India’s Envy: Wants ‘POF-EYE’ type weapon to combat terror

December 31, 2009

After Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF) succesfully unveiled its ‘POF-EYE CornerShot’ at IDEAS-2008 last year, India has launched its own hunt for a similar weapon. Currently Pakistan and Israel are the only two countries who manufacture the CornerShot gun.

Times of India

NEW DELHI: Having learnt lessons from the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, the Army has launched a global hunt for suitable weapon systems `for shooting around the corner’ for its troops involved in counter-terrorism operations.

These `cornershot’ rifles and pistols, with detachable high-resolution video cameras and monitors mounted on them, will help Army special forces like the Para-SF units to effectively tackle terrorists in urban warfare scenarios.

“Such close-quarter combat weapons will help our commandos to observe and engage targets from behind a corner — for instance, while storming a building or a room — without exposing themselves to direct fire from terrorists,” said an officer.

“American, Israeli, Pakistani and a few other forces already use such weapons… The front parts of their barrels, mounted with video cameras, can swivel 60 to 70 degree on either side to scan and direct fire around corners,” he added.

Floating the Request for Information (RFI), the Army’s weapons and equipment directorate wants armament companies to submit their proposals by January 30. This comes soon after elite counter-terror force National Security Guards launched the process to acquire cornershot weapons as well as wall surveillance radars to monitor what is the situation inside a room without actually entering it.

“Such new-generation equipment is very effective in neutralising terrorists in situations like 26/11, where commandos had to clear the five-star hotels in room-to-room flushing out operations,” said the officer.

The Army’s RFI specifies the cornershot weapons must be able to `engage targets effectively beyond 200 metres’ and have day/night vision capability.

While the exact number of the weapons to be acquired is yet to be finalised, officers said transfer of technology to manufacture them indigenously was being sought since “a large quantity” was required.

“The weapon systems should also have image downloading and transmission capability so that the enemy can be located and information shared with other troops to enable the commandos to take the best positions to engage the targets,” said an officer.



  1. but again Indians have not mentioned the name of Pakistan is user countries and instead replaced it with ‘some other countries’….

    • Dear Here is Pak
      “American, Israeli, Pakistani and a few other forces already use such weapons… The front parts of their barrels, mounted with video cameras, can swivel 60 to 70 degree on either side to scan and direct fire around corners,” he added.

      • PKKH has added pakistan in the list, but indiatimes didnt, check out original post of indiatimes

  2. I hope it will a new disaster like LCA,ARJUNK,………lol

  3. this is unarguably one of the most good looking guns ive ever seen. a real treat to watch and fire i suppose. never mind, as for india is concerned, acquiring or not acquiring such weapons do not make a difference, because when incidents like mumbai attacks occur, sweepers hide the bullet proof vests of their soldiers and later on say it was done MISTAKENLY, LOL. they make sure the one who they want to kill, gets killed.

  4. Good job Pakistan….. deserve a Nobel Prize…. !

  5. The capabilty of any weapon means nothing if their is a coward at it’s helm like urine drinking Indians!

    When it comes to weapons and nukes they’re struggling to keep up with our dynamic approach as false flag 26/11 attacks showed.They openly admitted then that they were ill prepared for war with us,not much has changed since that period.

  6. masha,ALLAH
    insha,ALLAH indians will see us islami paki loins in gazwa-e-hind

  7. Here we go again. First thing that comes to mind is how their own ally Vietnam ordered sniper rifles from Pakistan as India’s offers were completely useless. This thing has failed in advance.

  8. @imran sir..
    Indian common man is not interested in this weapon game .. common man has nothnig to do with the Army as I am sure most of them even don’t know who the heck is Indian army chief … I found Pakistanis generaly more interested in weapons being developed and in general love their army…
    Remeber every weapon being develop or bought keeping millions away from food …
    Regarding this corner rifle .. it is too old .. I watched it on discovery channal 10 years ago in the program called “extreme machines”.. so there is nothing new to be developed here.. as long as you have money you can buy it from anywherwe..
    What mappetrs is economy not army.. and I guess even if this corner rifle is having with Pak army .. its falied to stop any of the suside attacks in peshawar,lahore and recently in Karachi .. so these toys are useless as of now at least ..

    • @indian..stick to ur bollywood movies…we have almost annihilated ur TTP dogs…think what we will do to u…u who have sponsored and trained the TTP along with ur american masters…so do boost ur economy ( which again is a farce) as it will be our economy and prepare to sing Pakistan’s national anthem..as this is ur fate…now off with u!

  9. they want
    1.cornershot gun and
    2.surveillance radar( to see whats happening in a room to assess the situation inside, without going oneself), hmmm seems like they really examined pak forces actions after the attack on pindi ISI headqurter where they(the hindian RAW terrorists) kept pakistanis in gunpoint in a room with a suicide bomber, and Mashallah pak forces cleared that room by killing that bomber pin-point and saved precious lives. Thus they r wondered how this muslim force did it? but the above all thing is that its Eemaan(faith in Allah) that give courage to man, then its the technique,practice and intelligence which man use,to win the war, for attaining peace.

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