NAB court issues arrest warrants against Rehman Malik

December 18, 2009

ISLAMABAD: A NAB court has issued arrest warrants against Interior Minister Rehman Malik, DawnNews reported.

These warrants are likely in connection with two references against Rehman Malik: one for his alleged misuse of authority and the other for the alleged receipt of two cars from Toyota Motors as illegal gratification on account of purchase of official vehicles.

Warrants of arrests have been issued against 52 individuals, including Sindh’s Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani, former chairman of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) Usman Farooqui and Asif Zardari’s brother-in-law Munawar Talpur, sources were quoted as saying by a private television channel.

These warrants are non-bailable.



  1. Hang them iff proved !!! and Inshallah It will be … Justice by ALLAH is swift and clear.
    Pakistan Zindabad

  2. All NRO-people must be arrested ASAP!

    All NRO-people must be taken out of the government of Pakistan and be banned from politicts and government jobs for ever!

  3. En ko Jail ma dal kar tarapar maro!

  4. These criminals have been attacking us Pakistanis like vultures attack dead bodies. Supreme Court asked DIG FIA to investigate important cases of corruption (involving influential people of our filthy ruling class) and disgraced interior minister Malik transferred the DG FIA. Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar started blowing hot and cold when he was barred by immigration staff from flying out of country because his name was in the ECL. He threatened to raise the issue in the parliament – the ultimate tool of blackmailing by these crooks. In past, these filthy cows have been making hoopla in Parliament just because one of these thugs got a traffic violation ticket. Ahmed Mukhtar also called it a shame that the Defense Minister was barred from flying out on official visit. Well, the real shame is that a criminal is our Defense Minister and another crook is our Interior Minister. And the guru of this ‘Asif Baba Chalees Chore’ gang is occupying the Presidency. Another grand crook, disgraced mirasi Musharraf, who actually brought all these criminals from their filthy hiding places from all over the world for straight landing as ministers, has succeeded in fleeing unscathed only to beat his tabla somewhere in Britain. That is the real shame for our nation. Now see the dirty deeds of another dirty crook, Baber Awan. He was accused by another criminal right in the court of taking a huge amount as bribe for influencing court decisions. He was called in by NAB for questioning but this member of our disgusting elite class took that as an insult (as if this crook had an iota of honor or dignity). He simply refused to appear before NAB. Now he has started sitting in the seat of Law Minister, the parent ministry of NAB. It is strange that foot is trying get into mouth. These filthy criminals, acting as our federal ministers, are trying their best to spread their tenants every where to save their asses. But, I think, the time has changed. More these criminals try to hide behind key posts, more disgrace they will be getting.

    Guru Asif, obviously having an empty skull, seems determined to face the challenges. How he would face the courts is, off course, known to every one. He and other crooks have been using delaying tactics (of medical reasons, changing lawyers, requesting extra time for this and that, etc.) to prolong the hearings and escaping the court decisions. Later these crooks and their paid media-people start claiming that the cases are bogus because nothing could be proved against the accused even after court proceedings for such and such long period. But the traditional delaying tactics are not going to work this time around. Supreme Court has created monitoring cells to check the court proceedings for their cases. Guru Asif probably knows that. But he is perhaps hoping to play as a political victim and use Sindh card. However, if the court proceeding are ensured to be transparent and fair, he would only see his dying hopes. One can gauge how much brain does he have by his complains about the lack of political support from Nawaz Sharif. After repeatedly breaking written agreements with Nawaz and trying to backstab N-League several times, how can he expect the opposition to help him out? And then question is what kind of help he is looking for. Is he hoping that the crimes and bribes of his gang of crooks be covered? He is really devoid of any shame or integrity too. The safest way for all these habitual looters, consistent exploiters, and bloody crooks is to surrender straight before the law.

  5. This clearly represents Free Judiciary of Pakistan…
    Not much countries have the courage to do this..
    Applaudable decision by the Judicial system of Pakistan..

  6. i want to post this post on fb


  7. Hang him from the lampPosts of Islamabad.

    Piss off you MOSSAD agent.

  8. Just one Solution!!
    Hang all this bustard gang of crooks at the Pakistan chowk Karachi.If don’t then we will decide their fate.

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