Rightly said! May Allah swt protect us and our great nation! Ameen

  4. imagine the grandeur of a country who the prophet himself is advocating and asking people to be a part of. greatest slap on anti Pakistan elements and those who want to break it.

  5. SubhanAllah,

    Lailaha Illalah Muhammadur Rasoolullah.

  6. AOA


    What more proof do we want !!!

    Still we have mir jafars and mis sadiqs in our ranks who think that creation of Pakistan was a mistake.

    We should rattle there cages and chase them out of their hide outs in the open and expose the internal enemies of Pakistan.

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