CIA asked us to eliminate Dr. A Q Khan: Blackwater chief

December 13, 2009

LAHORE: In a stunning revelation, US private security service agency, Blackwater’s founder, Erik Prince, has claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had asked the agency to kill Pakistani nuclear scientist, A Q Khan.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Prince said the CIA had asked the Blackwater to eliminate Khan, however, authorities in Washington “chose not to pull the trigger.”

“Dr Khan’s inclusion in the target list would suggest that the assassination effort was broader than has previously been acknowledged,” Prince said.

Prince has also admitted to Blackwater’s participation in some of the CIA’s most sensitive operations, including raids on suspected militants in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prince said Blackwater’s, which now known as Xe Worldwide Services, role changed remarkably after its officials started providing security cover to CIA operatives in the field.

Raids on suspected insurgents in Iraq, known as “snatch and grab” operations, were mostly carried out during nights between 2004 and 2006.



  1. Mr. Prince,

    It is not YOU or those sitting in Washington who decide about life and death of a person. It is Allah and unless He wills, you or anybosy else can never endeavor to kill anyone.

  2. Time to put a missile up Mr Prince’s ass and the rest of his cronies operating in Pakistan.

  3. My mind is bobbling after what this fascist explained things. It is utter shame and ridiculous for Govt. of Pakistan (especially Rehman Malik) who is consistently denying the presence of of XE or Black Water. pakistanis must protest over it here i m not saying Govt because you need someone brave & courageous that you cannot expect from Rehman Malik or bunker hidden president. how a bagger & on the top-up a coward can protest. I cant have my head around it

  4. I wish this story opens the eyes of those infidel including Dawn,who ridicule Zaid Hamid and Hamid Gul as “conspiacy theorists”.Another conspiracy that has unfolded is that of Blackwaters presence on Pakistani soil.
    American media,on Sunday morning was conspicuously
    silent on the 5 students,as if nothing has happened,whereas day before,all of them were raising hue and cry.This may be, apparently,because Al-Quaida has said that it was a false flag operation and dubbed these 5 students are CIA agents.

  5. I’ve read about such boasting somewhere else, he’s trying to somehow increase his importance in the eyes of the public. The CIA is not likely to outsource such objectives to a subcontractor. If they were to try something like that, they’d try it themselves.

  6. Kick out zardari,rehman malik and company from pakistan.

  7. pakistani’s should be united in this time if not you will soon loose the country i can see lots of pakistani’s that they are saying we have got such drone missile nobody can touch us then if nobody can touch you then why its happening these blasts in pakistan my advice for the whole nation is dun let your country to be grab by evils they will distroy you devide you in pieces dun let them to make your country 2nd afghanistan i wish pakistan long life ….


  9. Proliferating Nuclear Terrorism – The snake’s head has been found, what next?


    The fu** hindu fanatics have been working to lobby on it for a long time now…

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