The three stooges around the president

December 29, 2009

Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: The question everyone in the country and abroad is asking after President Asif Ali Zardariís defiant Naudero speech on Sunday is who are his close advisers who have pushed him into this state of mind. At least three close associates have been identified as those poisoning the top man against the Pakistan Army and the superior judiciary.

They are also said to be encouraging him to play the disastrous Sindh card. Sources confided to The News that two doctors, one from the interior Sindh and the other from Karachi, and a PIA pilot, hailing from Sindh, are the three characters, who have been heard by different sources while telling President Asif Ali Zardari that the Pakistan Army is all out against him and would target him anytime.

This group of three, the sources said, usually surrounds the president and keeps on poisoning him with the kind of ‘threats’ that do not exist in reality. However, it makes the president fearful of his fate and leaves him with no option but to say strange things publicly like that no one would force him to quit and that he could be removed from the Presidency in an ambulance.

Some journalists too have been approached by the president, sharing his serious fears about the Pakistan Army. President Zardari has been made mistrustful to the extent allegedly by this group of three that he does not hesitate to tell people even on phone that the Army is coming to target him (Zardari).

Presidency spokesman Farhatullah Babar when approached denied this and categorically said: ‘This is absolutely wrong.’ He said that he never saw or heard anyone to have been saying any such thing to the president. ‘I completely deny this’, he said, adding this is all rumour mongering and propagated by those, who are against the Presidency.

When asked to identify such elements, he said: ‘I would not like to pre-judge.’ Babar said one of the doctors, blamed to be the member of ‘a gang of three’, did not visit the Presidency for the last 15 days and is not the kind of soul that could do what is associated with him. About the other doctors, who is a permanent resident of the Presidency, Babar said he was also never heard of talking such things.

Babar, however, did not say anything about the PIA employee. Sources, however, said the president is told that besides the Army, the superior judiciary is also against him. The government reluctance to follow the Supreme Courtís judgment on the NRO in letter and spirit is also said to be the consequence of the unfounded fears that the judiciary has made up its mind to remove Asif Ali Zardari from the presidency.

A military source said the top military command is also concerned over the unsubstantiated and baseless apprehensions that suggest that the Army intents to remove the president. The source said there is a dire need to remove such misconceptions and help build a better understanding between different state institutions.

Although President Zardari has never publicly supported the Sindh Card, it is discussed in the Presidency quite often than seldom. The provocative statements issued by Dr Zulfikar Mirza, Raja Riaz and other PPP leaders are said to be part of a strategy to pre-empt the fear-based future happening.

The Sindh Card came into play after the Supreme Courtís judgment on the NRO. However, looking at the facts of the case, there seems no rationale of using the Sindh Card vis a vis the apex court.

It is, however, generally believed that the conspiracy mantra of the Presidency is an effort to divert the people’s attention from the the serious implications of the SC’s judgment that has left the President really worried as the reopening of Swiss cases would possibly lead to his political death.

No matter what the president and his associates say, there is hardly any one to believe this, as judiciary is performing in a wonderful manner whereas the military has shown no sign of disapproval to the democratic system rather has been fully supporting so far. Many see President Zardari and his style of governance as the major threat to the system.

Irrespective of the impression that was being created, Punjab was the most irrelevant in the NRO case. Not only that two petitioners – Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Roedad Khan — who had challenged the NRO were from Frontier. Dr Mubashir Hasan lives in Lahore, he is not Punjabi but an Urdu speaking.

It is worth mentioning here that the 17-member bench of the Supreme Court that decided the fate of the NRO included the representation from all provinces with three honourable judges from Sindh. The bench also included three honourable judges from Balochistan, four from the NWFP and seven from the Punjab and all of the judges with consensus held the NRO void ab initio. During the proceedings of the petitions against the NRO, the judges made it clear that the court was not hearing the cases against any particular personality.

Moreover the lawyers who argued the most against the NRO, Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, also hailed from Sindh and is considered more Sindhi than Asif Ali Zardari. The counsel who represented the federation, Kamal Azfar also did not defend the NRO before the Supreme Court. Kamal Azfar is also from Sindh. Advocate General, Sindh Yousaf Leghari, who is also from Sindh, was given opportunity to explain the position of his province in the apex court but he did not defend the National Reconciliation Ordinance.

Additionally, the three-member bench constituted by the Supreme Court to hear the appeals of NAB cases and the ex-beneficiaries of the NRO does not include any judge from the Punjab. It is led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who is from Balochistan, and include Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Anwar Zaheer, both of whom are from Sindh.



  1. Abey bhai Ghaddari tou dafa kyon nahi ho jata tujhe koi pasand nahi karta, samajh gaya kia???

  2. It hurts me to say that PKKH has gone astray.It is losig its objectivity.It was first Shaheen Sehbai and now Ansar Abbasi.What has not been written about Abbasi,in PKKH blog,some one year ago.
    This journalistic activism (if not yellow journalism)is harming Pakistan where only very few can read and write.
    If PKKH wants to lift articles on these same subjects,they should do it from Dr.Abdul Moeed Pirzada,Mohammad Malik and to some extent Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Shami.This sensational and gossip journalism will lead us nowhere.
    As for the article,the govt. in the beginning said it will not defend.The “Shosha” of ambulance going into Presidency,was from Dr.Shahid Masood.Another gossip is that the Apex court can invoke Constitution(Article 192 or 194) and call Army to take over.What happens when he refuses?

    Remember during Mush,news came that he has been arrested and stock market went down by 2000 points.

    I can suggest one move with which “SAANP BHI MAR JAYE AUR LATHI BHI NA TOOTAY”.i.e:

    Some MNAs of PPP (to eliminate its majority)resign from the party to necessitate Jeelani to seek confidence.MQM is already sitting on the brink and we have people like Makhdoom Amin Fahim.Naheed Khan and her husband and others.

    As for Mubashar Hasan,he and his scholar brorher have their own communist agenda.His brother rediculed Quaed & Iqbal.

    • well your statement is biased towards your father Asif Ali Zardari ……u dont have any justification to prove Zardari as innocent …i dont know what u r trying to prove ….to please your father “THE ZIONIST” in USA and Israel……u criticize those who are most patriot and sincere to Pakistan ….u love those …whose are the traitors, loot Pakistan and hate Pakistan ……specially Dr. Zulfiqaar Mirza, Peer Mazhar-ul-Haq and other PPP traitors!!!

  3. blackwater on the loose in pakistan to plan civil war by planting bombs then blame taleban to take out pakistan neuclear weapons
    four blackwater merceneries caught near pakistan neuclear facility wearing traditional pakistan then they were quickly released by the orders of rehman malik
    one question why what the hell is going on in pakistan
    who can we trust zardari and his henchmen have soled us to the americans for seven billion dollars
    oh allah help us or else we are doomed

  4. blackwater on the loose in pakistan to plan civil war by planting bombs then blame taleban to take out pakistan neuclear weapons
    four blackwater merceneries caught near pakistan neuclear facility wearing traditional pakistani clothes then quickly released on the orders of rehman malik
    one question why what the hell is going on in pakistan
    these traitors namely zardari malik keyani have soled
    us to the americans for seven billion dollars
    oh allah help us or we are doomed

  5. @Salman,
    Thanks for letting me know about your family background.Nowhere I have said that Zardari is innocent.May be that what I said was over your head.
    What I am trying to say that under present circumstance,while we should see what is being said,we should also see who is saying.On these pages lot has been written against Shaheen and Ansar.That is why I mentioned very respectable names amongst the journalists(may be you have not heard of them).Where did you see me praising Ghaddari,Zulfiqar Mirza,Pir Mazharul Haq.Probably you did not read my last para.As for criticising the two media men,if you know their lifestyles you will may change your opinion.The other day,I met somebody who said that he visited a journalist house(not the above two) and saw that the drawing room floor was of glass under which there was an aquarium.One clue is that he is staunch anti PPP.

  6. The intent of the article suggests that Zardari need not worry. He is not being “target-attacked”. But NRO revocation results in reopening the corruption cases of Zardari. Something, which may, eventually, results not ONLY in his ouster (from presidency) but also in new jailtime.

    So Zardaris fears are not that irrational. What can you expect from him? He will do anything to protect his interest. He will not let go that easily.

    The article did good in diffusing the evil racial card, which might be used by Zardari. By knowing that there were Sindhis on the bench, it helps to prevent this cause from turning into a racial nightmare.

    I hope, ALL Pakistanis see this from an open heart and call a spade, a spade.

    If democracy is to take roots in Pakistan, we have to behave as a democratic nation. In democracies, no ordinance is created to allow thieves to take the helm of affairs. In democracies, court orders are respected and followed, Presidents are impeached on wrong conduct, vice-presidents take over (or new interim elections held) and democracy goes on.

    Why can’t we have such a system in Pakistan? WE CAN.

    For that Pakistani public has to come out on the street and DEMAND the due process of law. Our political parties should hold rallies ( I am counting on Imran Khan ) like the one for reinstatement of Chief Justice.

    Why am I not seeing such movement? Where is Black revolution? Why the media is so nonchalant this time?

  7. Our enemies are carrying out a definite plan against us but is our govt serious about protecting Pakistan’s national interests?

    No, they’re simply wasting time on talk shows, holding conferences, and threatening the establishment from every platform just because the supreme court ruled against the NRO.

    How can this govt protect the country when they are so overwhelmed with their own personal insecurities?


  9. And the good people I can think of are:

    abid Hassan Minto,Etezaz Ahsan,Meraj Mohammed Khan,Dr.Mubasshar Hasan and his brother,Fatehyab Ali Khan,Kaneez Fatima and and and .

    Aur yeh sab Chalay Huey Kartoos Hain.

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