Jinnah: The Legend

December 25, 2009

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah: An exceptional life, A charismatic personality, A saviour, A true leader…..



  1. Quaid was legend. People who criticise him. Listen his last speach at the time of opening Central Bank of Pakistan. what kind of state he want..He want to make true Islamic welfafe stare…

  2. The mind blowing Pictures of the Greatest Leader of 20th Century.

  3. His Love for Unity of Muslims…
    1 dafa musalmao k 2 grohon k dermean tasadam ho gya aur bat adalat tek ja ponchi to aik grow k serkerda admi Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam se milay aur kaha k hum ko Rs.5,00,000 fee (us dour k lehaz se ye bahut hi bari rakam thi) dain gay, ap hamari terf se muqadma lero.
    Lekin qurban jaeay quaid ki soch per. Unho ne fermaya: kea tum is lea itnay paisay de rahe ho k main Musalmao me batwaray ka baeis benuon… tum log jis terha aey ho wapas chelay jao, Ma kabi koi aysa kam nai keron ga jo kebhi bhi musalmano me taqseem ka bais benay…

  4. (Views of enemies about the Greatest Personality)

    India k Ex- P.M Pundat Jawahar Lal Nehru’s sister vijia Lakshmi pundit’s statement,
    “If Muslim League had 100 Gandhis and 200 Abual Kalams and whereas if Congress had only “MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH”, India would never been partitioned”

  5. He is a person blessed wid a real charismatic personality… an all-rounder, the one who was born 2 win!! N he taught us all that,
    ”Honour n shame from no condition rise;
    Act well ur part, there all d honour lies..”

  6. A well dressed and respectable figure was the great Muhammad Ali Jinnah.Very different to urine drinking Mohandas Gandhi who slept with his two nieces and enjoyed walking around half naked embarrassing himself in the process.

    • that may be true but world recognozes MK gandhi as man of millenium… entire world must be fool..
      I have full respects towards our father of nation but I simply refuses to calling about other person bad to make our best personality better .. Its shows our attempt of justification ..

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