BrassTacks : The Real Quaid-e-Azam

December 26, 2009

In this Special Episode of Brasstacks Mr. Zaid Hamid pays tribute to the father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and puts an end to the baseless propaganda that Jinnah wanted a secular state.



  1. i salout u Mr jinaHH

  2. AOA Sir,

    you make me speechless. you are our proud.

    Pakistan Zindabad


    • Salman khan comments are a reflection of his brain washed psychology and inability to see the truth.
      brainless idiot.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Allah kuch logoun ko dunya may gift ke surat may send kerta ha and Doctor Zaid hamid is one of then. Allah Doctor sahab ko apnay aman may rakhay.

  5. well done zahid!!!!

    We have the same spirit and power in youth of Pakistan but the problem is current system, which is not flexible enough to accept the young blood into main stream political leadership.

    Youth is our country used to join political wings in the early ages of their education to get some fame and some political strength for just there personal interests. There is no organized institute in country which can guide the students to adopt the politics or not to adopts the politics s and to give them any vision or guidance. It can be illustrated with an simple example that if army cadets or police cadets were given responsibilities without giving proper training in Kakool and Sihala respectively.

    The current leadership of most of the political parties or groups are either feudal lords or there descendants or there funded people. There is no cause, no principles, no vision in there minds. All they have to do to follow the orders of there high ups to grab some money. And what r the orders of high up is to arrange functions and promote party ideas least concern what are goods and bads of those promotions. If someone dare to challenge to the orders of high ups then that would be end of his/her political career.

    So dear Hamid or all those who are interested in Pakistan’s future should do something practically to bring the young blood into the political system or pave the way in such a manner that young tipu sultans of Pakistan should feel proud to join the politics and fight for the right thing in the right manner.
    Youth is disappointed, disintegrated and confused. The country’s cream is fleeing the country for better future. It’s the need of the day to do something to create attraction, moral, courage and will to fight for the country.

  6. i think some things in these videos are wrong!

    • @madiha it is better to point out those wrong things rather than just saying some things are wrong and trying to declins the spirit of videos and playing same role as meer jaffar.
      I believe these are the best vidieos and knowledge i have evr listen about the GREAT QUAID. It is time for the youth to change the system. lets work together in light of Quaid given lines. minasan gambatte kudasai

    • Would you like to highlight those wrong things?

    • Ya clearly define wrong things. Sirf dialogues se kam nahi chalega. give examples or prove sth.

  7. The best.

    All references prsented are well searched and for the first time are being presented by Zaid Sahab in this manner.

    There was never any doubt about Quaid e Azam. He wasnted an Islamic State based on Islamic principles.

    No doubt about it.

  8. A dynamite prograame. Never knew Quaid that way. All hats off to Zaid Hamid. Mashallah.

  9. Kiani is absolutely right. Youth is disappointed. Many students have no vision.

  10. I am disgusted by Mr. Zaid’s lack of knowledge or if not that, the ability to highlight useless and baseless items to prove his points.

    There is so much frivolous in this debate that I cannot even begin to say anything, just one point!!! Being secular is not being ‘la deen’, you ding dong.

  11. assalam o alykum dear brothers…

    thats very great!!!

    i use to listen zaid hamid long time before. he is a true pakistani…

    we love our father of nation..we love our pakistan..we love our nation…long live my pakistan..

  12. Dear Zahid,

    You are our voice, I want you to please elaborate and work on making our people understand how bad we have been divided and ruled. Division amongst muslims is harram and our people think that being divided is good thing. Our prophet never said that Islam will be divided in 72 sects.


    Rizwan Ali.

  13. Salaam Tm PKKH 🙂
    Great Piece of Info..
    i have request to please type the information (sayings of Quaid-e-Azam) and spread it out.

    give my message to Tv One that they should hold seminar in which dr. zahid sb giving lectures to secular pundits esp. aitezaz ahsan sometimes he speaks real non-sense!!

  14. What about the speech to constitutional assembly of Pakistan on 11 August 1947 which was to make constitution!!
    ” You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State ” – Quaid e Azam M. A. Jinnah on 11th August, 194

    • @dark knight. Excuse me ? so how does that contradict with the ethos of an Islamic state?? You obviously have no idea what ur talking about. Go and read some Muslim history sonny. In an Islamic
      state there is freedom of religion, caste and creed and people’s personal religious lives have nothing to do with the state. The state implements sharia laws in relation to social justice and what is acceptable
      and unacceptable for a society in general. No one is going to stop a Hindu or a Christian from rom going into their temple/church to pray or interfere in the way they conduct their social and familial affairs like marriages, etc.

      • You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State!!

        This contradicts the notion of Islamic state! when the Quaid says that religion has no nothing with state does it mean Pakistan will be an Islamic State??

        At another the Quaid said “Pakistan is not going to be theocracy run by priests with a divine mission”

  15. This video is trying to tell us that Quaid-e-Azam did not have his own thoughts and he was controlled by Iqbal??
    Zaid Hamid is the one who is trying to mutilate History!! He was member of Jamiat Tulba wing of Jamat-e-Islami whose leader Maulana Maududi called Quaide-e-Azam ‘kafir-e-Azam’

    • @Dark Knight, I think you need to either watch this program against or take that cotton out of your ears. And please refrain from spreading rumours about mr ZH, its really not very interetsing at all.

      • I have watched all the videos thats why I commented!!
        Rumors? Thats is a fact not a rumor! Zaid Hamid was a member of student wing Of Jamt-e-Islaami in karachi university! Zaid hamid is a human after all not God that he doesn’t have faults!!

      • Dark knight needs to clarify his concepts. The idea of separation of religion from state was thought up in the west, since their religion and indeed all others except islam are simply not comprehensive enough to dictate all aspects of life. neither at an individual level nor as a community / state. Whereas, Islam gives clear guidelines about financial matters, trade, commmerce, family laws,
        inheritance, women rights, punishments, rights of minorities, relationship with neighbours, scientific exploration, technology, war, negotiations etc. Not only do they look good on paper but are clearly practicable as demonstrated by Holy Prophet PBUH and the pious Caliphs. When a divine religion exists in truth, why do you think it is necessary to follow
        a system proposed by man?. whatever, its seeming merits.

        As you know Imam Mahdi will come some day, what do we expect whether he will establish a secular country or bring a new shariat. He will simply implement the Quran and Sunnah and resultingly take the muslims once again to heights that humanity has ever experienced.

        Islam is not just a religion in the classical sense and this definition will bear me out
        ”The word ‘Din’ appears in as many as 79 verses in the Quran, and it is often translated as religion for convenience since there is no equivalent single satisfactory English word. In the Qur’an, Islam is always referred to as Dīn. It is the sum total of a Muslim’s faith and the code and conduct necessary to submit to Allah’s laws. ” from


        the Caliphate implemented the Shariah. It was the most progressive and dynamic state.Islam reached heights of its glory in the ensuing period.destroying such established civilizations as the romans and persians. the failure to continue in their illustrious footsteps is a collective failure of this ummah, and not a failure of our deen-e-islam.

        Allah Almighty says in the quarn at Suarh 5, verse 3 ” This day, I have
        perfected your deen (religion) for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islâm as your deen”.
        these Holy words mean something, dont they?
        When the Lord of the Worlds says that the religion is perfect, then i think, rather it is my faith that it is perfect for each and every situation, time and nation till the last day.

        we are afraid that Shariah will take us back 1400 yrs. nothing can be further from the truth. the West has brain-washed us into believing that.
        I am not supporting the narrow mindedness (in some aspects) of the taliban, and all such movements that use force on their fellow muslims to achieve their aim. There is no compulsion in religion. ie nobody can force another person to accept islam, but the law of Allah has to be implemented. We have to find a minimum common ground between sects. mostly
        the differences are in family laws, which can be governed by concerned fiqh of the sect. All muslims do believe in the quran, dont they? And when we are so fond of democracy (another name of majority-ism) then there is no harm in following what the religion of majority is (just a thought).

        regarding, the bland life in SA, it is no wonder that islam in true sense is not implemented in one inch of this earth.neither are the muslims willing to implement it in letter and spirit. although, each one hopes and prays to go to Jannah, a place of peace only because man has no say in its functioning, and only Allah’s laws are implemented.

        Lastly, we as pakistanis are doubly to be blamed. our forefathers promised Allah that they would follow islam in the true sense, when given an opportunity in a free country. but the generations thereafter did not do so. We are in a state of collective sin. Pakistan can never achieve its destiny without Islam. it will lurch from one catastrophe to another, rudderless and blinded. Havent we experimented enough with Socialism of Bhutto, Capitalism of Shaukat Aziz, One Unit Policy, dictatorship, democracy ?? Lets give Islam a chance. Just by naming the country Islamic Republic is not going to serve any purpose. When the very Interest-based Monetary System, so close to our hearts is what Allah has declared war upon.
        Pakistan was created on the basis of the efforts of our Holy Prophet PBUH. And it will therefore achieve its destiny, whether we (the present generation) are able to achieve this honour is up to our own efforts.Allah will inshallah honour the efforts of his prophet. and Allah of course does not need any of us to achieve his goal. for evidence i respectfully urge you and the readers to plz:

        1- watch last 07 min of GEO program at

        2- read article at

        3- read second last paragraph od Quaid’s last public speech

        another good reference is :
        1st 3 min of

        May Allah guide us in His infinite wisdom and fulfil the vision of His beloved Prophet PBUH. May He use us in Hs divine scheme of things and resultantly grant us success in this world and the Hereafter.Ameen.


    • Please make a correction in your statement that it was not Maududi who called Jinnah “kafir-e-Azam”.

  16. AOA
    stunning prog..kindly write a BOOK plzzz

  17. This is perversion of history. This is all false. Who is this person Zaid Hamid? It seems he has not even touched any research which has been conducted since 1960s. Jinnah was absolutely a brilliant man. He did whatever a leader could possibly do for the Muslims at that time, with a very positive approach. His argument with the Britishers and Indian National Congress was that the Muslim concern is justified and it should be appropriately addressed. He did not say or do what this person is telling. This is random cut and paste from records. This is false.

    For instance, please note that after Iqbal’s address of Allahabad, Time Magazine published that Iqbal had given the idea of a separate state. When Iqbal came to know of this he wrote back to the Time Magazine that he had not given this idea of a separate state. On the basis of Iqbal’s letter, the Time Magazine published an apology in their next issue. [Ref: Jinnah Re-interpretted].

    What this person is telling takes you to the same conclusion, but with absolutely false basis which have been used by the military bureaucracy since the times of General Ayub Khan. Jinnah made it clear on innumerable occasions that ‘Pakistan’ was about normal human beings who were Muslims by faith, it was not for clerics to dominate socio-political lives of its citizens.

    What this person is doing can be termed as ‘poison spewing’. Practically, he is contributing nothing.

    How does he qualify to say all this.

    The following books are good reference materials and are based on original records and also contain references at each place.

    1. Jinnah Re-interpretted by Saad Rashid-ul-Khairi (Oxford)
    2. Partition of India, Legend and Reality by H.M. Seervai (Mr. Seervai is an Indian constitutionalist and in his book he has explained that how Jinnah was justified in doing what he did)
    3. Eight Lives, Understanding the Muslim Mind by Prof. Raj Mohan Gandhi (Mr. Gandhi is M. K. Gandhi’s grandson and he too has explained how Mr. Jinnah was right in leaving his nationalist political approach and how right he was in accusing Congress and the Britishers of their collusion). Jinnah was a person with a very independent mind. He was never found holding Iqbal’s finger in his political career.

    There is a lot of published material, but the ones quoted above are most reliable as they contain the right references and the authors have not used their imagination, unlike this person Zaid Hamid. From where on earth this ‘Brasstack’ has fallen? What is this?

  18. Its quite stunning for me in todays confused, mysterious and arrogant world when I read the books of history to find a fine, honorable, genuine and inspiring personality as Muhammad Ali Jinnah. May ALLAH bless him along with his companion; Muhammad Allama Iqbal the highest of rewards. Oh ALLAH ALMIGHTY, bless my country, bless my people, and may the “correct” message of Islam flourish throughout the world. AMIN SUM AMIN.

  19. By chanting ‘Pakistan ka mutlab kia, la i laha il lallah’ our forefathers pledged that they will live by the Quran and Sunnah, if given a free homeland. Allah delivered this country as a result on the blessed night of 27th Ramazan. Quaid e Azam is on record to have said that the Constitution for the new country is present since the last 13 centuries. Can anybody deny that ?
    Secular leanings ascribed to the Quaid are mostly concerned when directed towards the minority issues. These are propagated by the mainstream media to serve their own vested interests. In her groundbreaking book ‘Secular Jinnah: Munir’s Big Hoax Exposed’. Saleena has exposed how are leaders and liberal minded scholars have put words in Quaid’s mouth and delibrately led a generation into self doubt and utter confusion. Also there are other instances where it has been revealed as to how our Holy Prophet PBUH guided Quaid e Azam to come back to the subcontinent and fulfil his mission. On 10/11 August 2009, the grandson of the actual Khan of Kalat announced on GEO TV program, Kamran kay Sath that his granfather gave up his flourishing kingdom of Kalat and merged into Pakistan, when he was directed to do so by the Holy Prophet PBUH in a dream.

    The Quaid soon after independence formed the constituent assembly to draft constitution for the new country. He was unequivocal in his vision, as he was on all other things that the Western democracy and Western economic systems had failed to provide social justice and equal playing field to all. He wanted to implement the Islamic principles and present to the whole world an alternative system that provided security, religious freedom, social and economic justice to all and sundry—a true Islamic Welfare state. The Objective Resolution was passed in this spirit. Alas, he passed away and Liaqat Ali Khan was also gunned down when he insisted on implementing the true vision of our Quaid. Thereafter, the first step of Gulam Muhamad, a CIA agent was to abolish the Constituent Assembly and reduce the Objectives Resolution to a preamble in the new Constitution, which implemented British Westminister style democracy in the country.

    Pakistan is thus in a state of sin, if i may be allowed to say so. The task remain incomplete. Until we fulfil the promise of our forefathers we will lurch from one catastrophe to another and Pakistan will not achieve its destiny. We have experimented enough with democracy, dictatorship, provincial autonomy, one-unit system, imported PMs enlightened moderation etc. Lets give the Quran and Sunnah a chance. Lets for once trust in Allah Almighty. If we are true muslims, we should not let ourselves be bitten from the same ‘democratic’ snake hole again and again. We all aspire to go to Jannah in the Hereafter, a place where everything is as per Allah’s Command, yet we are unwilling to implement HIS commands on earth. What can be more hipocritical than that ?
    Allah says in the Quran :
    Surah Ar Raad (13-11)
    “Verily, Allah does not change the condition of any people unless they
    themselves make the decision to change.”

    May Allah guide us and give us the courage to change ourselves and
    demand the same from our rulers. Ameen

  20. Who said him kaf..-e-azam??? Son of ………. insan k bache bano. Apni Auqat bhool gaey ho kya?
    Dark Knight kya bilkul Dark honaey ka irada ho raha hai kya?????????????

  21. I have found that i am little unknown about quaid e azam, now i can say that i know Quaid e Azam Truly, May Allah Give Zaid Hamid long life and success in his efforts to defend pakistan.

  22. I heard Quaid-e-Azam was married to Parsi woman and had a child is this right? please clearify.

  23. Well done Mr. Zaid, You have done a great job to describe the true face of father of nation, I am astonished that why we are not taught in our educational studies such aspect of out great leader. In fact this is the conspiracy which we have to ruine.

    • ok so u believe that pakistanis have done masters in distortion of history which teaches hatred and were told all the wars pakistan has fought were won by them.. this guys is also master in misinformation and lot of pakis believe what he he says as for them he is ALLAH..

      • Your way to response my comments is not decent, you have called the Pakistanis as pakis, well we pakistanis are PAKIS (means pure clean and clear) and I am sure your are NAPAKI ( mean urine, asses and other disgusting things)

  24. Salam

    I would like to give a title to the administrators of this site and Zaid Hamid, and that is HUSSAINI.
    You are standing by truth against all odds. You are in true sense following Prophet(pbuh) and His grandson Imam Hussain(a.s.).

    May Allah increase your abilities.

  25. As salam o alaikum !!

    This was amazing and an can’t denied. An immaculate speech

  26. This was amazing and can not be denied. An immaculate speech by Zaid Hamid. May ALLAH bless you

  27. Allah Bless you Zaid. I have read some unwarranted comments. I am sure those deviants neither have read the history neither they have read any details about the Quaid. Let me take them to the time of the holy Prophet. In terms of a citizen of the Islamic rule especially in Makkah and Madina they had full rights and were given complete justice. In that sense they ceased to be Christians(which a few of them were)jews or non believers. Would you term the Holy Prophet as secular?

  28. Sir,

    Mr.JINNAH is really passionate, honest, patriotic person not only has these qualities but also has great symbol of islamic principles.
    our enemies cannot tolrate islamic person rule on the world in this way they are spreading lot of conpiracy against islam.

  29. As an extension to my comments of 13 jan: just a point of observation. If Q’uide-Azam was that secular then why did he disown his only child when she married a parsi? Ask those with their children what it means to let go of any of their children even if they are blessed with ten of them or even more. Here the great man had only one. Requires a considerable lock on the heart and this only a person in total belief of his ideology can do and -no one else.

    • Great point Mr Malik.
      Quaid e Azam did not just give lip service to the Islamic principles, but put them to practice as well. to a great cost to his personal life. May Allah bless him and enable us to follow his illustrious foot steps. Aameen

  30. Mr Zaid just a minor suggestion – pl. do not mind. While you speak on the TV channel pl do not appear a firebrand man. Say it in a cool manner. It is likely to be more effective than otherwise.
    Best of Regards

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