December 11, 2009

Facebook has this morning taken down one of the most popular ‘fan-pages’ on its site without offering as much as an explanation to nearly 20,000 of its members.

The page titled ‘SYED ZAID ZAMAN HAMID: OFFICIAL’ has been taken offline for what Facebook calls ‘violation of terms and conditions’, without providing details as to exactly what term or condition was violated.

Zaid Hamid is Pakistan’s most highly rated and popular Security and Defence analyst, with regular tv appearances on all major Pakistani channels as well as Doha based Al-Jazeera TV and occasionally on Indian media. He has featured in many popular tv shows, covering a wide rage of topics such as Islamic history, philosophy, and regional security and geo-politics. Zaid has also featured alongside Ali Azmat, a veteran of the Pakistani popular music scene, in a show titled ‘Iqbal ka Pakistan’ on the youth-oriented ‘AAG’ tv channel; one of the most watched tv programmes with the highest ratings for the tv network.

Zaid Hamid is one of Pakistan’s most popular figures and has in a very short time become the voice of the youth of Pakistan who feel frustrated at the incompetence of the US installed democratic government. In his tv programmes, Zaid has constantly called for a complete review of Pakistan’s relations with the United States, due to the latter’s inability to purge the influx of weapons and funds from Afghanistan directed to terrorists in Pakistan.

Zaid’s facebook page, launched just over a month ago, had reached almost 20,000 members before it was taken offline by facebook, and was used mainly for updates on upcoming television and public appearances, and sharing photographs and videos of Zaid’s TV appearances.

Facebook have yet to provide an actual explanation as opposed to a generic automated message. Untill the time that facebook provides the exact reason for taking down Mr.Hamid’s page, it will be considered as yet another attempt to silence the critics of the US-backed government of Pakistan and will only add to the disenchangtment of Pakistan’s youth with the current establishment.

Join the protest group:



  1. WTF facebook is doing? could you please provide the actual link of the banned group?

  2. I think facebook is also CIA RAW and MOSSAD operated

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  3. Very sad attempt, but this can not weaken our moral, oooohh it just boosted it more high…

    Pakistan Zindabad

  4. I think its getting more and more evident that facebook is just another tool operated under CIA etc. There’s one alternative that people are trying to build for Facebook though. Its http://madina.com
    How about using this? Making a group there and inviting more and more people to join in there. It has a nice facebook connect module as well so you dont really need a wrong profile setup step there.

    Hope you find this suggestion useful.

  5. dese cowards cud not face da reality..dey certainly got pissed off ! der nasty conspiracies were being revealed..Pakistan youth is getting awoke..how cud de tolerate all dis? buh one day Inshallah dey will be laid down by da Pak youth,da Pak army nd da entire Pakistan !

  6. my friends, its not the tool that is evil, the way it is used decides that. we can still keep using facebook to our advantage coz it can carry our voice to the largest number of people. remember wat iqbal said, “Tundiye baade mukhalif se na ghabra uqaab,
    Yeh to chalti hain tujhe uncha udaane ke liye.”

  7. must be a pissed off bhindian employee at FB!

  8. meray dosto ghusa nahi hona yea humari kamyabi ki pehli munzil hai jub kufr ko huq say khutra hota hai tu woh aisay he huth kunday istamal kerta hai , or facebook nay aaj ju herkat ke hai yea is baat ka saboot hai keh hum kamaybho rahay hain , or ager aap ko ghusa hai or aapk iska budla lena chahtay hain tu bhayon virtual world bohat beri ahi inhoon nay tu aik page ban kiya hai puri face book tu nahi her jgha her gruo mein zaid hamid ka pegham pohanchao dosto agay berho, may god be with u

  9. I think the next shoe to drop will be YouTube…

  10. The truth about Facebook, and who is behind it:


    Facebook will fail if users stop using it. There are alternatives – use them!

  11. lol@ bhindian employee in facebook kekekekekek

  12. I think we all Zaid Hamid’s fan should leave facebook and use an alternative network. You can criticize my opinion and give an alternative to it. This way seems to be a perfect solution to me and as far as joining group and protesting is concerned I don’t think that they will respond but I will join that resistance as every drop of water counts in an ocean!

  13. I know the reason the might have put it off for,
    because SZZ Hamid recently uploaded pictures of him with a kick ass Gun and with a caption putting Hadith that All muslims should learn shooting, swimming and riding.

    So they might have thought the SZZ Hamid was encouraging use of weapons. That is my guess, But at the same time think SZZ Hamid should contact facebook instead of boycottting with them and come up again on facebook. Because spreadin the message is very important at this critical moment.

    Youtube Banned AlexJonesChannel for some reason this year, but later they opened it after a few weeks or so,,,and now he is back doing his work.
    So we should be thinking rational now and act as well

  14. No i think we should set up a new fanpage and promote the fanpage to the masses to promote the ideology. Lets see how many times they’ll delete the page.

  15. i agree withsalman lets keep on making the fan page how many times are they going to delete it? It will only show how strong our determination is.But as a Pakistani and a supporter of Zaid sb i am really appalles at facebook’s actions.Perhaps all such things as Free Rights and Freedom of Speech are big lies!

  16. yet another cowardly act from the cowards ….

  17. Assalam o alaikum friendS!
    don’t panic guys!
    ALLAh sub behtar kareyga!
    ab ALLAH ne yahan tak pohancha hi diya hai tou bus wohi madad karney wala hai!
    in buzdilon se darney ki koi zarurat naheen humein!
    areyyy kisi ki himmat jo humarey ISLAM or PAKISTAN ki taraf ankh utha kar bhi dekhey!
    ankhein noch lengey!

    Don’t worry chaps,we all are united ALHAMDULILLAH ,will not allow the anti forces against our wills……
    will squeeze their bloody necks! INSHA ALLAH!

  18. A positive Suggestion :

    First time they blocked Zaid Hamid fan page it had 20,000 memebers in a month.

    Now We will be having 40,000 in on month

    And If they block it again then we will be having 80,000 memebers in a month.

    Salute to Zaid Hamid and his BT Team—We are with them


    Pakistan Zindabad

  19. facebook is run by sensible people who want to keep out all hatred and communal bias. not by raw mossad cia

    • @ SAL – Malu

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    • @sal/Nikhil
      If FB wants to keep hatred away why are all the anti-Islamic groups still running??

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  20. Several anti islam pages are banned all the time as well, so no bias there really. What happened here is probably this: A number of indians and other pakistan haters have complained on the fanpage for being “whatever-the-excuse”, and instead of verifying whether this is true or not the FP people just banned it .. .My suggestion is just to make a new one, and keep on making those …

  21. Dont worry it’ll turn out to be good Ų§Ł†Ų“Ų§Ł„Ł„Ł‡ Insha Allah .

  22. Now no one can stop this youth voice of revolution. whether they do such kind of cheep things to block such. We youth and other who are the part of this voice play our role on cyber world & rest of places and promote this voice of youth revolution. we are with you Mr. Zaid Hamid.

  23. Well, i think we should all confirm a date and boycott FACEBOOK…before doing this we must message fb’s authorities and warn them that if they don’t restore the official page then we all will boycott fb for at least two days..b4 that we have to confirm that the number of those who will be boycotting fb should be over thousand! what do you think of this friends?

  24. lol hahahahahaha @ AEEEE kerala malluuuuu
    kekekekek cant stop laughin , SAL ur gettin so much insulted here by emperor babur kekeke…

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  25. Instead of filthy comments, we all should protest against Facebook.
    Stand against Facebook now or you will never get your claim !

  26. It’s a conspiracy created by CIA, MI6, MOSSAD & RAW.
    We should expose it via jihad. We are very good at it and this all what we know.

  27. @Sal,
    How do you spell MINIMUM.

    Do you know the shortest sentence in bible is JOHN 11:35

    A true Jesus is reflected in :

    JOHN 5:30
    MARK 11:12
    MARK 13:32

    Would you care to read your own book?

  28. I’ve read in many of your comments about saying lets keep posting and see how many times are they going to delete it but I’m finding it very difficult to understand that why some OF THE comments are getting deleted here. This just being one page web site and comments are being deleted so what do expect of FACEBOOK. Hope sense prevails.

  29. Well my impression was spot on!

    Such paranoia and delusion running amok on these pages, you should be happy that the Americans that you hate so much, actually invented the internet to allow half wits like you to get more outreach to people (the horror).

    Sadly, stupidity is not a crime. Zaid Hamid is Pakistan’s Bill O’ Reilly. A delusional, self-righteous, right wing nut job who is too busy weaving conspiracy theories to actually consider facts and logic. Completely unsubstantiated rumors are the basis of his ‘research’. For goodness sake, we don’t need more people like him.

    • Really? the only thing that i saw in your comment was accusation, accusatiosna against Mr. Hamid. If he is delusional then why dont you try and refute some of his claims that he has been making about
      whats really happening in Pakistan. You cant, because you have nothing…no facts to support ur statement. People like you just like to label and rant and rave..but they never have fact-based argument. And that is why you restore to personal attacks. Shame.

    • ok mr reflection, time to reflect, give us an example of an “unsubstantiated rumor”. go on now..

  30. @Reflection,
    If you are and Indian(most probably you are),then you are a filthy stinking Mallu.
    And If you are a Pakistani,then you are “Aasteen Ka Saanp”,afraid of coming out in open fearing wrath of the nation.




  34. I am very shocked to hear about banning a page of such a nice guy, we should submit our protest to face book administration to stop this practice.

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