Aman ke Asha – A Cornerstone of the new Indian Cold Start Strategy?

January 1, 2010

Ahmed Shahid

Just one day after the Indian army chief, Deepak Kapoor, gave out a statement promoting going to war with Pakistan and China at the same time (with him painting a picture of New Delhi annihilating Pakistan within few hours of war), the Indian media in collaboration with Pakistani media hit off the new year, with a campaign tagged “Aman ke Asha”. The last time we engaged Indians on such an Asha was in ending up having Indian Jets in our skies for possible strikes and war – and all without evidence. We remember the “Das Kadam Pakistan Khatam” styled pathetic videos shown on the same Indian media singing Aman Kay Geet now. So, we wonder what the “Asha” is all about this time. The plan apparently as always, is to move towards another round of Confidence Building Measures – CBMs, with Pakistan. The question however is, is it really worth it? We shall leave the answer to the reader after reading on.

Let’s see how India aka Bharat is really doing to fulfill this time its Aman Ki Asha. As far as the world is concerned, an intention for peace must be supported by some steps. Even when Obama chose to promote peace, mostly with Russia, he took some decisions in refraining from installing missile shields in the world and announced cutting down of US nuclear arsenal. This is not exactly the standard, yet however, can churn some example for Bharat. With its colossal plans of spending a hundred billion dollars on acquiring state of the art weaponry from all over the world in the next two to five years, we really doubt the Indian plans for peace. What’s interesting to us is not really what the Indian masses think about peace, it’s what the Indian leaders are saying on record and what the Indian media is propagating to constantly keep the hype of war alive with Pakistan. We have not forgotten what Indian analysts such as Bharat Verma write about Pakistan and the solutions he gives for peace. Nor have we forgotten what Indian leaders said after the fall of Dhaka: We have taken revenge of a thousand years with Pakistan. Have we forgotten what Narsima Rao said about breaking and destroying Pakistan, only promoting it as its enemy? Or have we forgotten what happened with Babri Masjid and the tribunal verdict on that? Looking at the events now, the world doesn’t seem any different place. We still have the Indian army chief giving out occasional statements promoting war with Pakistan, threatening it and destroying it. Is this how Aman ke Asha will see its logical end? We don’t know what Bharat really means this time, but what we do know is that you cannot convince the world with singing songs of peace and happiness at one side, and taking up arms and threats on the other hand. If anything, it reminds us of the infamous Chankya and his teachings.

We are not sure under what delusional these people are. But what happens on the ground tells a very different tale. Pakistan is fighting a war at fronts it doesn’t even know. We have American mercenary blackwaters going in Pakistan unchecked with weapons. We have American B-52s flying on FATA under the big hand of friendship. We have India doing exercises with Israel and we know where this all is headed eventually. Bharat has never accepted the state of Pakistan deep down and we know it more every time Indian leaders say it out loud. We know what Bharat is up to with Americans, Israelis and the team. The message is clear and loud: The media may be writing so and there may be some conceding but the masses of Pakistan and its youth is aware and well aware of protecting Pakistan, the stronghold of Islam, the bastion of Islam. We will not bow down to aggression or be taken for a fool or deceived. Very closely, we watch you and your designs and we shall know when you are sincere and when you are not, and you are not. Where you do gather few under the name of peace, we watch at guard of our nation and our country.



  1. absoluty right.aman ki asha my fooot.

  2. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/amankiasharticleshow/5400929.cms

    This is the link for it .. but i am seeing only bollywood gestures around it .. in the epaper copy of TOI today, there are 3 to 4 pages dedicated to it .. I have not read it but if PKKH had read it please provide the vital points..
    link is http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Daily/skins/TOINEW/navigator.asp?Daily=TOIM&showST=true&login=default&pub=TOI and the story continues on further pages 3 & 5.
    anyway it seems it may be genuine effort and I feel its too early to conclude as in India there is strong disconnect between its army and aam aadmi as people seldom cares abou army.. BTW how come Jang group caught up with this ?

  3. Never ever be fooled by Indian Brahman or Baniya.They have sweet smile on their faces and hide the dagger behind especially for muslims.I being in India experience it daily.The article is true,not even this pakistanis should boycott indian tv channels,serials and movies.If u want to see how much poison these people have read their messages on blogs and websites like http://www.rediff.com.They r full of venom for muslims.See we ruled India for 1000 years and within 62 yrs of hindu raj our condition is though better than people in palestine but i can foresee that we will be like palestinians in gaza once nauzubillah there dream of akhand bharat(undivided bharat) is fulfilled.SO DON’T B FOOLED BY BRAHMAN,BANYA & Co.

    • Last time I read somewhere you are in Trinidad.. Mr You are Indian muslim and you are Indian..You should solve your own problems within laws & framework of you r own country..
      I wil only say this .. if you betray your homeland .. you will not be respected by us . as you betray the muslim spirit … Muslims never betray their homeland .. and Indian muslims or anywhere else prooved it time & again.. so Love your homelad and stay happy ..

      • For a muslim his homeland is the whole world,a muslim is not confined to geographical boundaries.Nations r made by man not by ALLAH SUBHANAHUWATALLAH.I never said I m from Trinidad.I might have said to see the clips or read MR. Imran of trinidad on youtube or his website http://www.imranhosein.org.In QURAN EARTH IS UR HOMELAND AND ALLAH WANT HIS DEEN(SOCIO-POLITICO-ECONOMIC SYSTEM)TO BE ESTABLISHED ON EARTH.ALL MUSLIMS WHEREVER THEY R RESIDING R MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS.PAKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN NOWADAYS R VERY VERY IMPORTANT AS THEY R THE LAST FORT OF ISLAMIC UMMAH.

  4. India is playing its Chanakya game.Pakistan now should not agree to CBM unless US pressurises India to take back its army chief statement.

  5. There are high hopes earlier but shatterd some of the comments can be seen here.. the story continues


  6. its patheticc that some of our own media is trying to fool us, but Inshallah they can NOT fool, all of us, all the time. They seems to be the Real Traitors who still think that india is sincere to pak, its not even sincere to its own people thats why, instead of feeding its starving population, it is putting all of its money in amassing the battle machines.

  7. What is written in the article is totally one sided view,. It is something to look others without keeping eye on what himself doing. Why it is required Pak to create and support terror–only to destabilse India. World’s know how many times Pak attacked India and India attacked Pak. Now the old strategy of supporting Terrorism is back fire to itself. In this case what should be the policy of India, when one side there is a country supporting Terrorism and in other side there is a strong country who has record of betraying— the only way left to strengthen itself by investing lots in defense sector.

    If both India and Pak have to rise, it is required ….

  8. Its another deception !!

    You see there is an ongoing war b/w Pakistan’s ISI vs RAW+Mossad in FATA and Baluchistan and everybody is now getting aware of it so for the purpose of deception and clearing the minds of Pakistanis ( who are at anger right now) here you have aman ki asha so called my foot.

    Brahmans banyas can never be trusted and we have never forgotten 1971. We will avenge

  9. aman ke asha bhosla
    aman ke asha ma ass
    aman ke asha ma shit
    m not a war monger
    but we need to go for once to war with india on a big scale
    not the nuclear one but carpet bombing and stuff
    we will destroy all the dams and make smoke out og thier silicon valleys and other shining india projects

    • Yes.. and India & the world will clapp while we destroy .. what a thought ? .. Think different .. all these is gone ..We should build economy so that we can b eat them .. THe war will be on ecnomic front not with weapons

  10. M j iqbal
    You do not appreciate hand of friendship but appreciate bombers of lakhi marwat
    .Pakistan need support now as you guys are making your own theories every time because you have not seen real democracy
    You have been fed with biased stories..
    We mean friendship and I am talking about aam aadmi

    • @ ranjit bajwa

      1. perhaps your leaders should take a sane approach and refrain from giving out foolish statements of going to war with Pakistan because that’s more important to us than what your media says is not your policy, but what your leaders say IS. and just as today your media is crying hindu muslim bhai bhai, tomorrow it wont take a microsecond to instigate hype of war with Pakistan and promoting destroying it. We remember it.

      2. Pakistan has seen whatever happened to the earlier efforts of CBMs, which were mind you at an official level, not at this unofficial level. if you cannot care of that, how well will you care of this?

      3. Please don’t be under any delusion that Pakistan NEEDS or WANTS or is dying for a democratic system. These imported systems are for you to follow who does not have your own political system. We are Muslims and we know what our system is and what we want. We will run our governments as we please and you dare not give us any dictation and we don’t want your ideas of democracy. Keep your incapability to yourself.

      4. Democracy does not only mean what you’re apparently known to know. specifically it means: “a society characterized by equal rights and privileges”. Where are the rights of Dalits, muslims, maoists and Christians before you talk of democracy? Why do maoists want their own state if bharat is such a democracy?

      Don’t worry, we were there before for CBMs also and we have extended the hand this time too. Before too, it was your initiative to go to war head over heels, not ours. this time too, i guarantee you, hindus will break the ASHA.

      • Your fun damentals are worng .Maoists are not for different states .. the only thing I too feel even if I am pakistani is ,
        Democracy is the worst system in the world but rest are even more more worst ..
        If Dalits in india has no right then how come UP chief minister is Dalit .. I guess we are concluding too early here ..
        Our democratically elected leaders are worst but that does not mean democracy is bad .. what you feel ?
        We talk about islamic system but have we doen any economic research as to what will be after that. are we able to integrate with the global economy with islamiuc system I guess no.. Look at Saudi Arabia and Middle East .. they still trade in USDs and their markets are leaning towards Global markets (Dubai earlier has Thu/Fri holiday , now they have Fri/sat to minimize the closure of markets along with global) ..
        I am not agianst any of the PKKH view .. but one question arises .. is it practcal?

      • Nice one shumayel we r with u.

      • @ pakistan zindabad

        i can see whose fundamentals are wrong and whos right.for one thing, before you can go about an alternative social, political and economic system, you have to by heart have faith in islam and it establshing the ultimate system of life. thats called the essence of emaan. if you cannot do that and you basically doubt islam being a muslim, i doubt youre left faith in your heart.

        now second off, you also somewhat seem to be amongst the class of those who choose to rather speak against pakistan and islam than for it. your ignorance cannot be the punishment for the whole world and then its a bliss in itself. im not sure whos feeding you with what youre spilling here but maoists have presence in more than 20 of 28 indian states. since im not used to speaking without facts, heres a slap on your face, because you obviously seem disconnected from whats going around the rock you live on, and mind your its only from this last december and spilled all over indian media too. should be an eye opener for you i must say.


        Maoists support Telangana; Jagan for united AP
        Tuesday, December 15, 2009, 23:57 IST

        New Delhi: Breaking his silence on the Telangana issue, Kadapa MP Y S Jaganmohan Reddy on Tuesday said he stands for a united Andhra Pradesh and alleged that TDP and its chief N Chandrababu Naidu were responsible for the current situation in the state.

        Meanwhile Naxals have extended support to the movement. “We will build public pressure on the government so that they start the process for a separate Telangana state. The people will not allow creating deliberate disturbance to stop statehood for Telangana,” Maoists top leader Kishenji today said.

        Maoists, he said, wanted the people of Telangana to have their constitutional rights and protection of their religion, culture and social customs.

        On the demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland in north Bengal, Kishenji said the GJM, spearheading a movement for such a state, “should not trust national leaders” and continue the movement.


        what you should specifically read in it are these lines: “Maoists, he said, wanted the people of Telangana to have their constitutional rights and protection of their religion, culture and social customs.”, does it ring a bell on bharat being a democracy? if it still doesnt, then either youre an outright idiot or just a stubborn dud that i’ll rather leave out. i would rather spit on western democracy seeing where only communism has taken china to. and i would spit on communism seeing where islam TOOK and will again take the world to. all you need is to look back and stop grumbling.

        im also not sure what kind of allure your under with this western economic system where only the biggest economy in the world is under the biggest debt of 13.1 trillion dollars, do you have any idea what trillion means and how many zeros it has? im not sure if you know why the global economic collapse took place and what were the reasons to it.

        we believe, we can only convince people who are in their hearts convinced of the grandeur and blessings of islam and are only looking for a direction. otherwise allah has said that their hearts have been closed to seeing the truth because they choose to oppose islam. you should be very fearful of allah when you say you doubt islam as a complete system of life because if anything, its going to cause you most trouble, one way or the other, islam will relive, and its only time that people like yourself would go silent.

      • Shumayel,
        I am not sure you understood my point.. Maoists are for different state of telangana so ? .. if you look at India in there are 5 seperate states created after original in 1960.. What I mean to say is Maoists are not anti nationals .. they don’t want to break away from India .. different states does not mean anythnig … last 20 years it created 4 states . India has nealy 28 states .. if maoists are present in 28 states then
        they are highly ineffective ..Maoists are there since 1967 however they never be anti-nationals (they are for different states but not different country)
        Anyway it does not matters to us .. so U are saying just becuase US came under economic pressure all is gone .. no.. US has much stronger fundametals which is based on innovation and research.. Islamic systems has not any base it has base of the situation before 1400 years unfortunately world is not ready to go back 1400 yrs .. and hence Muslim world cannot adapt it … Why malaysia/indonesia and even gulf is integrating them with Global systemm..

      • The very theme of PKKH and such blogs is to unite Pakistanis under the name and faith of islam. Neither this place nor i’m here to convince a Muslim (apparently, though i doubt you’re a pakistani) who’s love struck with system of kufr and prefers it over islam.

        I have no desire in talking to you. Scram.

  11. @Ranjit Bajwa,

    You are admiting that all the terror in Pakistan is by India to force Pakistan to come to your “TERMS”

    No way.Piss off.We will fight on both ends.

  12. @ Mu-salman khan and all his brothers
    I don’t understand what brotherhood are you talking? Sunni killing Shia? Iran and Iraq killing each other? In history more muslims have been killed by fellow muslims and not by others. Better read your history books. In the name of spreading Islam, millions of people were butured all over the world. All the people can not be foold all the time. How come all the troubles exist only in Muslim world? For how long you will blame others? Its Laslic armies who invaded India and looted our temples and destroyed our properties. We Hindus did not invade Saudis or others. Its through the misdeeds of Islamic invaders and rules we see Islam and not through your hollow talks of brotherhood.

    • @rajendra kumar
      When u say muslims fighting muslims u forgot abt ur history.Who asoka(the great) killed,well what we read in our hindi books is that he killed millions of hindus but still he regarded as great (ofcourse because he left hinduism for buddhism).What abt mahabharat where hindu cousins pandavas and kauravas fought and killed each other and ( krishna a man who is considered as god by u).Not only two incidents but there r many abt aryans killing dalits and they r even keeping them as slaves although the format for slavery is changed now.King vikramaditya,bimbisars,chalukyas fought with each other in their times and killed hindus on both sides(ofcourse these above said rulers did not rule at the same time but this is only what i remember from indian history as i m interested more abt islamic history rather than filthy hindu’s history).
      Anyways why weren’t muslims fighting among each other before 9/11 2001(which is an inside job of usa and israel) so that they can capture oil fields of iraq and build pipelines into afghanistan for the central asia’s oil and gas.Not only that why was NATO still expanding after muslims defeated communism when they defeated ussr and carved out many muslim states out of it.remember nato was built to counter communist countries in europe.once communism was finished nato’s role was suppose to be over,No they did not finish nato since they knew that there is a system which is known as Islam which if comes will rule the hearts and minds of the world and the light of which they saw in afghanistan during the time of talibans rule, in which talibans brought peace within a short span of 5 years and there was no poppy during their rule cuz the society they built was on sharia based justice. and they (gog and magog i.e. zionists and ashkinazi jews)knew that there system which is based on deceit and injustice(read capitalism)will fall like a pack of cards.
      No muslim ruler in the world now is a muslim as they r disguising the masses by keeping muslim sounding names(ahmadinejad and erdogan may b muslim).There were no suicide bombings in iraq before the invasion of ur lord usa on iraq.We muslims know that it is done by xe/blackwater in connivance with mossad and cia and these same parties r involved in pakistan now(alongwith raw).Ur ancestors also fought with each other as i said in mahabharath but it was a fight betweeen right and wrong(according to hindus).Since this is a crusade and a very deceiving crusade which only very few muslims can understand and in it the target is Islam.Ofcourse India being an ally is also putting her share in tormenting the peace albiet in subcontinent.but since there is a prophecy that people from khurasan will fight and will win this area we r sure that we muslims r going to rule India once again and rule we will but in a just manner in an islamic way this time.As far as India is concerned india is known for islamic history for islamic buildings.Even ur culture is islamic in many ways.Bollywood movies r infact urdu movies.U R KNOWN BECAUSE OF MUSLIMS and u cannot deny the truth.

      • This is the trouble with guys like you who still think that they will rule India and rest of the world. Keep on dreaming. It does not cost anything.. Let Muslims first put their own house in order before they dream of ruling India or the world. Look at where most of the Islamic world is today. Its no use convincing a guy like you who lives in Islamic dreamland.

      • today is not everything, and times do not remain the same forever. islam has the richest of histories of the world and the best system humans have ever seen in its history under khilafah. we have had the finest of general commanding armies. the world hasnt seen any commanders like khalid ibne walid leading victorious in over 100 battles, not losing even one of them.

        dont forget pakistan also came out of nowhere to mark islamic renaissance when hindu leaders were saying that Pakistan will be born over our dead bodies. muslims have always been threatened by non muslims, its nothing new. islamic khilafat is not a dream, its a reality. not once, hundreds of time muslims have proved their metal in establishing such states, only this time its going to be global. we do not want you to believe us, we just want you to believe what the time shows you. not too long ago, its was the favorite time killer for hindus to say that pakistan is overrun by taliban and pakistan army cant fight them off…so much for the propaganda cuz as of today pakistan stands victorious in every land it was challenged by india supported terrorists. its a win of pakistan and pakistani nation over its enemies. how much success have you achieved or able to pull off against maoists? we wonder !

  13. To Musalman Khan from India,

    Why don’t you keep your stupid mouth shut. We know very well that If India and pak go to war this time, there is not doubt that India will be pushed back about 40-50 years but Pakistn will be completely wiped off dude.
    Sword and Weapons were never the first steps taken in Islam . We used them defensively and preemptively.
    My advice to you is to stick to the Quraan and Sunnah and seek knowledge in the path Allah. Remember, muslims have always won wars with the help of Allah and not with weapons alone. Look at the present state of Pakistani and Indian muslims. We are in a state of disgust. Evryone does deeds only to please the Shaytaan. Do you think, Allah’s help will come upon such people who are always involved in displeasing Allah? If we go to war right now, we are bound to lose. The hindus see islam through our actions. And what face of Islam have we shown them? Terrorism in the form of suicide bombings, lies, backbiting, theft, rape, fornication, foul mouth? what?
    How much of the Quraan do you actually live? Let me guess.. We recite the Quraan without even actually understanding it. Have you made any effort to understan the usool of tafseer and fiqh? I guess not. On the other had we have these fanatic Mullahs who have deviated from the path of righteousness and are filling are hearts with unsialmic comandments such as suicide bombings and land inflitration, only to attain their own objectives, they use us and call us martyrs when we are down.When the fact you will staright away go to hell if you condone or conduct suicide bombings. Wake up bro.Your love and hatred towards anone or anything should only be for the same of Allah and not for the sake of a piece of land called Pakistan or a community or people. We are muslims because we are the slaves of Allah and we worship Allah alone without any partners. Our love for Allah is devoid of the love for any piece of land or community.

    • Muslim from India..
      Sir .. please don’t waste your time on this Musalman khan from India .. he is pakistani in disguse .. he is still playing those wrong old games .. thinking muslims in India are strategic assets as if Muslims in India cannot thnik. or they are robots with remote control in Pakistan’s hand .. funny.. If you look at the last 30 posts on this forum for this person comments you will realize anyway enjoy this site .. this is very funny site me & my friends daily enjoy this site .. the first thing in the morning we come and open this one even before we look stock markets my muslims friends in the compnay also enjoys

  14. It is amazing to see most of our Pakistani brothers can’t think coherently or look inward what has happened to their own country. Cursing India would’t get you very far. Instead of spending your resources on your deceptive wars – from 1948 ‘Kabaili’ invasion to Kargill ‘mujahideen’ attacks as you called them – had you spent your your scanty resources on your own development you would have been in a much better state. My freinds, forget India for 10 years and focus on the economic developmet of Pakistan.


    • wow

      that is some discovery, lol. could be true for ultimate soggy bharati dream though.

  16. dint u guys notice? it is always the indians who extend the hand of friendship. while pakistan always spit on it

    • did you guys notice? it is always Indians who break the peace accords and efforts, while Pakistan always shows tolerance on it.

      Bharat has no right to cry peace now, it screwed up everything after 26/11 when the time was to exhibit peace and sanity. To this day, their courts have the case under proceeding yet indians and the indian media only took 5 minutes to screw up everything, every CBM two countries had been working for day and night. Pakistan kept showing and asking for sanity and tolerance. We’re over it now but yet again we saw the filthy face under that mask of peace. The spit is well deserved.

  17. Idiotic attempt!

  18. India,whenever it wants to gain time and decieve,extends the hand.The whole history of Hindu-Muslim relations is full of events like these.India is,in fact, a big “LOMDI”

  19. Give peace a chance, even if you may have doubts, please don’t keep burning fires. We need that peace, every effort MUST be supported and if everyone comes together, we CAN make a difference.
    May God helps us in building bridges and follow the practices of our great Prophet (PBUH) who dealt with aggression by words of peace.

  20. I love to see how pakistanis do not think as a country, they have always had a religious approach towards everything, and that might be the reason they are where they are.

    The article talks about aggression, which my friend is Haram according to the rules of Islam, it only allows Defense.

    All the allegations and politics is done by the Government, not the individual of the country, the article is very negative towards the Country, India on the whole, which has always been a problem by Pakistanis, you can’t even imagine what the normal individuals think about the politics, and talking about politics, I think Pakistan has some of worlds worst politicians and government, so somewhere we are still better.

    Everyone loves their country, everyone should, but without blaming others, why can’t you just leave the blame game to the government, and support causes like ‘Aman ki Asha’, which is a movement also involving normal public, if not the government, please respect the people.

    Finally, i would like to say that i am a Muslim, and a very proud Indian.

    Jai Hind.

    • i certainly do doubt that youre an indian muslim, but if you are, your fundamentals of islam are very twisted and weird. im not sure who has fed you with all this. but in its essence, islam is the only ideology mankind has ever known that is a strong advocate of challenging the system of cruelty and injustice at a state level. this does not mean petty inhuman dirty acts that anti-islamic forces are carrying out behind the veils to undermine and defame islam. when people used to bury their daughters alive, islam came to their refuge giving rights to women mankind has never known or could ever conceive. when the poor’s only sin was being born poor, islam came to poor’s rescue giving it rights that establishes circulation of wealth using principles based on human welfare. when the society was cursed with inequality amongst human beings, it was islam that made stand everyone equal in its masjids and infront of Allah. when the mankind was left helpless, the greatest man came to its rescue, challenging this ineffective system of injustice. the world knows this and accepts muhammad saw as the greatest man ever.

      yes its true that right now indian muslims may well have been taught that islam is a defensive religion, one that believes in not standing up to fight for rights and keep on tolerating cruelty but that’s only a partial perspective. the worlds biggest economy is in the worlds biggest debt right now of over 13 trillion dollars, a debt that could never be paid off on practical grounds. in hindu society itself there exists sheer inequality amongst people and for those muslims this is such a glorious system should know that muslims are ranked below the dalits in hindu society. all i can say is that this thinking is going to put you at the wrong side of history here and hereafter.

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