PAF gets mid-air refueller aircraft

December 21, 2009


The first air-to-air refueller aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force has arrived, a PAF spokesman said on Saturday. Three more refueller aircraft are expected to be delivered to Pakistan by mid-2010, the spokesman said, adding that PAF’s overall potential in terms of its effectiveness to defend the airspace would be enhanced by virtue of its capability to refuel air defence aircraft in air.

With this facility the PAF has joined the rank of those developed air forces which have the air refilling system. An aviation expert said this was a force-multiplier ability because the strength of the existing number of fighter jets would be doubled with the induction of the refueller aircraft.—APP



  1. Can all the mainstay fighters of PAF be refuelled with this? i.e., the F-16, Mirage, JF-17, Mig-21 etc.

    • no i think jf:17 fc-20 and most probably mirages are refuled by this plane.for f:16 paf is planning to procure moidifed airbus version which airbus model they are looking i dont know.but america refused once again to provide kc-135 tanker for f:16.

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  3. F-16 can not be refueled with this aircraft.

  4. Why does PAF need a refueller??? what is the purpose & objective?? how much is the cost??
    aren’t there better ways to spend money on defense?
    Based on my knowledge of the costs – it would have financed two universities for five years!!
    A collosal waste thats what it is with absolutley no benefits if you do not count who got rich with this deal!!!!

    • All I can say about ur comments is


    • You’re right. After years of being sanctioned and no progress, PAF shouldn’t do anything to upgrade. The military institutions should use their allocations to build civilian institutions, so why would you even need a civilian government ey? What a gem of an idea.

      Taking the simple effort to find some answers to your own questions would’ve saved you from sounding so stupid.

    • Jane this talk of of cutting down Pakistan’s defense budget by raising irrational hue and cry is kinda cliched now. I’d say take a more rational approach towards things. Pakistan’s military is the worlds 6th largest standing military with a much much bigger enemy bullying in its face. How many universities and people would have received welfare if israel does not spend 7.3% of its GDP for killing and getting weapons. Do you have any idea what 7.3% means and how do you compare it to a state as small as israel? How many universities would have been setup if india drops its plans of acquiring 100 billion dollars of weaponry in only next 2 years. Does that sound insane to you or getting a refueller aircraft? Why are France, UK, germany and japan are biggest weapons buyers despite having forces much smaller than pakistan’s military and as such without having any threats from their neighbors? It just hurts to see people imposing double standards in one same world.

      So when next time you feel like talking about poverty and universities, get around a bit and discover the facts. You can only convince someone if you hold some weight in your statements.

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