Accused Mumbai Gunman Recants

December 19, 2009

NY Times

A Pakistani man who confessed in court to being one of the gunmen in the terrorist attacks on Mumbai last year recanted on Friday, saying the Indian police had framed him. A gunman, who was later identified as Mohammed Ajmal Kasab at the Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminal railway station in Mumbai in November 2008.

It was the latest flip-flop from the suspect, Ajmal Kasab, who made a dramatic and detailed confession in July, explaining his role as one of 10 Pakistanis who attacked two luxury hotels, a busy train station and a Jewish center, killing more than 160 people over three days in November 2008. Photographs and security tape show him and a partner firing at commuters at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and dozens of witnesses have identified him. Nine of the attackers were killed in battles with the police.

Mr. Kasab, 21, confessed when he was arrested at the time of the attacks, but pleaded not guilty at the start of his trial and said the police had tortured him. His trial, on charges that include murder and waging war on India, began in April.

In his confession in July, however, he appeared to confirm his guilt and said he wanted to be hanged. He described how he and an accomplice, Abu Ismail, had prowled the train station with automatic weapons and hand grenades. They killed more than 50 people, he said.

In court two days later, Mr. Kasab insisted that his admission was not an attempt to avoid the death penalty. “If anybody is worried that I am trying to escape death by hanging, I’m not,” he declared in court. “If that’s the punishment I am given, so be it.”

At the time, the judge accepted his confession into the record but said the trial would go on.

On Friday, he told the court he had arrived in Mumbai 20 days before the attacks started. He said the police picked him up a few days before Nov. 26, the first night of the assault. He said the police later shot him to make it look as if he had been involved in the attack.

Mr. Kasab said it was only after his arrest that he encountered David C. Headley, the American who was charged with helping identify targets in Mumbai for the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba. Mr. Kasab said several F.B.I. agents were with Mr. Headley when the two men were brought together. Mr. Headley has pleaded not guilty.

Mr. Kasab’s previous lawyer, who was recently dismissed by the judge overseeing the case, has expressed concerns about Mr. Kasab’s mental stability. Mr. Kasab is in solitary confinement in a fortified cell built for him in one of the city’s oldest jails.

It appeared unlikely that Mr. Kasab’s latest statements would have a big impact on the trial. The prosecution finished presenting its case earlier this week.

Mark McDonald contributed reporting from Hong Kon



  1. I feel sorry for this guy. The article suggests that he will be hanged eventually. Is the life of Pakistanis so cheap that any country can kidnap them so easily and arrest them in false cases. And there is nothing Pakistan can do about it? It is a shame.

    Unfortunately, Kassab first admitted to his “confession” albeit under torture. I wished he had pleaded not guilty. But how can a young guy avoid that? He was in police custody and was tortured to confession. Which later, he thought that they were gonna kill and toruture him anyways, why not tell the truth and plead not guilty.

    Knowing the lies and deception of Mumbai events, I don’t believe Kassab was guilty. This is something that the court should look into. Under heavy torture, anyone can confess to any crime. We know how gruesome Indian tortures are. We have many examples of that happened to our innocent Pakistanis. I forgot the name of that gentlemen whose family went to visti India, were arrested by Indian police, tortured to death and his corpse was sent to Pakistan with his nails pulled.

  2. Every Body Is Happy That Usa,Britian And India Are Going To Plot New Incidents Like The One India Designed And Dramatised In Mumbai Last Year And Shall Involve Many Innocent people Like Kasab And Attribute That Terrorist Action on Pakistan.Did You Not Notice The News On Yahoo Today!

  3. This world is a cruel place specially when it comes to proxy wars between two states. The only thing we can do is to keep our eyes open and must remain abrest with surroundings. May Allah bless all who r at the right path.

  4. Mere bhai,

    Aap loag kis duniya mein hain? Ajmal Kasab is Pakistani, the evidence, video/photos, all live documented, many civilians died and you are saying he is framed and innocent, and his ‘guilty’ confession was due to torture? kis duniya mein ho bhai?
    True, I agree about the Indian and U.S propaganda, and I agree how harsh they can be, but yaar, at least we should admit to the facts.

    • @Ahsan, tum kiss dunya mein ho bhai?? pls go and do some ‘independent’ research . watch the programs that ZH did on this issue, there is heaps of information out there.
      I think u are the one who needs to wake up to the truth!

      • Ahsan,

        I second what Sumayya said. There is plenty of literature showing that Mumbai events were a hoax. Listen to all Zaid Hamid’s extensive programs on that subject, listen to the fake accents of those “terrorist”. These “Pakistani Terrorist” spoke words that no Pakistani used in his/her daily language. On top of that all those terrorists were killed but one was CONVENIENTLY kept alive (so that he can be forced into confession to blackmail Pakistan). Then those terrorists who were killed, they destroyed their eyes and finger tips? Thy is that point important? Because there will be no records of identification left: Retina and fingerprints are unique for everyone.

        Read the following articles on PKKH:

        Indian lawyer exposes how Indian Police creates fake terrorists with fake Pak links

        This is not a new thing. They have done the same in the past. Even one of the Indian Muslim blogger who visits this site “MU-Salman Khan” has admitted and given an anecdote on how few Muslim university students were attacked, few killed, and rest of them arrested on false charges of “terrorism”.

        Don’t forget the Colonel Prohit who was, proven guilty in Indian courts, the mastermind of samjhuta express incident (Burning of Pakistani tourists to India alive on the indian train).

        How many such violations will you tolerate as Pakistani, Muslim or a conscientious human being? You SHOULD NOT at ANY COST accept ANY allegations as truth UNLESS proven IMPARTIALLY.

        The Indian court needs to provide us SOLID PROOFS (not used Maclean’s toothpaste) of Kassab’s involvement in the crime (which can not be masterminded by three young kids).

        I am not sure if even this court session is even legal from international point of view. If Kassab is Pakistani, can he be tried in India? If not, was Pakistani lawyers, judges or investigative agents given an opportunity to probe and examine the scene and props acquired?

        NO. Then I MUST say this court session is ILLEGAL and BIASED to begin with.

  5. He is proven guilty or not but he will be hanged anyway. One thing that i don’t get it is that if he was caught red handed then why such a lengthy procedure for trial and every thing? Does this mean that there was not enough evidence to convict him? Or they are just postponing his death sentence so that they could malign Pakistan’s name even more? And yeah it’s possible that he is a Pakistani but it is also equally possible that he was not the terrorist.

  6. It is probable that there is more to the story than we know.
    False flag terror events like this happen frequently.
    From 9/11 to 7/7, and 4/11.
    All of them have the official stories,but those official stories are not the truth by any means.

    • @norcaltruth

      There IS more to the story than we know. If you analyze the Mumbai events carefully (just like the study done for 9/11), you will see many loopholes, many events that are hushed down (e.g Indian Police initially witnessing white men in Nariman House), the suspicious activity at Nariman House, that No Indian knew (or suspected) that Nariman House was a Jewish Center, How discreetly the Jews used that center that no Indian supected that.

      Top that of with news about Pakistan’s disintegration and justification to attack Pakistan to downsize her Army and neutralize her nuclear weapons, killing of Indian Police Officer Karkare, the sophistication with which the building was bombed. All this lead us to believe Mumbai events were likely staged.

  7. Every senseable person knows that there is a secret war against MUSLIMS specially against PAKISTAN.So there are lot of dramas from ANTI MUSLIM AGENCIES like 9/11,MUMBAI ATTACKS,etc.I DONT THINK IT IS TRUE MUSLIMS WILL FACE MANY THREATS,ATTACKS,AND BLAMS LIKE THAT EVEN WE WILL NOT BE UNITED.

  8. After viewing all comments and going through the news things are getting quite obvious that it was all very strategically plotted and if one could observe he would notice that the clips which were shown in the media is focusing sharply on one individual only. Either its station attack or mumbai hotel attack only the momvment of one individual is being monitored and all cameras are moving around a single person like some shoot in an action movie. I might be wrong in my observation but why is that that there were series of terrorist attacks first starting from small scale than ended up on a huge frame and every character in this series died leaving one to confess and unfold all the truth. Then he is presented in a court charged guilty but not sentenced.

    I think its high time now for us to unfold all the “GREAT BED TIME STORIES” and make other realize that we are not a crowed but ONE GREAT NATION. Musalman Musibat May Ghabraya Nahi Karta. Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz

  9. Let me tell you one thing; either he was a Pakistani or not is a secondary question or concern.

    India plotted Mumbai attacks like 9/11 to invade and destroy PK as US did Iraq and Afghanistan. And the world knows how close it came to off to breaking a war after few weeks. But eventually India backed off due to same old reason, they don’t have the guts to attack Pakistan despite the fact they have all top of the line military supremacy over Pakistan’s defence.

    I wish they would have attacked us and we would have settled the score once and for all. Indians or perhaps Hindus can’t afford to get killed for their religion or country unlike Pakistanis. We’ll be damn proud to lay down our lives for our country.

    Don’t misjudge us (170 Million) on behalf of few toxic leaders and politicans.

    May it be CIA/MOSAD/RAW/ex KGB or Blackwater; they haven’t dealt with hard core Pakistanis; they’ll forget the fighter Pakhtuns of Afghanistan or Vietnamese.

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