Blackwater is involved in bombings in Pakistan: Gen. Durrani

December 15, 2009

“My assessment is that they — either themselves or most probably through others, through the locals — do carry out some of the explosions”.

Former chief of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) General Mohammad Asad Durrani sits down with Press TV and talks about the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan. The following is the transcript of the interview:

Press TV: General Durrani, US intelligence officials say that the CIA has cancelled the Blackwater contract but other reports indicate that there are at least three thousand Blackwater agents in Pakistan. What do make of these conflicting reports?

General Durrani: This may be true that the Blackwater’s contract has been cancelled but then this is also understood that such people are under a different name, whether it is Xe or Dyncorp or in any other form of private contractor-ship that they can be employed. In our case, such people have been around for a number of years now. Lately their number has increased. Some rationalization had been made that these people were required to provide security to more Americans coming because of the package they have worked out for Pakistan. But then on ground, there [are] a number of them, some of them in training facilities trying to suggest that they are there to train the police or the army or the air force.

Of course, I can also add that none of these organizations are very happy that they have been offered. Some of them have even refused training because they believe that they can be trained by them. But, in that form they are there. Others are certainly providing security and there is also a third group, which goes around, especially in the frontier area, with the NGOs and bring(s) the intelligence collection. So, the number I am not aware of but there is a contingent which is present in Pakistan.

Press TV: Analysts say that Blackwater agents are involved in bombings and that they are fomenting insecurity in Pakistan. What is your opinion?

General Durrani: My assessment is that they — either themselves or most probably through others, through the locals — do carry out some of the explosions. You see the idea is that there are other groups that are not acting on their behalf, which are acting locally because of so many reasons. They are not happy with our policy. They are not happy with whatever is happening in Afghanistan. The idea is to carry out such actions, like carrying attacks in the civilian areas to make the others look bad in the eyes of the public. Even those groups who are not targeting the civilians or were not going essentially for Pakistani targets … people should turn against them. And the second idea, which I think more or less they have succeeded, is to force the Pakistani [government] to even under take such operations where I was not initially willing to go.

Press TV: CIA officials say Blackwater has been in Pakistan to help with drone attacks. Is this the only reason why the CIA has hired Blackwater agents?

General Durrani: You see I am not aware of this statement as [of] yet. The headquarters, some of them come here to direct or carry out what we call target identification. I doubt it very much that this would be the job of people whom I consider to have been understandably involved with Blackwater operations. These operations of target identification have to be done un-reclusively. They should not look like Americans; they are people who are trained to match with the background. Intelligence work; and I cannot say that the Blackwater’s people are trained in such manner, learning the language, learning the local customs, so that they can go into those trouble areas.

Press TV: Blackwater is known for killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why has the Pakistani government allowed such a notorious US security firm to operate in the country?

General Durrani: You’re absolutely right. I think this is about the best question that one can pose. People either were naive that they did not believe that these were Blackwaters or these people would not get involved in it. The second theory goes around that they may have come with the consent and with the knowledge of some of the people that we have in the government — among which I do not know, I cannot say very much. If it is not the ambassador of the United States who has cleared them, who has sent them, or people here, these agencies, who have accepted them. But that is one of the perceptions. But essentially it is correct that anyone who comes and we allow those people [to] come without proper security clearance, without proper vetting and investigation, then it is indeed our fault.




  2. Pakistan need to procecute those criminals under Sharia Law by killing them, the only way they will understand that Pakistan means business.

  3. so TTP is their local agents.its is proofed now.

  4. Let me play devil’s advocate:

    One day you people (yes you pakistanis) are seen in Washington hoping to get free money, the other day at the Paris Club begging for loan reductions, third day in UAE meeting with US officials in secret to install civilian government, fourth day in five star star hotels in London spending the very same money which was obtained the first day!

    The 5th day in a press confrence defending Kashmiri people with lip services, the 6th day asking India for bilateral talks to sort out all outstanding issues including Kashmir, 7th day in a press confrence giving statements linking peace with India with trade, 8th day saying India is supporting TTP’s and BLA terrorists inside the country!

    9th day you pakistanis scream about american Blackwaters running wild in your country and on the 10th day asking americans for monetary support as all the money given on the first day had been spent on your leadership giving statsments in CNN and GEO!

    You are all a bunch of clowns!!

    Yes, you all are for not taking charge of your own country and blaming enyone you see. But the fact is no other is to be blamed then the pakistani people them selves for tolerating dictators and voting in curropt NRO’s to
    parliment and government….

    …over and over again!!

    • Pardon my typos as I am still learning how to use a iPhone keyboard.

      Pakistan Zindabad!

      • I do not appreciate personal attacks and I certainly do not like to be called a Hindu!

        Regards, Syed Yasser Shah Khorezmi

    • back off hindu ganda

    • Sad but true!!!!

  5. What non-sense this dummy general is talking about. In other words, he is suggesting that people from Blackwater should not involved in target identification in Pakistan because they have no proper training for the job. “These operations of target identification have to be done un-reclusively. They should not look like Americans; they are people who are trained to match with the background.” What is the reason that this so-called general is gung-ho and not clearly say that Americans have no business of targeting Pakistanis in Pakistan. Why doesn’t he condemn the all the death and destruction that this hoax war on terror has brought onto Pakistanis. General should have been the first one to oppose any military role for any foreigners, official professional killers or civilian security murderers, on Pakistani soil. I think, we have black sheep right up to the top. Alas, this poor nation has nurtured these hramkhore cows for no use.

  6. Where is the tie man Rehman Malik??? He is the real killer alongwith his supporting boss Zardari Madari. They are only good at giving statements and claiming there is no Blackwater or other alike agencies operating in Pakistan. Gen is right in saying that civilians are targeted by this notorious blackwater-XE-Dynacorp as there is similarities of civilian blasts targeting markets and crowded places and even similar explosives used by these thugs in Iraq and now in Pakistan. These attacks probably will continue due to american presence and surge in Afghanistan and also to keep pakistani public on their side so that these thugs can achieve their targets. They have no humanity and they kill to achieve their targets. There is no doubt as the gen said on Meray Mutabiq that the TTP is targeting our military and police and own the attacks on them but they deny the public places bombing. Looking at the way of blackwater attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan it is almost certain that they are commiting these brutal acts of terror on pakistani public and of course RAW is involved here too as they have done similar bombings in pakistan from the days of Zia Ul Haq. SO PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN YOU HAVE TO GET UP TO PROTECT YOURSELVES FROM THESE EVIL ACTORS OTHERWISE THEY WILL KEEP KILLING YOUR LOVED ONES AND EVEN YOU COULD WELL BE ONE OF THE KILLED. GET THESE TERRORISTS OF BLACKWATER,XE OR DYNACORP AND TTP OUT OF PAKISTAN AND RID US FROM TERROR

  7. general durrani should stop talking and mobilise the pakistani army and civil population to kick out these fucks so called blackwater out of our country

  8. I’m laughing my ass off, reading the bullshit whining of all these Pakistan people.

    They whine lije children and want the US to do all their dirty work for them, then bitch about the US.
    Its no wonder the country is a piece of garbage. Those people cant as much as wipe their own ass!

    • No to white supremacist shit on PKKH. Piss off dude, its the american government that uses the less advantaged nations of the world to wipe their asses and frankly we are sick and tired of being treated this way.

  9. @Frank,

    Why are you wasting your time here.Hillary Clinton had a taste of how Pakistanis are.Better go and listen to her.

    Piss off.

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