Time for Rehman Malik to Resign

December 12, 2009


Is Rehman Malik Ready to Resign? Malik had said earlier that he will resign is Xe presence in Pakistan proved. CIA spokesman confirmed Xe (Blackwater) presence in Pakistan.


Despite repeated denials, the CIA has now confirmed that US security contractor Xe Services, formerly known as Blackwater, has been operating in Pakistan. CIA spokesman George Little said that agency Director Leon Panetta has terminated a contract with Xe services that allowed the company’s employees to load bombs on CIA drones at secret airfields in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Although the spokesman denied that Blackwater was currently involved in CIA operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan, his comments, contradicted past US assertions that the company does not operate in Pakistan. Other than the US administration, the Pakistani government and Xe itself had denied that the company was operating in Pakistan.

Little did say, however, that the contractor still provides so-called security or support assistance to the US intelligence agency in the two countries. He did not elaborate further on exactly what that role involves.

While the New York Times published CIA’s claim that Blackwater employees no longer have an operational role in the agency’s covert programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Guardian posted a quite different article.

Citing comments from an unnamed former US official, the British daily reported that Blackwater was still operating in Pakistan at a secret CIA airfield used for launching drone attacks. According to the official, who has direct knowledge of the operation, Xe employees patrol areas surrounding the Shamsi airbase in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province.

Blackwater gained its notoriety mainly from its activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraqis have launched several cases against the company in US courts over violent attacks carried out by the company against unarmed people, including an unprovoked 2007 shooting spree in Baghdad that killed 17 civilians.

After the Baghdad incident Blackwater changed its name to Xe Services.  The company CEO Erik Prince also is facing allegations by a former US marine and a past employee that he organized the murder of witnesses that could have testified against his company during the hearings.

He has also been accused by the two witnesses, whose identities have not been disclosed by the courts for safety purposes, of having anti-Muslim sentiments, “encouraging and rewarding the destruction of Iraqi life”, and arms smuggling.

CIA confirmation of Xe involvement in Pakistan comes a day after the New York Times reported that links between Blackwater and the CIA in Iraq and Afghanistan have been closer than has yet been disclosed.

A US Congressional committee is apparently investigating links between Blackwater and American intelligence services.  The paper said that Blackwater staff had participated in clandestine CIA raids.  Blackwater is a sensitive subject in Pakistan where its name is associated with drone strikes, bombings and violent activities that have left hundreds of civilians dead.

Before the US avowal, some Pakistani TV stations had already aired images of what seemed to be “Blackwater houses” in Islamabad. Several papers had also published reports accusing certain US officials and journalists of being Xe operatives. Pakistan’s interior minister, Rehman Malik, has even offered to resign if it is proven that Blackwater is present in Pakistan.

However, it remains to be seen whether he will keep that promise now that the CIA has confirmed that Blackwater is and was working in Pakistan.




  1. We need to correct the phrase “He will resign” to a new one and that is ” He will run away”. Mind u he has an experience of this act previously.

  2. We need to hang MI6 and Isreali Agent with the Street light pole in Islamabad.

    Pakistan Zindaba

    • That is the only way they will understand,Try them for treason and hang’em.

  3. First of all we have to hang Rehman Malik.

  4. We are living in very dangerous times – sad times I must add – where Pakistan’s government is filled up with morally bankrupt peope (NRO) who where put in place by top army generals in the last days of Musharraf’s rule.

    Pakistan’s suverenity has been compromised by this NRO government and the Pakistani generals . Imagine, american drones taking off from Pakistani soil to murder pakistani citizens with the full support from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    Into this mix comes the TTP’s agenda of killing as many Pakistanis as they with the full backing of forces inside Afghanistan (RAW).

    This situation can not continue for too long. Allah will eventually take matters into his own hands as ours are loaded with bangles.

    I for once do not understand why we are so afraid from USA. USA do not have the capacity to attack another country and we are afterall talking about the 6th largest nation on earth who happens to be a nuclear power!

    (America will NEVER out right attack a nuclear country!!!)

    It is time for us to be a player!

    • Brother, Allah SWT has mentioned clearly in Qura’an Al Kareem that he will only help those nations who would strive themselves first and then ask for help. Leaving everything for Allah SWT is not advised any where, we all must ask Allah SWT for help and trust Allah SWT but at the same time we should also tie the camel.

  5. I think it’s time for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to unite as one nation “Hamarastan”, which belongs to no one religion or caste or community… We were all the same people before the outsides attacked us and divided us into different parts and sowed hatred for each other in the name of religion…

    Why can’t we see this simple truth staring in our faces? Who’s benefiting from all our fighting with each other, it’s the rest of the world including our so-called friends including USA, China and all the others around the world…

    With so many natural resources, rich culture and traditions, and some of the finest brains in all our three countries, if we work together, we can be bigger than China, EU or even USA in just 10-15 years.. All we need is to work hard and learn to live peacefully with each other…

  6. Mr. Malik is not a person with integrity. How can a person who was nurtured as agent and planted in key post in Pakistan to serve his external masters resign and how his masters would allow thier asset be lost? Corrupt and disgraced Mr. Malik not only must be shown the door, he should also be prosecuted for his dubious role as the interior minister. Foreign agents are raoming around on street and humiliating common Pakistanis. Minister Malik telling lies non-stop to the people of Pakistan. He seems to be a part and parcel of the dirty game being played in cold-blood against Pakistanis. PM will definitely increase his image as a patriot Pakistani by kicking Malick’s as out of secretariate.

  7. Pakistan has to be very very cautious as pentagon has already a design to disintegrate pakistan by 2012.USA with the help of NATO and India would attack pakistan from west and east respectively.India’s dream of Akhand Bharat(unbreakable India or united India) would be fulfilled.Once it is done they would then take care of paki nukes,and after that israel will demolish masjid al aqsa(remember fortunately pak missiles can target israel).Once it is done muslims all over the world will wage a war against israel(BTW israel is not worried abt that cuz europe and usa will be there to help her against all the attacks).What they r worrying is pak nukes.So when it is done and during this war dollar will be collapsed and transfer of power would be handed to israel(remember after 2nd world war power was transferred from britain to usa)or since according to hadeeths dajjal(anti christ) will rule the world for 40 days,his first equals to one year,second day one month, third day one week and from fourth onwards normal day like ours i.e. he will be in our dimension or time and will be seen publically.Dajjal’s first day was finished with britain’s transfer of power to usa in wwwII,now soon usa will transfer the power to israel (may b in 2012),then dajjal would rule the world from jerusalem for one week(guess how many years).
    So pakistan has to kick out usa and its operatives within its terrotories and help the people of khurasan(read afghanistan) who will b invincible and help Al mahdi against dajjalic forces.

  8. Pakistanis should promise publically that they r ready to eat grass but wont compromise and wont be a party with usa.enough is enough y don’t muslim brothers n sisters in pakistan put their full faith on ALLAH subhanahuwatallah.Is Islam a part time promise to ALLAH or full time commitment.If Islam is for full time then we must shun the help of usa.We (muslims) can fight with guns and rocket launchers all we require is ALLAH’s help and his help is enough(we should learn from afghanistan).Tell usa that we r ready to eat grass we r ready to die but won’t beg in front of anyone except ALLAH.

    • ofcourse we are ready to do that.


        ARE Pakistani Muslims only responsible..? no role from outside against US AND NATO..!


  9. […] PKKH EXCLUSIVE […]

  10. first of all tie his legs and lean him infront of all people and apply chhittar on him as police do with every criminal.


  11. Can some one please tell this Malik to shut up? He claimed yesterday that diplomats can not be arrested or searched. That is a complete lie. According to Geneva Convention, diplomats are supposed to follow the law of their host country. A diplomat that breaks the laws in the host country obviously commits a crime. The diplomatic immunity does not provide a cover to such an offender. All are equal for law. The privileged white cows like Malik don’t really feel that way. It is the time that all such white cows are slaughtered in Pakistan once for all. The mercenary murderers of Xe and Blackwater are all having diplomatic masks on their faces. There have been many incidents in just recent past that these armed criminals yelled at ordinary Pakistanis at traffic signals, crossed red light, abused Pakistani police, and exchanged hot words with Pakistani officials. What if these hidden warriors, who are busy waging a covert war in Pakistan, kill a Pakistani in front of Pakistani police? Will the murderer be covered by diplomatic immunity? No, not at all. Malik is trying to mislead this nation only to protect his masters. He is supposed to safeguard his people, a duty that he took his oath for. Such shameless agents of external powers do not really have a regard their oath.

  12. After reading all the comments, I have realized one thing, havent we as citizens of Pakistan failed as well. Just imagine a person like Mr. Rehman Malik, a known, criminal, fugitive, an abscoder, MI6 or CIA agent has managed to creep back into the state and has been succesful in planting himself in such a strategic position like head of the Interior Ministry. Can any one in their wildest dream even imagine that a person of such repute can reach the powerful echelons of the Government in Europe, US, SE Asia or even in India. I have a question, would we allow a person of his repute to come in side our home and become a decision maker, especially in the case of everyone’s security. This proves only one thing that we as Pakistanis do not take Pakistan seriously as our home and we all are equally resonsilbe for this chaos we are in today beacuse none of us would want this to happen inside our personal homes and families. Please start taking Pakistan seriously as our personal home and then see who would have the audacity to play around with it.

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