Pakistan arrests 3 US embassy employees

December 13, 2009

Pakistani security forces have arrested another three US citizens working at the American Consulate for filming sensitive installations in the eastern city of Lahore.

Police arrested three American nationals including a woman in the Sherpao bridge area of Lahore as they were filming sensitive government buildings, a Press TV correspondent reported.

According to Pakistani police all three were employees of the US embassy.

The US citizens were taken to a police station and later released after a three-hour inquiry.

Police have impounded their vehicle for legal action as it was bearing false license plates.

The woman, identified as Morgan, works for the press department at the American Consulate in Lahore. She was arrested while actually taking pictures of a check-post near the Sherpao Bridge.

The Pakistani daily The Nation reported that after a thorough search of the woman, the security personnel recovered 11 pictures in her possession, which included photos of different police check-posts in the area.

The Pakistani foreign affairs ministry was not available for comment when contacted by Press TV.

The move came just days after authorities arrested five US nationals from the eastern city of Sargodha, believed to have gone missing in Washington D.C. last month.

The US nationals, with alleged links to al-Qaeda, were arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack.



  1. It’s a bit strange that they continue this practice after having been caught red handed so many times before. I wonder what’s keeping them from changing tactics.

    • Simply,,, because it is under a complete understanding with the government & the sharifs aswell…

  2. We should arrest all such Americans, put them in a “Pakistani” jail, run a trial for years and years, like the Americann themselves do with others.

  3. Suggest that whatever time they are kept in custody,they should be provided literature and videos about Islam as religion of peace.

  4. The real question is … why would they want to film sensitive locations?

    • The reason they are filming probably they can pass it to their allies TTP. so that then they can do the job ….

  5. My dearest suggestion would be to kill them deliberately on the spot, and then declare them in the media as a huge terrorist plot was avoided.

    We shud not arrest them anymore. They need a lesson to be learnt. Or else they shud b kidnapped and shud b hanged on a pole in front of the embassy

  6. Shame on that behroopia Rehman Malik

  7. NEXT STEP……………!!!!!

    Pakistani LeeTTAR parade, CHiTTeROL in a local THANA.

  8. Mr. Malik (MI6 and Isreali Agent)You will be fired soon !!!

    A handsome amount has been deposited in his foreign account by CIA to support their spy activities.

    The root cause of this basic problem is Mr. Shit i.e. Mr. Malik who has allowed Americans to do such dirty and threatening acts against our Police at nakas.

    Army doesn’t like this piece of shit and bearing him for a while upto a limit, after that he will be asked to eat his shit.

    Pakistan Zindabad


  10. @Communist,
    That is right.And communism survives on torture.
    The only answer is Islam.

  11. Thats very wrong to release them. Just put them in Pakistani Jail & treat them like terrorists or shoot them at site.

  12. now it is clear from our experience that muslims are far better than capitalists.

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