Brasstacks Special: 1971 War – The Untold Story

December 17, 2009

Mr Zaid Hamid exposes the lies and propaganda of India against Pakistan and Pakistan Army regarding the 1971 war and exposes RAW’s role in the 1971 conspiracy to break Pakistan.



  1. hi how r u nice sharing

    • India + Soviet Union vs 15 year old Pakistan , a pakistan which has sanctions against it and starved of water from day 1, and attacked twice in 15 years,never given a chance to develop

      Soviet Union- Worlds 2nd strongest nation
      India- Soviet Strategic Ally, 8 times size of pakistan and inherited all the Brtish assets e.g civil service,money,army,Unis,Railways,control of water networks,Indian gold reserves and other assets which had belonged to Indian Raj but where never shared

  2. Thanks for Sharing … he is indeed a one man Army!!!
    May he or some one like him will lead us in near future…Pakistan will prosper in no time!!!

  3. Brothers what’s happening with NRO? Can someone explain what’s going on? It is a big SCAM?

    • NRO was an American (and British) plan for Pakistan where all curropt people who were on the run from the law would be given a general amnesty so their person of choice, a secular non-religious person, in the shape of Benazir Bhutto could become the PM of Pakistan while another secular non-religious person, Pervez Musharraf, could continue being the president of Pakistan.

      All this so Americans could get a foot inside Pakistan and become a part of the future events being unfolded in this country.

  4. zaid bhai u are the man.iam fedup fom these politcens.sectarian fassadi hain.

  5. Sir NOW you have my 100% trust & support. I am an ex pilot & would march into & onto india any time. Name the Time & date.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!! Battle cry ” YA ALI MADDAD”.

    • Assalamo- aleykum brother Ali,
      I was very moved by your courageous stance to do everything in your power to protect the integrity our beloved homeland.
      However, your last ‘war-cry’ had me thinking…

      I believe that help should never be sought from anyone, dead or alive, except from Allah, the All-Mighty & All-Resourceful, either mentally, spiritually or even verbally; hence, the battle cry of every Muslim should be nothing but “Ya Allah Madad”
      R. Khan

  6. May Allah SWT bless him for all the effort! Pakistan Zindabad!

  7. Watching this documentary has light my soul on fire. I dont think i can be any more restless than i am now to pick up a gun and fight for out great nation

  8. Where can one get hold of this book, Raw and Bangladesh?

    Maybe PKKH kan facilitate a reprint? I would be willing to contribute financially, and I am sure a number of others would as well.

    Maybe this is something PKKH can look into, republishing important books and make them available for Pakistanis around the world!

    • I have a book by the name of ‘Inside RAW: Bangladesh’, written by Ashok Ray.
      It explains a lot about Indian activity inside East Pakistan. I tried it to be mass produced but came short of the finances required.

      • Have it scanned.There you have it.Make trillion copies of it,if you wish. You need a computer,scanner & few hours to scan it.Once you have it distribute it.

    • Here is that book


  9. I like the Red Fort, Dehli part.
    Inshallah soon.

  10. Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @ Hey Malu

      Shut up !…freakin tramp !

      • Badshah Salamat!!!!

      • hey bullshit u shut up……….zaid hamid is our brother nd he is telling the right story and we will fight just like ever before….it is time 2 wake up..keep it up zaid hamid..i think this team should be united and stand together IMRAN KHAN,ZAID HAMID and IFTHIKHAR CHAUDRY,…..INSHALLAH the youth will follow u nd destroy these morons(indian)bitches…we have the same army as always but we lack the bright governence nd IMRAN KHAN will fullfill that INSHALLAH

  11. Soon our flag shall be on the red fort Delhi.

    This is nothing but a Mossad operation to make India and Pakistan to go to war thereby they cause destruction of one another and a 1 nuclear Muslim power is reduced. All the Pakistani nuclear missles end up in India than in Israel thereby saving the jews. The Jews are very smart people.

  12. The video started with a big lie about 1965 war.
    People of Pakistan were kept in dark all the time as Army never mentioned about the “Operation Gibraltar” (To capture Kashmir).
    India attacked only after Pakistan’s “Operation Gibraltar”. As any one can see who was aggressor. It was Pakistan who attacked first, not India.

    At the time of ceasefire India was in possession of ~700 sq km and Pakistan had ~200 sq km(Mainly desert). Every third party report on 1965 war says that if war would have continued Pakistan would have lost big time.

    Why not learn from mistake and move on. Instead same mistake was repeated in Kargil war.

    • First of all

      Kashmir is NOT a part of India, so if Pakistan’s army invades Kashmir, it is NOT invading India.

      Secondly about those figures you gave of Pakistan capturing just 200 km2 of indian land

      Dude go and see the following link


      its about Pakistan army capturing Kishangarh fort in Rajhistan

      then go and see this link


      It shows the location of Kishangarh.

      See how far it is from Pakistan’s border, almost on the edge of Rajhistan

      SO if Pakistan captured that fort, it meant that Pakistan would have captured almost half of rajhistan which is about the same size as our balochistan

      so these figures, the ones you quoted (and no matter who originally came up with them) are simply *** $h**


  14. Another Bullshit mentality by devil.

    @devil’s comment

  15. This guy seems insane. He is against

    1. India, Israle, USA.
    2. Pakistan Government.
    3. Pakistan Army Diplomats.
    4. US Allied forces killing bad men.
    5. Jihadis like Al Qaeda and Taliban.

    Whom are u favoring? Have a clear picture and then show your aggression.

    • he needs to get paid by someone so doing their dirty work to come on tv and giving hate speeches. i wonder if that’s truth then why his govt was sitting idle or they don’t have guts to come on tv officially. also he can come on tv and spit venom of any kind which is not pakistani.. he says pakistan future is bright but today pakistan has 2 blast in 2 diff cities.. he will again blame raw. i am thinking and confused how strong raw is and how many suicide bombers raw has..

  16. Great Zaid Hamid

  17. Dear we are so nice of You,
    Because you are the only, that in such a busy time how can you manage your time. and convey others.
    if all of us (Pakistani) will think in such a way and will hard work for our Country. than no one can damage our Country. and also thanks a huge Thanks for Sir Zaid Hamid who encourage us with his knowledge.

  18. This man is a fabulous nationalist……………one man army indeed. We will stay.Inshallah

  19. Question how many POWs were there on India?. We know now that 30,000 max soldiers were in East Pakistan.

  20. Indeed a one man Army.

  21. I am highly impressed by Mr.Zaid Hamid, the way he is unfolding the truth and the hidden reality is coming up.His way of expression is excellent and when we listen his speech which is full of energy and produces a spark and entheusiasm then we feel that our nation can do anything impossible.We lack only in true and sincere leadership.He is the true hero and “Shaheen Of Iqbal”. He posseses all the good qualities of a leader.He always thinks positive and never becomes hopeless. May Allah bless him more and more and under his leadership one day may be we shall be united like a vibrant nation. Then there shall be no Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or Pakhtoon, only Pakistanies.Insha Allah good time will come soon. May Allah give him sound health. Aamin.May Allah give atleast moral courage to our political leaders.

    • Ooye teri–> total fouj in east pakistan 30,000
      but 90,000 fouji in india prisoner of war

      Mulk mey KOI sochta bhi hai Ya jooth bolna hamari rago mein hein??
      Dr. Ijaz Choudhary Sahib Aap mashallah to doctor hein, zara hamaray ko samjhay..kay yeh kaisey ho gaya.. fouj say ziadah POW?

      • Rana Sb, you raised a good question but initially the Pak army was less in number but later more troops were sent.And at the time of Dhaka Fall the no. was much more.

      • Dr. Sahib
        Bay of bengal was closed to us much before the actual war started. We were/are not superpower to send 60000 troops more by air. But due to respect for the word Dr.,I will urge you to use our friend google. I just want us to learn from the history and not be fooled by jazba or half truth story tellers (Mirasis) or half cooked myths. Being islami ,Islamic & Islamist are different things as is patriotic and nationalist.Need of the hour day and lifetime is to have patriots(nothing less and nothing more) Rooz ba khair

      • Millitary + paramillitary = 90 thousand

        Millitarry = below or around 50 thousand

  22. we are with youmr.xaid hamid and wid pakistani army.

  23. Lot of facts but some questions remain:

    1- Why he did not mention “Tashqand pact”
    2- Mr. Zaid mentioned that Bhutto was foreign minister in both wars and acted suspiciously. Why not also mention that it was Ayub Khan who appointed him. Bhutto used to call Ayub Khan daddy.
    3- Ayub Khan was also responsible for extending the tenure of Yahya Khan. Both Yahya Khan and Bhutto turned out to be the most important players of fall of Dhaka.
    4- Read “We’ve not learned from history” by Asghar Khan and “Shahab Nama” by Qudrat Ullah Shahab for reference.

    Brig. (Ret.) Noor A. Husain writes “…then Martial Law regime resorted to Military action in East Pakistan on the night on 25/26 March. Widespread insurgency broke out, covertly aided by Indian trained infiltrators and India’s Border Security Forces.”

    The military action was unnecessary use of force and worked against Pakistan.

    Finally, what is up with black suit in Muharram?

    • your questions are right dude. he will never answer those.. he has only 1 direction india israel usa…

  24. he is a great patriot and we are his army

    • I just want us to learn from the history and not be fooled by jazba or half truth story tellers (Mirasis) or half cooked myths. Being islami ,Islamic & Islamist are different things as is patriotic and nationalist.Need of the hour day and lifetime is to have patriots(nothing less and nothing more) & I regret to see you call him patriot.If he is a patriot then I am president of usa.

  25. thanks to allah who gifted pakistani nation real patriotic people like zaid hamid

    • What did you achieve by waging war? And what did India achieve from war…..think….think. No use taking rubbish.

    • And idiots lie you who be leaves in such stupids. if only 30k Pakistani soldier were in east pak, how come Indian army captured 90k POW and released them after shimla accord?
      Capturing red fort will never happen and India would not attack Pakistan. there is nothing India can achieve by attacking pakistan. Improve the trade with india and gain from its economic boom like Bangla desh, Srilanka are doing.

      • Bangladesh gaining form economic boom of India. You are leaving in a fool’s paradise.

        Bangladesh’s biggest hinder to development is India’s selfishness and stubbornness. The entire market of Bangladesh is being controlled by Indian products which are smuggled through the border with the help of BSF. If BDR tries to oppose then BSF kidnapped our people from border villages and killed them.

        India expect us to give access their 100 products in Bangladesh legally but do not want to grant even 10 Bangladeshi products in Indian market.

        India wants Bangladesh to give transit through our nation to 7 sister states but would not tolerate us with transit to Bhutan and Nepal through them.

        From time to time, BSF had been trespassing our border and looting our border villages.

        From the birth of Bangladesh, India have always shown total disregard to our sovereignty. That’s why Bangladesh trying to develop itself without any help from India and all by itself.

      • cont…

        I am happy that at least Pakistan is no way dependent on India economically.

        I would like to request the Pakistan govt. not to be quick to tie any economic bond with India over Pakistan’s interest.

        Pakistan have got the entire middle east on it’s side and good rapport with China as well. recent crisis will not last for long if you keep your nerve. once you stabilize the nation, there is plenty opportunity for development awaiting for Pakistan.

        Remember its not Pakistan who needs India for its development, but India do needs Pakistan’s help and support for its further development in Asia. Because they need Pakistan’s support and transit to tie up further economic bond with middle east, central Asia and China.

  26. He is producing other stories against anything which is not india. he himself wears usa brand underwear… gets money from usa…still abuses them.. what a traitor.. his talk shows are not taken at all seriously by his govt. and paki tv channels. he has about 5000 fans approx which no doubt will increase as they want to hear anything against india without thinking and soul searching..

  27. Ofcourse no Pakistan can ever forget the sacrifice of army personnel and ppl in Bangladesh.

    It is indeed about time that this is brought into limelight. The enemy is using the same game plan by creating + sponsoring BLA and TTP.

    There is another good book – Humari Shakist ki kahani by Inayat Ullah Khan

    Hilli Battle

    Indian used the emotional and brainwashed bengali kids, who they had lured to join mukti bahni, as shield to attack Pakistan army at Hilli sector. their tactic was to put psycholigial on them and to stop them from retaliating Indian attack. Pak army did suffer but they had to choose to retaliate and those kids died in the croosfire.

    Our enemy is GHATIA indeed.

    They also impersonated Pak army soldiers and raided border villages to create animosty against Pak army.

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