Americans To Land Only In Islamabad

December 28, 2009

By: Zulqarnain Haider

ISLAMABAD – Now Americans can land only on Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Airport, Islamabad, as Government has banned other airports of the country for them. A reliable source informed TheNation that unusual activities of Americans in Pakistan have forced the Government to take this decision and the arrest of five US nationals from Sargodha also played a key role in it.

Intelligence agencies have been reporting about increasing anger and agony against Americans among the general public, as the US nationals don’t abide by the laws. On many occasions, US nationals publicly didn’t abide the law of the state, as four times in Lahore and six times in Islamabad they were stopped on various police checkpoints and illegal weapons were recovered from them, but still they were allowed to move freely. This raised many questions about the integrity of Pakistan, and political parties, civil society and media were openly protesting against this discrimination.

Again five arrested Americans during interrogations have revealed important information that is against Pakistan’s integrity and this was the main reason of this decision, the source disclosed.

Now Americans can land only on Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Airport, Islamabad, and they will have to complete the whole immigration process and only ten they would be allowed to stay here.



  1. Great.
    Also, I’d credit our police when the arrest “WHITE AMERICANS”.

    • DO the Americans can bullet proof cars ?

  2. this is good news but also pak goverment and army should give these fucks americans an ultermatum to stop the drone attacks on its soil
    the only country in the world that lets this happen
    pakistan is a soverign country after all then i will take the pak army seriously the drones have killed seventeen people only today get on with it and stop them

  3. 5 Americans earlier arrested were trying to attack on our nuclear installations (Chashma Nuclear Power Plant) so that they can create an excuse over the world that Pakistan should be de-nuclearized. This is what these filthy bastards are doing in our country. We need to kick their ass and send them back to their dirty land. Special Americans are actually dirty Ass-Holes of their country.

  4. Pak army and police shud conduct deliberate encounters to threat them. This is the only way a lesson can be taught to these CIA agents

  5. “agreee with baig” delibratly threat them through agencies.they will automatically ranaway.

  6. good idea that

  7. blackwater is responsible for bombing in karachi today
    at the shia procession that killed thirty people
    their intention is to plan civil war between pakistani
    shias and sunnis but they will fail inshallah

  8. dil khush kitta ee cheetaaah…shud have been done long time ago…time to get even!

  9. Guys,
    It is not enough.US does not allow PIA to fly direct to US.Our boeing 777 have to first land in Manchester(UK),security checks made and then fly to Newyork.PIA bought this jet as it can fly long distances direct(any Pak city to Newyork) but this US condition has made 777 useless and PIA is making a loss on this route.So



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