Zaid Hamid: Lecture at Superior University, LHR

December 31, 2009

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12



  1. i hope the quality of all the videos is OK… after Part 5 especially


    May Allah protect Zaid Sahab and grant him success.

    • Assalam O Alaikum (WR he WB hu)

      I am ibrar and currently studying in London in University College London!. Khuch din pehlay main facebook pay apnay aik friend say recommended program dhekha and i was completely astonished! Main Zaid sb ko sidqay dil say kehta hoon kay U r doing a woderful thing by motivating the young generation of Pakistan through realization of Quaid e Azam and Dr. M. Allama Iqbal ideology! Allah Bless U until “Takmeel a Pakistan” Let me know if I can do for U!

      Take care!

      Allah Hafiz (Haameoo Nasir hooh appka)

      Ibrar ul Hassan Akhtar

  3. LOVED IT :’) !

  4. Salam

    I m really impressed by ur efforts. I would surely want to join u. I m ex-lecturer uet and abraofd now a days.

    This man(Zaid Hamid) really mad me to come back in Pakisatn and to offer my services to my Beloved country

    with Regards

    Muhammad Umair Saleem
    Design and Estimate Engineer
    Engineering Design Unit E-1
    Kirby Building Systems Kuwait
    B.Sc Civil Engg, M.Sc Structural Engg.
    Gold Medalist in Structural Engg.
    Gold Medalist in Hydraulics and Public Health Engg.
    Ph : 00965-65506079
    Ph : 0092-300-4996379
    : 00965-3262800 Ext. 1003
    Email: mumair@alghanim.com
    : muhammad_umair_saleem@yahoo.com
    : engr_umair2003@yahoo.com

    • he he he, Brother i am also coming soon to Pakistan. And will work on energy crisis in Pakistan. We are going to install solar energy in Pakistan.


      • Thats the Spirit we requirea s Pakis and mUslims one Brother hood inspite of all the differences .. lets the enemy see us as one wall

    • AOA dear brother…i really like ur spirit…at this time we r goin to need every intellectual to work for his country…coz we must hav to do something gud for our nation….n we r responsible for it

  5. SubhaanALLAH Zaid hamid is a gift to whole Muslim ummah from Allah . He is a true Muslim Lion in todays corrupted World. This was his best speech I eva heard. The way he replied at the end to one of Munafiq was just Outstanding.

    Pakistan Zindabad
    Zaid Hamid ” May Allah bless you with his Rehma 24/7 Ameen

  6. AOA..to all..Zaid hamid is indeed a gift to this nation..wht we r required now is to get mobilized n start thinking for the betterment of our future..n not just thinkin we must start doing by all means..we hav to practically work for our nation..Bcoz from the past 62 years we are just talking but when the time comes for a change ..nobody comes out..

  7. Excellent!!!!!!!!

  8. A.O.A,
    MashaAllah….Iqbal’s Ideology spreading like a Beautiful fragrence In a Garden…

    Jawanou ko Meri Aah-e-Seher de
    Phir in Sheheen bachoon ko bal-o-per de
    Khudaya meri Aarzo yahi hai
    Mera noor-e-Baseerat Aam ker de


    • Can’t say anything on these beautiful ashaar of Allama Iqbal but tears flow and may this beautiful dua of Allama Iqbal be fulfilled ameen ameen ya RABBal alameen.

      • Ameen sum Ameen

  9. well, Zaid hamid is on wright direction, The forces of nature are waiting for us pakistanis to grab this oppotunity. Allah hafiz.

  10. awsm……

  11. Hai muslmaan, tu is baat per iktfa na ker, ker aashna khud ko
    tu us raz-e-momin se jo muzmir hai Kitab-e-Ilahi mein

  12. First of all I Thank Almighty Allah(SWT)for giving us a Person Like MR.Zaid Hamid & the besr i’ve heard frm him so far.
    And plz my msg to those ppl who say about SZZH’s involvement in the KC (Kazab crap) just get a life we dont live in the stone age we live in an age where every thing almost every event is either filmed photographed or documented so just dont ask (such moronic questions) and waste time of a person of Zaid’s calibur if u want to put elegations on some 1 just show some proof
    May Allah guide ud to the truth
    Pakistan Zindabad
    (Khuda Zaid sahab ki Hifazat Farmae)

  13. Assalamlikum…

    Mashallah, this was the best speech of Dr. Zaid Hamid. This covered all the aspects of the modern situation of Pakistan. Mashallah, he clarified every aspect well.

  14. salaam loog aap ko cheetah kahte he . me aap ko babr sheer kahtaa hoon . aap islaam ke nafaaz ke le koseeh kareen yeh nbujawaan aap ke saath he

  15. […] WATCH VIDEO HERE Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  16. salam brothers from pakistan
    my name is saqib i done masters from university of london and doing a professional job in a company in london but now i decide to quit my job and serve my country i will come back in next month INSALLHA and serving my country i m in europe for about 4 years and saw their financial and economic system very keenly and saw their ruined family system i am a big fan of him ZAID HAMID and we all make pakistan more prosper and stronger now

    • mere bhai thats the spirit…I am also doin chemical engineering…but i want to serve my country by stayin n serving here…N with ur passion i am really impressed n it gives me motivation to stay n do some struggle…May Allah give u strength to overcome all of the hurdles in ur life..Ameeen

  17. Aslam U Alyikum (W.R.W.B)
    My name is Umair. I am studying in Ireland. This man Zaid Hammid really make my mind that i come back to pakistan and give my all services to my country. And InshahAllah i will come back to join the revolution.

    Pakistan Zindabaad…..!!!!!

    • Absolutely…n plz stay on wht u hav decided now…coz it will take much struggle..n ur aims must be so strong to overcome them..My prayers are with u bro….Pakistan Zindabad

  18. I am really big fan of ur strong point of view about the Long Living of my beautiful Pakistan.

    Sir dunyea aap ki dewani hoti ja rahi hai kuch Khushi main aur kuch Ghaam main.

    Sir main is platform ko use karte haoi apni Pakistani dostoun ko batana chahta houn ki
    Wo jo mari pyari waten ko melli ankh se dehte hain Insahallah apni iradoun main kabhi kamyab naheen houn ge aur apni wajood khoo dain gee.

    aur main apni pakistani dostyoun ko bhe yahi kahoun ga ki yeh baat apni demagh se nikal do ki Pakistan ko kuch ho ga.

    Insahallah yeh Mulk Qyymat takk Rehne ki lyea bana hai.is ko agar kuch hona hota tu 65 ya 71 main hi ho jata.

    Jin Mojjzaat se yeh Mulk bana hai is par Allah Paak ki khaas rehmat hai aur Humari Nabi Pak ke Khass nazar hai.

    Humarei Hukmraan jitni marzi Ghadari kar lyen is Mulk ko bachane wale Aziz Bhatti aur Rahid Minhas bhi Moujood hain.jo waqat aane pe in Hukmraanon ka safya karyen gi

    Hum ko sirf Apni andar Ithad baki rakhna hai is ki dusman khud ba khud raste se hat tee jayn ge.

    Aaj jo dunyea ki wo Qyyumain jo Mohazab bane bathe hain wo bhi is trah Jung o Jadal se guzar chuki hain.
    lakin aaj humain badnam kar rakha hai jaise khud to bari Farshte hain.

    apni andar naheen jhankte yeh loog.

    is ki saab se fit example Australi ko le lyen.
    bari Magroor Qyyum hain yeh lakin inko shyed yeh bhool gyea ki yeh Britan se nikale ge choor,daku aur Corrupt loog hain.
    jin ko ache logoon se dur karne ki lyea apni moashre se nikala gyea tha.

    hummein bhi aik Australi abbad karna hai chooroin aur Corrupt logoun ko apni moasshre se dur karna hai un ka mahasra aur mohasba karna hai.

    Sir. we neew ur support and Gaudiness.
    Thank u for showing us the right way to success of our PAkistan.

    Pakistan Zinda Bad.
    ALlah Hafiz

  19. I do not feel myself qualified to advise the great person in Zaid Sahib,but still would like to state as follows.
    Would suggest that he stops giving his lectures to youth for a while to take stock of the results of his efforts and consolidate the gains and organise and then move forward.

    My observations are:
    1) Subject matters of the lectures,now,seem to be repetitive.
    2)He should now give lectures in front of saner elements of the society and intellectuals.His lecture on Iqbal day was superb.
    3)The audience at Superior was not disciplined.It was noisy during the Tilawat and thoughout the lecture.One wonders why they came at all when they were not paying attention.Please do not waste the great efforts of Zaid Sahib and pay him the respect he deserves.
    3) Youth has to be told that when Quran is read,there has to be pin-drop silence.There is even an Ayah in this regards.
    4)No translation was made for Quran for very pertinent Ayah from Surah Alfajr.Was it aceremonial only.

  20. Asalam o Alikum


    phali bar comment likh rha hon . boht se logon k comment parh kar bohat ajeeb lagta hai joo apna taruf iss tariqa se karwaty hin jasy kisi job k liye interview daye rahen hon mery khyal se comment likhne k liye in sab ki zaroort nahi hoti main Saudi Arabia Jeddah main hon. aur meri ye khwaish thi k pakistan main koi asa be-khoof insan payda ho jaye joo sach koo bayan karte howe na dare aur lagta hai k “MR.ZAID HAMID” sab ki shakal main Allah ne ye dua kabool ki hai .

    mery pass kahne koo itna hai k samnder ki gahari bhe kam pard jaye gi iss liye Allah Hafiz.

  21. Assalam-o-Alikum

    Sir Zaid Hamid, you have words which belong to every patriotic person.
    God Bless you.
    Allah Aap ki Hifazat kare.

  22. @ultra nationalist…nobody is perfect…and thses students at superior uni and other university are the back bone of our future..if we dont address them they will never learn…the first time is always has mistakes and gaps but let the dust settles…gradually they will learn unity,faith and discipline..amin

  23. The sons and daughters of Pak watan salute Zaid Hamid for his nationalistic and no nonsense approach in exposing Hindutva fascism and Jewish Zionism.His critics are those who suffer from a complex too busy living this false life with no concern of the hereafter.

    Pakistan is here to stay even if war is thrusted upon us we’ll inshallah survive all trial’s and come out of it even stronger at the other end.Until we have people like Ziad Hamid and Imran Khan Pakistan’s future is indeed very bright.

  24. Lets move to Minar Pakistan as a peaceful Revolution … let us gather in masses in Greeen and red caps!!!! see u all on23 March

  25. awesomeeeeeeeee MASHALLAH ONE OF THE BEST OF Sir Zaid

  26. Ali Rizvi… Great Job…
    (Ali Rizvi Is The Chief Organizor Of This Event)

  27. Zaid hamid is a Great men and i have Trust on him


  29. Dear All,

    Khudayaa Aarzoo meree yehee hai
    Mera Noor-e-Baseerat Aaam Kaardaay

    Wish I could type that in urdu !

    As Muslims first and Pakistanis we need to concentrate on the principles and ideology passed on to us for the last 1400 Years ; Ideology, Principals have also been passed on to us in the form of Iqbal’s profound verses.

    May ALLAH enlighten the muslims all over the world and give them the sense and absorbant nature to learn and conquer – ameen.


  30. Asalam o Alikum! I’m really impressed by this thought provoking lecture and also with the other efforts of Sir Zaid Hamid and their team, to bring the green Islamic revolution in Pakistan.I’m whole heartily with you Sir (Zaid Hamid) and with your mission. May Allah Help you and every Pakistani for their just cause. May Allah Bless You And Pakistan.. {Ameen

  31. Zaid Sahib (Mashallah) you are doing indeed an excellent job. May Allah make things easy to carry out this divine mission.I have realized first time in my life that how this media war fare make lot of efforts to hide the facts and how the perception management is done.
    Sometimes I don’t know where the bullshit ends and the truth begins. May Allah help us find our way.

    I have one some bones to pick up with the people who are trying to make Mr. Zaid Hamid’s personality controversial with this Kazzab scandal. Also the way that person was asking the question was humiliating. This is where we say we’ve had enough. You always have this dirty stuff to pollute the ideology but never have enough strength to rise for such a case and even die for it. These people neither belong themselves nor to the nation. Next time be careful when you get to ask the question.

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