CIA Supporting Terror Inside Pakistan

December 17, 2009

Zahid Malik

After my four hour long informal interaction with US military chief Admiral Mike Mullen and Ambassador Richard Holbrooke at the residence of US Ambassador on the rainy evening of April 6, 2009, I had in my comments mentioned that now the ISI was the immediate target of the US Establishment. This was no “breaking news”  as everyone who keeps an eye on the ongoing war on terror knew well that US was hell-bent on:

1.Getting the Pakistan Army sucked into domestic turmoil in Swat, FATA and beyond Waziristan, and

2.Reining in what the US calls “rogue elements” in the ISI

There are confirmed reports that to achieve its objectives the CIA hired the services of at least a dozen Afghan warlords inside Afghanistan and provided through them arms and finances to militants in FATA and Swat to carry out extensive death and destruction by devastating attacks in the country. It was like a double-edged sword not only to get the Army to launch attacks against Taliban on Pakistani side of the border but also to give a message to the ISI that the CIA can use the Pakistanis – Taliban of the TTP- against their own security forces.

It was in this background that after putting up with so much for so long, the prime intelligence agency of the country ultimately confronted the CIA Director Leon E. Panetta with some highly classified and irrefutable evidence. Panetta was startled when Director-General ISI, General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, a no-nonsense General, placed the facts before him in Islamabad on November 20, 2009.

The “deliberate leaks” after the meeting of the spy chiefs of the two countries spoke of the mind of the ISI and the armed forces of Pakistan. General Pasha had earlier conveyed the facts about the interference of CIA in acts of terrorism in Pakistan to the Government but realizing that either the message was not strongly conveyed to the Americans or it had no desired impact on them, finally put its foot down and expressed serious concerns over the CIA’s crude interference in the country’s internal matters.

The proof about instances of covert US support to some hardened militant outfits and terrorist activities they carried out over the past few weeks and months were presented to Panetta. It was indeed a startling revelation for the top US spy and a bold maneuver of Pakistan Army. General Pasha’s move surprised Panetta as the evidence presented was categorical in proving that the CIA officials provide assistance to perpetrators of some of the most serious and deadly attacks on offices and key persons in Pakistan’s security services. He was told that in view of the negative impact on Pakistan’s efforts in its ‘war on terror’ the CIA must stop such activities. The clarity with which the information was meant to be a loud message to Washington and CIA headquarters at Langley that if they wanted Pakistan’s cooperation in the war on terror; it must give up playing a double game. Pakistan has publicly expressed concerns over the freedom enjoyed by the Indian intelligence agency RAW is operating from Afghanistan. RAW is not only involved in acts of terrorism in the NWFP but also in Balochistan. India cannot undertake such wide-scale activities in this region without the approval and backing of the CIA. The question is: how did India develop such a huge presence in Kabul?

What has raised alarm bells in Islamabad is that Maulvi Fazlullah who escaped from Swat is living openly in Afghanistan under the protection of Afghan intelligence. The TTP leaders including Hakeemullah Mehsud have also being protected and allowed to operate from Afghanistan. All this could not happen without the knowledge of Americans.

There are reports that TTP leaders are provided satellite phones operated by a Gulf based Western company and they have been talking freely to BBC and other media organizations without any fear of being detected and targeted by drones or missiles. Then there are also credible reports that a helicopter that flew from Afghanistan before Oct. 17, when operation Rah-e-Nejat in South Waziristan was launched, evacuated the top leadership of the TTP from Waziristan to Afghanistan. The Americans also vacated some of the crucial posts along the border with South Waziristan in an apparent bid to provide safe passage to the fleeing Pakistani Taliban. The terrorists arrested in Pakistan during the operation told their interrogators about their links with the US and Indian agencies. There is credible information that full logistic and auxiliary support is still being provided to anti-Pakistan Taliban from Nuristan Province and several top officials from Afghan and Indian intelligence networks were seen active in the area.

So, it is CIA’s agenda to get the Pak Army and now the Air Force also spend itself in internal security operations and erode the morale and capabilities of ISI so that Pakistan’s nuclear assets could be targeted in one way or the other. The CIA’s new agenda started to be implemented as soon as the present Government took over. On many occasions since, Washington has been publicly blaming ISI for its links with some of the Taliban leaders including the Haqqani group. During the meeting with Prime Minister Gilani in Washington in August 2008, Director CIA presented him with a charge sheet against Pakistani intelligence agencies for their alleged involvement in Jihadi activities. In order to justify its intended interference in Balochistan, the CIA also raised the bogey of the presence of Taliban Shura in or around Quetta.

PPP’s History of Undermining ISI

The whole scenario became very grim as the Government appeared to have succumbed to American pressure to cut the ISI to size and make it a carpet lion. It was in this backdrop that a notification was issued in mysterious circumstances placing the ISI under the Interior Ministry; the notification was withdrawn the same day when the move backfired. It is no coincidence that during the two stints of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto as Prime Minister, a perception developed that the PPP undermined the effectiveness of the ISI. That perception was also based on facts. On the instructions of the BB Government, Lt. Gen. Javed Ashraf Qazi, the then DG ISI, purged 125 officers of the Agency [from the ranks of Major General to Colonel] who were identified to be “rogue elements” by the CIA. Now there is a strong perception that the present leadership is not presenting the interests and concerns of the state of Pakistan to its ‘Americans friends’ and is just raising issues in a casual manner. Perhaps that was the reason that the Army leadership had to make unusual public remarks in a press release, issued by the ISPR after the Corps Commanders meeting in October 2009, expressing serious concern over the Kerry-Lugar Bill saying that certain of its clauses were intrusive and against the national interests and were thus unacceptable. The Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar snubbed the Pakistan Army accusing it of ‘crossing the line’ bringing the differences into the open setting a new precedent and further undermining the state of Pakistan.

The crude interference by the CIA in Pakistan’s internal affairs has not gone well with the Establishment and infuriated the Pakistan Army. If the Americans did not stop its activities to help the Pakistani Taliban against the Army, cooperation with the US in the war in Afghanistan would come to an abrupt end. I am quite sure that if the Army says NO the whole nation will back it. It was owing to this reason that COAS General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, while talking to newsmen on the occasion of rolling out of first JF-17 Thunder Aircraft at Kamra on November 24, declared that the US would have to take Pakistan into confidence and taking into consideration the armed forces know-how to defend the country.

This report was first published by Pakistan Observer on Dec. 7, 2009.



  1. No doubt RAW is an instrument which is backed and used by CIA against our mother land’s interests and in terrorism. I am shocked why our Government is giving them all the facilities and access to act against our country.

    Solution: Just cut the US-NATO supplies via Pakistan then they will be bagging and licking our boots.

    Pakistan Zindabad

    • Your government is probably giving them all the access because they rely on military aid from the US, about $700 million worth.


    • ur right… all our politicians can talk about is democracy which is a load of bullshit…. just to cover themselves they shud say that pakistan is a democratic country and we cant make a decision without approval of parliament so all non essential items will no longer pass through our border into afghanistan… we shud take all their supplies.. offload at karachi and leave it to collect rust at the port… just send them a bit of food and water every now and again… in the mean time the parliament can spend a few months debating the pros and cons of supplying US…. after 10 days they will be willing to do anything to get the supply started again.. let a few thousand US occupiers die then we’ll see how powerful they are

      • let the Army take that step. Our Army had allowed the US\UN.

    • Yaar ma en Pakistani politicians sa tang par gia ho. Muja to lag raha ha k sub sa pahla muja he en k halaf bandooq uthana para gi. Agar kisi na mara sath join karna ha to Welcome!

      En ka qilla qamma karna wala ha!

    • Why dont Army take that step. They can talk about Carry bill……???

  2. The thugs of RAW, Mossad and CIA are using each others shoulders to fire at pakistan. Not to talk about our politicians that wonders me how on earth people can elect. Some of them are not even good enough to run a corner shop let alone running the country. We have very well educated and sincere people in pakistan such as imaran khan. On the other hand look at the bunch of NRO thugs and these so called leaders how on earth we can elect people like Chaudhry Shujaat, Pervez Elahi, Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Altaf Hussain (Muhajjar of london), King of resignation offers but who does not resign Rehman Malik, Fauzia Wahab (Anti pakistan a woman thug), Chudhry Mukhtar, Haji Maqsood Butt (Drug chief in lahore from MLN), Kairaz, the list goes on and on. I hope that people of pakistan will say enough is enough and get rid of these anti paksitan politicians and choose sober and patriots this time who only talk of pakistan and not play in the hands of Indians and Americans as they have done in the past on the matter of KALABAGH DAM!!! WAKE UP PAKISTAN


    US Vice President Biden has finally made it clear that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons should be the prime focus of US policy in this region. In an interview to MSNBC, on Tuesday, he declared, “our focus should be Pakistan and Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.” Now that the US leadership itself has admitted targeting our nuclear assets, surely it is time to do a serious rethink about our cooperation with the US, especially in military/security terms? After all, if the end game for the US in this region is to take out our nuclear capability, how can any Pakistani state organisation be party to this agenda? If some blinkered persons in the Establishment and government still fail to understand the anti-Pakistan US agenda, what do they think of Mullen’s statement in Islamabad that the Indo-US nuclear strategy is for this entire region? This is the first time we are hearing of a joint “Indo-US” nuclear strategy. What exactly is it? The Indian nuclear doctrine, which sees a first strike against “any WMD threat” from “anywhere”, encompasses a highly aggressive nuclear war-fighting strategy. Is this now going to be a joint Indo-US strategy for this region and beyond? If so, then this directly threatens Pakistan. It is plausible that the US subscribes to the Indian designs in this region, given how the two sides are cooperating on missile defence also – which translated into simple strategic language means rationalisation of nuclear war-fighting rather than mere deterrence. Also, if the US has now adopted a joint nuclear doctrine with India, then it is violating its international law obligations under the Non Proliferation Treaty, which forbids it to have any form of nuclear cooperation with a non-signatory to this Treaty – let alone military cooperation. Given the joint nuclear agenda of India and the US, it is now clearer why the US, both at the official and media levels, has failed to move on India’s proliferation activities which have been well-documented by many sources including US think tanks.

    • Source???

  4. well written!
    US allegations on Pakistan’s nuclear program, role of ISI and Pakistan’s role in war on terror; all are a part of US just-war-doctrine. Indo-US strategy is not a latest phenomenon.US intervention in Pakistan affairs,its nuclear assests, bases etc…in the name of terror…an exapmple of its direct intervention. however Indo-US strategy is US indirect intervention and a tool of its just war doctrine. the need of the hour is not only the recognition of this preplanned web of oppression but also to take an action against it. government is a part n parcel of US own selfish interests. it is WE … as a nation who has to play a role. otherwise we have examples of Afghanistan and Iraq.

  5. When the then Musharraf government was considering sealing off the Pak-Afghan border it was the Americans who objected to this. Now we know why. They wanted an open border so they could send anti-Pakistan forces into our country.

    Pakistan MUST seal off the Afghanistan border ASAP!! No one should be allowed to cross this border without the full knowledge and athority of the Pakistani state. We must do what ever we can to make this happed: set up barbed wires, mines, electronic ecuipments, anything and then make it a policy to shoot what ever tries to move between this border outside official posts.

    Islamabad should also think hard on closing the NATO transits with the simple reason that we are not capable to protect them anymore or atleast give a statement or two on the issue.

    • We already have enough reason to abandon the US coalition of terror.
      1) occupying coalition forces are allowing indian agencies to operate against Pakistan from Afghanistan.
      2) suspicious activities by coalition forces and agencies near Afghan border.
      3) conflict of interest on drone strikes and plans to attack areas of Baluchistan.

  6. Also quite interesting to note are US efforts to map Pakistan’s strategic locations as mentioned here: http://pakobserver.net/200912/18/news/topstories06.asp

    One thing is obvious that it’s certainly not for friendly reasons.

    • Thanks Idealist for sharing this piece of news. It is really disturbing indeed. What we need is a strict response to that and a grip of iron hands.

      I mean, learning from the mistakes of the past, we need to be swift in exacting the proper punishments on treasons. People should be immediately hanged without regard to their ranks. If the military officers (ex or serving) makes any violations, he SHOULD be put to death. No holds barred. You see how Iran is handling it. They immediately kill their violaters and hand them in public.

      My guess would be this Chief Justice Iftikhar might come in the way. He needs to be placed under high scrutiny lest he be bought out by US. Since, he will be of major assistance in punishing the violaters. If he plays any games here, like unconstitutionalizing the punishments, it will be harder for Pakistan to sustain enemies advances.

      I also wish that Baloch insurgents should be put to death along with others who are dreaming of separation.

      US has done enough violations. Can the black waters be kicked out of Pakistan? Can we bomb US embassy in Islamabad (and place the blame on TTP or RAW)? May be we can ask the residents of Islamabad, in whose neighborhood Blackwater has obtained houses on rents, to leave Islamabad. Then we can bomb those rented houses in which blackwater lives.

      We need to take such dire actions now. Otherwise, it will be difficult to sustain their plans.

      I hope it doesn’t happen but Ghazwa-e-Hind hadith stated that “the ruler of BaitulMaqsad will send a troop to India to capture India. While these soldiers returning to their homes, they will meet Hazrat Eesa and will join him in the Jihad against the Dajjal”

      If this is taken literally, it tells us a point in time in the future that Jerusalem will be ruled by Muslims. That India will be captured. What does this capturing implies? That India will once again go back to the hands of Kuffars. Which means it is POSSIBLE (I am not saying it WILL) that Pakisan might be eaten up by India based on our current weak situation and inability to fight blackwater designs. Which then will be liberated again as part of “Hind” during Ghazwa-e-Hind. Also Sh. Imran Hosein says that Khilafat will not be established until Dajjal rules over this world from Jerusalem. It indicates that Dajjal’s rule have to be established, even for a brief period, before some Muslim ruler attack Israel and establish Islamic rule in Jerusalem.

      I hope from the bottom of my heart that my interpretation comes out to be false. I really hopes so.

  7. I don’t understand one thing, if Pak Military is aware of such intrusions by CIA, then why don’t they do what is needed to do (whatever it might be): Sealing our Pak/Afghan Borders for starters.

    I don’t know what is the hitch. Is it that America will react to it VERY strongly? How strongly? How long will it take to seal the border? What is sealing the border anyways? Do you seal by putting Barb Wires? Pakistan may not have the ability to pay for expensive modern seal. I don’t know.

    But so far Pak Military has made right decisions. First Swat and then Waziristan were subdued at an astonishing rate and with great efficiency. All the while they kept Zardari’s “excursions” on check. Now we are close to seeing Zardari’s end. I read today that orders have been given for the arrest of Rehman Malik. I can not be happier than that. I am afraid other rogue elements of this government will flee, like Pak Ambassador to USA.

    It is high time we remove Zardari and take Gilani into confidence and tell him “Look, if you are willing to be a loyal Pakistan lover Prime minister and are willing to correct the political mess of Pakistan and establish a new trend of loyalty into the politics of Pakistan, you will be remembered in the history with golden words. ”

    It was here that I read that Gilani was contemplating discharging many of his cabinet members. If he follows through his decision, then it gives us an opportunity to induct loyal citizens of Pakistan into his cabinet. I am thinking people outside of the political parties (like professors, engineers, doctors etc.) but I am not sure if it will be legal. Since, this time I don’t want any tussel between the Chief Justice and the government. We are better safe following the constitution. Instead if there are loyal members of all these political parties who are not given chances to speak their mind, should be inducted into his cabinet. Imran Khan should also be invited along with Shirin Mazari etc.

    Long Live Pakistan

  8. bt wat we have to do we r facing internal problems 2 by workers of political parties n demanding money n snatching n theft n baloch are v angry may ALLAH BLESS OUR PAKISTAN AMEEN


  10. u r right…..but this is all bcoz of pakistan govt who gives shelter and even equipment in the form of its young generation to help these bloody…..there is no word so worse to describe them.

  11. stop the drone attacks by cowards americans i urge the pakistani army to protect its people shoot them down if necessary

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